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Abdullah Oduro
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And being a Muhammad Anwar he was he

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called him on Sunday for Rahim Allah to Allah vikita Every other Salah anything Bobby will be shocking yeah yeah even short of a no we Abuja Korea Yeah Hey Michelle, I know he says in his book until the gardens of the righteous and the chapter of the obligation of gratitude all Allah huzzah Anna Firth Clooney Korakuen wash cruelly well I took for all sorts of Bukhara IMEI number from seen or call it to Allah. The in check out the in Shackleton as he then the combs sort of Ibrahim I Serbia Bacala to Allah will call hamdulillah sorts of Sr. and Nia, what if Dasha will call it to

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you that well, and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen so Yunus idea.

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Last month, Allah says in the Quran, he starts off with the verses in the Quran and the first verse being well, last month, Allah says in the chapter of Bukhara, therefore Remember Me By praying and glorifying, I will remember you and be grateful to me. And never be ungrateful to me. The second verses if you give thanks by worshiping Allah, I will give you more of my blessing. I'll just you mentioned these two verses, Shaolin who mentioned next year later. So the first one is in the chapter of Bukhara, where loss of monetized says, First Clooney, of course, wash cruelly Well, attic full moon. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying, as a result, or whatever net and he mentioned before,

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he says, First Qurani, as a result, for the quarter won't eat, remember me of the quarter calm, and I will remember you just want to make a small caveat here. The translation, remember, could you get about it other than the shocks under remember, could, you know could be it could be perceivable, as though the remembering of Allah's remembrance of you is similar to our remembrance of Him. And this is, you know, not the case. And by default, it's upon the Muslim to know that it's not the case to where there is no need for clarification. Even in the English language, we may say, remember and remember may become from memory which comes from a creative form of thinking of something. And

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memory of the human being is limited. Right? It's limited, when we talk about Allah remembering there is no such concept as forgetfulness, there is no such concept as that with Allah subhanho wa Taala right. But when we say fourth Clooney of the quarter comb, it could be remember me or mentioned me, I will mention you mentioned me, I will mention you. So the Arabic language is much more comprehensive than the English and thicker is much more, particularly the word vicar is a very comprehensive word. It could be mentioning, it could be remembering, right? So when you mention the name of Allah subhanaw adata it's with your tongue. It could be remembering the last pan with Allah

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with your heart. Right? Not only with your mind and also with your mind as well. So when we talk about foot Qurani COMM This is what is called Joomla shuttled Kliya Allah subhanho wa Taala saying the mentioning of Allah is not solely dependent on your memory remembering and mentioning him, but you're mentioning him is more of a means for you to be mentioned by Allah. For you to be mentioned by Allah for example, the prophets Allah Allah so let me send the beautiful Hadith mentioned Mr. Coleman freebasing will Utila to Dallas one of my bainham alumnus named Mr. Cana will show tomorrow whether Karim Allah Freeman ended last month on that promise or someone said, Oh come across or

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Salam. There is not a group of people that gather in a house from the houses of Allah, studying the book, and studying the religion, except that the Sakina descends upon the the tranquility that descends upon Him. Although she get to more Rama and the mercy covers them, now will have far too many melodica and the mala Iike surround them, shall we are amongst that gathering now was that got a whole Mullah who came Ananda? And Allah mentions them to those that are in that that are around him being the angels. So being that we're here, remembering Allah with our hearts from the Salah, listening to the thicket of Allah subhanaw taala mentioning the name of Allah subhanaw taala in our

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Salah as well. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned us inshallah tobacco and were covered by the angels and the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala Maalox Mandela, shower us with His mercy and the angels around us in sha Allah. I mean, and then Allah says wash cruelly well that's a Quran so the first is remember me, I will mean remember you or mentioned me, I will mention you and then Allah says wash Kuru Lee and be thankful to me while I took full loan.

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Be grateful to me, and and do not be ungrateful to me. So he says tuck falloon Kafka we hear the word Kafka what where do we think of an Arabic

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Cafaro what noun comes from that

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What is coffin?

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as a transliteration Cofer covering any

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that's interesting hopefully any cover yeah yeah no but you're right Kafala means to cover linguistically means to cover but technically means what

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deny and we're talking we're denying in regards to how's the denying connect to calf here?

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What's Katherine

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denies the truth therefore being a

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dis believer, right? They deny the truth and somebody even go to the Forest City they cover the truth that they what? No, no and the knowledge is from their what

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which is a whole other topics of analyze the beautiful to very important especially nowadays with

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like the Jews and the Christians

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not only

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verbally they know

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they know there's truth now they know that Allah Subhanallah has one there's the level of covering disbelief so cover even falls they fall into the category of disbelievers as well. No. So when the last one Allah says worst Kuru LEE Well I took from be thankful to Me and do not talk full on Do not be ungrateful. So Cafaro can also mean ungratefulness

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can also mean ungratefulness where you're gonna be narrow, they they are ungrateful with the blessings of Allah subhanho wa taala. In the Quran is COFRA Nam. Right, they're ungrateful of the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala and we can fall into that category.

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We're ungrateful for what Allah Subhan Allah has given us, I mean, subhanAllah right now how many people have died in Libya?

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6000 The death toll is reached from the flood.

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1000 alongside

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alongside the law, Mr. May law, protect our brothers and sisters in the

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law protect our brothers and sisters, along with Stein

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so long, so it's important for us to be thankful

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to be thankful Subhanallah brother showed me on this phone the other day, in Turkey, there was like a couple of days or weeks ago, there was a huge storm you'll hear about this.

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And this there was only for 20 minutes. That ransom was only for 20 minutes.

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Flood I mean Subhanallah was a flood. You know, Subhan Allah, Allah Subhan Allah

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Subhan Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, if Allah Subhana Allah wants something to happen, there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing 00 20 minutes.

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Allah Mr. May Allah protect us. So Allah says wash cruelly Well, I took full loan and be thankful to Me and do not disbelieve. So what's interesting here will conclude is that when you remember Allah subhanho wa Taala This is a strongest means for what?

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Being thankful.

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Right? Because when you're when you remember, Allah is the strongest means for you to think about Allah. When you think about Allah you think of what Allah has done for you. And and that's where you use the beautiful names and attributes of Allah. Will that Allah protect me and have you he is one that protects, preserves Allah's mercy upon us in Capelle, as opposed to people that are in impoverished areas in Dallas, Allah's mercy upon those in Dallas, as opposed to those in Libya, for example.

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You know, and there's even a certain level of mercy upon upon those in Libya, as opposed to those in Morocco.

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Now, so the Mercy of Allah encompasses everyone in different ways. So you think of that Subhanallah you think? What are the situation that I'm in right now? hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen. So it's important for us to mention the name of Allah subhanho wa taala. And when we do that, we think of what that name means. And then as a result, we thank him and we are not ungrateful, may Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that have a shocking, evacuating. make us of those that are grateful to him and make us of those that remember his beautiful beautiful blessings, His names and attributes and know whether you Danica was still Allah Who are some of us are going to be in a

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Muhammad wallet early. He was

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