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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The Prophet's statement about the holy eye is discussed, including the importance of the holy eye being the holy eye and the holy eye being the holy eye. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the use of affirmations and the importance of the holy heart in the title. The transcript describes a situation where a man named Sir Avi was supposed to receive a bonus for his performance, but he did not. The transcript suggests that the situation is political and political.
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Alhamdulillah in a movie when a toxin or a marina

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de la

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Mora pseudo

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abajo para Panama Masako tala Allah

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for me the

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man Rahi

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pulu Kuma

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Allah Allahu wa sallam manga Kaveri whatever it

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is for the

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for the pallava Milan Alavi Masada Rasulullah Vu Karim Allah missionally Islam.

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Karima Salatu was Salam ala la caja canopy takashima Mary Bharati only.

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Allah says

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in Surah anomala speaks about various promo codes. It is indeed in Ghana vena cava in Allah yar that the Prophet our beloved and chosen, Sabina was the disease. Every divine religion has agreed and is considered creation and passed by and they stopped it. As the Quran says Walkman llama ma la mala. causa interferometers Corazon de la comme je rocketry remarks made against any profit, personality of the Prophet sallallahu was it it is against our teaching. In fact, maybe it would be noteworthy to share with you

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under the commentary of the SIBO where Allah speaks about the mistake of other Medina Salaam,

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in harsh words in this verse, Allah uses to

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turn words but under the commentaries, there is a very very beautiful to behold when it comes to the mistakes of prophets

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just so that we put into perspective in law the common law whoa Vietnam If only he dollar Audrina v. De Salam as a center as a thought from the forbidden free, until and unless we are speaking of the text of a law in the text lucidly precisely to the text of Quran and Hadith. Furthermore, he lives for a second Sofia Vina de la Vallee, here.

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It is not correct of us, it is not becoming of us it is immoral, unethical, that we may give arbitrary reference to our forefathers, to anyone in our them, that is unbecoming. And it's the first of the pillar. So as Muslims we and we also believe that just as derogatory remarks to a Navy is insulting, elevating him beyond his position is also insulting him.

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For a lot he was sending them said, not only

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listen, respect me, according to the merit Allah has given the powers of Allah and he has written a very brilliant thing. So give him just I

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believe the prophets are divinely, however, they are not exempted from human mistakes. So a prophet will forget his mistakes. And he writes the wisdom why they are not exempted from human but many miracles they perform, they want the likelihood that people attribute the qualities of Allah. So Allah made it on it, this guy knows that they come in there as of human that people understand what the humans It is only a lovely woman

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raised and what has happened to this world of morals that we draw, I think despite our defense of really divine personalities.

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And then to add insult to injury, and to make those comments.

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The mini speciality is that Allah favors the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. One is that Allah made reference to him in the Quran, Allah spoke about the Quran. And he went down into one one verse and he did a deep study of the Quran, Allah, but Allah has every organ in lung of the prophets Allah in the Quran.

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So I quote before you and you follow with me,

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sama speaks about the beloved face of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam exclusive word verse three player will run you through the render of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam shock came on record and he tells you by the

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Messiah this year, he says look at this section, and it gives me a sense of pride and recognition of every limb of the professor. And he played a vital mocha This was 16 to 17. The love of the Kaaba was inborn. Allison

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Prophet of Allah, Allah Allah

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you know, how can you explain that in words? I'm keeping from the window I'm looking at my phone, I'm checking my email. I'm waiting for context, the prophet of Allah context and arasaka he just repeated glance to the heavens. Like I say Pelican pero bah ha, you have it. We now turn you to the cover you want to we satisfy your desire and say to your own mother onwards, we're happy to

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say to them wherever they are, they will also face the Java, but Java EE Alon Who says I stood outside, I look at the moon and Alison simultaneously. But that's not all he says. Aladdin spoke of the eyes on that face. Aladdin spoke of the tongue in the Quran. So Allah made reference of his eyes,

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NaVi Patel hierachy dunya, please, do not stretch an envious gaze towards the glitz and the glamour what we have explored the physical eye of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, how it was shaped, how it was positioned, if it has been preserved, to the most minute to detail like the prophet SAW, that was the beauty of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam scholars say see that there is no person when he writes about the bright moments in his life. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam was was every verse equally an equally conveyed to us were alive monastery. He held back nothing. he conveyed the verses May Allah discipline him and Allah will ideally omit the mistakes of our life, but he conveyed

