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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Mashallah. Tabata Kela I have just come back from Salah to Juma in the city of Preston. In the UK, the northern part of England and mashallah there was an opening of a masjid or it was the first Juma of the masjid Masjid of sila hain, which is built not too far from the railway station of Preston so whenever you see the Preston station, you need to know there is a masjid not too far off. It's called Masjid Salah him a beautiful Masjid mashallah Baraka Allah, may Allah reward those who made it happen. Now as you and I know the most blessed month of the year for us as Muslims is the month of Ramadan and mashallah Tabata kala this month of

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is a few weeks away, not much time left, mashallah not much time left. So you need to set yourself up for this month of Ramadan and you need to make sure that you are preparing for it looking forward to it. It's a guest that is coming that really will bring a lot of goodness and benefit and a lot of Subhanallah Barakat, you know the blessings of Allah subhanho wa taala. Ramadan is an amazing month what I'm excited about is the series that I've planned this summer one is going to be entitled reconnecting with Revelation, reconnecting with Revelation, the reason why I say reconnecting you and I know that yes, we have always been connected to Revelation to Allah subhanho wa Taala to our

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maker, but because we've been through a period of time where we had some restrictions placed on our lives, because of the pandemic that we faced, and we're still facing, but while everything is being eased Alhamdulillah one of the biggest gifts is that the masajid in the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala have reopened fully and in most cases they are reopened fully. We will be this Ramadan going back to what we had, you know, before so we will be reconnecting in the original way, in the proper way. And that's why once the pandemic subsided it it becomes our duty to replug once again with the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala those of you who are feeling scared to go to the Masjid estavela

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Don't those of you who might be feeling No, it's not a good idea to go right now there will be too many people don't think that way you need to visit the house of Allah if restrictions have been lifted. The first place that you need to understand would be filled with blessings is the house of Allah subhanho wa taala. So Ramadan will bring about the recitation of the Quran in taraweeh it will also bring about the star as well as the Fajr that had Jude whatever else in the masjid and the decaf in Ramadan in the masjid. All this is very very important mashallah, so, I thought I just come and remind everyone and to give you the good news of the title of my Ramadan series this year,

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inshallah it will be reconnecting with Revelation. Remember, every year we speak on a theme, we had comfort in times of crisis, we had pearls of peace at one stage, we had you know, verses of healing and hope in the Quran. And this time we want to speak about reconnecting with Revelation. So that would entail reconnecting with Allah reconnecting with the houses of Allah, reconnecting with the people who are around us because you know, as Muslims, we believe that when you connect with others, you are able to then earn a reward for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala you're able to earn a beautiful reward for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala by interactions with people to uplift

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them, to give them a good word to help them to reach out to them, to empower them. All of that is amazing, because these are opportunities to towards earning the pleasure of Allah and earning great rewards. Now in Ramadan, the reward is multiplied and mashallah Tabata kala we are seeking this particular month, Allah Houma, Bolivian Ramadan Oh Allah grant us the acceptance to witness that month of Ramadan to reach the month of Ramadan. So I hope all of you are excited. If you have any ideas or any suggestions you may leave the suggestions in the comment section later in Sharla on this YouTube channel of mine, and please subscribe to the channel in order not to miss

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single episode of the Ramadan series, I will try to keep them short not too long so that you can benefit from them and inshallah we will keep them lessons from the Quran about reconnecting with Revelation with Allah subhanho wa Taala and so on. Any one of you who'd like to support the cause you can actually you can actually join as members to this particular channel, and Subhanallah if you don't have the means to support the cause, no problem, you can simply subscribe and you can put up your notifications as well. So in that way, you won't miss the episodes and the month of Ramadan will be a month of great great benefit by his will and mercy. So my brothers and sisters, yes, I'm

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in this on this particular channel of mine. I'm going to spend a moment just looking at some of your comments and inshallah seeing if there is anything I need to respond to mashallah, the brother says Malaysia is a great country. I do agree. I believe they're opening up to foreigners from the first of April. I hope to be able to visit at some point in sha Allah.

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Salaam aleikum Wa alaykum wa Salam wa Rahmatullah and just going through a few of your comments and I can see them live being typed up on my screen here watching from Bangladesh, masha Allah, Brother, are you great Masha? Allah

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Subhanallah coming to come to London I will be in London this coming week. Today I have an event of doula aid event that I will be attending in sha Allah in Blackburn. Tomorrow I will be attending the Abdullah aid event in Leicester and inshallah the following day I will be attending the Abdullah event in London by the will of Allah hope to see you guys Mashallah. Puerto Rico, India Subhanallah Bradford? Hamdulillah I see everyone excited from the Netherlands. Luck now. Yes, oh, the comments are quite quick Pakistan Mashallah. Devarakonda May Allah bless all of you guys Hyderabad, Hyderabad, there's one in India one in Pakistan, Germany Alhamdulillah Allah protect all of us in

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grant goodness occupied Kashmir. Singapour Minnesota, wow. This is the beauty of social media all of us from all over the world are meeting here. Wisdom someone from west to someone from Egypt muscle Allah masala, Saudi Arabia and mashallah Tabata kala Belgium.

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So, I look forward to seeing you guys Canada. The UK. Mashallah. Kerala. Moradabad. Siberia. Subhanallah, Uganda. Wow, that's my African brothers Australia. I see the flag Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, India, Mali, Ethiopia. Here goes Mexico hamdulillah Sri Lanka. Wow, I'm so happy reading all these different places. But what Alaikum wa salam O Allah baraka to my brothers, my sisters Indonesia, I see Kenya Afghanistan

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inshallah I hope you're going to benefit from the month of Ramadan Give me your give me what you think about the series that I've chosen, reconnecting with Revelation. Do you think it's an appropriate series? Do you think inshallah you will benefit from it? Like I said, I don't want to go very long, perhaps not you know, six to 10 minutes I think per episode, and we will patch record about 30 lectures so that we can benefit from there in sha Allah. May Allah Almighty grant goodness and acceptance and inshallah I pray that we can all mashallah from Zimbabwe. Hamdulillah, my brother,

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yes, that's amazing. So I will sign out now and inshallah we will speak again sometime. Like I said, I'm going to speak I'm going to be recording some of the lectures. I just recorded the drama that happened earlier at the masjid in Preston in the UK, and it was because it was the first Juma in a new Masjid. I kept the topic, the value of the masjid in inshallah shortly in about a half an hour's time, we should upload that on this particular channel by the will of Allah. And then later on, I have an event with Abdullah eight. I'm going to try and record that and post it up on this channel again for you. So subscribe to the channel and at the same time, benefit from it, pass the message

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around, let others subscribe as well, so that you can earn a free reward just by encouraging others to listen to goodness. I love you all my brothers and sisters and each other. I'll see you guys soon. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh