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The importance of following the SOP of the prayer and following the rule of Islam is emphasized, as it is crucial for protecting from evil behavior and following the rules of Islam. Visitors are encouraged to recite serahems during prayer and pray for Islam to unite the OMA and community. Visitors are warned about the need for a mosque to unite the Um stream and a problem faced by people who cannot access the mosque outside of the weekend. Visitors are encouraged to honor the rank of one's prayer and not waste time.

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Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim in Alhamdulillah Madhu who understand you know who understood the Pharaoh when the only lemon Sharada and fusina was the Medina. Man you had the love for Allah mandala on my YouTube channel, follow her the other show the other day in a mall handhold and Sherry can shadow under Mohammed and Abdullah who were a solo

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who seek Omar eolane mythical law for pedophiles and metalcon Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamdulillah and that could be

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we never forget to be thankful to Allah Allah Allah min for all his blessing, he atma

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that nobody

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can count the net amount of Allah

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the net month to perform prayer together

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the net Amma to perform Juma for the mail tomorrow

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and the net Amma of Ramadan

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because our Prophet salallahu Salam did mention in one of the Hadees a Salah to come, sir, of Salah Illa, Salah mcop, verbena, Houma

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or the Juma ill Juma mockup Farah Boehner Houma Ramadan in Ramadan mocha for Boehner Houma.

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There are so much blessing blessing of Allah, Allah al Amin.

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From one prayer to another prayer that is the daily prayer.

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All your past seen will be erased.

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From Friday to Friday,

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then your weekly sins will be erased. Ramadan, Ramadan, your yearly sins all be earase

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Allah rasool Allah Amin keeps on showing his mercy that he loves to forgive and keep on forgiving.

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But we have to do what we have to do.

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Praying is not just

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you just do for the sake of doing you must follow the SOP of prayer.

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When the prophets say you must stand straight in a row, we try our level best to stand straight.

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And that's why the profits that will lean will be either one equal. When you're performing Jamaah you have to soften your body. Because people can come and adjust you. People can can pull you're close to them. And people can move you a bit in front or move you backwards.

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But this is not easy for people who don't understand. Now they will be fighting back. And they'll be very upset. Why are you pushing me?

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Know what are our know Allah berry or Toccoa we are suppose to be ready to help one another for anything that is good.

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And when somebody is trying to help to organize the staff in the future, we should be happy.

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We should be very happy to see that somebody are very careful about the system.

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This area

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in sha Allah, you will know whether you're

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responding to the command or the profit or not when somebody is trying to make a judgment.

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call you to cooperate. You should just cooperate.

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Soften yourself people will adjust you move a bit, your move a bit, right, right, left left. That's how you move on.

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by people who are not used to it No way.

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They look over then after that. They may just disappeared and don't come home. Don't come here anymore. Too much. Too much pushing

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too much pulling here and there.

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But if everybody is responding with the right spirit, you don't have to do that.

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the idea that was recited today remind

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As about many things

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in the Isha prayer are young Imam recite Surah Tripathi and you will know there is always some extra blessing. Specially if you recite

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the Nikon Jumah or Yamanouchi.

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The whoever you said sort of the coffee is a very amazing surah.

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Later on maybe we will discuss about what happened to the young people

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who love their Eman and they choose to

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isolate themselves in the cave

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but the blessing, the blessing of people who recite Serato Caffee from the first to the 10 if

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he will be blessed by Allah, Allah Allah mean in a day of judgment and also he will be protected from the that jar

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the whisper of the danger the fitna of the dead.

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But then tonight

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in the pm Imam is reciting some of the iron in Serato Toba

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he started with Desi in Tacoma just did and there are a new aquifer on North American banal Momineen what aerosol the lemon haram Allah Hora Sowmya.

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What they actually found in NA in an Husna wala who yes How do inner homeless cause the moon

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not that comfy here.

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It started with the IRA Allah is saying, there are people he is not talking about the non believer, he is talking about so called Muslim

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was taught to build most

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this is very important for all of us not any mosque we should get involved in.

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Not every mosque we should even support the building of the most know.

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This MOS is called Masjid girl happened in the time of our prophet

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of God this mosque came later on

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the first mosque built by our Prophet not in Makkah.

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But in Medina

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when he entered Medina, the first thing you was planning to do, he needed a place a center to unite the Ummah

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and then there's the best center is almost

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now must did your sister Allah co Amin Awali Yong Gu Anta Kuma fee.