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everything and Allah preserved every aspect of his life to the clutter of this world, then he conveyed that very none Medina,

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Medina in a in a Xena. Kilonewton sobre el coyote Shetty, dishon Jamila, cannibal love the one who was threatened in VSI. To the wealth and the glitter instantly collapse in the esteem of a la

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gente de cobre Angelina, and whoever will persevere patiently, Allah says, You will design your own abode in general I will not designate it for you, you will decide it. Then Allah spoke of his tongue in the Quran, the opposite of Allah sallallahu Sallam

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said we have some degree in which he would listen I said we will exempt you from the task of memorizing so Allah revealed in Alena

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no hurry Oh kasana it was read and it was inserted in your inserted Allah inserted the Quran if I may use that unethical

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sono Carioca Allah you will not forget those verses we intend to grow so they were persons that were really angry about the places place what happened the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was one young man come through it never slowed makes me mentioned that why it is in Baba we he comes every single prophet of Allah sallallahu wasallam my mom today I have another one I will give you this one.

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today. I understand you don't have bytemark My mother has a question she wants the one the very one UAE the very one you are wearing? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam was a very very no no was not part of his vocabulary. Like I was fortunately if he's not part of Yes, he was part of our vote no was not mapa de la la la la la, la

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la la la la la la petersham said No, they don't he said if it wasn't Patricia who would even here it wouldn't have been liked would have been desired. in his room removed is less of government and he gives it to this young boy

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who comes the time of Salah is not

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the time of para para la la, la la, la la la isn't close to abroad, he was given he was clear. Only as a commercial law you do not tie your hand your hand.

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Do not tie your hand to your neck. In other words, any

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indication of extreme generosity moderation between the two. So in this verse, what is the crux of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? Well, Allah spoke to him about the lesser value because unfortunately, we are those that have withheld everything. Someone made a remark and he said lovely extravagance. So another brother replied by saying law philosophy. You'll be reminded there is no there is no extra digit. There's no good enough cervical pointing

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in no mobile very Nakano, ihana, Sharpie, but one cent geometers they are the brothers of the devil. The Quran is explained why they went against a lot. Hence they share a common thing they abusing Allah faculties against Allah. And then Allah speaks of the chest of the overlap Arjuna, Alamo and yaku and we know that you are authentic.

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You are hurt. You are insulted by these derogatory cubbies chest and he wrote them, but a lot they take apart from performing.

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Then I was discussing the stuff in the chat and I'm not speaking of his dress at the heart and what does the law say?

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another opinion rowhani amin, Allah convey callicoon Amina Ramon de

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resta, the heart of Muhammad, Allah, Allah Shafi Rosalie, what can

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you say? The novellas book was revealed on the novelist and novelist angel in the novelist language in the novelist month hands one has to agree it has been perfected from every angle.

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How can we learn in Columbo there's no angle you look at me Angela homies NaVi and left no flaw in it.

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Perfect, perfect. Leon de la la continues. And then Allah speak of the back of Libya a Salam in the Quran. Or aka Allah Allah carrycot Ravana and COVID rock Allah V and baba baba Rocco prophet of Allah when in your back, what was the burden on the person to do certain things, which was not a sin per se, but even Gong is that Allah preferred is a good cause in immense pain, this would cause him so much pain

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because he was unaware of it. And this would cause enormous pain to Allah removed deadness. What did Allah say Leah para la masakadza means them make yourself you know persons got and he's got this account in debt creditor and this one to me someone says what I say all sorts of everything. Allah said oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam you don't have sins but even if you have or you assume you have or you will have forgiven

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gelato on page 29 in the first volume when Ilan who goes on a journey towards Serbia, and on the journey he sees a dream and a vision. he narrates the dream and his vision to the moon gratulate him and tells him the interpretation of your dream is explicit. In essence, a prophet will be and you will be among his close complaining after his demise.

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However, karate alone will take this year. He keeps this as a sacred binary for a lot he was offered what Abubakar vilano came to me what is the proof of your property? When he said the proof of my profit what is the dream using?

