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The segment discusses the rise of black people in media and their negative impact on society. The host discusses the media's portrayal of Muslims and their negative views on the media, as well as their claims to destroy school buses and cause school buses to blow up. The speaker discusses their experiences playing guitar and heavy metal band, including their own struggles with drugs and alcoholism, and their desire to become a "rock star." They emphasize the importance of finding the truth and finding the right sources to learn about Islam, while also emphasizing the need for effort behind statements and conservative language in messages. The segment ends with a call to viewers to support them on Patreon.

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We hear these named Kid Rock you have kit you have kiss what group of

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guitar player man like long hair don't care. So that's the logic behind that specific type of music.

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I've achieved everything I got cars I got the girls. I got clothes. I got the mansions. Jets probably got poppin bottles. No, I got it all. And yet they're still a boy. I mean, I was basically drove to church every Sunday morning hated every bit of it. You know, trying to get to you know, get to speak in tongues and all kinds of stuff, man, but takasaki Kappa Sandara pakka sakata my Baba Katara Baba casa. my guitar cost twice as much as my car. Wow. two amps in my bathroom alone. I sit down on a concrete is a piece. How are you guys doing? Subscribe if you haven't already hit that notification bell. My next guest. He went from being the guy who was screaming rah, you know the

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heavy metal guitarists. And then he was also being dragged along. From a young age. Going into church. He hit a breaking point he's like, man, I don't believe any of this stuff. I became an atheist. And then what can I tell you next? You're gonna have to watch the show. Because he's on the D show. Don't go anywhere.

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So how are you doing? Brother Joshua you coming in all the way from where are you at? Nashville, Tennessee man cast Nash. They called the good old boys. Man. Down here. Down here. Yeah. Tell us what's the situation with everything that's erupting now down in that's it like a red state right? Yeah, I believe so. Man. I mean, actually, to be honest, which man for the most part. Things are normal, I guess. You know, normal to me. You know, I'm the law. I'm able to practice my Dean. Were though bound public my whiteboard and the cop. We don't get harassed. We don't get you know, ostracized or anything like that. Man. We good? Yeah. Well, that's so for people that I don't know

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who are who are tuning into Hermes, a red state. This is like how they've got us things divided, right? You got blue, red, green. I'm sorry. Grendel is like dead red and blue. But democrats green, right. I mean, but we know Islam just brings all humanity together, you know, under the worship of the one and only creditor heavens in the earth, being morally upright fall in the way of all the messages and the prophets and messengers. Now you yourself. You actually you so you were born in a in in Tennessee? No, sir. I'm actually from Wisconsin. Wisconsin. Okay. Hello, sir. us over here. We're neighbors. Yeah, yeah.

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how long you've been there, and I'm in Tennessee now. So half my life. 15 years in Wisconsin, the other half of my life, Tennessee. I'm 30 right now. So 15 and 15? Yeah, yeah. So So I mean, just like bringing us up like how? Because that's more of a conservative. You know, Tennessee is more conservative, right? republican conservative, right. That's what we mean. So how, what's the the feeling the client, the climate down there with everything that's going on? Have you followed some of the events that's happening with Trump and all that? For sure. I mean, honestly, man, I think that the media shows one aspect. You know, they have their own agenda. And then you have the day to

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day conversations with everyday people. Right? You have the conversations in the gym, conversations in the grocery store conversations with your relatives, right? And no one has ever personally attacked me in all praises for a lot ever. Like I have. I talk to people all the time in the gym grocery store. Again, they see me they know I'm Muslim, I actually make a lot in the squat rack. You know, I'm making patches. Yeah. Mashallah. And they all they do they just go, you know, Hey, man, what do you read? And I'll be like, I'll read the Koran or I'm ready to hear it. You know, and all they're just curious man, but nobody has ever like called me terrorists call me Well, how do you

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call me this? attack me? Why do you believe in blowing people up? That's that's the media showing all that stuff. Not only are these everyday conversations, it's nothing but just good old compensation, man. Yeah, every time.

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I mean, you have some of the some of the nicest people who come from LA desert, you know, from the south Valley, man. Right. So that hospitality, but I would you say that many have also become victim of the hate machine and the hate the hate propaganda, you know, from the media and people with, you know, an agenda. And then they have this, this fear, you know, of the unknown. Yeah. And at the same time, like, you know, I discussed this a lot, man, you know, this isn't, this isn't something new or specific to the Muslims, right. This is something that's been going on for a very long time. It was with African Americans during the civil rights movement with Japan during the

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No, whatever World War One World War Two, Native Americans, all these different things, man, they're always trying to be that us versus them, right? us versus them mentality and trying to you know, just scare people, man control them for their own agenda, man something in a day, it's like a dozen people pick up on it eventually. And they go, Oh, man, you know, African Americans are no different than us or Native Americans or Japanese or whatever. And they people pick up on it. They're like, okay, we're tired of that story. And then the media moves on to me, I'm just like, they're gonna bleed this thing out. And to the point where people are actually like, do we know Muslims? Alright,

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Muslims ain't like this. That's a specific selective group of people. And the media is going to move on. And you know, so? Yeah. How did you perceive Islam and Muslims before you actually became a Muslim? Great question. Um, so actually, man, the only thing I knew was what the media told me, right? That was the only thing I knew, because I didn't know any Muslims, right. But at the same time, I knew I was 22. And I accepted Islam. I've been Muslim eight years, a lot for that.

