Ramadan 2020 – Nightly Reminders #8

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Hearts of the people of Paradise

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A speaker discusses the removal of hatred and malice from the hearts of the people of Ghana due to actions of the next brother in the dams. They suggest that if people will behave like the next brother, they will love him and do not hate him. The speaker also mentions a beautiful behavior from a Jannah recipient while apologizes for a behavior of a Jannah member of staff.

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Manny Rahim, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the condition of the hearts of the people of Ghana, with regards to their fellow human beings, he says, one of the few pseudo

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and we removed from the hearts the hatred that they had, beneath them, rivers will be flowing. So the hatred that we had for the next brother in this dunya will be removed in the law, and as a result, you will love him, you will not hate him in any way whatsoever. My point is, if the people of gender will behave like that, in general and this will be the condition of the hearts in Jannah then why not begin to behave like them right now in this dunya get rid of any malice, Jeep, jealousy, hatred, anything that you have for the next human being that is an evil characteristic, a bad characteristic, then get rid of it, and you will already be behaving in the manner that the

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people of Jenna will behave. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us this beautiful behavior. I mean, well sallallahu wasallam opelika ala nabina Muhammad while early he was he he may