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However, the proof of my profit would in the dream you seen before I became a prophet. He stated he was ecstatic. He has never been a Salaam he keeps on jet day onwards. Abu Bakar Ravi Allahu taala who never ever look

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beyond certain that Allah sends revelation to say Eden Arthur Malini salatu salam Can

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I give you the reference the Columbian pregnancy for Allah Sandra Bullock time Denise period of number one, two or three times? Now let me just digress for Tommy, in the footnotes of Jelani, under the commentary of this is it is no honey era from a cappella coming in, under the commentary of desire in the footsteps, that No economic data 40,000 empathy is the lifespan or in this period of prophethood of nine holla Robin is that send revelation upon him took the time the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in the duration of 23 years of prophethood and the other Malays, karamay Salam 10 times 950 years, and Allah centenarians column 24,000 times in 23 years. At times, on one

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day, he got a revelation. He enjoyed that closeness what alone now? master's degree and I have a request, tell Allah that you must come and visit me even more, I want you to come even more to me, so that I can send the verses were revealed.

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Obama has done a lot of big Lagoon, Amina Yahoo's one great Jewish scholar came to the Prophet Allah novellus piece of land. So I have a question to ask you. And you asked it to my Allah. And so gibreel went to a lot and then when gibreel went before Allah, but at this time, give sallallahu wasallam so then Allah allowed him to come closer than he used to close because he was representing the requests of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam so when gibreel returned with the answer when gibreel was around to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he said in need the no to mean Allah. He didn't do or Mohamed Salah into a law I got so close to Allah that never did I enjoy this opportunity. The

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commentators of

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the data, soccer Ruby see has a hidden Mona Lisa

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leanplum Walker will moderate go.

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I wish you understood that in aggregate. He says the commentators right that Julian was given additional hospitality, because he represented the request of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and many times a person of his beloved because of the luxury

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because of the love that he has when he's Beloved, sometimes revelation upon nebeker also there is a detailed explanation. According to the device of Buhari when revelations stopped, there was one woman in Makkah, she made a nasty remark. She said, it was necessary for him to undress me mentioned something whenever any other Prophet was offended or input when they told him that you were lying as the Prophet was set up and say, yeah.

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But whenever the prophet SAW, you step out of it, I'll defend you. And then Allah defended one na da da, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba ba hyphae by the skies and I swear by the stars, my inner beam is not deviated, known well call me Mama. Yes. I swear by the pen that wrote the Koran in Hakeem I deserted him, Allah came down. And Allah said, we did not desert you, but we withheld revelation to discipline you. Now what Joshua? Energy measure is to put the equality over your cheek or poking your head in the delay of Revelation. Then Allah said, Obama is old enough to never say a devil comes with the devil to carry the word of Allah and he doesn't refer the devil to visit then Islam,

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Allah montanas de Lucia pain, ganas de La La Colonia back in a team, you know, our people.

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I was reading through an ayah and

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in so many incidents, and Allah reminds us of who the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was cool ya wives of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam among the wives of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam there was a bit of bickering there was the usual common between co wives that would happen was quite common among them. One device of Muslim Sharif Muna, Holly yellow, Bologna and Napa, they came with a request. But anyway, they say what a man thinks he's the boss of the house, only to know he houses the boss, rousing the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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and to his slave girl, Maria tiara de la for his human physical needs, but he doesn't have to mention this to anyone. This is a secret. And all the Quran says what is up yo yo la dee da dee da dee da. Brothers, I suffer a dilemma in the sense that I want you to know within its original set, just the sort of life thing itself I just find myself restricted by vocab. I find myself facing the same way as the word Genie.

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When a newbie,

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confided with his partner, and he said don't miss it.

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She Krakow levy sallallahu wasallam to Isaiah. They both had some personal gentlemen, the wife she and I had quite a bit of common nurse. So she tells I saw the law Don't tell anyone.

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I'm telling you, but don't tell funny I read this. To inform not through the grapevine through revelation. They say oh, I've heard about it. Don't worry, divine revelation. Banana, ba,

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ba ba, ba ba ba, ba,

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ba ba ba and he says apparent so easy. He becomes a bit

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sinister about he becomes a BigQuery so she says we'll talk about now she's trying to pick out information that I shall let it lead to but they're not Bernie my ally in your law told me about Yeah, that's the problem. We can't hide anything from you.

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wishing they had that contact

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method where they're monitoring you know Daniella now you listen to this brothers, my sisters

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and divided attention

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Allah then addresses the two wives of Libya a Salaam and unless certain even lottery today we can know time if this is how our mothers who are leaders who our role models, then remember none of us can anytime.