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I knew that again, the media, the news, they have their own their own agenda, man. So but that's all I knew. That's a lot of work on No, I was here in Tennessee. And they were talking about at the time, eight years ago, oh, Muslims are gonna hijack the school buses, you know, the high school buses, the elementary buses, and they're gonna blow them up. Right? That's what we're saying that that was at the time. And I'm like, all I could do was like, I want to see some Muslims try something like that. Let's do it, you know, saying, but that's all I had to work with, man, you know, because I didn't know anybody at the time. So to answer your question, it wasn't a very good

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perspective. But at the same time, I was kind of neutral in the sense that I didn't accept that narrative. But I didn't have anything else to work with either. Mm hmm. So how far after that, and this whole school bus thing? Well, this was something that was coming from the media. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Just the media man, just saying, you know, and that was the buzz. You know, all my family are like, Oh my god, you're here. Just you hear the time. I've blown up the buses, they're gonna hijack the buses, you know, the buses non riding, they go to high school, right? You know, at the time and I'm like, so I'm kind of having the back of my mind this kind of sense of fear or uncertainty. And

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is that really gonna happen? Is that really gonna take place man? What is it going on? record these Muslims man, what are they about? While they do something like that? Yeah. Do you kind of see like a similar thing happening today? You have like, again, blue, red, black, white, you know, all of these divisions, big divisions that are happening here. In America? What do you think about that?

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Yeah, it's again, it's, it's I feel like if you if you have everyday conversations, man, no one brings those topics. Oh, no, it's a no. Afraid of those things. It's the medium and disperse them words, you know, Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter. Muslims are, you know, trying to blow this up. This then, you know,

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the way I look at it, man, it's just they're just trying to instill fear any way they can. But yeah, it's not reality. So now how far after that, you know, the school bus situation? How far after that? Did you actually get exposed to a Muslim or to Islam?

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A few years man, so that was right around probably 1617 something like that high school. And I didn't accept the slam till I was 22. And the reason why I said was slim In brief, is because I met a Muslim Muslim talk with him and at the time I was I don't know how much you know about my backstory it but I was a heavy metal guitar player, man. Like long hair don't care. Long Hair don't care. I like long hair care. You know? Why you switched?

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We switched switched. You got Yeah, Mashallah long hair don't care metatarsals like into Metallica and stuff like that.

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I mean, the whole nine yards man and my guitar cost twice as much as my car. Wow. two amps and my bathroom alone.

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Committed man.

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So wait again, you just stop there. Don't lose your place. So you're you're you're a guitarist in the band. Yes, sir. Yep. Yeah. Did you also did you also do vocals and sing?

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Yeah. So that that's a little different than light is that kind of like, bring us like we hear these naked rock. You have kit you have kiss what group of music is that in heavy metal thrash metal This is that's just the yelling. screaming. Right. Yeah, that's a lot of what's the point? That was the point there. Man. It was just a vehicle for trying to express your aggression and the frustrations that everybody has, you know, we all have even as Muslims, man. We have things that we're going through. We have frustrations. We have these emotions that we're trying to you know, get a handle

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and it was just misguided man. It was just me as a child growing up not knowing my dad. You know, I didn't you might be

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A month

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before I accept this when I see Okay, so that's the logic behind that specific type of music.

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Is it like Angry? screaming is like attacking somebody being violent? You know, I mean, take out your frustrations and other people it was just a means of expressing myself in a way that I thought was not harmful to anyone you know?

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That was my approach is it also like in many of the much of the music just like you know the good degrading of women talking about money talking about you know, country music is more like I lost my house, my car my dogs stuff like that. Well, how about this one? Yeah, yeah, but what about like this? This Metallica Metallica music what's the message in there? Like what do they just it depends man every every band has their own approach their own agenda their own mission their own statements man but in general man again, it was just talking about the frustrations of life Really? Because it is it is it whether it's drug abuse, alcohol abuse, child abuse, you know, trauma all these

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different things you know, that people experience themselves for you have you have a close relative who's an alcoholic or it touches everybody, right? Yeah, from diseases and all these different things. So that was just kind of what we were talking about, man. Again, don't lose your place. But this is very interesting. So you At what age did you learn how to play the game? Did you play any other instruments are just playing the guitar, man, so I picked up the guitar 15 man and I was like, I literally you couldn't tell me the color of my wall man cuz my wall was plastered with posters of every single musician, vocalist, bass player drummer, couldn't tell me the color of a wall man, not

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just 15 years old. I was like, I'm gonna be the greatest guitar player that ever lived in for the next eight years. That's what I do in my life every single moment that I had.

