Mufti Menk – What I observed through my Travels

Mufti Menk
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Salam Alaikum hedeby How you doing Welcome to live I kept you know I'm excited to see Mashallah You look very, very active despite our trips, may Allah bless you.

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You know, they say you take every precaution you can and you actually keep on doing whatever you have to do. So we've been traveling together we tested together we were negative together and Mashallah the trip is coming to an end. And may Allah Subhana Allah, Allah grant acceptance to every effort that you make, and everyone else makes myself included in service of the deen of Allah. And that's very interesting, because I feel that we're all working for the same boss. And so the more the merrier, you know, the more they are working for Allah subhanho wa Taala, the better it is. So because we will be obviously growing and expanding the company. What that means is if you look at it

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as a business, look at job, just using that term, if you look at it as a business, we want to expand the business, whether I'm a manager, one branch, you will be a manager of another branch, someone else will be another manager of another branch, we will all be excited that the business is growing. But if I'm a manager of one branch, and I'm fighting you, and I'm against the fact that your branch might be doing slightly better This one's branch, then I actually would have lost to the,

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the main plus of having of being working for one boss, you know, we're working for a lot. There are so many departments of the dean, you know, and so many ways of reminding people to come to Allah. And when more people come to Allah, whether it's by me by you by the effort I'm making, you're making the schools the the people who are doing our, to the non Muslims, those doing damage to the Muslims, those who are dealing with certain subjects, those who are dealing with the enemies of Islam. There are so many departments that you know, the last time I counted, I actually counted 22 different departments but they're much more they're much more much more departments. And Allah

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subhanho wa Taala accepted from us so nice to travel with you too. That's a lot ha You know, this is a this is a discussion I want to send Clayton over tree on the low we've traveled several times once not twice or thrice and 100 live in a meeting now prior to our trips and a living listen to your talk. But subpanel after our trip a late look at your character and I was trying to be able to keep you know are you different from the colors are you different from you know where you stand on the stage they pass the message? How does this man be here? What do you think? And I know 100 last one like you view I've been amazed some kind of love and the first trip secondary or third trip there's

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one thing of three things that I've been I was able to pick from you. The first one is this every blesser They are people that are you know sending terrible words and so Dean and you know, creating a lot of you know rah on about you on social media. Now if it was me, yeah, shave I wouldn't I wouldn't keep quiet. I want to but May Allah make it easy? But you have that you know, calmness, you don't reply them by you don't say anything immediate. How do you do this? Firstly, I don't know of much. I don't actively go through it unless someone highlights it to me.

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That's number one. Number two is it's a very, very minute percentage, you know, out of 50 million, you might get a few 100 people, a few 1000 people. So what you know,

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that's there. Another thing is, when someone attacks you, you need to remember one thing you are busy serving a lot, right? A lot will defend you. The minute you do you actually go out to respond to them. You are doing it for yourself no longer for Allah. For me that holds very little weight. I'd rather leave them No, it's okay. If someone punches me two punches. I mean, big deal. People have punched mike tyson One, two, he punched them back 500 and knock them out. You know, in my case, I'm not into that game. But if someone punches one or two big deal, you know, luckily Amano Paseo de la Hama, Kumara Sulu, who will you do the work? Allah sees it? You know, according to that verse,

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the messenger CCT, the believers, and obviously this is a verse that was revealed at the time of a sort of loss and the lesson is all of us, you work for the sake of Allah, you do the job. I am I'm managing a branch of the branches have the same business. So they might not realize that, you know, I may not do it the way they do it, but my branch is also a branch, and I'm still serving the same franchise serving that, you know, I'm talking about a lot so I'm having a hard time. So sometimes you have people you know, even people have knowledge at times, they will attack you, they will say something, excuse me, and I'll leave it because when I defend it,

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Defending for, for myself, but when I keep on working, I don't want to stop working for the sake of Allah. Imagine if I'm spending like 12 to 14 hours a day

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in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala as Dean, when I stopped worrying about what people have to say about me, and I know that I've been as genuine to Allah as possible, you know, those people are not in your equation. It was never between you and them. It's between you and Allah, so why bother?

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It's between you and Allah, just let them be that is their job, it's not your job. Their job is to attack you. Your job is not to attack it. My job is not even to respond. You know, if Allah wants to close you down, don't close down without an attack. There have been accusations against lawsuits against eyeshadow delana, who cleared their names, it was Allah, they didn't clear it themselves.

