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Episode Notes

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into an understanding of Ayats 17 onwards of Surah Al Baqarah. In these Ayaah, we understand hypocrisy( Nifaq) with more examples. Allah SWT has described everything with examples in the Quran.

The lessons that can be imbibed from these Ayahs are:

  • No one can guide or help a person, who does not seek help from Allah.
  • A hypocrite cannot imitate others in guidance due to being blind to the truth.
  • The Munafiqeen are a lost cause and are blocked off from guidance in every way

An example is given in relation to the hypocrites by saying that they are like a person who started a fire when the fire was lit, and illuminated the surrounding area, the person benefited from it and felt safe. Then the fire was suddenly extinguished. Such is the case with the hypocrites who preferred misguidance over guidance, deviation over righteousness.

Allah SWT is pointing here towards the darkness of the heart. When does a person lose Noor (light) of the heart? This happens when his heart is filled with worldly wishes, shirk, and hypocrisy. Those who don’t want help Allah SWT also doesn’t help them. So a hypocrite that pretends Islam and conceals Kufr, will not benefit since he does not truly believe in Islam. 

Some additional characteristics of the hypocrites are described in the next Ayat that they are deaf, dumb and blind to Allah SWT because they do not have Iman and they do not give attention towards the right path. They do not want to listen and even if they listen they do not accept it. The only thing visible to them is the difficulties in the way of Islam, but they cannot observe the permanent benefits out of these difficulties. 

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along with other hobbies I'm sorry him in Allah hi lurk Alicia in the rubbish everywhere Silly me why Dr. Millis Ania. Kohli, Phil hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam o and also he was happy here.

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Once again everyone Somali Kumara for lack of better cattle. I'm very excited about the dose today inshallah Allah it is the first parable in the Quran in the order of the most have a parable is when Allah azza wa jal gives an example. In order to give you a little bit of background of the purpose of examples I want to get right into the subject, Eliza, which it says in the Quran, Allah Quran, he taught the Quran and I mentioned a reference this I often because it really is a very central idea, and understanding the nature of the Quran and how we're supposed to interact with the Quran. When the speaker is speaking, then they are their only objective is to communicate their own thoughts.

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But when the teacher is teaching, they're not only concerned about what they have to say, they're concerned about how it's going to be processed by their student, and a teacher, other than a speaker, a teacher makes sure to repeat the same thing. Because the student has to internalize it, a teacher makes sure that he checks with the student did you get it or not? A teacher tests the student. And one of the ways that teachers make things easy to understand is by giving examples, right, a good teacher will always give good examples. And so when concepts are difficult to internalize, they're too abstract or too philosophical there to a pie in the sky. When the teacher

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says, well, let's go through a few examples. And then the student goes through 123 examples, and they go, Oh, now I get it. So one purpose of examples is to take something that's otherwise complicated, and to simplify it in the minds of a student, right, that's one of the reasons examples are given. Yet another reason An example is given or a story is told is because you may not remember the 18 points that you had to memorize in a chapter. But if they were put in the form of a, an example or a story, then it's easy to remember everything, right? Because isolated ideas on their own bullet points and lists, they're hard to remember. But when a picture is painted for you, so

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long as you remember what the image looks like, everything comes to mind, right? So a visual kind of memory is much more easy. And so that's actually what allows it which doesn't occur on a lot of times, he gives very visual kinds of examples. So I'm excited that we're going to go through one of the first examples actually mentioned in the quarter under two in a row. And they're really quite beautiful. And my task I did mention I have a surprise for you today is by the end of this passage, by the end of these, these three are three or four is that we have to go through, I'd like to show you an overview of what we've read so far, especially when it comes to those who disbelieve the

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first part of Al Baqarah was about those who believe. And then there was a switch over to those who don't believe right. And if you look at that overview, you will appreciate something new about the Quran altogether. So I'm excited to share that with you in shallow data by the end of our session today. Before I do that, I do want to make a little bit of an announcement about our our campus here. And this building hamdulillah This building was acquired over two years ago. And we've been renovating it since and how do we learn and we actually what I decided to do at the time was whatever extra income the company was making, we were pouring it into this building because it has a

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particular vision. So instead of talking about, you know where we are with this building in the center, and it's the foundation I really want to talk to you about what the purpose of this building is. The intention behind it is actually a goal. There are billion as an organization has two fundamental goals actually one primary and one secondary. The primary goal is that people around the world should be reintroduced to the Quran. What I mean by reintroduce this a lot of people have no idea what the Quran is or they assume they know what the Quran is right? And we want to be able to give them a fresh introduction to the Quran, like they've never received before. That's the first

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goal. And part of that goal is to go beyond whether translation has to offer a lot of time.

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People, they're not, you know, a llama and they're not loving. And they're not like seekers of knowledge and they're going to go sit in a madrasa somewhere with the island. So they're going to if they become curious about the Quran, they're probably going to go pick up a translation of the Quran. And there are many of those that are available. The problem with translations is a lot of times people read the translation and get even more confused. Because you don't know the background of a lot of things that are being said, You don't understand how things are organized or how they're put together, why is there this subject? And that subject again? And why are things switching all

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over the place and things like that? So you get a lot of literature related questions about the Quran, sometimes even philosophical questions about the Quran, right? And it doesn't help that when you Google these questions that most answers are given by evangelical Christians or agnostics, or atheists, or anti Muslims, who've got enormous number of websites and videos about how the Quran is full of contradictions or mistakes or errors and things like that. So with people with no background, they get confused on top of confused, right, so this is a situation that's not it's a very dire situation, not only for Muslims, but even for non Muslims that are curious about the

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Quran. So the goal of the primary goal of Vienna is to create materials, first of all, in video, because we believe people don't read much anymore. So first of all, in video, but eventually also in printed books in an articles and other forums, to reintroduce people to the Koran and to go far beyond translation. Not in high language, not in language of the scholars, but in the language of the people. That's part of the key of what we want to do here is to speak about the Quran in a way that anybody gets it. If you don't have background in Islamic Studies, or you don't know Arabic and things like that, that's okay, you should still have access to appreciate the marvel of the Quran,

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right? So that's, that's the primary goal. The secondary goal is actually to empower you know, you can you can give a man a fish, but it's better to teach them the fish themselves, right. So the idea is that we want to also enable the entire world and the entire almost starting with the entire mind and the entire world to make it easy for them to learn the language of the Quran themselves. So that the filter between themselves and the translation is reduced to the point where they when they stand in prayer, they can understand what's happening in prayer. Actually, the ideal circumstance, the goal behind these gurus that I'm giving here, the goal behind them was to return to the spirit of

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Ramadan. When we prayed on our weekend, Ramadan, and the majority of the oma standing behind the Imam not knowing what is being said, that is a tragedy. But we cannot complain about that tragedy year after year after year, I want to see a situation within the next 1020 years that that problem has been reduced by half. Or you know, 25%, less than that more and more of the oma stands in prayer and they know what's being recited, they already get what's being recited what a remarkable contribution that would be. But that means that we have to make the education of the Arabic language easier. It has to become more accessible, it has to produce quicker results. It has to cater to all

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different groups of people, professionals, students that want to study full time, mothers that are busy at home, all kinds of people, right, so and obviously both of these goals are together to make for an easy to understand, and long term for Arabic to become easy to understand. So that the next generation that comes around is actually far more connected to the book of Allah and then this generation is that's the essential goal. And in order to accomplish that goal, the background behind this place. First and foremost is here's where the most serious of the students are going to be trained in sha Allah tala. This is where the dream program that dream one dream to and then

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eventually its future is where not only students are coming to study Arabic language rigorously. But eventually they are also being trained to become teachers of the Arabic language. I want to replicate this center and then some, actually internationally, I want to put one together in the United Kingdom. I want to put one together in Malaysia, I want to put them together in pretty much every part of the Muslim world. And then train teachers that can take 100 of the curriculum works we have Alhamdulillah students that within a year are pretty good with their Arabic and their especially the Quranic Arabic, some even very fluent in conversation and things like that. So it's

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proven itself and hamdulillah actually, most of the teachers of the Institute are students of mine. they graduated from this and then they work their way to become teachers. So this thing works. Now the job now the job is the next part is to take this work, and now translate it so that the same curriculum can be taught in Punjabi it can be taught or it can be taught in Turkish it can be taught in Bahasa it can be taught in Somali it can be taught in virtually every language of the Muslim world, and all the European languages, the France should have its own way in a campus, the Sweden should have its own. And then this same current education is happening in every language of the

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world. But in order to do that, you have to be able to train teachers first. It's not curriculum actually. It's not getting money together, getting a building together, getting a website together, getting advertising together, that's easy. Putting people together, that's the hard part, trading the people and so inshallah the intention here is the first future Training Center along with the studio along with this machine. We're trying to do something unique here in sha Allah Tada. I'm crazy enough to believe in

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Terminator perspective, if you're going to aim aim high, right? So and I do believe that we have the talent not only here but around the world, you know, across across, you know North America, United States and Canada. But even around the world, people are watching these these webcasts from around the world. And I'm hoping and shallow to Allah that with the launch of this facility, this facility in shallow data will get replicated all over the world when we need one base first, one full base first. So that's that's the call that I'm inviting everybody to be a part of you guys see it on viena.org if you'd like to contribute, you can, I won't be asking for contributions again, I'm just

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going to remind you how far we are. And that's it. That's the other thing about this, this machine space. We're going to do things a little bit differently here even though we were in Dallas, which is the capital of fundraising in the world. But

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we're not going to do fundraisers here there's these small tiny black boxes that you almost don't even see that's where you can put some pennies and if you like and that's it and there's not even going to be an announcement after tomorrow or any law that you know we have to we need funds we don't have money for the world of water or whatever look if you're coming to a luncheon you should know already what you if you should contribute or not that's not on us that's on the conscious of the Muslims inshallah tada so let's get back to court on what we're really here for.

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So this parable, the way to go about it is first to explain to you that there are two separate images Okay, there are going to be two separate images and one image is going to be brief and the other image is going to be detailed so I'm setting the ground for you and laying the groundwork for you. What is a brief image one is a detailed image Okay, I'm gonna get through the brief image as a lot paints it as a lot draws this picture, but I won't explain much first I need you to just visualize this picture. And then we'll come back and revisit the picture and see what it represents. So Allah says masala home kamasan. He says their example now whose they they are from the previous

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IR the 16th Our Allah says Allah He can Lavina sha Allah Allah tala Buddha from Arabi hottie Java to home mama can study those are the people who've purchased this guidance by giving away guidance and their their trade did not produce any benefit for them. And they weren't committed to guidance to begin with. They weren't very committed to what they had. So they sold it easily Let it go. Let go of it easily. Okay, those people are now Ally's gonna see he's gonna give an example of them. But you know in the Arabic language you could just say methadone. Unless Takada Nara, their example is somebody who tried to light a fire. But that's not what the Quran says. The Quran says methylome kar

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maselli Allah wrist Okada nada. So the word muscle is repeated twice. And then added to it is yet another word God without getting technical with you guys, what this means is their example, a very small part of what their problem is, is captured in this image. If this picture completely represents everything about the hypocrites, and about the disbelievers who sold the guide, or let go of the guidance and purchase misguidance instead, then metalla home and you go immediately to under this takadanobaba. But if there's a gap, there's a distance, and you're only going to get one piece of the puzzle here. Why is it less than one piece of the puzzle? Because there will be other places

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in the Quran where Allah will offer you other pieces of the puzzle, you're gonna have to keep looking to fill the entire picture. So we're only going to get one glimpse here and that's captured in the words methylome Kappa methylene levy stoccata nara, okay, now, muscle water should be under the current Ebola, Ebola manner. phenol hikma muscle in Arabic An example is something that is some kind of a parallel one one scene is being depicted that is going to parallel some reality and we'll we're going to be able to extract wisdom from it. Sure, I would love and muscle with Derek and Haleakala Jeeva Titian. Jalil Buddha is a pilot in Morocco, we highlight in Morocco bow Takata in

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Simple English for you, that was only for my benefit. They say the Arabs back in the day, they never use the word muscle for just any example. They use the word muscle for a very strange situation. So when you see the word muscle, that actually for the Arab mind already means some very strange reality is about to be depicted. It's not a normal thing. If it's just a normal thing, then it's just

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just got a data sheet that's done. But if it's something strange out of the ordinary, then they would use the word method. Well, I usually una Haleakala Albacete, they never use it for some simple kind of parallel. That's not what it's used for. So now let's go to the image itself. Now. You're all of you are going to have to use your imagination here. As I paint this picture. I love it. So cadavre The example is of the one who try to light a fire would you do not fit Sahara and an Arab methylone marathon and have a horrible nketiah diet. This was actually a very common picture painted. A guy is in the middle of the dark desert is traveling at night and he's lost. He's trying

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to find his way he can't find where to go. So he finds a spot where he can light a fire. Now it's the dark Pitch Black Desert, and there's a man by himself and he's not he hasn't lit a fire.

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He's trying to light a fire. If you say, oh God, Donovan, it means he lit a fire. If you say his so called anon, he's trying to write light a fire. So he's desperate, it's getting cold, it's getting freezing, he can hear the howling of animals or something, it is a dangerous environment, any, any non civilized environment at nighttime can be dangerous. So the only way to protect yourself is to have some kind of fire. So he's trying and at least you can see the dangers that are around you or something. And maybe even fire helps kind of ward off other animals because they're afraid of fire and they move away from you right plus the this the problem of you freezing to death. So he's

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actually trying to light a fire, and immediately what it says is a bar at mahalo when that fire lit up and brilliantly lit up. That's the fire just lights up you say that. But if the fire becomes huge, like it was just sparks, he was barely getting anywhere, but all of a sudden, not only did the fire come alive, it got bigger and bigger and bigger, and he's got this huge flame in front of him. It worked out pretty well. It's brilliantly lit up all of its surroundings. Mahalo. Allah in Arabic comes from the word boat, though is one of the two words for light, you know, Urdu speakers here, they have names like Zia, it's actually the Lia which actually means light, right? But there's a

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difference between low and north, though has heat in it. Newer,

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and newer can actually be reflected as well. In other words, in the morning time, early, early fudger time, which you see in the sky is not though. It's new, because you don't see directly from the sun. You kind of see it reflected in the sky. Okay, so that's actually called new, a new orbit, but it's intense light, and it's directly at you. That's actually when it's called what is called New. Oh, it's actually called boat, okay, and it has heat in it too. So the light of this analysis whether the Giada Sham Saudia Kamara neuron, he's the one who made the sun a means of low of the earth, and he made the moon a means of No, because no roof, the moon reflects light. That's why it's

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called something that has no in any way. In any case, when it heated up, and it also lit up, whatever was surrounding him, he was by himself were in the desert, what time is this? nighttime, you don't need to light a fire in the desert during the day.