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In 30 Papa service Kudo Buddha you better revenge

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then Allah goes on to say managing his secrets which causes pain to my inner be he has

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to say to me out my brother in

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law, then May you be polite. hula hula

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mini Monica balki if you decide to cause that pain to him,

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Then May you be politely reminded he is not gibreel is his project. The pious believers support him and the Mala Mala coffee if

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you go into the commentary of the fire

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under the MOU is referred to in Article polyfil more meanings, but just will be on his side is Abu Bakr and Omar for Isaiah is reminder remember Abu Bakar is not known yet

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and has already a long reminder if you have a difference with your nebby remember Omar

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will Almighty of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam then Allah comes in what he said then Allah goes on.

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Elijah get over a lot of conditioner

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and you shave your beard of disobey.

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I don't know. When I see youngsters putting a blade on the third hole aged man ready to go in his club played on the yard. My brother you suffer of complex in reflect about the youngster that grows in California now. As I entered into the machine, one young American Muslim came to me Ronnie, Chef Lavalle come along. During that time you came here setting your coffee you spoke about the fact that they have never touched my beard. He said if you must come home, my mother has been making cloth for you today

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and I beg of every sister

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usually encourage your husband and children to reflect the image often comes down in full form to Betty Lou. Hi Ron in Kona Monica in Thai baht in about your avocado own be complacent that you are his navy and your You are his wife. And your position is the boss you are subsidy.

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I will substitute you with better woman of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam How can they be any woman better than the wives of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam but I read this in many capacities the answer of this is somewhere that they are so then the nobility live because they are your partners

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they nobility

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you have a five coupon

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that used to mock Vietnamese Allahu Allah speak about it in this book in not just a national Muslims in in naka de Luna Mara la Ilaha not only towards anyone and everyone who dares mock you one who are the five Cooper inherited

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these were five Cooper who must have caused him to become blind. When Allah causes bone to pick him It became poisonous and he claimed his life. He becomes afraid he says I want to accept Islam. He needs a friend of his friends now.

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I was caught on all your punishments you give me you pay me monkey I'll pick you up that size. So he said you don't have to use a search monkey for anything and you know what my money is gonna slip you I got no transfer proof you have a right and lovey our law.

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The revita with Nick said one last year when he was watching Hulu I swear by laughing if I see this Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam making such again, I will put my foot on his neck and I will see advances with pride and arrogance. And then Yun casaya de Vita with nicotine respect. So people don't know what happened you were treated in a webinar who got close ICS ashina 32 and they were advancing to the VR a salon said loads and

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and when required by law, IANA chopped his body into bits and pieces. Allah remains a person other than a de la ri anything I will call my men. Allah says familia de una de Santa leashing the angels of Hellfire we are you know when

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I was when I was in America I was reading everyday

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when Allah decide when Allah decided, Dominica said how much can we unleash is equivalent to the nostrils of a cow allow much less at a very very minute amount. When did that minute when of the time

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it was Amanita young to smithereens. 13 to 10 there are now it uplifted people it uprooted people one treasure over law one treasure Allah said tell him to call center or Lavanya we are unleashing the angels amiata piccata Asha 19 angel recharge

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the device of Buhari

00:24:45 --> 00:24:48

I have already been asked Ravi Lama and who

00:24:49 --> 00:24:56

have been me I said Tisha in Santa Fe, Missouri Kona baritone in life for me of the most.

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So as I said, I remember

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incident Baku, Baku, Avi mahi mahi mahi. Any commentary on a Salaam Hanako he started shuffling the blessedness in the neck of Libya a Salaam upon Jaffa who he pushed a few. He moved a few. He comforted the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he said what would be to your in you dare do this to my hubby. He's standing in La Jolla Raja Hina taco. I'm watching you and you're sending what are called Nova for a Saturday. I'm watching you when you turn in, you know a mother. She's watching her child. She's every minute. And then she's in the kitchen and she's got just something to control and give a signal the child is crying. My mother you haven't watched your child how much

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that devoted companion is reading one incident now. When we are in salatu salam went into whatever he owns. You know today we think we have mature children.

00:25:55 --> 00:25:57

Mercury's gone in his room.

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He leaves behind nothing. His father, Abu hapa, who has your father left behind any money. He uses our sight word it means goodness and it means well.

00:26:10 --> 00:26:21

And she understands the obligation to her grandfather once said, I'm a Muslim. And this is what my allow one cannot understand. I'm going to pay a mature lawyer. I asked if my sister today

00:26:22 --> 00:26:27

can play that mature role winter incense, but at least we can show a united front.

