Muhammad Alshareef – Taraweeh Truffles Day 11 Persistence Is the Habit of the Messengers

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where a cousin in New York gave a speech about Islam, claiming that people should not be rushed to find proof of their proof of the truth. The speaker suggests that people should stay close to people who are firm on the deen, as it is important to stay true to Islam. The conversation also touches on the importance of staying true to Islam for everyone.
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I have a cousin in New York who was once telling me that he had a debate with somebody who I agree. He's seriously messed up. So my cousin said that after this debate discussion, it didn't go so well. My cousin said that he decided to kind of distance himself from this person. So I'm thinking to myself, well, that's not very nice. I said to my cousin, how many years were you giving data to this guy? And I intentionally put in the word yours. My cousin started giggling and he's like, What do you mean yours? We just had one debate and that's it. And I decided to cut them off. Which brings us to today's air on all Yano help on and John Turner, unfiltered JE Dunn Dan and Dena Dena be mad. Are

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Tell me no for the thing? Here in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala tells us the story of Prophet no Halley's Anna and how his people responded to him. If you look at what they're saying, Tim, they say oh, no, you've argued with us and you've been excessive in your arguing with us. Now take a look at that. What they're saying is that no Halley's Anam didn't just tell them the truth one way he told them in every single way you could tell them and he didn't just tell them once. He kept telling them again and again and again. In fact, the Quran shows us that no holidays Sam gave doubters people for 950 years. That my friends is the character of the prophets, I let him know that they're not hasty

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in helping people open their eyes, they're not hasty in giving the heart a chance to hear the truth. And you don't need to go very far to find an example of this. In the story of the prophets of Allah honey was Sena when he left Mecca went to the city of PA F. And he was trying to get the people to follow the message of Islam and they refused but not only did they refuse, they stone the prophets of Allah Islam, they swore at him, They kicked him out of the city. So when the prophets of Allah Allah has sent him left the city of a pot if Angel Jibreel Allah Islam came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to him that we heard what you said to the people of thrive, and we heard what

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they said to you in response, and with me, is the angel of the mountains, and at your command, they will be destroyed. Now, we all know what the Prophet said, Alana Saddam said, but let's take a look at it again. The Prophet said Alana is Saddam said no, for perhaps Allah may ring from their progeny from their offspring, those who will worship him alone. What's so amazing about this example of the prophets that Alana has sent him is that his hope wasn't even necessarily in these people, or in this week, or this month, or next year. The Prophet said a lot as Adam said, maybe it'll be their children who follow the true path of Islam, maybe even their children's children. But that's how the

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prophets were. They gave people a chance to hear the truth, they were patient with them. So this is how you and I benefit from this as well. We need to stay close to people who are firm on the deen. If you look at a bucket of the Allah horn, who, when so many people apostate it and he stood firm on the deen, those who are close to Abu Bakar will the alarm also found themselves being firm on the deme just like Abubaker was, and if you look and this is actually interesting about a thought if the same city, they later on became Muslim towards the end of the prophets of Allah and His life, and then he died soon after. Then when everybody else was apostate and leaving Islam. The people of Thai

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have wanted to leave Islam as well. But there was somebody who stood firm and gave them a speech and said, Listen, oh, people have time. If you are one of the last people to become Muslim, don't be the first ones to leave Islam. So because this man was firm on the dean, he also helped and guided other people to be firm on the dean. That's the type of people that we all need in our circles.

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