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The everything's barbecued on its own anyway. Okay, so this is a nice image, it's an image of darkness. Now, Allah immediately switches the picture and says that hub Allah will be new to him. Allah removed their light, very strange, even if you read it in English translation. Their example is like someone, the person who tried to light a fire one person, when it's when it lit up everything around him, and he did everything around him, a lot removed their light. Who's they? I thought it was talking about how many people one person, but now actually, the camera is zooming back. And it's showing us that there was one person looking for light lost in the desert. But the

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reality is in the dark, there were actually a bunch of people looking for light, and they were looking for their way. And the only way to find your way in the desert at night is somebody you're lucky enough to find somebody who's lit up a light. Okay, so he says that other group of people that was also lost, a lot took their light away, they have Allahu venuti him. Now what in the world does that mean? Allah took their light away. Notice Allah didn't say was the hub Allahu below him.

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In other words, they're so far away from the light, that not only they can't even see it directly, they can't even see any inclination of light, like, you know how the sky turns a little bit orange above a light, you know, like when a stadium has a game going on. You don't see the stadium lights, but you can see the skies lighter up there. Right? You don't even see that much. These people took their ability to see their light. Now, there are some unanswered questions here that I won't give you yet. I just want to paint the picture, a lot decided that some people who are lost in the same desert will not be able to benefit from this guy who's just lit a fire. And his his fire is getting

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taller, and it's warming things around him to which they need in the night. But Allah decides that he will take their light away, they have a law who renewed him, so they won't even have even the minimal, most minimal access to want to go in that direction. And so the question arises here, which we won't answer yet. Why would Allah do that to these poor people? That's the first question. Ally intervenes himself and then he says the hava law will be new to him for Arabic students. You should also notice that you can say this another way in Arabic, you can say I have a lot more neurons. And if hub was the hub will be a magnet. They say in Arabic When you say that, how about with a bar or

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you say alphabets roughly the same meaning, but it's actually not entirely the same meaning and back to sheet insock in Arabic, they say in other words, make it simple again, what a lie saying here is that Allah Himself intervened and took the light away forever.

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If you say Allahu nuwara home

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The road. If you say a law remove their life with atharva, it might come back. Allah made the light go away, like Allah makes the night of the day go away every night. But it comes back the next morning. And then he makes it go away. usable law who knows every night? But if you say that, how about law who venuti him, that means the light is never gonna come back. In other words, they're not even getting close to it ever. When taraka home fi Hulu, Matt, and he left them in the middle of the dark. In shades of darkness, not even the dark shades and shades of darkness. What in the world does that mean? They're not just night as dark by itself. But there are clouds and clouds on top of that,

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and clouds on top of that. And the deeper they go into the desert, the darker and darker and darker it gets. So they're actually not only in the dark as it is they are getting even worse in darkness. Okay, well.

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Now you've seen they have no possibility of seeing. Notice also, we won't answer this yet. But I want to create the questions in your mind. There's the word your own, they can't see. But I'll use a different word you will soon when we'll dig into that when we dig into the meanings of this image. But then, if this wasn't bad enough, obviously, when people are lost in the middle of the desert, and it's dark, and they can't find any light, they're in a pretty deadly situation. And at the very least, if they can't see, they might be if it's one of us will be like Hello, Is anyone there? Or you might hear something snap a twig leaf or something. Hey, is that is that a person? Hello, I need

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some help. You'll be if you can't see your ears go up. Your ears become sharper, don't they? It's when you're not able to see, especially at nighttime, you know, the lights are off, you're lying in your bed. All of a sudden you notice everything. The window moved a little bit.

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You know, everything your ears become sharp. And when the lights are on your ears, like your mother can call you 20 times you don't listen, they don't work. But when the lights are off, it's a different situation. Now are they in the dark? Yes, which means what should become sharper hearing Allah says someone Alemany them death. He doesn't say allow me then they said they are deaf. So there's actually just Deaf someone. And then he says

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he says their mute. Mute means nobody can hear them. Their mute means they can't speak. The point is there's two things. One, even if they did speak, nobody will hear me.

00:22:22--> 00:22:59

And they are so far away from anything that can be heard that you know, for a long time, if there's absolutely no sound, you might even start thinking you're hearing doesn't work. But you're deaf, that isolated there's complete sensory deprivation, and then they're blind. And the blindness is an added problem. First part of blindness is if you don't have light if we turn all the lights off in here, right, and there's no there's a completely cloudy night and there's no streetlights, it'll be pitch black. That's a kind of blindness also. So first of all, I made a blindness happen from the outside by removing all the light. But now there's at least a light of the eyes, even that's taken

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away. So their hearing is gone. Their ability to speak is gone. And they're seeing is gone. And then he says For whom layer zero, then these then they there is no way they're coming back. The question is coming back, we're coming back to the light that they were supposed to go to notice Allah said nudy him, it's their light. In other words, that light that the man had lit was meant for them. If it was meant for them, then you say newly him if it wasn't meant for them, then the hub Allah we knew. But we knew him. Allah remove their access to the light their light. So now let's revisit this image and understand what is being said what is being said here is absolutely mind boggling. I asked

00:23:42--> 00:24:00

a large origin sincerely that he gives me clarity of speech. So I can I can explain this to you in a way that will settle in your minds and and there's some justice to the beauty of these ions. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam says in a beautiful example, in maselli vamos a lukewarm Casa de la gente en esto kanara.

00:24:01--> 00:24:35

The example of me and new people is like the example of a man who tried to light a fire Sounds familiar? That parable is different. It's a different we won't discuss that parable. But there's already a hint here. Who is the man lighting the fire in the image. It's a little less on the lohardagan Now let's take a step back further. You know the one we saw in the children of Israel? hula hula kinda been hella fun to be on. Every time a prophet died another would take his place, then one would die another would take his place another would die another one takes place constantly. They had profits one after the other. You have the old and you have Sulaiman. You know.

00:24:36--> 00:24:59

You have Zakaria then you have yada yada just continuous follow up, follow up, follow up until they get a solid system. This happened almost 600 years before the prophet SAW them. They finally get the last messenger to Venezuela. That's a salicylic Islam. They reject a Saudi Salaam and initialism is lifted. Okay. Rafa, Allahu alayhi. Allah raised him towards himself. And that was almost how long ago six

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100 years ago, and they were used to getting profits when every generation and now one generation 23456 centuries go by, no profits are coming. And the Israelites, the children of Israel are starving for a profit. And they knew that when there's this kind of in Qatar and Ye, when revelation stops coming for this long, that means the last one is coming. That actually means the last one is coming, because this will not stop until a level give a break. And finally send the last one, so that the Jews even of the Arab world, were desperately waiting for the coming of the last messenger. On the other side, you have the people, okay, and by the way, the Jews were in Medina, and a lot of

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people don't know this. Some argue some historians argue that Jews moved to Medina. And they moved to Widener, because some of them were convinced from their books, that the last messenger will come to Medina. So generations before they actually moved to Medina. And they used to have letters written to us Hola. Todos was hosted them in their language that we came here waiting for you because our books have told us that you are going to be coming in this region, and they would die and not see the Prophet come. And they would pass the letter to their children and their children who pass it to their children. This is a tradition of the Arab Jews, that they were waiting for the

00:26:18--> 00:26:57

last messenger to come to Medina. Meanwhile, for generations this happens. Meanwhile, in the city of Mecca, you have a man named Mohammed born not born, as the son of Abdullah and until the age of 40. Even he doesn't know what his mission is going to be. And by the by the way, that the idea of no revelation, the idea of no revelation is actually the idea of night. Because when you don't revelation itself is light. For me novella he was really he was, under the antenna, believe in a line the messenger is messenger and the light that we have sent down, when the lessons let revelation down, that is called light. And by the way, without light, you can't have directions.