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who were at that time like the most popular heavy metal bands is kiss was kiss considered

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the other iconic man you know, definitely iconic man. But at the time for the stuff that I was into manual, heavy metal thrash metal, it had its peak its heyday in the 80s and 90s. And, you know, I'm talking about, you know, this is only eight years ago. So, this is 2000s where gangster rap and all that stuff was like, you know, on the charts, man. So, in general, you know, again, bands that probably no one's gonna know your audience trying to listen to his Lamb of God. gojira Treme trivium these bands that you probably no one's ever heard of man, but those were the bands like, that would be like the equivalent of Metallica in the 80s and 90s. Man, so Metallica came later? Yeah,

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Metallica is from early like late 70s 80s. Yeah. What about the What about that famous, very famous?

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Was he also a singer? Yeah, he was a singer. Was he? What kind of music was? Was it? Is it Chris Cobain, or the one who

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he was Nirvana from? Nirvana? I believe audio slave and some other different Chris Cornell. Chris Cornell is that Nirvana was a group Nirvana was audio. Kurt Cobain is from Nirvana, but Chris coy Who?

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my memory serves me correctly. That's his name. He's the one that hung himself. Just recently, I believe so. I think he was. What was his? What was his name? Chris. Chris, what? Chris Chris Cornell so he committed suicide. suicide. Yeah, man. You know, he, you had that you have?

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You have?

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I'm thinking there's a singer from Linkin Park. He committed suicide man.

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there Yeah, there ain't no there's a number of different ones. But even like Robin Williams, and all these different people, yes. Cuz, you know, and I think it just because you know, when you hit a certain pinnacle of success in the dunya, right, and in this world, like when you hit a certain pinnacle of success, you literally money is no option that you can have whatever you want. Literally, within snap your fingers. You got VIP treatment, right this way, sir, you know me, and you don't have anything after that. And then it's just like, well, I guess it's just downhill from here. Because you've reached the pinnacle of quote, unquote, success, man. It's really hard to grasp

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that. Especially if you've reached the pinnacle of success. And you still don't feel fulfilled. You're like, what else is there? I've achieved everything. I got the cars I got the girls. I got the clothes. I got the mansions. Jets probably got poppin bottles.

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And yet there's still a void. Yeah, you know, I mean, yeah, the question is why and then that one also for Nirvana? He He also he did he commit suicide? What was what happened was so controversial was him or his, his his wife at the time, but basically, he was killed via shotgun. sharpen. Yeah. All right. So let's say all these others that we're talking about, like these people are some of the most famous

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Sending influential musicians and I mean yeah, like that they reached the pinnacle of what their drumming was. Yeah, you heard not just on some small little circuit, and you know, no one knows their name. Their name is global. Yeah. Don't you think about that? Like it's not like when you start practicing like you You did you know Islam, and then it's like, oh man, my mind is so great today I'm going to commit suicide like it doesn't it's like when you're in Islam, you know when? Yeah, right. It's like you got contentment you got peace, solace you get. It's all the ingredients for you know, happy life. Right. So tell me now what happens. When you met this? You said you

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finally met a Muslim? Yeah, yeah, my story, man. My story is, uh, you know, I praise Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah is all knowing all wise, a powerful man and alone knows us better than we know our own selves. And he guides him He wills, happy wills. My story isn't the most romantic story or exotic story. I didn't read a book I did. I wanted to marry a Muslim. I was a heavy metal guitar player, I met a Muslim woman. And I was like, What do I have to do to marry you? I want to be with you. She said, you gotta become Muslim. I said, How difficult is that? Thinking? I'm still gonna be a guitar player. I'm still gonna, you know, do everything that I do. But I'm gonna send one Muslim as well,

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man. And after some time, I accepted Islam. And within a week, right, I didn't even have the man. I didn't even I didn't know nothing about law is a car. So the pillars of the man I didn't know jack dude. And I about a week into saying I'm a Muslim. In fact, I called the the ma'am. The local Imam down the street the night before. And I said, I'm looking for the E man. Hey, I hope you guys are enjoying this week's episode. Don't forget, subscribe right now, if you haven't already, hit that like button so we can get more people engaged. And we can reach more people and support us on our Patreon page. Subscribe right now. Peace. Salaam Alaikum. You know you man like the faith in our

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heart? Yeah, man, you're the man.

