Kamal El-Mekki – Black Belt Dawah Techniques From Prophet Muhammad

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © A blackbelt expert gives a demonstration of a technique called "fitness booster" that was used during a police search for a man who was attacked by the police. The man was not from the area where the police were stationed, but was from a different area. The expert explains that the man had a history of being associated with a certain culture, but it wasn't a common one. The expert also discusses the importance of being a black man and the use of the "fitness booster" technique in finding out who was associated with that culture.
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Salam Alaikum Karina McKee here. blackbelt of Dawa, I want to share some blackbelt techniques from the best value of all time the Prophet sallallahu wasallam al Mohler Institute presents q&a with Gamal el mekki. Okay, so everyone knows the story of when the porcelain went to a pipe, and he was attacked by the youth and the slaves and they pelted him with stones. And by the way, just so you know, the pet pelted with stones for a distance of five kilometers or three miles or something. Imagine for three miles someone's following you and just throwing stones, you'd be like really enough already. It was enough when we did it for 100 yards, like three miles, and the person always

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went through more than you could ever go through. And so now he finally is rusting was at the Haditha at the vineyard, and they sent him a servant with grapes. And the process, even though he could have been concerned with his wounds, I would have just been looking at my wounds, I wouldn't be worried about this guy bringing me the grace to be like, thank you. I go, Wait, let me look at this thing. But the problem never never forgot that opportunity. So this young man his name's or does, he brings the grapes. The problem says Bismillah he eats the first one. And he does is not from Arabia, you can tell from his name, he's not an Arab. So he notices that this is not a common

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term. People don't say Bismillah and Oppo before they eat. So he said this speech that you just said, the people of this area, they don't say it, they're not used to saying something like that. So the problem now immediately notice the Tao opportunity, watch the techniques, and watch how quickly the pasilla is going to get the Shahada. So the prostate lamp says, must look warmer, do you know what is your name? And what's your religion, because if he said people in this area, don't say that you must be from another area. Now, the man says his name is a dust and that he's a Christian. And so the Christian from Naina was specifically Nineveh, which is now an era. So the process that I was

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going to take advantage of that, and he has some information, he knows something about this man's hometown. Now, you know, Arabs weren't like a very studious or academic group, they didn't like studied the world and translate books of other cultures. So it does, you can imagine how lonely he is in but if nobody knows where nainoa is, or if they know they don't have much information about it, but the person has got some info, and he's going to share it with them. And that's going to be heart softening for sure. So the President tells him from nainoa, the land of the righteous units of numata, meaning the Prophet Yunus is set up. Now, can you imagine how this feel for this must make

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this young man I just feel that yes, not only do you know my city, but you also know the profit of that city. And you can imagine that people have nainoa units, it was a big deal for them. It's our profit, right? The profit of this city. So then the person who mentioned something very close to this man's heart, so he was so amazed, he said, and how do you know, units of no matter? And the problem immediately our opportunity, he says, He is my brother, he is a prophet, I'm a prophet, and he is a prophet. And so I immediately jumped up and began to kiss the hands and the head of the Prophet Salas, Allah. The funny thing is, the masters who had sent their servant, they looked at

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each other and they said, look at this, we sent him the boy with some dates or some grapes, and now he corrupted the boy too. But the point is that the President took advantage of this incident here and immediately took it down opportunity. Instead of looking after his own wounds, I'll deal with this another time. 10 days he stayed in the pipe and not a single person became Muslim. And on his way out, he's still going to try with the person bringing him the grips. That's our technique for you. That's what happens when you look at the CETA in details and you learn from the technique of the Prophet asylum, not just in our in our in counseling and arbitration and everything. And that's

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what we're going to be doing in Desert Rose Sierra with command and monkey coming soon. to a city near you, Santa Monica.

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