Mirza Yawar Baig – Living Islam: Salah The Proof of our Iman #8

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. In the lambda Allah salat wa salam ala sherfield Ambia Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa salam Oman Wala. But my brothers and sisters, we are on day two of the session on salah. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to cause this to be a means of benefit for us all.

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Because salah is

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not just something which is important, but it is the most important thing in our lives.

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I explained to you in detail yesterday with

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all the proofs for saying this. And so I will not repeat that today, but just very briefly.

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We need air we need food, we need money, we need a home and so on and so forth. All of that is restricted to the life of this world.

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Some of it is not even some of it or not even things that will last us the entire duration of this life.

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We don't need them for the whole duration of our EP some our earliest Mr letter.

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But Salah is something that we need for the life of the hereafter, which is forever and we need it for success in this life for the entire duration of his life.

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A person who does not have Salah meaning meaning a person who does not have Emaar does not have access to the help of Allah subhanaw taala in this life and will have no access to Jana in the next life.

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And obviously, there is no comparison in terms of importance between Salah and anything else.

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When I say things like we need salah, I'm not saying this is a nice thing to have and you know it's

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it's a plug in your life or No, I'm saying we need it. And we need it at a level of force that I simply cannot possibly emphasize enough. When I say that it might seem like strange, because we are not used to using Salah in this life to solve our problems.

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Why don't I say the mythos around to lull us to say just Namaste tunco roti name is Jackie O Nawaz to help was rock back as a DJ

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used to say that this Salah in this life, the quality of our Salah is designed his life, which can't seem to get you to pieces of bread. How is this going to help you when you have to cross the surah.

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So it is essential for us to learn how to pray properly. And then to pray properly.

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These two things that are absolutely critical.

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But then if you see and ask yourself, How much time do you spend in learning how to pray.

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And not because this is some, you know, great

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body of knowledge that you have to pass. First of all, you have to pass a tough exam in order to enter university and then you have to be in the university for 25 years before the before you can learn nothing.

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All you need to do is to go to somebody who knows and there are a dime a dozen.

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They're not even a dime a dozen because they're free.

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Go to somebody and say please teach me how to pray. That's it.

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But we don't do that.

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Even if somebody is willing to teach you don't want to come what to do.

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Like we saw yesterday, I asked people how many of you know the four eyes of Google.

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And deliberately I have no desire to humiliate anybody. So I don't I don't tell people no show of hands or anything. I know I know what will happen. You will either lie or you will show you will show up your hand and the others look like they don't lie. That's not my intention anyway.

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And then I said How long will it take? I said take a stopwatch and I will teach you It took all of 15 seconds. One five to learn the formula that was and that's only because I was trying to talk a little slowly so you understand.

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But that 15 seconds you do not have for yourself obviously this seriously as we need to ask ourselves this question. I'm not asking you anything Alhamdulillah I mean, I need nothing we take nothing

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for yourself. And what is the cost of that the gospel that is you are living your entire life in a state of impurity of Nigeria.

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What What says what says doesn't mean you don't have 15 seconds to spare for your

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Self to live in a state of purity where you are rebar that are accepted your dye is accepted, you are protected from all kinds of influences and so on and so forth. There is baraka in your house you have no you don't have 15 seconds to spare to for yourself to get that. I mean how tragic is that tell me

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and just to wrap that in

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how much time do you spend in doing stuff? I'm not even talking about the stuff that you drive you spend doing stuff which is clearly wrong. Let's not worry about that. But even stuff which is not wrong, but which is a waste of time

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how much time do we spend

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by including all my

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nephews and friends here who are you know, sort of greatly interested in football

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which is fine hamdulillah but if you're playing the game,

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but if you are spending your time watching the game or a TV screen

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that ad best at absolutely number one top best that is a waste of time it is something that you will hopefully you won't get punished for it but definitely it's something that you will regret very very badly when you meet Allah subhanaw taala.

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And at worst, if it ends up making you miss Salah it ends up making you in a state of a flood then you are in your asking for punishment Wallaceburg will play the game very, very good thing to do. Absolutely. I recommend football to everyone and his wife, go play the game, go onto the field, fall down, scrape your knees, learn teamwork, learn leadership, learn sharing, learn passing, right good for your health, everything else but sitting in front of the television all you're doing is turning into a potato and you're watching that thing and what

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and this is the benign border whatever I'm not even talking about other stuff and so on and so forth. So we spend hours and hours and hours just do a rough calculation you know how much time you spent just do a rough calculation for yourself. It might have a salutary effect one oops

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do a rough calculation for yourself and say How many hours did I spend doing things which are neutral value neutral there is no benefit in it there is no harm in it but it is useless when we will value neutral it's useless. wrestlers are seldom said if one day is not better than the next day then you are wasting your time

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he said for a Muslim each day must be better than the previous day.