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And after about a week, I actually started looking into what Islam had to say about coheed about who he really was. All these different fundamental beliefs of Islam. And it blew my mind. Like if you've ever seen Looney Tunes, back in the day, when the jaw drops on the floor? Like that was basically what happened to me. I was like, I can't believe what I'm hearing now. Because this is what I believed my entire life because basically, I considered myself out if someone asked me at the time, what are you SM an atheist? I'm right. Because I didn't see anything that represented what I believe God was. No so you're in it. You're you're an atheist. Yeah, at that time. Yeah. Yeah. So before

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that, were you Christian? Or did you know, I was raised man, you know, I was raised to be a Christian. And my mom and my entire family to this day have been Muslim. Eight years, my entire family Dad and Mom said are no one's Muslim to me, man. Only one. Yeah. Yeah. And so yeah, I mean, I was basically drugged to church every Sunday morning, hated every bit of it. You know, trying to get to you know, get to speak in tongues and all kinds of stuff, man, but but by the age of like, 11 or 12. Man, I just like, I was like, dude, I just don't believe this man. Yeah, what what were the what were some of the things that stood out that you remember that you're like, No, I can't dig this.

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This doesn't make sense. To be honest with you, man. And no offense to anybody. But I'm just answering the question, man, one of the things so I went to a specific church, I don't even know what it's called, like, what that specific sect or group, whatever you want to call it.

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Where they literally fall on the floor. And they're like, compulsive like they're like, looking like they're having a seizure. Yeah, the first time I seen that, I remember it being like a little kid. I mean, like, call 911. Like, dude, I have a seizure, man. You know, and it's like, when you're speaking in tongues and do all these things. I'm like, this is so strange man like, this can't be God it and the most crucial. Important point is the belief about Islam is not about Jesus. I couldn't accept that. God's man that God died on a cross that God was a one time he was a baby if it because, you know, I have a three year old son, I see how dependent he is on his mother and myself.

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Do can't do nothing for himself. You know, I mean, I've changed the poopy diaper. You know, I gotta He's gotta be breastfed at the time. You know, when he's first born. He can't beat him. He can't do nothing. I'm like, that's the Creator of the heavens of the earth. Sorry, but I can't accept that man.

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Wow. So then how long after that? Did you consider yourself an atheist?

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Until I till I was accepted slam in 2010. Yeah. So then your errors I guess what I would say like so there's also some things why why I would say I was an atheist and it was because I was angry at a lot

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Because I've seen so much war so much fitna so much people using religion for their own agendas, all these different things, all this, you know, rape and murder and all these, you know, pillaging and evil stuff in the world. I'm like, God doesn't care about us, man. You don't care about us, you know. And that was my mentality at the time. And that's why, deep down, I guess you would say I was an agnostic, I believed in God, I believe in love. But I was so angry. Because I didn't understand the wisdom behind all these different things. I didn't understand all of it at the time. That I said, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm just gonna reject them. You know, I mean, think that, you

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know, that actually means something. Right?

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And then start start yelling in the yard.

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Yeah, right for the frustration. Then you got an outlet here. Right? Exactly. Yeah. So Wow. So you were really, what was your goal? At the end, when you wanted to be a star? You wanted to be a rock star later, you know, packed arenas, man like me, like Metallica. And I wanted I wanted to make Metallica open up for me. I wanted them to open up and that was the dream. Hmm. The main you know, but you know, I just had I've always had super high ambitions, man since day one. So yeah. Yeah, for sure, man. So now you come into Islam. At that time was your attention. It was just purely for you got

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married? You know? Yeah, yes. I just wanted to get married man. I wanted to continue living my life. And I told her I was like,

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but I hope you're cool with me touring the world, because I'm gonna be on the road all the time. I'm gonna do I'm gonna be traveling, I'm gonna be doing this and doing that, you know? And she was like, and she's not my current wife. You know, things didn't work out. And that's because, you know, we what we did was wrong. You know, at the time, you know, I should have been talking to her. She's been talking to me. But like I said, if, if a law would have chosen a brother, a man to say the same exact words and have the same exact approach, I would not have listened. I would have been like, that's cool, bro. You want to be a Muslim? That's cool. But I'm a metal head guitar player, dude. So

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you do what you do you and I'm going to do me. But the only way to open up my eyes, my ears, my heart. My mind was to fall in love with this lady fall in love with this sister. To just for me to open up and actually lend my ear to what Islam has to say. And then as soon as I did

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this history class done. I believe man, you man just penetrated my heart. You know what I do bow hunting, you know, I'm archery as well. Like I'm I'm looking at about a bow right now. I mean, it penetrated me in the money. Yeah.

