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The importance of guidance lights and the "has been" concept in Islam is discussed, along with the "has been" concept, which is used to indicate a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a belief in a

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In 100 in medieval Ghana starting on a stock photo when I was learning surely I'm posting on

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my end love with Allah mobila For my nucleon for the heavier my shadow Allah illallah wa that would actually

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Why should one know Mohammed Abdullah who are pseudo some of it you on earlier he was off me he was

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as always on forever we begin by praising Allah thanking Allah subhana wa Tada by sending our peace our blessing salutations upon the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the best of mankind the master of mind console Allahu alayhi wa sallam, by reminding oneself,

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I myself and reminding you of our duty to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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The importance of taqwa, protecting ourselves

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with the fear the love, the hope in Allah subhanho wa taala. By reading from surah Allah and Rania un Lavina Ave of you believe it took Allahu Akbar for quality be mindful of Allah.

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Be conscious of Allah so agendas, have hope in Him have love for Him have fear of him, help them to quality in the measure to the capacity that he deserves. Subhana wants to either

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one at some level into Muslim

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and do not leave or depart this worldly life in any condition other than submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala other than Islam to him. We have an important topic with us today which is the guiding lights the guiding way.

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The way we choose to reach the destination we hope for

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in the authentic hadith narrated by Imam Muslim the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says

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lie at full Jana.

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It sounds like a pessimistic view. The prophets lie Selim says, None shall enter Paradise, as a reward or as a recompense for his good deeds. Meaning none of the above the Prophet SAW Allah Allah you

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can earn genuine

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you won't come to the doorstep of Jana, you will come on the day of judgment and stand before Allah subhanaw taala and say

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give me Jana. I deserve it. I lived my life I prayed for you. Oh Allah, I fasted for your Allah. I gave that out for you. Oh Allah.

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I did the hash. I was charitable. I was kind I performed assault. I was I did. I did. I did. I did. I deserve that.

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Lie. I couldn't Jana. I have done the AMA Nanjo enter Jana based on their deeds. Whether abandoning that your religious or the unrighteous deeds or increase meant of good deeds. You don't do enough to earn Ghana. So Sahaba they asked the natural question. They said what that entails would allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the hadith is useless. What about you Oh messenger of Allah you some Allah Allah you will send him the pillar of humanity.

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The peak of human beings sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the one who none can exceed.

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You have not entered you will not earn genocide, some Paola and not even on Illa

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Allah Manila, as your only enter into this abode, after Allah envelops me covers me with his mercy.

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Some Allah hottie was

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where was the hope for us.

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Our aim is the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. Our aim

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is to stand on that day of judgment.

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To be with those who are as habia mean, those who take their book with the right hand, who have hope

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and not to be with those who are hobble CheMin those who take their book with their left hand

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who are condemned.

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We want to be from those who are successful, who are deserving of the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal.

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So you live a life that leads you in hope,

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in hope of the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala while many African Rahmatullah and who is it that has faith in his heart? Who has anything in the heart of belief that despairs in the Mercy of Allah? In Nola? ilaha illa.

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cafiero None can despair in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala no

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On lose hope in Allah be merciful to them, Unless in their heart there is ungratefulness to Allah, a lack of faith.

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So we need to be guided, you ask for it in your Salah, we did not set off the Mustafi lead us all Allah to the straight path that one road that one way that leads to Jannah, which is the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala

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who beat us there who went before us when you go to visit your brother in the cemetery, your brother, your sister who have passed on before you, you say to them and to serve, if

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you have reached this destination before us, we're not going to let that goon and it is inevitable that we will catch up.

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So you know that those who have gone before you have entered into a place they cannot return. And you will enter into this way where you cannot return you cannot ask ALLAH and you will not be able to be given the request you see. And everyone will ask from Bill Geraldine our Lord return us. Some people will say gladly, perhaps now a man who saw that maybe we will do better than what we've done can lead in the head Kelly Mattoon who are called elucha. For the majority of people, it is just a word that they say there are other people who are honest. The prophets I send them tells us the shahada, those who are true martyrs,

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not the generic type, those who are true martyrs, those who have stood up for the truth, and have lost their life on the Day of Judgment.

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Excuse me, they say we wish to have 1000 lives 100 Lives more live, to go back and fulfill it. And they are true, because they know of the Name of Allah subhanho wa taala. But the majority of people will say we want to return to this world alive, they will not do any better than they than that which they have done.

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How then do we find a Seraph and Mustafi.

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It's not easy for you and I especially the young.

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Living in open free societies, democratic societies, plural societies, where choice is up to you. You choose the way you want. There's no compulsion of hamdulillah No one forces you to become Christian, Jew, atheist Muslim, no one has the right to compel you.

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You live in a place where it is your choice to follow the way and the path and the system that you wish. How do you know and what is the true way that leads you to Allah subhana wa to Allah's mercy?

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What is the mechanism that reaches you there and you will find it is simply stated, and the

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knowledge and its people. Knowledge is one category and knowing learning, because there's a lot of learning you could do on your own. But that's limited, more importantly, is adding the people of knowledge the people above you acknowledge those who have been given an authority over you, not by any agency or government or religious decree, but simply because they have been placed above you as step in the knowledge that they have been bestowed upon by Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, there are those who are past

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and there are those who are present. So we wish to discuss these three things in sha Allah. So we begin with knowledge because many people they say to me, and I say to you, my young brothers, and the sisters listening in the other room,

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the difference between you sitting there and meet sitting here is very little

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