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The same applies to so many others. So as much as I have the right to defend myself, but I feel I will become preoccupied by it. And I feel that it's not necessary I feel even in law, I mean, those who know me well, they've traveled with me or lived with me or done business with me. Now, you know, in my life within the last 20 years, I think they would know better the type of person I like sometimes those attacking you are worse than you are by far. They have no morals they have no values, they are at times guilty of this more than what they're accusing you of. Sometimes they want fame, sometimes they are on the bandwagon, sometimes you can clearly see their their agenda. Don't

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just leave it leave them with their agenda you continue your agenda is to serve Allah. You know what, there are millions of people and billions of Muslims if you are going to waste your time within your few years that you have on earth you regretted when you go into the cover because you would have had a few days and you wasted those responding to people brother do the work what's going to help you in your cover and in responding to the people or just continuing to do work that you could I want to plan say for example that we are planting seeds of trees, seeds of trees, someone is saying Why didn't you planted guava brother and planting peaches? I love them and planting mangoes

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pomegranates. If you want to do the guava, you may do so you know. But don't tell me why you're not doing what you think I should be doing. I'm busy. The minute I stop and I start arguing about whether or not to plant the guava or why didn't I do it? or Why did I plant the mango slightly this way or that way? Whatever the reason is brother I'm busy planting Leave me alone. And if you don't want to leave me alone, I am going to leave you alone. It reminds me of hobbylink cubby the imbecile la Caleta to the Nima Anna Baba sitting at a lake near half alarm. But I mean, what lesson do we learn from that? He says

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Abel tells King and it's mentioned in the poem that if you are going to stretch your arm in order to cue me, I'm not going to stretch my arm in order to kill you because I fear Allah Lord of the words. If you want to stretch your arm, it shows that you are you don't have work, it shows that you're not busy. If you are busy, you wouldn't do what you would do. Now those who are genuine, sometimes they will correct you, they will call you out for something that really is genuinely a cause of concern. In that particular case, yes, you need to look into it and I have and you need to retract or you need to apologize or you need to perhaps change your stance on something or maybe change an opinion

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on something or correct yourself that happens but usually that is among a very strong circle of friends that we have. So that's why you find me very calm. I mean I you know they can say what they want Habibi, they're not in my equation. They're not in they're not in my math mathematics. My addition and subtraction multiplication and division is between me and Allah. And you know we're trying our best May Allah Subhana horto but I feel sorry for the young guys like yourselves and those who are facing and you will face challenges you will face so much I feel sorry for the guys because not all of them have that strong willpower as me people say this guy is famous. Perhaps he's

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this you know what? I've been on the scene for more than two for 20 years minimum more than 20 years. And on social media for a minimum of 15 years i think i people say and I had one thing in me that I believe is a good habit it is consistency. So every day do something every single day make sure that you do something without a seeming day that you're going to give a break on one day. Whether it is a Monday or a Sunday or a family day or a holiday or whatever other day. So that consistency, that continuous you do this it grows it grows. With you I get it from Cleveland Avenue mid mile you ain't the best of deeds that which is done regularly even if it is a little two

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sentences, three sentences a day. And I have my strategies. Barack I love Michelle up the ladder, the luxury This is amazing.

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I love it. He mixes better than you and we know we meet people beyond make you better than what others even think of you. May Allah make us such that he accepts us.

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Amazing shit. The second thing I learned from you is that, you know, dreena word tree, I broke your tripod. Now I know you love that tripod, right? And I was wondering, what am I gonna say to shake? We know my heart was like, boom, boom, boom. And I just spoke to you and I,

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the tripod is broken, but to get another one. And here's the thing what she said was, you see, they say it in a descaling It looks like you are you always whenever a situation happened, you always escalated. And it made me remember the state of the visa law where it was similar in a similar in a segmented order, like no patient is at the beginning of the calamity, not in the middle of the calamity. You know, how are you able to view this quality when it comes to your mind all is when the tribulation happened? Look, whatever I do, I try and draw cue from the Sunnah of the prophets, I send them. One of the things that I learned, let me give you this example.

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I looked for a tripod. I went myself I was in the UAE in Dubai, I purchased what I thought was the best and I got what I thought was exactly ideal for me. And actually,

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everything comes with a plan before I was born, Allah has created these tests and he knows what's going to happen to me completely lost knowledge. Yeah, Allah mama Karna when my opponent Mama, let me call electronic a favicon. Allah knows everything What happened? What will happen? What will not happen? Everything he knows. So when you told me, and I saw it, I saw it. And just as I saw it, you told me the tripod is broken. What did I say? say Alhamdulillah? Likely?