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Right? So it's only light that will give you Hooda. What that means is directions. So revelation is called guidance, because revelation itself is also light, that those two things are interchangeable. Now. For a long time there has been the world has been in darkness, because revelation hasn't come. And actually the night has been much longer for the Arabs, because the last one that was with them as a smart aleck Islam, and that's been 1000s of years. They have they've lost the light for a very, very, very long time. And Allah did something strange with these people with the children of Israel and the Arab people. He did something strange with them. He put them in a special kind of darkness

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They have you have the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, the abyssinians, you have all these empires around. And those empires, they build roads, they build infrastructure, they build castles, they have cities that are lit up. What are the Arabs have? Desert,

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desert, and they're a Bedouin people for the most part, they travel around, and they light a fire to get make do pick up their tent, move on light a fire somewhere else. They're not a people of infrastructure, no civilization, no grant nothing. They're actually behind the rest of the world by a few centuries. They're completely behind the rest of the world. And in that place of darkness, of a senseless little loss of alohar the use of them. Now, you know, you put it in perspective this quarter, and that was given to the Prophet isotopes. That night that that revelation began, when the Quran was given to the prophecies from the entire future of the world changed the map of the world

00:28:31--> 00:29:11

as we see it today is the way it is because of that night, that one night changed the entire course of human history. What what Persia would look like what Rome would look like, what the Americas even look like, how much of the world has been inspired or influenced by Islam directly or indirectly, it's absolutely remarkable. It's absolutely incredible, that at least a fifth of the world's population is moved his move directly and then the rest of them indirectly, by the word of Allah, that one night, and that Allah chose to give not to the Roman Empire, not to the Greeks with their philosophical history, he decided to find the darkest spot on the planet where there is absolutely

00:29:11--> 00:29:20

no civilization, but they didn't have one thing. They didn't have buildings. They didn't have philosophy. They didn't have any of that. But there was one thing they were very proud of.

00:29:21--> 00:29:23

And they weren't proud of their sand.

00:29:24--> 00:29:25

And they didn't have oil yet.

00:29:28--> 00:29:36

They had their language. They were proud of their language. And this was actually part of self esteem, man, okay, we don't have buildings, but we do poetry.

00:29:39--> 00:30:00

You guys can't talk like us. We know how to drop man language. That's our thing. And they took pride because you know, when you don't have anything else than the one thing you do have, you're going to take care of it. Yeah. So they really, really took care of their language. I mean, they would, poets would become rich, for just dropping the right kind of poetry. They will be set for life. You

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

No. And nations would go to war because somebody dissed another one spit some Ryan Rams against another tribe and that was it. That's that's war for generations. And they're gonna remember it. You know, the garba, which was the center of worship was also the Center for poetry competitions. So the most epic lines of poetry that were dropped, has the honor of being written down and hung on the wall of the Kaaba, the moral o'clock they're called, they were hung on the wall of the Kaaba, this was their thing. What does Allah do? He sends the final revelation to these people, what are the masters of language? Now, I want you to understand that when the Prophet Alayhi Salaam, the first

00:30:38--> 00:30:48

image is the one who lit a fire in the middle of the night, yes, those who have lost sight of them until the age of 40, he's not a messenger yet, but he's very bothered by what he sees around him.

00:30:49--> 00:31:23

He's bothered by the fact that these people worship idols, he never does it himself. He's bothered by the fact that there's so many people oppressed, the orphan gets pushed around, nobody takes care of the needy, the old aren't cared for. And you know that Rasulullah saw them even before becoming a messenger, basically used to be a humanitarian activist, he used to go around helping people as much as he could, and, you know, even Houdyshell, the Allahu taala. And how much of her wealth was now dedicated to him doing humanitarian work in the in the city of Makkah. But he got frustrated with that also, because I'm helping the oppressed, but oppression keeps increasing. I help five people

00:31:23--> 00:31:59

tomorrow, there's 50 people, I help the poor, but poverty doesn't go away. I try to fight fight corruption, but corruption keeps on increasing. And this burden of humanity, why is there so much evil in the world was weighing down on him? And he didn't know what to do about it. And he needed time to contemplate and think so what did he use to do? He used to leave the city of Mecca, and go and contemplate, just kind of get used to just reflect up in the mountain. That mountain is now called jevelin. New, the mountain of light. It's called that for a number of reasons, of course, because the angel made of light gave him the revelation, which is light at that mountain. But it was

00:31:59--> 00:32:07

also called a balloon before that, because the moon used to reflect very brilliantly on it. And also some say, if you did light a fire there, you could see it everywhere.

00:32:08--> 00:32:32

Now, we don't have any narrations that say the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself used to go up there and light a fire. But my own imagination tells me it's very difficult to be up in the middle of the mountain up at the mountain, and in the dark, and not light a fire. Well la junta Allah Allah. But regardless, he does he does go in isolation. By the way, does that remind you of anybody else who went for a fire on top of a mountain? Masonic?

00:32:33--> 00:33:04

There are two groups I want to talk to you about when we interpret this example. There's the Jews of Medina who were waiting for a prophet for almost six centuries, and they were the masters of Arabic, the people of Mecca, the masters of Arabic, right? And no, they This is their pride and joy, and they can tell how far they can take this language. Rasulullah Islam comes with the Quran. And when it comes with the Quran, the two most stubborn people he finds, the first of them are the highest level of the Arabs. And they were the first ones to know this cannot be human.

00:33:05--> 00:33:32

The ones who were in the best position to tell that the Quran is absolutely the word of Allah, who kept their pride kept them from accepting that you find the narrations of SMS, evolutionary, and Abu sufian. You know, and also Abuja when they used to come to hide behind the wall of the prophets house and he saw Salam at nighttime. They were addicted to listening to Quran when he would make Yama lame, but they wouldn't tell anyone in the morning.

00:33:33--> 00:33:39

And these two they caught each other one night, like what are you doing here? Or what are you doing here? You know,

00:33:40--> 00:34:12

because they were they couldn't help themselves but listen to Quran and they swore to each other, we will not come back again. They caught each other The next night and the next night. Then they had to get serious and say look, if the young people of Makkah find out that we're addicted to Quran during the day and we insult the Quran, you're addicted to porn at night, and insulted during the day we're gonna lose our credibility. We're not going to come back again. And abou Sofia narrates this after he becomes Muslim. This is what we used to do. What is the point? Well, eatable mahira I actually want to read to you what what even Medina said, it's mind boggling what he says. He went to law

00:34:12--> 00:34:27

school of law cllr salaam to listen to Quran because he was the best of their poets. He said, I got this. I can handle this. You guys can criticize Koran. I'll show you what that means. So he goes and listens to Quran and comes back and he's quiet. You're not saying anything. And people are like,

00:34:28--> 00:34:49

tell us something. So now that you've listened to it, what expert criticism will you teach us that we can use against the Quran? So this is his speech for law he Murphy come in larger than a Sharmini I swear to God, there is not a man among you who knows more about poetry than I do when it will be Roger de la casa de la ville. Sharon, gentlemen, Mini.

