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The importance of unity in protecting Islam is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to act with the highest level of personal devotion and strengthen family ties. They remind participants to be alerted when the universal message is recited and avoid causing harm to their health by following guidance and not criticizing anyone. The speakers also share stories about young people's advice to stay together with their parents and take care of their health, highlighting the importance of not giving up on one's opinion and not criticizing others. upcoming events and plans are also discussed.

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Number One dad in law his mother who went to Steiner who went to a funeral when honors weaker or nouns been damning.

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In the Hamdulillah, his mother who witnessed the

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Euro announced bill them, surely and fusina was say the medina may hinder Fela Modena one minute Lila follow her Dianna shadowline number one the whole Sherry kinda what a shadow anna Muhammad and number two who or a pseudo Oh see coma Yaya Oulun Mitaka la Coronavirus and Mata Khun Sarah modicum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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hamdulillah to all the brothers and sister who had been very consistent with us from the beginning of Ramadan, and may Allah subhanho wa Taala make all of us among the Pawnee teen wala kanita

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meaning the people who are very consistent in doing things collectively doing thing in JAMA and always thing how to strengthen the GEMA

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the month of Ramadan brother and sister is a very unique month.

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Amanda is sure to make us a better person.

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A man that will a man will unite all of us that how we stand united in worshipping Allah Rabbil Alameen especially when we are performing the extra prayer Allah.

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Brother and sister on behalf of our Muladhara

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Jama from Dubai

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also move the meeting and other family members

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who are very strong supporting the province. convey the warmth salam to all our Gemma here

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and hamdulillah with the will of Allah Roble al Amin we are able to meet up with a lot of people from different nation

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to discuss many, many thing about what must we do as a Muslim to move forward?

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Should we be just praying fasting? Or should we try our level bench to thing from today in the month of Ramadan? How to strengthen the unity of this great nation, the Muslim

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we know that every Muslim is been tested from time to time, nation to nation but we hope if everybody will start to thing

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and plan and move forward Allah help those who help themselves Allah have one us he said in number hola yo Via Roma be home had the euro euro maybe unforeseen Allah will not change the condition of any one of us wherever you are

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until everybody is planning working towards some changes. So it's up to us.

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Islam is not just praying, fasting,

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bring the hammer Ramadan giving sadaqa zap pan Hydra O'Meara and after that

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everybody is not connected and not united Nuptse enough See, no.

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Islam is about unity. And Allah said In number we know

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every believer is a family to one another for Asli who by in a way come what type of law Lepanto Harmon

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since we are like a family, it is our duty. We must work very hard to strengthen

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the family hood.

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How to Strengthen in brother and sister we must be very very careful about what is happening around us. The Whispering there is

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The storm that is coming

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to this unite the OMA

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so it is our duty to protect

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ourselves and our Ummah

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and how we protect our family, protect our business

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and this is our business. The thing of how to protect the unity of this great Oma.

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We may be very busy after Ramadan.

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We just started will not tonight we just said that tonight the Coonan or we have started earlier

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the night

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and the keynote we know we asked Allah a very important thing from the beginning of the Quran, Allah Medina Freeman holidayed.

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What we want also is May Allah guide us the guidance of Allah is dead already is up to us to follow

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is really up to us.

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We cannot just ask a lot and we fail to follow up.

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Even Mao said all believer is like a family and is the duty of us to work very hard to strengthen the family ties.

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And don't allow any whispering the come and destroy the family ties.

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That one allows it

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if you want to be a successful person

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of La Hammond, CA Wolcott Cobb Amanda sir.

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Keep your shell pure

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and you will be successful.

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Don't allow yourself to be corrupted. Corruption come when you entertain whispering.

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People say these people say that and you entertain

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then your heart will start to shake

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the Ummah unity start to be shaken

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and you will make your enemy very very happy. And this is what going on. We are always trying to please the disbeliever more than presenting the believer.

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Amar obala mean make it very clear.

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Muhammad Rasul Allah when Desi in the Mara who actually dealt with lack of far Rahama obey

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Muhammad and those who follow Him who was with him

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from the first second third generation who keep on polling the teaching of Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa salam. They are very straightforward and firm dealing with the disbeliever right is right wrong is wrong. Hot is hot bottle is bottle

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very straightforward. And that's why people respect the OMA because we have principle.

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We know what that we can compromise what we can compromise

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but among the believer Ruhama obey now whom they are very loving, caring

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but now is opposite the OMA is pleasing the other side and these pleasing the OMA

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one of the surah that never failed to be recited by the Imam every time when they perform with your prayer is Kalia you will have your own.

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reminding us about who we are when you say cool. Yeah. Are you hung coffee, Ruth, you must know who you are.

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And this ad is reminding us

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la boo Mata wala and Tamara they do not want to be the man. What are they doing a ma Bucha lacunae

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That is the ending.

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If you don't understand the beginning, still you're confused. Make sure you understand the ending of the surah la de novo

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What are you doing?

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You have your way we have our way. You have your do and don't we have our do and don't you have your values we have our values.

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Then we draw a line Lacan V know where they are then

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they never forced us.

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They try to

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influence us,

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neither we can pass them.

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We said that we are right, we was guided Aloha Medina V mon Herdade. We are guided so we must bring the guidance of Allah to them.

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We must protect our children so that they are guided and they will bring the guidance of Islam to their friend

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not the other way around.

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Allah also remind us how to be alert when the ayat Allah is being recited every night we have been listening from the Quran of the Imam

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what do we gain from this idea?

