Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #27 Crossing the Sirat

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In this life, the straight path is difficult to stay on. And that's why we ask Allah to keep us on it every single time we read sort of the Fatiha at least. And when you're walking in here, you have doors, which Shayateen calling you to them on each side of you all the way until you die. And you also have the sins that are like thorny bushes, and you have to hold yourself tight, seeking to avoid those sins. And the only thing that gets you through is that you are hearing the call of a lot ahead of you consistently. And you're moving towards, let's say a lot in this life has the paradise of certainty had gender to the pin the paradise of certainty. And the hooks of sin and doubt are on

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its sides. Let's see life in the next life has the paradise ahead. And the hooks of punishments are on all sides

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the profit slice and I'm said that the slot is thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword. And about the outside. I know the narrative that the prophets lysozyme said that I will be the first to cross the sloth, this bridge over the fire. And he said the supplication that you're out of little sort of the messengers of that day, and no one is going to be speaking on that day except for the messengers of Allah is that all of them will be saying Allahumma Salam Allahumma Salam, Allahu wa salam, O Allah keep us safe. Oh Allah keep us safe, Allah keep us safe. And so as the prophets lie Selim and the prophets cross, the prophet size, some said that there are hooks on the sides, and

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they have these huge thorns like the thorns of the side done, which is known to the Arabs for its size, but the enormity of those hooks are only known to Allah subhanaw taala. And so as you're standing there and you are hoping to cross this very quickly, your prophet has already crossed and Ibrahim, Annie Saddam and a Saudi Saddam and Musa Islam, these prophets have crossed and they are all saying Allahu wa salam Allahu wa salam Allahu wa salam, O Allah keep us safe, Allah keep us safe or lucky to safe. Then the Prophet sign Salam went on to say, who do not take up your shields. They said the Al Saud, Allah, is there an enemy that's presence? The Prophet slicin said no. He said,

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rather your shields from the fire on that day are Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Akbar. All Glory be to Allah All Praise be to Allah there is no God but Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala is great. And he said, Verily, they will come on the day of judgment as saviors and Mokuba guardian angels, and he said and they are about piatto sloty hat, they are the everlasting righteous deeds and so you have your tisby all of the times that you may vicar they are shields for you. As you're about to take that trip across the slot. The profit slice I'm also said that your sadaqa you'll see the similarities here. It's also a shield on that day. And the profit slice I'm

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set to I shall be Levana very famous Hadith set up a barrier between yourself and the fire. Well, there'll be Shakti Tamra, even if it's with half of the date. Now there are other things that prophets lie some mentioned to us that are going to guard us. So essentially, you want to be guarded from the punishment of the fire, and you want to be able to cross with great speed. So one of the ways that you guard yourself from the fire touching you as you're about to cross over the sloth is guarding the honor of your brother or sister the prophets. lysozyme said, If anyone guards a believer from a hypocrite, Allah will send an angel and the angel will stretch out and extend and

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will guard your flesh on the day of judgment from the fire. But look at what he said. On the other hand, the Prophet saw some stuff but if anyone attacks his brother or sister saying something hoping to humiliate him, then Allah will restrain him over the slot over Jahannam until he is acquitted of everything that he said. So Subhan Allah we see once again, how Allah subhanho wa Taala is defending the honor of the believers. Now remember, we said that the opposite of the punishment of harming is the reward of helping so in this station as well, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says something very beautiful. He says woman Masha Mara he he had written had to better her Allahu

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whoever walks with his brother or sister regarding a need until he secures it for them. If but Allahu Allahu Allah sloty Yo metas in Luffy lockdown, Allah will make his feet firm on the Sirat on the day when the feet will be slipping. So as you approach now, to make this move, the prophets lie some mentions another group of similar deeds. He says that trustworthiness and Siddhartha Raha the ties of kinship, they will be sent and they will stay

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at either side of the slot to the right and to the left, and they're going to protect you as you start to make your way across. And he said, the first of you is going to cross like lightning. And one of the Sahaba he said to me, my mother and father, we sacrifice for each other. So Allah, what does it mean to cross like lightning? And the Prophet slice? And I'm said, Have you not seen lightning? How it comes and goes back in the blink of an eye? So some people will cross the sloth, like a blink of an eye, may Allah make us amongst love? I mean, then he said, Sal, Allah hasten that some people will cross like the wind. And he said, some people will fly like birds, they'll cross it

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like birds, some people like fast horses, and there will be some people that will be crawling on that day. And so the speed at which people cross is according to what once again, the Padre Armani him in accordance with their deeds, and the Prophet slicin and tells us that all along. He's standing on the Ceylon saying, Allahu wa sallam, Allahu wa salam, O Allah save us, O Allah save us. And he said, some Allah Azza wa sallam that people's deeds will be failing and strength. And so you'll have a person that's holding on to whatever he has. But as he's running out of deeds, he's crawling. And at the edges of the slot, you have those hooks, and they catch those who Allah Subhana

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Allah has commanded to be caught. And he said, so the lifetime some of them will be scratched, but they'll still be saved and some of them will be piled up and they will spend some time in Jahannam until Allah subhanho wa Taala frees them from that punishment. Now as for those who Allah subhanaw taala called his Gilan his neighbors on the Day of Judgment. In one narration, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the message is the home of every righteous person, and that Allah subhanaw taala has guaranteed that those who take up residence that find home in the masajid will have a row at what Allah will Joanna's Allah say Lottie, you know, the Blondie Allah,

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He is diligent, they will have blessings, they will have mercy, and they will have safe passage over the sloth until they reach the pleasure of Allah subhanho to Allah. And so you have those people of the masjid and Allah takes care of them. And the masjid of course, is there for what the primary component of Salah in the masjid is sudo is prostration it's called a place of frustration, and the Prophet slice and I'm said that Allah azza wa jal will call out to the angels and tell them to pull out from the fire, all of those who have a trace of Eman and their hearts and how are they going to be known. The prophets lie, some said by the trace of sujood on their foreheads. Listen to what the

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prophets lie some said. He said, the fire of Jahannam cannot consume the place of sujood Subhan Allah, you imagine that there are some people whose bodies are entirely burned, but the forehead is not because of the such that the one place of their bodies that is not burned, is the place of their such though, and the Prophet sighs Sam said Allah will cast them into the water of life from which they will be completely restored. Now, what are some other things you take with you to this momentous trial to this occasion, you never lose history of Lenin Allah. You never lose a good assumption of ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah. Expect well from your Lord, prepare for the moments and

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then put your trust in His mercy but expect well from him, so long as you are trying the Prophet's life and I'm set, I saw this man that was falling and just as he was about to fall, his personal one in Allah, his good assumption of Allah came and it settled him on the slot and he was able to cross and safety. And the reminder once again, all along the prophets I seldom is on the other side of the slot, saying Allah masala Allahu wa salam, O Allah save them, Oh Allah save them. And then the prophets lie Selim says finally, that I saw this man from my ummah, crawling across the sloth. At times he was kneeling, at times, he's just clinging on to it. And then suddenly, his Salawat on the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they came to him, and they took him by the hand, and they stood him up upon the Sirat until he passed over. And so, as you've passed the final station of trial on that day, and you've arrived, saying sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and as the Salawat grabbed you by the hand to keep you on that slot, what then when you make it across to your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he's waiting with your cup from his found.

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