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

He's a nobody knows the right meter. You know, you got to drop a rhyme at a certain number of syllables. Nobody understands that or the length of poetry, the cost

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

See the nobody knows that nobody even knows the poetry of the gin better than I do. He's trying to say look, I own this field, guys. So what I'm about to tell you You better listen. Well la he used to be hula de Hulu Shea and Madhava what he says I swear to god is nothing like any of these things. I swear to God, what I've heard from him is nothing like any poetry I've ever heard. will lie in nikoli he Olivia kulu Hannah Watson. We're in LA Haleakala Watson, and I swear to God, that word that he says it's got a sweetness I tell you. Oh, and it's got it. There's a there's a splendor that dominates it. We're in the hula muskmelon Allahu, and the high points of it are full of fruits man.

00:35:44--> 00:35:57

I just I hear it and that's that's my impression is well as fellow will move upon us. falou and the low points of it, are full of treasure. They're abundant. We're in a hula mama you are Allah.

00:35:58--> 00:36:04

And you know and this word will will overcome and it will not be overcome. This is not a Muslim speaking.

00:36:05--> 00:36:43

This is the one like Islam enemy number one of the time when even mohila This is his credit, his reaction to the Quran. We're in the world is the motto animal crush anything underneath it, called a lie of the ankle como Kotaku Fie. They said, Look, your people are not going to be happy with you until you come up with a criticism about it. Okay. This was not a criticism. We were hoping for something a little. We can't air this on Fox. We need something a lot better than you need to give us something else, you know. So he says for that and he had Tofurky reasons. Okay, let me think. Let me think, for them Africa, when he thought about it, called hatha yoga.

00:36:44--> 00:37:21

This is magic. tell people this is magic. And people who hear it get impacted by it. They get mesmerized by now, why did he say magic? The idea of saying magic is, you know, when somebody does magic, then you can't explain it. There's no rational explanation. So he knows there's no rational explanation that this is poetry or made up. So the only way you can tell people to accept this is this say you have to believe in the unseen because believing in the lies in the unseen but also believing in the magic in magic is also what believe in the unseen, so at least get them to believe in the wrong unseen. Give them that much. But they'll have to believe that it's supernatural. Not

00:37:21--> 00:37:48

much I can help you with that one. It is magical. So how am I I'm Ella. But did he this conversation that they had we learn about this conversation much later, but at the time that they speak about it? Did they come out and say the Quran is beautiful? No, they never made this public. You know why this is? Well, you understand? On the one hand, they refuse to listen to the Quran, remember, someone are deaf. But the next criticism is a strange one, book one, they don't even speak.

00:37:50--> 00:38:21

They don't speak what they speak what they have in their heart. What they have in their heart is this is the word of God. This is the truth. I can't say that. In a private meeting, I can say but outside apcom, I ain't gonna talk I'm not gonna say anything. So I'm gonna end up putting my foot in my mouth. And then only one and they're blind, blind. This this sequence has to be understood. You know, if you listen to the word of Allah, if you listen to it, you will want to learn. And in order to learn a person comes in asks for

00:38:22--> 00:39:00

a demo, you start learning by asking questions interacting with the prophecies of Sahaba used to ask questions all the time, or no, you know about a word in the Quran, when mahama how they would ask. So first you listen, and then you speak in order to learn. They're listening is blocked, someone they're speaking is blocked. armbian. But if you did listen, and you did speak, and you did learn, then it will change the way you see things. It will give you basilar but now they're blind. I don't mean No, no, no, no wonder they're blind. Also, someone Bookman Bamian, but and then the beautiful part of this from there on is for whom they are Jihoon, then they're not going to come back. Come

00:39:00--> 00:39:36

back to what come back to the same fitrah that Allah had made them. Actually when you go back and learn. Allah says What did Allah remove from them? What's the first thing Allah removed from them? Their light, you know, the rule inside of the human being that was poured inside the human being when we were babies. That rule is also called nude. Our Luma Haleakala Julio Salaam, says the first rule created was mine, he used the word nude instead, this thing inside of us is new, we say and this lives inside of our heart, and core on itself is also what it's known. And we make the right to Allah, Allah whom I know we're gonna

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

make our hearts full of what, full of light, full of light the parable in suta note is of the heart being filled with light. When Allah says in this parable, Allah remove their light. Allah is actually saying Allah had given them light, and that light inside of their hearts was enough to recognize the light of Revelation, but they refused their arrogance covered up that light and didn't let it out.

00:40:00--> 00:40:21

Since they didn't let it out a lot decides Fine, I'll just take it away. You don't want the light. You don't want you to fix my there. I'll remove it from you. If you don't exercise what God has given you, then it will be taken away. That's a principle of Allah's creation. Allah gave me hands. Allah gave me eyes. If I put blinds over my eyes, and I don't take them off for a year, guess what?

00:40:22--> 00:41:00

When I take them off, what's going to happen? I'm going to be blind. If I don't use my legs for a year, I lie down in bed and I don't use my legs completely for a year Am I going to be able to stand up? Nope. atrophy. The same things that Allah created in the physical world. When you Allah gives you a capability and you don't use it, you lose it, a lot takes it away. The same thing happens spiritually. Allah gave you the ability to accept the truth. For years and years and years you didn't you saw the truth and you didn't accept it. Your ability to accept the truth, your ability to use that very light that Allah has given you has been taken away from you that have allowed venuti

00:41:00--> 00:41:10

him what our account is all about. And he left them in darknesses. Now you've zeroed but on the other side where the Jewish people and the Jewish people, they were waiting for a messenger yes or no.

00:41:11--> 00:41:50

And so they were waiting for this light to come. And this light finally came. And the Quran says yeah, una una na home. They recognize him like they recognize their own children. They recognize the Koran like they will recognize their own children. There was no doubt left that this is the revelation they've been waiting for. But their pride kept them from accepting it. couldn't do it. How can we accept these curse people these less than us these Gentiles, a messenger from among them, he can't even read and write. In the previous if we saw they were willing to call them super hot fools. How can we accept this we can? Allah says fine. I have given you your own light. Some thought

00:41:50--> 00:42:03

was with you. And through that you could have seen what the truth in the Quran is a new side. You saw it with whatever good was left inside of your hearts. But if you didn't want to exercise it that have Allahu venuti him Metallica home in LA, you've seen someone Bookman

00:42:05--> 00:42:41

now their death now no matter what if the kuranda here is not going to go into their hearts. And when they hear the truth and it resonates with them, they're not going to say they can tell oh my god that I right there. It confirms what it said. I shouldn't say anything. Keep it to yourself. Move on to the next chapter. Skip this word, even change this word. You have any foreigner kenema mo de la use the present tense, they continue to change the word from its place. Not just they changed it back in the day. They still change it from its place. You know? So you know, one of one of my great role models. scholar of the last century hamidah Dean Farah, he Rahim Allah wrote an amazing

00:42:41--> 00:43:16

book about usaha, the man who has to be remarkable research. The man was a brilliant scholar of the Arabic language. He was a master of Hebrew. He studied Hebrew, Hebrew for eight years, only to study one issue, who was the son that Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam was supposed to slaughter? Because the Jews say it's Isaac, and the Muslims say majority of Muslims say it's, it's mine. Right? And when the Jews say it's his hack, based on that, they say that the blessed children are the children of his hack, and the curse children are the children of his married and from there they derive that the all the Arabs are cursed, and their religion is curse. And from there, they realize Islam is cursed. So

00:43:16--> 00:43:32

it all starts with who is supposed to be slaughtered with them. So he decides to research this issue. And he actually first part of his book, he just researches thoughts. Just Torah, the Hebrew Torah and in his book in Arabic written book, he's got Hebrew citations across the book.