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These are the standards set by the prophets Allah set up I'm saying I won't say leave them with that those are the standard we're supposed to follow but I'm saying just as a you know taste for that

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is ask yourself and say that I am spending so many hours doing something which is at best useless. And then when there is an opportunity to learn something which is clearly absolutely critical to learn which is something which is going to benefit you in this life and the next life inshallah Musa

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you don't have you don't have an hour, you don't have two hours.

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Even when the thing is being given to you for free.

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Your football doesn't come for you or for you. You're paying Netflix, you're paying the cable guy you're paying the electricity guy Oh, God knows who you're paying, paying all that and getting useless. The uselessness.

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Really, we have to ask ourselves this question. All of what I'm saying is not for the people who are here because you're here. This is for those who will see this video and they think they have done a great job because we are now watching the video. I will guarantee you there are I think probably over over 1000 hours of my lectures on the net.

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Probably that maybe more.

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And if you look at the YouTube and Google statistics, there are 1000s of people viewing them but you know and I know that viewing them means what what what does Google count if someone clicks on it it counted as one whether the video spent 10 seconds on it or is spent or you watch the whole lecture we don't know and I can guarantee you they're not watching them

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we I know how much patience I have to sit and watch something for for an hour and a half.

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I never do I have never seen

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I like to read so I read I don't I don't watch lectures.

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Read I can read for hours and hours but watching lectures is not my thing.

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So when there is an opportunity take make use of the opportunity.

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So yesterday we covered a whole bunch of stuff, all leading to the perfection of Salah we looked at all the issues of the hara, we looked at all the WHO puzzle and so on and so forth. We look at the issue of the importance of Salah itself why it's important

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With all of that we covered yesterday today, we will continue with that and then we look at Salah itself we will look at Salah by Gemma we look at issues of innominate of leading Salah and so on and so forth inshallah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this a means of higher and baraka for us all insha Allah.

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Now, yesterday we mentioned this in passing which is the issue of sutra which is to keep a barrier in front of you, so, that somebody does not cross in front of you while you are praying. Now, I will say that according to the law no narrated from ressourcer Selim, who said when one prays, you should let him pray towards a sutra let him face or put a barrier in front of himself.

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And let him pray close to it meaning that this barrier must be at the at the point where you make sujood so, don't if you was praying here if we're standing here don't put the barrier far away, put it at the place where you are making sudo and so that when somebody doesn't pass

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in front of you and me so Sam said use a sutra even if it is an arrow, so even if it's a small thing doesn't matter, but use it put it there.

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Sam has prayed. There are there are there are variations to say that you prayed,

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facing with a camel saddle. He made his camel sit down and he prayed in this band is playing outside and at home when he was playing.

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He had say the eyes as well and she was sleeping so he would pray. She would turn over the on the other side and he would pray with her in front like that as the sutra and of course now we shall Santa once removed his turban and put his turban there as the sutra this way I mean any anything whatever is convenient for you, you can do that but do plays a sutra. Now when and this applies to all Salah. So it's when you're traveling when you are at home. Wherever this applies to all services which are done

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individually or whichever you're not following the one where you're following the Imam the Imam must have his own sutra and usually obviously the Imam is in the front so he has the he has the wall of the budget where he is break or if it's any mom, if you're doing a mama if you're making Gemma outside somewhere, then make sure that the Imam has something in front of him and then the Imam sutra is enough for the whole Gemma. So sometimes sometimes you might find for example that in a masjid, sometimes we find this in Dharavi and so are in the Haram you see it all the time but in our massages here. The whole budget is packed and then you will find that maybe somebody lost their

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window or something happened to them and then they will leave and they will walk in front of us his whole staff is standing here. The person walks in front and goes out and a lot of people have a lot of sometimes they have a lot of issues confusion somebody tries to stop him don't do all that there is no problem your Salah is perfectly valid absolutely no problem. The Imam sutra is your sutra this person can walk in front of you no problem at all. So if you do happen to break your window or whatever the reason might be if you need to go please go ahead. Just step out in front and walk out walk out there's no problem but this applies only to Salah by Gemma. So in Joomla while the Joomla

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Salah is going on this is possible, but once the Joomla Salah is over when people are standing and bring sunnah or nephila, whatever it is then each person must have his own sutra and you must pass beyond that sutra, not in between, that's why in this budget you would have noticed I always tell people, this last row there the chairs move all the chairs forward so people can pass behind you. Now this consideration we'll look at that in a minute but this consideration for others, especially when you are in the masjid is a very critical part of Islamic manners. Right this is we'll we'll come to that inshallah. But do keep that also in mind. So this is the issue of the sutra always do

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that. And like I said yesterday, no need for you to drag chairs here and there. And you know, people literally sort of walk around with chairs there's no need for that just put anything in front that is more than enough.