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Mashallah, what would you I had this interesting

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story, a true story. I met someone who asked me the guy asked me, are you Muslim? And I told him, What do you mean? I said, depends on your definition of Muslim because you know, a lot of people they think Muslim, and all these negative connotations that come with them. So I'd like to define the word if you mean by Muslim one who, XYZ, you know, submits his will to the Creator, the heavens and earth, etc, etc. Yes. But then he actually came out said, Oh, I'm Muslim, and it was a Polish gentleman. But then I was like, Oh, you're Muslim. And then he opened up the conversation. She goes, Yeah, I married a Muslim girl. And I married I turned Muslim to marry her. And I was like, Okay, did

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it just stop? there? He goes, because he goes, he's also he says, he's an atheist. So I'm like, hold on, there's a contradiction there. Right. But it's, it's similar to your story. But then I was telling, I was started talking to him. And, you know, it's like, God Almighty allowed us to cross paths. But this was very, very interesting and similar, because she also, she's not really practicing. But she held on to that she wanted to respect her parents wishes, I guess, her parents are practicing. So then they ended up, they're married to this day, but he's stuck in between, like two worlds, the world of unbelief. But then when you talk to a person like that, you know, the

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foundation of the atheism is so weak, right? There's nothing there. And then when you explain the truth, it's like, you know, wow, the truth is, it stands out clear. It's lucid. Yeah. So what would you tell someone like that? Who's in a similar who's in a similar situation, but the person is not engaging with really with Islam? He's not really engaging, you know? So he's stuck in the on the other side of the fence, but he's saying he's Muslim, but it's kind of it's hypocrisy because it's kind of a

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weird situation, man.

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A man you have to actually ponder man, you know, there's many different avenues or many different ways, man, you can read the book. You can read the Hadith and you can look at your own self. You can look at the sky You can look at the universe. Allah has made all of this for us to ponder, man, you know, and at the end of the day, like Dude,

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Chaos order does not come from chaos.

00:25:03--> 00:25:12

When I clean my house, my three year old toddler immediately destroys it. Like he's anti clean

00:25:13--> 00:25:53

it's like something in him I must destroy the whole house. Right? So it's like, you know, they talk about the Big Bang right? The Big Bang Theory is like there is so much order in the universe man, it is so perfect. Now that it's okay it's 5050 there's some tweaks that need to be made here and there you need to you know, you know that you have some maintenance everyone know 101% perfect every single day. That doesn't come from chaos or just a big explosion you know, me and Alison boom Yep, order that it goes that goes against common basic intellect man. Doesn't the rocket scientists figure that out? Yeah.

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We usually tell people they just if they're genuine and sincere when you started to engage with the Quran with Islam. I mean, as opposed to when you because you did some engaging obviously when you're going to church on Sundays with the Bible, like what was the difference here? Yeah, I mean, again, and and did you look at other religions? Did you look at other religions? For sure man, but at the end of the day, man tawheed makes absolute sense. And the fact that it is defined that define that for us for people for sorry to cut you off, for people just never heard this word. towhee. So what do you mean by that? Yes, the unique oneness of a lot. The one the unique oneness of God Almighty,

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of the Creator of the heavens in the earth. Okay? The pure monotheism, there's oneness in worshiping Him, oneness in his ability to do things that nobody else can do. Right? worship, like, this is what towhee this is what the oneness of Allah is. And Islam has literally cut up every single path, Avenue Valley, whatever you want to call it, street way to get to anyone other than Allah. It is so detailed and intricate, no matter how much if you sit down and reflect and ponder and say, maybe I could worship someone other than you know, a lot of this way or this way, is slam has cut off every avenue is so intricate and detailed. It's mind boggling. But at the same time, it's not because you

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know, it's from a lot, right.

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That's what sold me man. This is like, there's no worship except the one that you're intended to worship man. Yeah, that's, that's that's really something that like you said, it stands out from every man made ism. man made religion. You know, the pure monotheism

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from anyone other than a lot of them will find many contradictions, man.

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Yeah, so did you find any?

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Not yet, man. It's been eight years.

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So you really put it to the test? I mean, obviously, to have you come this far. And my this is my salvation. This dude. You know, here's the thing that I didn't leave music handler.

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I've played a guitar. I've been touch guitar in eight years, right? Since I accepted Islam. I love guitar to this day. It's something that's never lived my heart, right? I don't listen to music. I don't play guitar. I don't do any of those things anymore. But that still in my heart, man?

00:28:17--> 00:28:19

Or is that gonna go there? So I had a brain fart for a second.

00:28:20--> 00:28:21

When say

00:28:22--> 00:28:25

you're talking about music, I left it because,

00:28:26--> 00:29:05

you know, it's for a lot of man, you know, at the end of the day, like, I lift those things, because it's for a lot, dude. It's not that I don't want it, you know, it's that I'm submitting to my Creator, man, you know, yeah. When you look at the wisdom, also, it's beautiful. Because you see, like, obviously, you know, so you can give an example like, you know, the, the musical instruments and all that. It's like, the mount mal malware, that you know, the virus is carried in, right. And so the music opens you up, and we're not talking about you know, the chirping of birds and the natural sounds and we're talking specifically here these wind and string instruments and stuff.

00:29:05--> 00:29:42

That's the message that's conveyed in this music. So now, when this malware when it gets into the computer, right now the virus spreads, it controls your whole perspective of life. So now when the when these messages, yeah, situation that happens in your life, you're going to be weighing that against that malware that you're talking about. Right? Yeah, so when that's when those messages you know, a lot of those subliminal messages a lot of those messages that come in from many of the music that's out there. I mean, it doesn't really do good.