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Reflection How can we reflect we don't understand.

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At least dad that that home Imana you become more alert about what is happening.

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Allah is telling us what is happening around when the IRA is being recited. You are very alert.

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Then you stay alert and awake.

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Anybody come and whisper Yeah, Johanna, Xena Armando injure accom fastI Combi nada in be nabber innovator but you know

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anytime when anybody would like to come to you and whisper here whisper that

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for Allah, he said he is a facet

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and we are a believer

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and you had the fast coming to you because a believer will not do that.

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We have no time to talk bad about anyone

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whatever happened is a reminder for that I don't like to be liked them

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a reminder for you is good

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anybody who come and visit you know don't allow them to corrupt you.

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If you entertain then rocket car bomb and that's how

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you allow them to corrupt you

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to make all the good feeling you have into something that is bad and negative.

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Remember the two Hadees that I shared with all of you

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when I was fine

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I pray May Allah make it easier for all of you to memorize it.

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Louder aura

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louder aura

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hamdulillah mean Hosni Islam

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humbling that

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we hope you all have the understanding and that can help us save us from a lot of problem

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because we are not supposed to do say anything that cause harm to yourself neither you see or do anything that cause harm to other good Muslim or Muslim who stay away from anything that have no concern to you.

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Simple as that.

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The last Hadees that I want to share with you but not for you to memorize Alhamdulillah

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the one that I want you to memorize will come soon inshallah.

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The prophets from Allah CERAM remind his great mother Cairo OMA the best nation

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have ever been raised by Allah on

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because Cairo Amma read gently nudge

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for mankind. Net Mahtani Magoun V Hema Cassia Mina, Nas

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Prophet now is reminding all of us they add to blessing of Allah which many people do not make the most out of it

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who ignore these two great NEMA

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maybe we that we're realizing and that is worse

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is like React is coming in and you do not know the React is coming in

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you will destroy all your iman now this to Nirma

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that we always ignore Miss use

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number one Saha

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number two, what are the

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good health we are healthy and humble.

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When you were healthy

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when you were young and energetic, you can do a lot of things.

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So make use of your health before you become unhealthy

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and the free time that we have Do we have a lot of free time rodents is

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no somebody said no.

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Then Alhamdulillah he's a very busy brother.

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Busy for the sake of Allah. There is good. There is very good

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that what not busy in doing things that do not benefit you.

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That is not good. Time is Amana. To the extent there was another Hadith cozzia Allah's it yeah if not Adam not a super duck or Ananda or children have ever never criticize time.

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I don't have time I don't have time. What do you mean you don't have time?

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Are you criticizing our criticizing Allah that He is not wise that what he has made for us 24 hour hours in the day and night is not an either

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or because you do not know how to use the time

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you miss use all the time that Allah has given you.

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So brothers and sisters,

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we still have

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half month ago half month ago.

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Humbly now

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let us be more serious and ping

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how we can strengthen the OMA stay united

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how to make sure our children younger generation learn to be together with fellow Muslim brothers among brothers sister minuses and stay united

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and do things collectively.

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To make sure this thing happened brother and sister we as parent adult must set a good example.

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We that we setting a good example. Only Allah can help them

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insha Allah with the will of Allah

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I may like to share with you one night I don't know which night

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about a very straightforward innocent story but it's true

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is about

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a char a young boy

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was informed by the doctor

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that the doctor have tried his best to save his parent

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and a doctor say the boy

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no one can help your parent except God

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except God

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and then this boys that to look for that God

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and inshallah we shall be a few

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other night

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my body is important. Don't forget an announcement

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that we are going to have a new class on Saturday.

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So you can look into

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the class that we are organizing, to help our children

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to understand they're really heroes.

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About their Stories of the Prophets. Tonight they are

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I was really sad there's many names of the Prophet been mentioned

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where most of our children are not aware of

00:20:13--> 00:20:17

for the young people now Hamdulillah we met up with to

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you YouTube

00:20:22--> 00:20:26

Imran and Tao would

00:20:27--> 00:20:31

you know Imran and doubt these two young

00:20:32--> 00:20:33

Muslim brother

00:20:35--> 00:20:37

origin Afghan

00:20:40--> 00:20:42

we spent many hours with them,

00:20:43--> 00:20:45

to help them to become

00:20:46--> 00:20:47

a good brother

00:20:48--> 00:20:56

that they will share whatever they want to share with the younger generation with a bad

00:20:57--> 00:20:59

approach insha Allah

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and I was surprised that these two young men

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that we met in our Ramadan conference in Dubai

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that might grandchildren also know them

00:21:19--> 00:21:22

how important this young people

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Zamia Allah protect all of us except our prayer except the connote that our Imam has been asking in a with your prayer.

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And also we'd like to welcome brother Amin, Romsey a very close friend of mine who just arrived today

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and Insha Allah, we hope that

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Allah subhanho wa Taala made everything easy for all of us until the end of Ramadan.

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And brothers and sisters don't forget lardaro What are they doing? Stop here share share your go home with your friend shared with them. main host Neil Islam and Margarita Rocco Humala, Nisha, I want you to keep Anja if possible, I want to see one person bring pen people who memorize these two Hadees

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that is good and hamdulillah

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we'll see you tomorrow night or Billetto PHAP would upgrade that one will have the ability I mean Subhana Allah humo Byham the Chateau La ilaha illa and a stack of Heruka wa to Bucha la salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.