00:43:33--> 00:43:41

And he shows where they made the changes. You know, he's they say, for example, that Abraham went between Shiva and moda

00:43:43--> 00:44:12

that Safa and Marwa they just move the letter over. She find Mota. They went into a barren valley with the spring of water, what barren valley with a spring of water. And it was like this. And then they say, it was by the Temple of Solomon, homie, the Temple of Solomon wasn't even there. This is the time of Abraham. Solomon is like centuries later. But they put that in there. And he exposes it. They say he was he went to this, where was the slaughter? Where did the slaughter happen? Or it happened in the sacred valley of Saqqara, which no one knows where it is, oh, circa.

00:44:13--> 00:44:18

Soccer, was just a little little bit a little missing over there and then becomes bucha.

00:44:20--> 00:44:57

So he exposes it with how they did this systematically to illustrate that a smartphone should not be considered because they knew eventually the final messenger will come from the children have a smiley face around. So they recognize they do recognize, and so that's when you appreciate these IOD that? Why would a lie remember I've asked the question, why would Allah make them blind? Why wouldn't they take their hearing away? Why will they make the mute poor people? Why can't they see the light? They refuse to see the light? They had it and they didn't appreciate it. So Allah says, fine, have it your way? Because that's what Allah does. Yamato and Vito Leon er mon. He lets them go

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

far as far as they want blinded by their hearts.

00:45:00--> 00:45:05

Now comes the second more elaborate image. Let me just check the time real quick. Oh my god, okay.

00:45:06--> 00:45:08

Oh God forgive me this summer.

00:45:09--> 00:45:50

Now the second picture or think of heavy rain falling from the sky, nighttime again. The rain the each drop is the size of a fist that's called either a saved mataranka needle in suburbia. And it's the heaviest kind of rain that can fall when rain that heavy is falling. Can you drive? When drops are like this big and there's just you can you can you drive. And by the way, you have the fortune of a windshield in front of you. If you are walking in that kind of rain, how far can you see? They're literally blinded by just the shower that's constantly falling, right? So this is the first part of it, oh, Kasabian, Miller summer. And why use the word summer because rain obviously comes

00:45:50--> 00:46:29

from the sky. So why even administra? The suggestion is it's coming from right above the mean, it means removing him from right above them. It's not even rain further away. It's kind of lighter over here, you get to see that in the US. Sometimes you're driving, you can see there's a rainstorm up ahead, you're like, Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god, you know, but it's not hit you yet. But when you say Vanessa, you can even see him. Right above them. It's coming right on to them. Now this man is out in the desert is terrible, terrible rain. And Allah says, Fie, Lulu Martin. What I don't work on. In that rain. There are layers of darkness. So it's not only nighttime. That's one darkness. Heavy,

00:46:29--> 00:47:15

thick clouds, another darkness. Clouds on top of that, another darkness. Whatever fire was lit anywhere has now been poured out by what? The rain, another darkness. They are stuck in darkness on top of darkness on top of darkness. And then he says this is a little mind. Then he says what are the thunders? Loud thunders hit every now and then. When bark, and every now and then lightning strikes. So now you can barely see. And you hear the loud thunder and the the sound of the rain splashing on the ground is deafening enough as it is. And on top of that there's a thunder and every now and now and again. There is a lightning strike aluna A Fabio Fabio avani him, they stick their

00:47:15--> 00:47:54

fingers into their ears. You know, it's interesting that the fingertip in Arabic is called enamel. So if you want to stick your fingertip in your ear, you say yes, Luna anomala home theogony him. Let me say that he said they stick their entire fingers in their ears, you know what that means? They're so horrified by the explosions may not survive. So what happens actually, the lightning hits the ground, boom, there's an explosion, and it keeps on happening. And they get so terrified by it, they put their fingers in their ear, they could still hear a little bit so they stuffed it a little harder inside. And that's why a sabia home is used in Minnesota because of the constant over and

00:47:54--> 00:48:33

over again, explosions hazard mode. This is their way of taking precaution for not of not dying out of fear of death out of caution against death. Now you tell me if lightning is striking, and bombs are dropping all around you these lightning strikes are happening. Is this protection against what's happening around you? No, this actually means a person is so overwhelmed so overstressed by this situation, they're caught in, they can't find any shelter. They can't see where they're going. They're over their sensory, sensory sensory overload, because the sounds are so violent, and it's so loud. And on top of that these explosions, they kind of experience partial insanity. So the only

00:48:33--> 00:48:33

thing they're doing is

00:48:35--> 00:49:10

they're just standing in place sticking their fingers in their ear. This is not happening, you know. And then Allah says he pulls back and says, Well law whom are here from big caffeine, Allah has the disbelievers completely surrounded. This is not part of the example. This is actually reality. He's gonna go back into the example that painting is not done yet. But he pulled out of the painting and said, by the way, I'm talking about disbelievers who think they get away with things who think they're and this is a category of disbelievers that's being talked about. I'll take you back and remind you something. The first image was brief. The second images, elaborate. Remember that we're

00:49:10--> 00:49:21

in the elaborate image. Now the first image was nighttime in the desert, the light is gone. The second image is you're out in the desert, also heavy heavy rain, lightning strikes. And now he says yeah, cargo.

00:49:23--> 00:49:42

Lightning, when it strikes, it almost blinds them. It almost snatches their eyesight. In other words, you can't see anything in the dark. All of a sudden, there's a lightning strike, you can see a little bit like a camera flash for a second, like the light you see in Texas when you cut a red light. For a second you see something you're like, ah, medical mode, you know.

00:49:44--> 00:50:00

You know, for a second something hit you and in that pitch black dark for a second you can see and then realize they were about to fall off a cliff. They were just walking off the edge of a cliff. So they just stopped. I gotta move this way. They're in this dangerous place. They don't even know where they're going. So they're waiting for

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

The next lightning strike so they can take the next step. So he says yakata will work around the lightning, that's almost blinding them, it takes almost their light away. But Kula about every time it lights up for them. And about oh, by the way, it's not like an IRA, though, has one in it, heat, which means the explosion was nearby, and you could feel the heat of it. But every time the explosion happens, myselfi, they can walk a little bit, at least, they can take a little bit of a walk, you would think that if you're in such a situation, and this pouring, rain is happening on top of you, and you're flooded, and these explosive sounds are happening, you wouldn't be walking, you'd

00:50:38--> 00:51:12

be running like you do to your car, in the rain, you don't walk to your car, you run to your car, but the thing is, they're in such a dangerous place, they can't afford to run, they might just fall off the cliff. I mean, unless you make that happen, all the images of the Quran are actually interconnected, it's really awesome. But one other day sometime sometime, you know, so these people, when that little lightning strike happens, they just take a couple of steps. And then the lightning is gone, whether you know and then so koulamallah home every single time it lights up for them a little bit much ofI they walk in, it was only him. And when it goes back to normal, darkness falls

00:51:12--> 00:51:15

upon them again, camo, they're less they're standing.

