Living with The Quran #14 – Selflessness Preferring Others Over Yourself

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the prophets ability to give away clothing as a gift to people, which they believe is a way to make people feel accepted and warmth. They also mention the idea of being allowed to wear clothing even after death, which they believe is a way to make people feel accepted and warmth. The speaker concludes by discussing the importance of giving and maintaining clothing for others as a way to make people feel accepted and warmth.
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How is your level of selflessness? Are you able to give away something that you love so dearly knowing that this thing may benefit others so much? Check this out the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one time, he needed a piece of clothing to wear and also realize Allah Allahu Salam, that need that he had was known to some people and a sister may Allah grant her Jana and allow us to see her. She designed and crafted with our own hand, a garment of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she gave it to him as a gift. So the Prophet loved it. He liked it. And right away he wore it Allah His Salatu was Salam. So the first day he is wearing it, he goes out to the public, and

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people see him when Sahabi says, Oh prophet of Allah, this is beautiful piece of clothing that you're wearing. Please. I would love to have it. What I would love to have it. So the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah is the ones who perhaps were shocked and what are the other Sahaba but the prophets of Allah Islam was different. He says, None what? Now I'm, I'll give it to you. So once the gathering, he was done with the gathering, he left to go change, when the Prophet went out to go change the Sahaba around that man who requested it. They were upset at him. They said, you know, the prophet needed that piece of clothing. And you know that the Prophet liked it. And you know that the

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Prophet never says, No, he never says no. So why do you do that? So that's a hobby said, Wallahi. I did not ask for it. So I can wear it. Then why do you want it? I asked for it. So it can be my shroud when I die, so they can cover me with that piece of clothing when I'm buried under the ground, Allahu Akbar. So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam came back, and he had the clothing folded. Here you go, and he gave it to that Sahabi or the Hola, Juan and indeed, the narrator says, The man when he passed away, he was covered with that piece of clothing. So what do we learn here? The prophets ability sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to give away something that he loves, that he

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wants. And he was some sort of selflessness Allah Himself to set up what's the idea that he lived by and we all should live by what you see Runa Allah and fusi him? Well, who can be him? Kasasa Allah praises the believers and he says they are ones who are selfless. They would give away they would prefer others over themselves, well, oh, can I be Kasasa even if they actually do need it and they actually do want it now of course, without really harming yourself. If you're able to give away there's another idea this episode another if Allah says Len tunnelbear you will not reach the high level of piety and righteousness until had to in Philco mimma to hipbone until you give from that

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which you love. You don't give away something you don't love anymore. I'm not saying it's wrong, but you know at the high level is you give away something that you would love to keep you give something that you would love to have and maintain, but you give it to the SEBI Allah subhanaw taala May Allah make us live by the Quran? And may Allah Allah you and I after this episode, to give up something that we love to someone else that may be in need for the sake of Allah Saramonic