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Even the idea of the round came earlier but in reality the first mosque built by Prophet is Masjid Oba. Whoever visit Medina, you are sure to visit Mr Kuba

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to the extent whoever prayed Torah will get the reward of one Umrah. Allah Allahu Akbar.

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This Masjid is called Mrs. Taqwa.

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Bill with the pure intention and it is organized and managed by people who have Taqwa

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purely for the sake of Allah and follow whatever Allah and the Prophet want them to do. But they must do it later on another group. So call Muslim Bill another month

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and they want to call the prophet to come in and arbitrate the

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opening of the mosque the prophet has no idea

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he was on the way to this month.

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Allah revealed the this is our lesbian tacos. Oh Mitch didn t ra on wakaf Ron whatever a conventional meaning.

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They built the mosque not to unite the Ummah but to dis unite the Ummah

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to divide the OMA

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and as a place to prepare

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for the enemy of Islam

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Between, among the Muslim

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and they will stop anybody who wants to do what Allah and the Prophet want them to do.

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And if you ask them why you do that,

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they say

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for good purpose

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for the benefit of the people there

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they'll give you a lot of reasoning

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they will give you

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the reason excuses

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lie in Aradhna in law Husna we intend good

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for the community what law who yeah shadow, inner home law as the moon Allah said he was the witness Allah was the wisdom to say they are all liar

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and Allah said that the latter can be here do not enter and pray in this mode even under the name of a most the time you cannot even pray inside

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see so was raising her hand behind because she don't understand English Yeah.

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I think majority of us understand Malay

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we understand really

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sick it's a kid.

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Either do a masjid the man Nabil Missy Pratama messed it up or mi* Oba

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come then the Bina or the oran lanes that you may see the GI nama meseta P Allah nama pan mistake tirar

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then Allah Katha miss it there are bullies Maya

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while upon nama Magetta malaise Maya

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to the prom, John

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it's not easy for normal people that why this is the wolves Hawk is it a camera and if they are trying to sell you this mouse is only for this I have seen a mouse

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be down

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in the Northeast. This mass is only for Shafi mazahub

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Only people shocked me welcome non chirpy no you're not welcome

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is what happened I've been praying in that mosque for some time suddenly I go and read I never go in anymore color

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walk kind of models is

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the Imam Shafi came up with this kind of Ottawa just for Allah

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and sometimes in China

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because the expose on your the Hanafi if you enter the most they never stop you but when you pray you raise up your hand more than one time callers

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we go hunted for your nearest one time. You weighs more than 10 than the Out you go

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if this is the kind of Moore's and the Committee of the most is that kind of people don't enter

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this is called Gorod

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missed it Pacwa is a mistake that is run managed by the people of the Quran and Sunnah.

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That is the only way to unite the OMA they don't care where you come is where's Arab non Arab audio welcome

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because we all follow the same

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guidance Quran and Sunnah to unite all of us

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is there a lot of magic there are around us

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of course days

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we pray May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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help this ummah?

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God yes the other ayah Allah is showing us who should run a month who should be the Committee of the month.

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Allah have laid out all the SOP but we don't follow

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In nama Yamato masa de de la mon Amana, Billa, Yama, Hawa karma Salah Zeca

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with me in LA Allah.

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Only those who really believe in Allah and a deal Jasmine

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manage the most

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because they will manage the most according to the Islamic principle.

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No Crawford is allowed

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to be practiced in a moss name, taqwa

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anything that follow Quran sunnah learn Bahasa law, that should be the principle

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and those who are the organizing committee of the most the cabinet, they themselves must be active performing Predjama in that mode, not only they're around when we some VIP come

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then they will come. Other than that they hardly come to the most.

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If the need the most need some kind of

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renovation, maybe the about seven problem fan having problem.

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They don't go in wait for somebody everybody who are involved would chip in and try to

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make the malls a place that is comfortable for people to pray

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not anything us the authority bowels to the rose up when working

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you yourself what is your responsibility? You must be ready.

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Yeah to even make sure that this miles is a good place to unite the OMA and is comfortable

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for them to come in

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and pray

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and si B will organize the sun.

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The community will take the initiative to make sure the Sava is straight.

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You don't have that kind of permittees today.

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We didn't have any more.

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There is a problem we are facing today when you are not displaying in the mosque you cannot be this been outside the mosque?

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There's anybody enter mosque we have no right to sit and do your pre tour. Theater Masjid is a command from the prophet. He went when he was delivering a hot bath. A companion came in and said the Prophet immediately while he was delivering his coat but he was talking to that guy. How solid Have you performed Torah? He said No. Mom can talk to the Imam Imam can talk to the mom more moon and mom cannot help.