00:51:16--> 00:51:40

As bad as this is, as bad as this is if you compare to the previous image, in the previous image, they the light, they went further from the light. What did Allah do to them, he made them deaf. He made the mute, and he made them blind. Practically speaking, these people are kind of blind already. Because in that heavy rain, you can see you can't really see anyway.

00:51:41--> 00:52:19

The second problem is their problem. They're that they're as good as mute. Because even if somebody was talking, can you hear anything in this weather? No. And there is good as there is good as deaf if somebody was speaking to them, which it would they be able to hear it? No. But Allah adds, he says, But still, they can see a little bit right, they can still see a little bit, which illustrates that as bad as this is, this is still better than the previous image. It's scarier, it's more elaborate, but there's still not a lost cause there's at least some light they can still walk in it right? Allah says one oh sha Allah and had Allah wanted leather have there be some a him Well, I'm

00:52:19--> 00:52:36

sorry him had Allah wanted he could have taken their hearing and their sight away to just like the previous picture. In the previous picture. He took the eyes away. He took the hearing away. He says that this time I won't take it away yet. In the Lucha Allah coalition Cody, certainly allies completely capable over everything. In other words, I might.

00:52:38--> 00:52:52

I can't do it. But I'll let you suffer for now. Let's see if you can get your act together. Let's see if you can make your way to shelter. Now. What is this second image talking about? What in the world is it talking about? This image is actually if you go back a little bit, you'll appreciate it.

00:52:53--> 00:53:32

The first group that was described was stubborn disbelievers in the livina aka furusawa when I lay him under home, at home like me no stubborn disbelievers and stubborn disbelievers. They're hearing they're speaking and there's their site is gone. They're actually depicted in the first image, the stubborn disbelievers of courage, and the leaders of the Jewish community who knowingly disbelieved. They're captured in the first image. The second images of people that are a little bit moving towards good, but they're terrified. And what are they terrified of lightning strikes thunder, the Quran after centuries of revelation being changed for the first time was talking about judgment, a

00:53:32--> 00:53:59

Hellfire wrecking, you know, reckoning before Allah, and it was talking about every time one of those ions would come down, it will be like a Thunder Strike. And the Quran is not soft when it comes to criticizing it hits you like thunder and lightning. And these people would hear those revelations, those warnings. And by the way, why is thunder and lightning a perfect image for warnings? If you go back far enough, you find what's our en la him? Under con la, Oklahoma.

00:54:00--> 00:54:35

Under the Home Loan Program, the entire passage is actually about warnings. And so in a state of warning, the warning is paralleled with the thunder and the lightning that keeps falling on them. And by the way, I told you this before this is the time to mention it again. They had almost completely removed any mention of the Day of Judgment, any mention of Hellfire from the entire Talat from the entirety it was gone it's To this day, some side mention of it by the end of the Old Testament by the end of the Hebrew Bible some side mentioned otherwise completely done with you ask a modern you know even a practicing Jew today. Do you believe in the Day of Judgment Hellfire

00:54:35--> 00:54:43

heaven? I'm not sure. I'll get back to you on that. Another law why nearly Roger, you'll get back to me on that you never asked at Saturday school or something?

00:54:44--> 00:54:59

miserable. It's not a big focus in our religion. Koran is Jay is judgment a is hellfire. Is it a big focus? Yeah. So when you haven't been used to hearing anything like this, and then it keeps dropping on you it is like thunder and lightning. But then sometimes there are IOD which have hope in them.

00:55:00--> 00:55:05

Little bit of hope, little softness, and that's like the lightning that I, oh, okay, I can move a little bit.

00:55:06--> 00:55:34

And then the warnings come again, you're like, Okay, this is actually the picture of the hypocrite also, who only moves forward towards Islam when there's a little bit of convenience. But otherwise he finds the religion too much of a storm, too much to handle. I'm drowning in it, man, I can't do it, you know. So this both of these images are captured so beautifully. When we shout Allahu la Bobby summoning him upside to him in the La La coalition. Now if you can queue up and shout out to Allah, I can probably wrap this up within 15 minutes.

00:55:35--> 00:56:13

So these two are the first elaborate images in the Quran. But now I want to give you an overview of what we've done thus far. I told you like, you know, this is a more recent study in the Quran. Don't read it yet, and you will get confused. Okay, just look at me for now. Just listen. This is a more elaborate study in the Quran. The Quran has, if you study it just in translation, just quickly, you'll notice that it seems that it's all over the place subject wise, but a careful study will illustrate that it has a remarkable, amazing Order, order like no other book, actually. And this is not just something the Muslims are discovering. Now, even non Muslims are discovering this now. The

00:56:13--> 00:56:48

study of structure and composition in the Quran has actually become a major study in several Western universities. They're not looking at this to attack the Koran. They're actually looking at this and saying, This is pretty amazing stuff. You know, and there are people who studied this stuff in western universities and as a result have become Muslim. There are people like that do like Raymond Ferran, a friend of mine, who wrote structure in the Quran. You know, he was doing his PhD at Georgetown, and when he studied the subject, and he was actually doing an expertise in how Arabic poetry is organized, and on the side, he thought of Quran like poetry. It's another Arab cultural

00:56:48--> 00:57:22

thing. So he starts studying the Quran and its structure and really not much talked about in our circles. And he discovered some pseudo structures and he says, This is not this is way too elaborate. There's not humanly possible. Let me study this some more. And he studies it and finds it in Surah, after surah after sola until we just take Shahada. He's a professor of Arabic at the University of Kuwait now, and Leakey, you Allah, Allah, Allah via a shallow JD, you know, that's what they say he's a white guy from New Jersey, teaching Arabic In the fourth year students in Kuwait, Jamia

00:57:23--> 00:57:35

Kuwait, and the Arab students that sit under him, they're like, you know, Nabina alleman rbma Leakey, like what's wrong with us? We're learning Arabic from an American. And he goes Lisa de Manya.

00:57:36--> 00:57:42

You ultimately, because the Arabs are teaching English at this university is no problem. We can teach Arabic to

00:57:44--> 00:58:22

pretty funny guy. But anyway, what I want to show you is the first IR of this surah we're about believers. And in those that's not on the screen, that's why I've talked about them. So you pay attention here first, the first out of the surah we're about who believers and you'll find there's a symmetry there to Delhi, Calcutta bollore, Buffy hodan. Lil Mata Qin and when it ends, Allah, Allah who then may not be him, it begins with guidance and it ends with guidance. And in the middle there are two IOD both of them are you minion and levena You mean una una sala. Well, as you know, you know, NaVi Valentina la caja mountains, the Roman Catholic guidance at the beginning guidance at the

00:58:22--> 00:58:58

end, you're in the middle, you're not in the middle of perfect symmetry. Then you come to visa, these are the rest of these ions from iron number six, all the way to iron number 20. These are the IRS about disbelievers. Why am I saying this believers because I'm combining the hypocrites and disbelievers as one group, the disbelievers are those who show the deniers are those who show their denial outright. And then there are those who hide their denial. Yes. So if you look now, in that first section, you have what we read was in the Levine aka furusawa when I lay him under the homeland, you know, whether you want them or not, they're not going to believe you remember that?