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This is a material thing. You damage the vehicle? You broke the phone, you smashed it, there is something good about it that you don't know. You don't know. I mean not No, not now. You have to say Alhamdulillah Hey, forget about anything else first and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hafiz. Allah, on the day of judgment, tried to be from among those who will be called out when they used to say Alhamdulillah upon all conditions. So it's an opportunity for you to show Allah that Allah you're decreased. I'm excited about it. I may not understand it. I'm a human. It's, it's considered a material loss. Big deal. It's I have not lost my link with Allah. Why should I shout you It broke?

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And I was I wasn't expecting you to break but I know why you broke because of some stampeding. Yeah. And to be honest, we can always replace it. If not now, then later, you know. And we were in what it was a rural part of Nigeria, right in the north. And what happened is, you told me that I said, we will get another one. Don't worry, you said but we will have to wait to go to the capital city. I said no, you will find one here. I know you will. Because there are so many people on social media, so many people, it might not be the same quality and we've got a replacement straightaway indeed. Look and imagine if I got upset I was even saddened for a minute because my tripod broke. Big deal.

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My brother so I like to always remind myself thank Allah or nothing negative can happen to me. I think never. someone dies, your bonds break your car is smashed, you lost your job, your your everything went went wrong, according to dounia terms will lie he according to Allah, it went, how he planned it, how he planned it, thank Allah, it could have been worse. Imagine my bone broke instead of that thing breaking.

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You know, I would still say that 100 plus to start with May Allah protect us all. It's a tough one. But I'm just kidding. I hope I would. And then we say in the delay, you're in a really hard job. And we work towards improving the situation so that I've developed that habit over time. Before I may not have been exactly like that, but I've developed it over time. You know, when we did our tests for Coronavirus, we were together Yeah. And I was prepared. What did I tell the brothers I said brothers if we test positive we will quarantine together two weeks, three weeks and no problem everything can wait because the health comes first. But we will continue to do our our even why we

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are isolated or while we are in quarantine whatever else it may be. And so panela the results can be negative and we were having a history of sitting here together. We've been together anyway for the last year or so, so much. So May Allah make it easy. I mean, you know, there's a lot of young people only to when we traveled to the north. You know, I went out in the mind and I met a lot of young people. So what I try to do before I don't address people that we I do that night, but after my trip with you, I've seen the way you speak to people directly and they picked one of the things from that. So when I went to them, I acknowledge them and begin to speak to one person and before you

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know it the entire people. There's an ally that only came and they were listening you know, the feeling

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Good at that moment. Well, I have never ever felt anything like that. What advice do you have today young glides? What come in? And what should we focus on? What should we really look into the we will not grow up and make the mistake of those who have made the most terrible of mistakes, don't really get to your head. Number one, do it for the sake and the pleasure of Allah number two, latter half of Illa de la mattina. Don't ever fear in the course of Allah, the, you know, the negatives of those who are negative, or those who are going to be negative, those who are going to say things accuse you, whatever they might say you are after this your after thing, it will grow. It's not you who

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grew it's the work of Allah that grew, people get upset when they see a large following of a shift. Ask yourself some Allah. It's not the shift. It's actually the work of a law that is growing. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy. So you would we do it for the sake of Allah and then remain humble that you know, I if you know me, and you've interacted with me, personally,

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long term or semi long term?

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I try to maintain that consistency. Yes, I'm a human. Yes, I falter. Yes, we commit sins. Yes, we are. We are sinful slaves. Yes, there are things that we fall into, we ask Allah to forgive us. And we continue. But we are not evil people. And we don't promote hate and hurt.

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And we want people to come closer to Allah. So that's something I always like to remind those who want me to remind them of something to say, as you grew, I told you many years ago, I met you the first time you had a program Did you know?

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And I told him, my brother, this will grow? Do you remember? Because I saw your attitude I saw thing and you know, sometimes people, look, I'll be honest with you, fame gets to the head of people, you have to constantly remind yourself, this is nothing. You know, if Allah wants, you can take it away now. And there are people who will be jealous of you because they are not where you are. They don't know how kids kids don't kids, you know, I am sitting here I'm way into my 40s. And I have sometimes someone 2025 and they don't know, they look at you, they don't understand what you've done. They know not much about you, and they they become envious, out of the envy they attack they want your

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attention. Don't give it to them. Continue doing the work.