00:29:43--> 00:29:50

Movies. Yeah. Is that and the other man is constantly the magazines, the billboards? Yeah.

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

Yeah, yeah. So when we explain this, I mean, because many people they go to sleep to music, to hip hop.

00:30:00--> 00:30:23

To, to metal to all sorts of songs, and they get up to it and it just their whole life. They're kind of asleep to the reality of like, what's the purpose? Why am I here? Right, so this weekend's the heart. And many people, when you explain it, the wisdom behind it, and it's all that made that makes sense, right? So you, you got that, so you started to change your life hamdulillah

00:30:24--> 00:31:01

I mean, that was my dream, though. You know, I mean, that was my absolute dream man to play music and be a famous guitar player, man, but it's the only day man that summit and you know, we hear and we'll be, you know, yeah. And we and we look at is like, um, you know, what's the end goal here? Right? You said to talk about purpose? And what's the end goal? Why give it up? You know, cuz you said, Is there any contradictions, right? I'm looking for contradictions. That was my point, like, in the sense that this is my salvation. And this is my life. I didn't give up music because I hate it. Right. So if Islam is wrong, if slammed contradictory is if Islam is not the truth. I'm going

00:31:01--> 00:31:36

back to music dude. I didn't give that up. Because I hate it. I would gladly go back to Music Man, but there is no contradictions in Islam. Man, it is so accurate, man. It's so precise, dude. It's unbelievable. Man. The more you look into it, what do you advise for people are out there when they say okay, but they see a lot of because there's a big movement. You know, there's big money made in bashing Islam. So it's a big industry, people get out there and they, they try to say, oh, here's a contradiction. Here's one. Here's this funny. Bring up all of this. All of this stuff that's out there. Have you

00:31:37--> 00:31:47

have Did you battle in the beginning with some of that? Because here's what they do. I don't know if you've heard of the term astroturfing. Have you heard of the term astroturfing? This is this is

00:31:49--> 00:32:17

the definition but I think, yeah, what happens is a lot of companies like pharmaceutical companies, they do this and other industries, what happens is when one piece of truth is put out there, okay? And now you have enemies to the truth, you'll have ghost writers, so people start writing, you know, articles against the truth, even though the truth stands as the truth. So now, there's so much confusion put out there. So you'll have like, they'll flood the internet, they'll flood, you know,

00:32:18--> 00:32:19

they'll flood.

00:32:21--> 00:32:59

Like, right, so so they'll flood the internet with 5060 100 different articles. So the average person is like, well, confused and lost, but there's that one out there that is 100% of truth. But now, they'll have their own doctor scientist, and write off on these things. And this is called one of the ways of astroturfing. So we see this also with Islam, we see the same thing we see that the truth is out there, but then you have enemies to the truth and then people get confused. Because of you know, a lot of these false articles and videos and let people put out there What have you been experienced some of this? Yeah, man. But I think there's three important points man that someone

00:32:59--> 00:33:39

needs to do. In order to find the truth. First and foremost, you need a bag along, right? You need to ask Allah, your Creator, guide me guide me to the truth. Allow me to see the truth and to accept the truth. You need to use your own brain, man, you have to you have to use your own intellect and think about and ponder what is being said here, right? You need to be able to do things on your own. And thirdly, when you want to learn about something man, who like if I wanted to learn tennis, right? I want to learn tennis as an example. Am I gonna go to a rugby player and be like, Hey, dude, teach me tense. You were looking at me like moron. Like, I'm not a tennis expert, dude, I'm a rugby

00:33:39--> 00:34:15

professional. Right? So who are you getting your information from? What are your resources? Man? If you're going to someone who is not a Muslim, first and foremost, they're not a Muslim, they openly say and declare I just believe I'm not a Muslim, and they're all they're doing is attacking and bashing Islam? Is that who you want to take your information about a religion from? Or do you want to go to the people who are authentic who are actually have you know, their resources, and they explain to you This looks like a contradiction, but in reality is not. Or this this was abrogated. You think it's a contradiction, but actually that was abrogated

00:34:16--> 00:34:51

A long time ago, you know, and we can harmonize these different ideas and these different things again, the exact right you go Who is your source, dude? You know what I mean? If you want to learn about Islam go to a Muslim don't go to someone who has nothing to do with Islam and doesn't know Simon doesn't practice Islam you know me very very good point you don't go to learn about black history to to the KKK right? You don't go to learn about gonna be like look, yeah, in the Bible, it says such and they're gonna have interpretation and their own agenda. They can I see why people are

00:34:52--> 00:35:00

out there. Yeah. And you don't go you don't go to the communist professor to learn about God. So I like that point, which is saying You got it. You got