00:26:28 --> 00:27:07

At least we can not expose our church we can come across in a dignified way and save the honor of the Muslim ummah. Look at the maturity of digital and Marvel and Marvel, the psychologists and the what the therapy and the therapy and they are smarter than what we did. As far as Ilana said, Come on my grandfather. She takes little small pebbles and she stopped it into some money bags. And then she brings with Baraka, he could not understand the reality because he was not a Muslim. So to get the maturity of he said I put the hand on my grandfather. I made him feel everything. He was satisfied. He said Soraka Iran, Iraq on happy Your father has levana said Balaji masala Nasser,

00:27:07 --> 00:27:12

Libya in 100 kochava comm he goes, then Abuja comes home.

00:27:13 --> 00:27:25

Abuja says Where's your grandfather? She has to do awkward in terms of Abuja, but she grew up in the lap of Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu. She grew up in Haifa via la Mohan has said that

00:27:27 --> 00:27:52

but that never really said Ahmed was at our house. They would not pass but that time would come home because every minute so she asked a smart way to unveil your hair and expose your beauty and disgrace takes the snap of Abuja, then Abuja welcome Papa is out there when I'm going to leave out, but everything was accepted in the love of movies and

00:27:54 --> 00:28:36

everything was pretty quiet. One person came to Jose para la Juan Whoa. And he said Jose, de la la to Santa Monica. Thank you people see now via LinkedIn. I'm literally what? He said yes, we stayed with him. So he said like, You're so lucky. What did you do? He said, Well, I said him. So this person said Pamela voila, enough to walk on this earth. We would have carried him on our shoulders. So who's a first advice stop defying Allah has sent us in this era, my sister as much as you want in that era? I'm afraid with no you have this. So then we would have done that. Let me tell you one story and it will only be present on the day of Korea.

00:28:37 --> 00:29:16

said you need to the non savvy you say your equity demanded. Easier said than done. Easier said than done conduct. In Java Kononenko pecan came from the top from the bottom from the rear from the front was larger. And the art came so challenging that the true colors of the hippo creswick they were running on the sense of of all the spoils of war, but now Yeah, it was becoming a ferocious battle. So the colors got exposed, the playful from the atmosphere, differentiation. And then what did Allah say? I don't know nothing. I have no law. And the poker started I

00:29:19 --> 00:29:53

mean, on our juncture, the believers was shaken. And they were tested. It was so critical, that who you're gonna wanna hear a radio and a laugh here, Iraq, Iran, Mohamed, sallAllahu, wasallam. You know what, our homes are unprotected, and they expose and we fear that someone will attack it. Allah says it was protected is the excuse to run. They just want they just wanted to play the monopoly changes. Who's a foreigner Yolanda says, At this moment, the Prophet sallallahu Santee Gianna, who la hora

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who go and get some information to spread

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On the day of Tiamat, who was a privilege? You would have carried him on your Java nada? Tanya. He are the hub for Athena recovery him Giada de la hora de oma Yama, who was saying up and go and inform us about Allah will make him my companion for the third time, why not dig into the ground? We could really feel the lungs of our body. And then he told me Yeah, Jose is explicitly telling us stand up and go, I had no choice in this. We take solace from 100 mk 339. Jesus Avi by the name of Manny big, every man once said that he had died in a mouse.

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He was legit and I want to live up to him and Allah has given you an eye that privilege, which was the passion of modernity of the hava, what was his question? He said, I want to love after interview Sally was alum, so that I can justify his prophethood after his demise, this as I testified while he was alive, so I can offer from the season a viola I will be interesting in this grade, and hence I quoted before you require some

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support Prophet sallallahu Sallam said manzara Kaveri was the Battle of Musashi. My intercession becomes compulsory for him. My intercession becomes a woman Bharani de Hayashi as the one who

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they are certain etiquette when we visit the grave of near a San Jose Juan de Fuca First of all, it was a lump sum until and unless it is not coupled with compliance then I'm afraid I'm an incident is a very very big example in this regard.

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He defended the Prophet rightfully so. But if needed Abu Talib calima more than he supports

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Don't get me wrong. He loved double sided. He loves double sided.

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supported, supported the Korean a Salaam the good fortune came to me via a salami sir in Nepal, Masha oni wa polytunnel ami Ma, le we have to say now, why don't you call it a novel? If you want to stop your protection, Sophia sorry. Let me give you a scenario they put into frequencies tell them to intensify, tell them to put the sun in my hand or give me comfort as they tempted him with option. You and I will fall for those options. Infantry alamiri marlana Qureshi mala in considerato behavior often Sahaja nakahara in contemporary to Biggie Moulton Malik Naka la in Ghana in Africa.