00:58:58--> 00:59:31

Then we talked about the middle they won't believe then we said their hearts are sealed. Let them Allahu Allah boo boo him. But it wasn't just their hearts that were sealed, what else was sealed, their hearing was sealed and what was covered, their eyes were covered, and they have great punishment. That's a summary of what we read about them. Then we move on. In the second section, we read wamena nassima yakou ama Nebula he will Yamanaka among people. There are those who say they believe in the line the last day but they're not believers. They're not believers at all. And then Allah says you have your own aloha Valentina. amanu. They try to deceive a lion those who believed

00:59:32--> 00:59:59

when the owner learned for sound their attempts failed because they only deceive who themselves and then Allah says few kulula hemara What does that mean? Their hearts have a disease and what does Allah do with that disease? Rosada, whom Allah Hamada, then Allah extends that sickness, he extends that disease. Well, Amazon lamb McCann, who Yaki boon and they have painful punishment because they have been lying I'm running you through a quick translation of these are, stay with me. Then Allah says what either kilala when you say when it is

01:00:00--> 01:00:00

To them

01:00:01--> 01:00:27

you know not to say do filler don't make corruption in the land. Don't cause corruption. What do they say? kalinda Monique No, mostly no we're not the ones making crap we're the good guys we're the ones making things better. And I no one will see don't you had better No, they're the ones that are the ultimately corrupt. Then if you go on the other side, it doesn't start at the top it starts at the bottom going 123456 I'm going to go work my way back up. Okay, so we're at the bottom now number four.

01:00:28--> 01:01:05

When the ladder home um you know, come on in and that's when it's set to them believe like people have believed carlu and minakami Amana sofa. They say we should believe like fools have believed a lot in the homeless so far. No, no, no, you should know they're the ultimate fools when I can lay on the moon they don't even know. Now the next part of the surah was where is our local Latina Manu kalu Amanda when they meet those who believe what do they say? We believe whether Hello hola Cheltenham when they go to their devils. devils calm in America. They say we are with you and no one must assume we're just we're just kidding. A La Jolla says it will be him. Allah is the one making

01:01:05--> 01:01:41

fun of them. We are not the Humphrey toyana him Yamaha and he extends them in the rebellion. They remain blind in the heart. Now, the last part would I can live in estado de la ville Hoda, this is what we were doing today. Actually, they sold though they purchased misguidance and sold what guidance from our ob hottie gelato hamanaka limited in their sale didn't do them any good. Their trade didn't do them any good. They weren't committed to guidance anyway. Their example is like someone who lit a fire. And when the fire lit everything around them. Their light was Tayla took their light away and left them in the darkness is now you know this image. Now here's the amazing

01:01:41--> 01:02:17

thing. The first if you look at the last part, which is Ola eco Latina estado de la la ville Hoda. They're the ones who purchased You know, they're the ones who purchased misguidance in exchange for guidance, then you understand the first time when Allah says those who disbelieve it doesn't even matter whether you want them or not. They're not going to believe the question arises Why are they so stubborn? How come they won't believe? Then you realize the answer comes at the end? The answer is they've sold the guidance that they Allah says their hearts are sealed. And by the end of images you read in the images you read, a lot took their what away?

01:02:18--> 01:02:53

What did Allah take away in the desert? lava lobby? Where's the light in their hearts? In the first passage, Allah says Allah sealed their hearts on a cemetery. hatami Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah cemetery him. Is there anything about their ears not working at the end? Do you remember in the image that we did today? By the end of life xojo says someone, someone there and by the way, now, however, they must seal their ears did not tell you if you don't use your legs, you won't be able to walk. Is there any part of this picture today? You remember they stopped using their ears? How did they stop using their ears?

01:02:54--> 01:03:28

They stuck their fingers in their ears, and you stick your fingers in your ears long enough. A lot will take your ability to hear away and then you realize why Alessia is. In other words, the questions that were created in the first part of the passage are now being answered at the end, unless as their eyes are covered by the upside of him. In the beginning, he said their eyes are covered. And by the end, the painting was drawn there in the dark, and they're blind What better image of the eyes being covered, they're covered by the night and they're covered by their own blindness upon Allah. Now, let's move on the hypocrites. This is so amazing. The second passage and

01:03:28--> 01:04:04

the fifth passage, I put them next to each other. Look at it. When we nassima yaku Ahmed Abdullah, he will be among the people. There's somebody who says we believe on the line the last day. And on the other side, when they meet the believers, they say we believe they said twice in the surah. Allah repeated it one time to impress the prophet Isaiah also the other time to impress the believers. And then this is actually fascinating. Allah says Rama, homie, meaning they're not true believers at all. How do we know they're not true believers? Allah will tell us and he says they come to you. And they say we believe. But what happens after that?

01:04:05--> 01:04:14

They go to their Sheltie and say now we didn't mean that we're just kidding. Remember? So when the in the beginning Allah said they don't actually believe we're like, really, they don't actually believe.

01:04:15--> 01:04:54

And then by the end, you're like, Oh, they don't actually believe because they admit themselves that they don't believe they just say they were kidding. Elaborate to themselves. So problem with Allah. He says in the in the style of the for Iron Man. So Pamela, they try to deceive, but they only receive Who? themselves and at the end, they try to mock the Muslims in their own but Allah is making the joke is on them, it reverses on them. So in the beginning, their deception is reversed and at the end, their mockery is reversed. Then Allah said in the beginning, Fukunaga, Morocco and facade omala humara. Their hearts have a disease and electoral disease increase and by the end like

01:04:54--> 01:04:59

why would a lesser disease increase? Now like spleens, William would do home utopianism. Yeah.

01:05:00--> 01:05:23

Hoon, he extends them in their rebellion. They're rebels to begin with. Allah says fine, ribbit rebel more if you want. And if you remember Yama one in particular, Yama Hoon means to be blind of the heart to be blind of the heart. And so we're actually learning the name of that sickness. And previously Allah said their hearts are sick. Now that tells us their hearts are actually blinded, because light has been removed, then that's captured in the word Jamba Hoon?

01:05:24--> 01:06:00

What's what also is very interesting in the second passage is Allah ended it by saying, Allah will punish them because of the lies they make. They've been making lies. What is their lie? Their lie was when they came and said they believe because the truth was they were only kidding. Allah elaborate. No, you know, cuz Allah can facilitate. That's how we explain the ayah. And right in the middle, on the one hand, were either keylolo home, on the other hand, were either kilala home It is said to them is it is said to them, on the one hand, lots of see to fill out. In the other hand, army newcomer ominous, on the one hand, they're told, you should look at yourself, don't be corrupt.

01:06:01--> 01:06:42

And if you first of all, look in the mirror, don't be corrupt. And if you do want to look outside, look at better role models. So in the flip, I look at role models, and on this side, they're so righteous about themselves and no one has no Muslim own. They're so they have such a high opinion of themselves, and what opinion Do they have of the Sahaba in the next time, and so far we should believe like these fools, and then at the end, it was anger in both eyes. Allah, Allah, listen, listen, pay attention in the home home will mostly dawn in the home homosassa ha, what Akhilesh urlan malarkey let alone a perfect balance down the middle, six passages, one corresponding to six

01:06:42--> 01:06:55

two to five and three to four perfectly symmetrical and this is actually part of the style of the entire Quran. This kind of this is not the exact kind of symmetry over the Quran. But man the structure of the Quran and can you imagine this was just recited it was never written

01:06:56--> 01:07:19

by someone just received these out and spoke them. And when you study them carefully, you'll find just symmetry a level one and an X have something to wrap and then unfold in its image perfectly. So with that in shallow huhtala, we conclude today's session barakallahu li walakum filco and Hakeem when a Finally we are gonna be lucky. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.