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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi continues the series on the Battle of Badr and we are now acquainted in explicit detail about the Tafseer of the following verse from the Noble Qur'an:

"And when Satan made their deeds seem fair to them and said, 'None from among men shall prevail against you this day, and I am your protector.' But when the two armies came in sight of each other, he turned on his heels, and said, 'Surely, I have nothing to do with you; surely, I see what you see not. surely I fear Allah; and Allah's punishment is severe."

After the army of the Quraysh had fled, the Prophet ﷺ told the Sahaba that would remain there for three days for many purposes - Firstly,to provide burial for the shaheed. Secondly, to ensure the Quraysh don't launch a counter attack and thirdly, to decide the outcome of the war - who had emerged victorious.

Next was the issue of the spoils of war (ganeema). The Quran and sunnah explicitly tells us that the previous ummah were not allowed to withhold the ganeema.

The Quran gives immense detail on the proper method of distribution of Ganeema:

  • 1/5 of it is put aside and is divided into 5 shares.
  • 0.04 of the booty goes to the Prophet ﷺ.
  • 0.04 of the booty goes to the Ahlul Bayt .
  • 0.04 of the booty goes to orphans.
  • 0.04 of the booty goes to the poor .
  • 0.04 of the booty goes to travelers.

This amounts to 20% and the rest of the 80% is handed over to the army.

Next was the issue about the prisoners of war which were 73 or 74 in number.

The Prophet ﷺ surveyed all the prisoners and said, "If Mut'im ibn Adi were alive right now and he spoke to me to free all of these (dirty people), I would have freed them all for him".


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