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

To go to the right sources and from there pray directly to the Creator of the heavens and earth and yeah and use some critical thinking skills and God Almighty if you're sincere He will definitely guide you like he guided you. So what were what were so that was the number one thing I liked what you said the pure monotheism and I like it was so it's been so embedded in you now that you've developed a certainty this yaqeen that we call it that you're at the gym, and you're stopping to pray nothing stopping. I hit my set of squats and I make my salon man I'm excited Dude, you know? No one knows me man. Like I just do my I don't explain myself I don't get Hey man. I'm not some kind of

00:35:43--> 00:35:54

weird to you guys. I just say do my thing man. Yeah, you find it what do you just find a little area and you just go ahead it's time to pray and you just do the squat rack man reracked my set

00:35:55--> 00:35:56

how shall I

00:35:58--> 00:36:31

so you What do you say to Muslims a lot of Muslims who just kind of like you know got negligent abandon the prayer it's kind of disheartening to see what do you somebody who had coming from what the background you came from? What advice do you got to get in to see how man you gotta get in to see how man you gotta gotta be wise with the dough you know? You gotta be wise just remind the man and like look do that during the day man. The first thing that the the servants of God servants a lot man is going to be questioned about is this law man. And if everything the best laws on point come to light, everything else is gonna be on point inshallah. And if not, ask me a tough tough day

00:36:31--> 00:36:33

for you man. I'm like dude, it is literally

00:36:34--> 00:37:06

you have 24 hours in the day 24 hours a day man if you get your eight hours of sleep and you work your 10 hour shift and you you know whatever you do all these extra you know, little errands here and there. You ain't got 25 minutes I'm totality to offer five pairs a day dude. Literally you ain't got that you got the billion see here think taste touch you got a nice kids, you got a beautiful wife, you got a beautiful husband, you got a nice job, you got a working car, you got roof over your head, you got all these blessings that you cannot enumerate

00:37:07--> 00:37:12

and you can even offer something as simple as basic as making a lot of dude come on now.

00:37:13--> 00:37:39

Very important things to think about. So evidence base, it wasn't just an emotional decision because you'll see people they say oh, I had a dream like why did you start falling this way of life all because so and so came to me in a dream just happened? Like, like what for you? It was like the the message of of the simple message of worshipping the Creator, not the creation. And what are the what are the thing would you say? that stood out? Like, just just Uh huh. Like honestly man.

00:37:41--> 00:38:19

When I found out that just because you say I'm a Muslim, you said a kilometer tawheed right? The Shahada right now the testimony that I believe in Allah and I believe that Mohammed says Salaam is the Messenger of Allah that does not make you ineligible to go to the fire. Well, yeah, that doesn't just because you say that dude don't mean that you can't go to the fire and I was like, I've never heard that my entire life man that most people it's like what I say I believe colosse done that's all I got through kitten feed up and just wait until I get to you know, right this way Mr. Angel right in Paradise, right? It ain't like that man. You say it and then gotta act man you gotta move

00:38:19--> 00:38:59

dude. And if you don't I mean again that doesn't make you ineligible that you could go the fire now you eventually inshallah God Willing you'll be removed man but the justice of just because you say you believe man don't mean jack dude. Like get put some effort and some action behind that statement man. So justice of Batman really like stood out to me man. One of those things that reminds me just saying some negative derogatory thing about Jesus peace be upon him can land you a ticket into Hellfire you know denying Jesus peace be upon him is one of the mightiest messengers you can can lend you a ticket right to the hellfire. You know one way pass man. Yeah. So so when you when you

00:38:59--> 00:39:28

now when you go back you engage with because there's a lot of Christians in Tennessee, right? whole family, the whole family when you engage with your family, you talk about you know, look, I'm Muslim, I'm one who submits to God to the will of God like Jesus, you know, when you talk about you know, a chapter named after his Blessed Mother in the Quran, when you talk about somebody stroke, we believe you know, he was the Messiah, the Word of God, when you talk about all of these similarities, commonalities in us actually probably be more conservative than a conservative in many aspects, right.

00:39:30--> 00:39:47

Yeah, like you action in statement and everything. So when you when you engage like that, like what do those people's jaws drop? I mean, what what kind of reaction do you get when you share some of these? Yeah, sad is sometimes the hearts closed, you know, before you know.

00:39:48--> 00:39:55

Yeah, I don't want to hear it. Let's change topics like same subjects. You know, you ain't gonna convert me, you know?

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But so

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

But we keep we keep striving in sha Allah Allah guys, it was something that really I struggled with for a long time for men you know because you know I've been Muslim eight years man and again eight years of you know trying to be a good practicing Muslim laughs ain't perfect by any means man, but just trying to be a good Muslim man. And eight years later, like Dang, ain't nobody in my family except the slim you know. And then I started thinking about like, well dude, who is clear and more articulate in the message than the messengers who could articulate the message better than the messengers and yet we know on yellow pm on the Day of Judgment during the messengers and prophets, I

00:40:33--> 00:40:40

got zero followers man, so it gives me a little bit of solace you know, we still try and still strive things like that, but

00:40:43--> 00:41:03

yeah, so from singing in the metallic band, or actually from playing the guitar in the metallic band, to now accepting Islam reading the Quran, there's a particular surah chapter in the Quran that Muslims recite 17 times a day is to open Can you let them hear this Can you let them hear coming from you then?