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A very, very, very important thing. There is a lecture of mine called what is it called? Or any Itala Yeah, there is a letter lecture of mine which other will send you with this thing called earn any taller which we did here was in this budget. I think one of the Ramadan

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eating and earning Halal is absolutely critically important for the acceptance of your Salah and acceptance of God. It affects the quality of worship, it makes it good or it makes it bad depending on whether you are eating and earning Halal

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anything what is the safe thing to do? Whatever is doubt

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We'll leave it there was a reason I'm saying leave the doubtful for that which is not doubtful.

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So anything that is doubtful whether it is in earnings or whether it's in food, anything that you have a doubt in clarify the route until you clarify that are donated and once you clarify the route of course you know what the situation is, but when you are doubtful usual problems as far as our food is concerned is with chickens

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because we factory process chickens which please understand I've said this a million times factory process chicken is not halal. Unless you have specific information about that particular factory that it is being hand slaughtered. Unless you have that information do not go by the halal see the LRC means nothing.

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Even if it comes with a halal stamp, it is not halal. Don't fool yourself and say well you know after all the stamp is there what can I do? No, it is your body. Now visa Salam said any if a haram morsel goes into the body and becomes part of the body, the fire of Jahannam is YG on this body. So save yourself.

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The second issue is aerated drinks Coke and Pepsi and stuff, which is clearly my point about Coke and Pepsi is where it's I don't say that it has alcohol is that my point is it has ingredients which are not on the label, right? They have a secret formula that says this is so imagine this is the hypocrisy of our world today, where anything that you manufacture any food item that you manufacture by law, you are supposed to put the ingredients on the label yes or no. So why is that not applied to Coke and Pepsi? They get away by saying we have a secret ingredient secret ingredient.

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How can it be secret when your law says that it cannot be secret that all the ingredients must show on the label? This is the law of the land. How come you allow major huge corporations to get away with this nonsense to say we have a secret ingredient?

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So my point is okay, if that secret ingredient is the water of zamzam. I don't care. Well you didn't tell me that. So as far as I'm concerned as a Muslim, there is something in this drink which I don't know. Now tell me is that halal or haram? For you? You don't need to be removed for this

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right? If I give you this glass of water as well, you know, Please drink it, but there is something in it which I won't tell you there is a secret ingredient. You might feel good because you know me personally, but I'm saying suppose I have a stranger. I'm not even Muslim.

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As a Muslim, if you have a modicum of humor if you have one grain of humor in your heart What will you do? Will you should you drink it or should you not drink it away? Very simple. You don't need one great movie and isn't that and then chemical analysis reports simple question as a Muslim if you are given something to eat or drink and you do not know what it contains, what will you do?

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Leave it obviously. Okay. Let me give you a big money example. Supposing you are allergic to something

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right and some people are very violently allergic to things I mean they literally it can be a matter of life and death if the if there is an allergen in that thing, and I give you something to drink and I say I'm not sure whether the thing that you are allergic to is in this or not. I'm not saying it is there I'm not saying it is not there.

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Will you drink it

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let me give one more example. We went to a restaurant right? One waiter that tells you say everybody knows you this restaurant so one waiter that tells you that this thing this drink which you are being given to drink maybe it might have the thing that you're allergic to it might be there I'm not sure but it might be there so one way to tell you that everybody else is the restaurant including the order the chef and the all the waiter there's no boogeyman no nothing, absolutely no problem. You can drink it, will you still drink it on artillery?

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You will, you will hesitate like * you will say you know, even if what if this one guy is right.

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Now I can tell you that everybody else has everybody does know, they also don't know they are saying it is not there. But do they know perfectly? They don't know. Bottom line is what? At the end of the whole thing. If there is a problem, who is going to face it? Not that waiter, not the chef, not the restaurant owner. Not the government not the Prime Minister is me. I am the one who is going to do the dying if the if the thing has got that allergen in it. I am not taking that chance. I'm not dying of thirst. I have got 10 different alternatives. I don't have to drink this particular thing. You're not talking about a life saving drug which I don't have that I will die or something. Nothing

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Nothing, nothing nothing. Instead of this I can drink

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then different thing, no problem.

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Why must I take that chance? Anyone with any intelligence will do that?

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So I've given you Islamic

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example in a non Islamic example take what you want.

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We'll call this is the whole issue of what has always been the EMA on Allah subhanaw taala has nothing is one do I really am am I going to eat or drink something which will spoil my bother to Allah? Very simple

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