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The adept of Joomla

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then you say no and prophesy come stand up now and pray Torah

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and the Prophet reminded the congregation is a dark color oil massage parlor yet dreary chatter you saw the record time anybody enter most don't ever sit until you perform tour title magic. Even the hotbar is still on.

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you enter the mouse and the Imam they're praying to you join in and follow the DOMA you don't need to tattle Masjid anymore.

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Oh you enter the mosque they just finished the Amazon and there is probably a Zoho so you pray accompany Azhar then you don't pray title mystery when there is a prayer before you see then that prayer is sufficient. But when no other prayer involved and you want to see

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you must honor the rank of the most

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all these at the Adapt on toe muscle Masjid my office jello Paula

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muscles mistake what can clap Bucaro market up can they one that be enable can Masjid one thing I like to remind this is not a more so you don't have to wait here to there one.

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There is no battle there one this is the one a hall.

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But if a most you cannot come in and sit without daughtercard is my daughter kata Hetal Masjid into adulthood

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so brother and sister there for some other it

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was it

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Surah we call Surah Al

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that is miss it. Matt.

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And there is a mistake there is a small size as long that if there is a place you have five time prayer there is appointed Imam Azaan 510 Dan, this is called the masjid

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I'm in my message Jama or not miss it. But it's still a masjid.

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But the masala in the mall? No because

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they don't have five time. Amazon. They don't have appointed Imam. So that is not called Mercy or an Ara. They don't have appointed Imam. They don't have five time Zhan that is not called a masjid. It can be big it can be small, no problem.

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Then the Imam recite the ayah talk about the three men the companion of the prophet

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who have engaged in earlier battlefield or hood badass

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but they excuse themselves not to participate in the wall of taboo.

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When the Prophet is calling upon all the men that is healthy, strong be ready. We are moving to taboo.

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Three men excused themselves

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punishment was

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no one offer them Salam anymore.

00:21:53--> 00:21:55

When the gifts are lamb nobody respond

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until their wife also by the husband.

00:22:04--> 00:22:05

Then an IRA was revealed.

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Being free feeling remorse.

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They feel so sad. What they thought that this is more matter we have engaged in early battlefield sadly only this one

00:22:19--> 00:22:38

and this one happened is so happened this one they had taking of their hurt another one taking care of their thumb and there's a lot of thing coming up so they thought that they can excuse when the Prophet command everybody must be ready summit now Wattana

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we will continue about that in the future.

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min Hosni Islam

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Miss min host Neil islam

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al Murray marari tariku Mala ni

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da Myrie Buka

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Illa Mala your ebook

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our Muslim man Saleemul mostly Moon

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mainly sunny he ya ID

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what is the last one?

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Man A Habibollah

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What abakada Lila

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What's up BOD in

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one manner and in

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pocket this ml e man

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aka this camel Eman?

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hamdulillah how many had these already?

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Dinner for those who are new do not today. You have five together. For those who are with us earlier. We start one by one.

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And Hamdulillah we hope please remember, I want everybody that in the future. When you meet up with your family, your friends share with them this beautiful Hadith of the Prophet. There's how without learning about the Hadith of the Prophet, we will not appreciate the teaching of the Prophet

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is for the benefit of the Ummah for you for your family.

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For the children in sha Allah

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I think I have to do another exercise. I want everybody you can go in

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in way, our website

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arkadin.com Does NAS slash Hadees

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had these you go in? Then I want you to write

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Okay. I want you to write and submit

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not tomorrow. I give you until Saturday night.

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Yeah. I want you to write by yourself and then I want you to look at the meaning and then also submit to me write your name, contact number everything yeah.

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Is a homework. Yeah, we have to do something you know. We tried to find the best way to help ourselves to memorize the beautiful saying of our Prophet Salah Salem. Sure to benefit you benefit the family, inshallah.

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Yeah, our drummer from Penang just gives their salam to all of us here and

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I was not here last night because I was in Penang with our brother I just lie man doubt for our activities. And we will call too deep to give a talk Yeah, before the breaking of fast to the Muslim and to the not yet mostly in Penang and hamdulillah so

00:26:19--> 00:26:27

yeah, they are now your you have now if possible, please don't forget Yeah, go to the our site

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okay, so hang up Allahumma

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will be handicap

00:26:42--> 00:26:44

a chateau a La ilaha illa. Anta

00:26:47--> 00:26:50

stuck a few Roca. What to booty Lake

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

00:27:34--> 00:27:35

always said that NMC

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the idea

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we on the way every night So, whoever participate can pick up