00:41:05--> 00:41:06

Yes, please.

00:41:13--> 00:41:29

Alhamdulillah grubba nana nana nana que mi D and E at nap will do it yeah can Estonian and Minnesota Mr. Clean assata Medina nom de la him Armando via a modern dawn

00:41:30--> 00:42:09

Mashallah, so this is because some people this might be the only chance that they ever have to actually hear the Quran now coming from an American coming from a former Christian coming running from a redneck he's actually this is the this is one of the proves is one of the miracles you know this to hear someone like you reciting the verbatim Word of God Almighty Allah and in there this chapter is praising God Almighty you know to the best way that can be praised I want to I want to thank you very much you know for spending some time with us if you're you plan on visiting Wisconsin area anytime soon in the future winner bro I ain't trying Yeah.

00:42:11--> 00:42:11


00:42:12--> 00:42:48

So when it when the weather comes up, hit us up if you're going to be in that area close by we'd like we'd like to have a hook hook up with you. Maybe in person, we can have you in the studio. We can continue continue talking. Um, can I mention something really quick? Absolutely. Yes, go ahead. Okay, so for your viewers or for your followers man, I'm your audience. I do run a YouTube channel called Project dreams achieve it humbly law. It's for all things mindset marriage in the Muslim struggle, and especially the reverse struggle, right? A lot of us man we put a lot of effort into calling people to Islam. Fortunately, at least in my town in my city, there's not as much effort in

00:42:48--> 00:43:21

actually helping people remain Muslim and nurturing them as Muslims man. So my channel is dedicated to all things mindset marriage, and that Muslim struggle at home delight and finally a project driven achievement and I want to say thank you so much from bottom my heart, brother. I Dude, it's so crazy man. I watched you eight years ago when I accepted Islam. And I watched your you know, I bought your DVD about your journey to you know how you became a Muslim? And I'm like, Man, I'm gonna ask this brother. What's your favorite movie? Do you like the darce choke? Do you like the ankle tick? Do you like the rear naked choke because I'm all about Jiu Jitsu and with martial arts man. So

00:43:21--> 00:43:35

I want to ask what your favorite move is before we go Oh, Mashallah. So you've started training also, I don't train Oh, Mashallah. Mashallah I have a bunch of favorite moves but I usually I like to mountain finish with the x choke

00:43:37--> 00:43:41

from the bottom of the move, Habib did I like to put the triangle also

00:43:44--> 00:44:12

Yeah, so you have this different like guard type stuff. This is the triangle from when you're playing the guard. Right like that move that I don't know if you saw the last fight with Habib when you put Yeah, he went he went he went Yeah, he went for the arm lock but he switched to the triangle Yes. Yeah. So this yeah Mashallah This is great. Very nice brother I'm very elated to have met you and talk with you hopefully we can we can inshallah meet it meet in person and have you on the program again.

00:44:18--> 00:44:59

So I got you there we got to hook up then we got that date inshallah sometime in the future soon inshallah Thank you, brother. Milla preserve you, protect you and grant you the best, the best in this life in the hereafter. I mean, that was Joshua Angel here in the de show shared his story. Very great. points that he talked about one of them, no matter where you're at, and it's time to make such time it makes a lot makes a lot and think more than you've been told about Islam. You've been fed a lot of the misinformation so do what he did engage with it. And you're like our friend who I share with that Polish guy, or that Italian guy, whoever and you just married

00:45:00--> 00:45:29

Someone just because what because their parents told you to go ahead and you have to be Muslim. Don't do that. Don't don't practice hypocrisy, you know, stand for what you believe. And I can tell you just like he did. He engaged with Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation. He looked at the evidence and the thing that pointed him even further into going into the truth that stood out was that pure monotheism to toe heat and be sincere cry to your Creator, as the one who created use a guide me guide me guide me?

00:45:31--> 00:45:45

guide me, why am I here? What's the purpose of my life? What's it all about? I'm going to die soon. It's going to be finished. Islam has all the answers. Islam is the complete blueprint for life. And this is just another incredible story

00:45:46--> 00:46:26

from the many that we've had. And it's a testimony to this beautiful life being the truth based on proven evidence. So what do you got to lose at the end, time is ticking. We're about to leave this life. And now you need to get it right now. Because once the test is over, it's finished. You can't go back and change your grade. f means flunk, and and it's a hot place that people are going to end up the Hellfire and we don't want to end up in the hellfire. We want to end up in gender, paradise. So I've talked enough and it behooves you to look into this Deen look into Islam. And with that said again, subscribe if you haven't already. And hit that notification bell and support us on our

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