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And be humble. Like I said, look at people, you know, you told me that they were when you went out that night, there were a lot of people who who let me not say the exact terms, but who were into the nightlife. And you went out to strip that away to talk to them. And I always like to look at a good quality or to have someone start with it and build on that. So remind them of the good that is within them. You know you're you're a good person, you're a kind heart, I'm sure you have compassion, there must be reason why you have this weakness or that weakness. And Allah subhanho wa Taala knows about it, and he is waiting for you. And he would be so happy if you turned to him at

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the st one Salah day. Now, you will have a negative person who will remember social media is free is open for all there are so many minds of people, they will always look at the negative. They'll tell you their facial ID Why did you tell him that he's make one but my brother I'm telling him to start, it's my way of telling him start somewhere. And according to me, he will do one, then two, then three, and he will build and allow will give him the sweetness of that Salah. They will look at the negative of it. When you do something, they won't look at the positive, they won't try and give her some fun because they don't believe truly in the hobby. They might know that how about giving people

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has not been even the person tells you not to have these negative doubts. They don't know that they don't follow it. So if they don't follow it, it's not your fault. You know, you must continue to do the good work. And you must you must have a good

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perception of what people are doing. Don't only concentrate on negatives, you know, whatever you do, they will be some people who will just look at the negatives and they will tell you you shouldn't do or why did you go to talk to them? Hmm. These were you know, they were boys and girls, men and women. How did you go there? Why did you go you're supposed to lower your gaze you can't you're supposed to be far away. My brother the process alone, while the people were doing a walk around the cabin naked. Used to look down and say Are you a nurse kulula I love to feel he was a but he didn't participate in it. He only looked down and said oh people say that I Lola you will succeed c'est la

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vie you will succeed. And you know at that time, so panela that is something extremely courageous. He was an A be of Allah subhanho wa Taala sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So so we need to continue to do that. Even though people who don't know will actually continue to nitpick everything you do, they will and you know what, they might have a momentum. They might have a little bit of a following and a gathering. Don't worry, those people alone will guide them and if that's the way they

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Think Tough luck. But if you're going to come out and start replying what's who's going to do that street down? You will be depressed within two three days. You know, earlier on some years ago, when I first started off a negative comment used to bother me, I stopped I don't even know, to be honest with you, I don't see a lot of the comments I at times I do I have some of my my family members who actually do some of that I actually have an admin or to actually help and we have a good solid server, you know, circle of all ama, and scholars that I have within myself and I know these are my confidence, we work together, we, we have a similarity in our approach. Although each one of us is

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unique, but Allah loves this, he made us unique, you and I have the same, but you will reach people I reach people, they will be an overlapping of certain people and they will be certain people will only like you and certain people will only like my method.

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That's okay. It's fine. I'm not in competition with you. No, are you in competition with me? I'm doing it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, we're competing with each other regarding good deeds, that's assuming of the process Allah, if I see you've done something good, I must also do something even better. When it comes to good deeds. But so Allah, Allah Almighty, when it comes to

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that, turning back to Allah and seeking forgiveness of Allah and changing your life for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Look at those above you turn to Allah be better than you were yesterday, that's a Hadith of the process of them as well. You know that the two days should not be the same, you should be better than the you you were yesterday. So there is an overlapping of those two, a hadith. And you've got to guide the people who say, listen, you're turning to Allah, you know what you should, you should be better than you were yesterday. And when you are being good deeds, you need to look at the others, al-hayat you you look at the others and try to do more quietly, not not

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to brag about it more than you are going to do more than you I'm going to show you I'm going to fix you it starts becoming ugly, the sincerity is lost. If the competition is with one another.

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Without Allah in the equation, it could lead to sheep.

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And if the competition is with one another for the pleasure of Allah in a very common way non cutting but encouraging all by me competing with you, why should I discourage you? Why should I be literally that's not for Allah, if it's for Allah empower, I come out and I appreciate I think, and you lead by example. So you are going to get a full reward of what I've done.

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So that's how we should look at that later on. But

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before we end this discussion, a lot of young people out there you know, are going through problems and no jobs. No, you know, most of them are depressed, most of them they are fine, difficult for them to you know, build a relationship with the maker and I've had a lot of young people come in to meet me and they are confused some of them people want to kill themselves today love huddled up which 11 What message do you have for this people about tonight? I think we should never lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah has a plan and difficulty and hardship is part of the test you will have to go through while you are on Earth. As part of your examination, we believe we were sent on