00:32:45 --> 00:32:51

We give you the past you want authority we make you our ruler. You want wealth we make you never forsake the need of a law

00:32:53 --> 00:33:04

that I understood my nephew I'll never desert you I will never desert you. He came to Nevada a salami cousin came to me in the throes of death. Valley if you did so much for me, just whispered to me.

00:33:06 --> 00:33:27

He said voila, he Lola and Irani Corazon yaku Luna mahama who in La Casa La parada to be high in a Lima amin said that he wanted it when he had a really my nephew if it wasn't for the fear of the instance after my death, that they will say about the desert Then he said

00:33:28 --> 00:34:07

to be an Athena Mohammed a min hiree adriani liberi at de na Wa la caja him to be an Athena Mohammed m min query. lol mallamma our fields are on my sub betin olika movie Nah, brother This is a very very critical unnecessarily we restrict quarantine is he loved me via a Salaam he loves navionics Balaam the device of Bokhari someone told me via a Salam Margarita ami your uncle did for you so much but you didn't benefit him in any row. Lo La La canopy loss for him. I did a lot for him. Because of me, he was in *.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:35

Lola Ana la canopy kill us Ballymena now. So my point to you is my brothers and sisters endlessness Is that really the client? He wants that we revive his life. And if he was wanting things or purposes in his office, you know, a person who has been kind to you, then you actually wait for him to ask you for a favor. You wait for him because he's done you so much for you say have to do me a favor, because I want to give him back something. He has asked me what

00:34:37 --> 00:34:44

I'm asking you when the Amazon is on, don't speak. And when the athon is completed of da da da

00:34:45 --> 00:34:58

da you are asking Allah something for me. And Allah has promised it and I know Allah will give it but I just want my own machines to reaffirm the request just to remind him about it. To me that what is it

00:34:59 --> 00:34:59


00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

karma, karma karma mahamudra the praise the platform is supreme intercession.

00:35:07 --> 00:35:28

Allah speaks about the 100 100 was compulsory that it was lifted from the oma. However whether it was lifted or not, there is no doubt that he never took the most difficult thing upon himself and he provided concessions to others. He provided concessions to others other they make things easy for himself he put his family on a

00:35:31 --> 00:36:11

very beautiful active performs 100 this is additional for you This is that extra for everyone Why does alarm the beautiful answer provided any knuckles follow up perform and inappropriate additional and extra but it serves as an atonement and conference might be extra technically but in rare cases like a person gets a bonus or someone says oh you have to be now you got to know by not extra must pay more for access man has been so much more I came home with extra check Serato salon performed and enough there was no question of compensation because there was no mistakes. So every optional act in his status was the elevation. Then Allah told him and I signed up with this request he has

00:36:11 --> 00:36:23

asked us one two requests, the purposes and requests are seen being the heart of every one simple request unless it is in my desire to in your house if you perform Salah in your

00:36:25 --> 00:37:04

bodies and I try and embodiment moment of softness gentleness and someone your claim must be great for a man that humanity will converge and communicate. And then Allah anger will be at his feet. No human will take control the salami and say we have a request. Allah will say is that men died this is not microblaze EBU Indian they'll come to me Sorry sir Avi sorry Salam will see me and my mother was a contentious legal people say Jesus in God. The people ascribe pastors we really I don't stand a chance but you know what try your luck and in humility he will say just is vasila just go direct whenever you know you go to a shop you pick up an article they say to you and you say oh too

00:37:04 --> 00:37:35

expensive. Then you change something you come back. And then you realize this man was cheap flowers direct the creation to every nephews himself from from what they might expect the brothers and as mothers and sisters. What is expected for this hostile environment we revive his car Ilona Yama is in Ville catona Yama is him Bill kitabi Watson na casa de la vie de nominal Mahajan, a novel and thought is a great privilege. One who should lie yesterday in common and caucus of Makkah, they will come and stand by my side in the letter of people.

00:37:38 --> 00:37:50

And if they don't do well, Oh Allah, God was alive. I seen him. Now that your Navy is gone. What am I going to do with these eyes? Allah I want that the last I seen was your Navy. So I asked you.

00:37:52 --> 00:38:07

And then Allah tala took his gaze away Salaam. We asked lone metrodate every sister to become blind from save us from every wise, naked glory. May Allah give us the image of Viva la Vida. What else have we got? 100 natural blonde me

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