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to Earth in order to be tested by Allah to worship Allah alone. So while you are on Earth, you will notice everything going wrong, nothing happens. According to you. Besides pockets of things. Never lose hope these days of darkness do not last forever. That's the reason why you can't we will lay the land in the Hollywood COVID on the Hot Island lay a lot causes the encircling of the day and night upon each other, then the night comes doesn't last forever. Then there is daybreak, the daylight doesn't last forever, then there is night, in the same way you make a profit you make a loss, it has to happen, the loss won't last forever. Your struggle won't last forever, your

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sickness, your loss of job. If you bear patients and you continue to try and you do whatever Allah has given you within your capacity a day will come when he will open your doors, he knows when but don't miss an opportunity thrown at you by Allah subhanho wa Taala Don't miss the opportunities and also don't give up on the worshipping of Allah. Because sometimes people pray they say I've prayed for so long and you know what i it just hasn't helped me. That's right. It will help you it has helped you It shall help you and it will come to your rescue because you are worshipping Allah and the worship of Allah will come to your rescue because that is Allah we are wishing. And if you give

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up, everything stops there. So Allah never gives up man gives up Allah knows the right timing. Sometimes he's holding on because there are people who perhaps he knows that at a certain point you will have a better than what you would have had had you had it a little bit earlier. So whether it's marriage, whether it's

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That you know the jobs, whether it's income, whether it's sickness, disease, loss of life of people around you, you're lonely, we are here with you. But more than us a lot is the ultimate lies the we can only make, we can only say a few words we can only assist materially, Allah is the one who will provide for you don't lose hope. We have all been through challenges myself included, sometimes it seems like you won't make it out of this challenge. And a lot took us out of it. And today we're sitting, people don't even know when you look at others, their lives seem to be so rosy, but they're not. In actual fact, they are only showing you a part that looks rosy people look at your life, and

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they think this person has it all. But we know you don't. We know that you're also going through struggles of a different nature, a different level. And I love tests everyone according to his love for them in the law, either. I have identical that when a man loves you test you with bigger tests because he wants you to have a bigger certificate. He wants you to have a bigger degree so that you can actually go to genital for those with greater ease your sovereign in number you are for Saviola john Delaney. He said, Allah will grant the recompense for those who bear patients without, without limits. So somehow Allah, be patient and know that every moment of struggle, every tear you shed,

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every trial, every tribulation, Allah gives you a tremendous reward simply for the patients that he may do endure. And may Allah make it easy. Ultimately, if you are terminally ill or there is something seriously going wrong and you feel perhaps you might not make it and you may pass away. Why do we have hope in Allah, we must continue to seek the forgiveness of Allah read the Shahada often, and we must make sure we prepare for the day we are going to meet with Allah because that is inevitable. And we must be convinced that the day we meet with a loan will be the best date for a believer. It is the best day that's going to be and so we should be looking forward to the meeting

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with a lot so Hannah Montana no matter what, have you sought forgiveness? Do you continue seeking forgiveness every day? Yes, you have. If that's the case, Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant you from his mercy. Are you an evil person making other people's lives difficult? If that's the case, change your ways and habits, become a good person and become a person who inshallah is closer to Allah. Allah will love you alone will give you a genuine man I haven't been lucky to have Beloved, whoever loves the meeting with Allah Allah loves to meet him too. And and we've learned that one of the greatest gifts of a believer is for him to pass away in order to go to gentlemen, we hear about

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gentlemen, like I've said before, but no one wants to pass away. So these are the few words perhaps I could share with you there is nothing on Earth, that should one of you and I to commit suicide. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for everyone. Also remember to supplicate continuously make draft. When you make draft Allah knows what part of the data to give you whether to give you exactly what you want, whether what you're asking for is actually worse than the situation you're in. Allah knows all of that. So trust Allah. Allah, Allah. Michelle at the letter alleging there was a beautiful me Allah bless you, and looking forward to follow with you again. I mean, yeah, don't be

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me too. I'm so happy that these holidays that we have had I spent them here with you. In Nigeria and the team of brothers brother Ibrahim, brother Abdullah II, and several others we were in the same group. And may Allah accept whatever we have done, that which will be known to the public and that which will not be known to the public either way. Remember that we must seek from Allah that he accept from banana Papa Mina in the counter semiology motiva in the country to work Rahim ALLAH forgive all of us, just like a lucky ecologic lack of a shape. If you're watching these right now, these was never ever meant to miss you. We've had what the shape of say, what we need to do right

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now is to sit by yourself and know how to fix yourself. You know, the world is so short and it will make us go back to a light anytime so might as well go back to ally in the best of ways. May Allah bless you all until we meet again, we'll leave your link here.

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