Hussain Kamani – Ramadan Reflections Day 19

Hussain Kamani
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You're listening to the polymer Institute Podcast Series Ramadan reflections by Mufti Hussein Kimani

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Haman hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah waka Faust Ramadan anybody Latino stuffer, Susana CGT Rosario Hartman mb awada Ali heliski I was having my back.

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As a part of our Milan reflections, we have been discussing some great incidents that took place in the month of Ramadan. And how Allah subhana wa tada gave victory to Muslims on the front of the battlefield as well in this lesson month.

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And majority of incidents that we will discuss you will see that Allah subhana wa tada had given victory to a small group of people who believed in Allah, over a large group of people who were fooled by numbers, who thought the way to be victorious in the battlefield was through numbers. And one of these incidents was the conquest of Islanders, or Muslim Spain.

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The halifa at the time, his name was Waleed bin Abdul Malik.

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And when he was under medic during his khilafah he had placed as the ruler of Africa, the northern part of Africa, an individual by the name of Mousavi,

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Mousavi inside. Now, we're going to come back to mustafina set in a moment. Now, at the time, 6086 years after Hitler had passed away, it had been 86 years after migration. And within Spain, there was an internal war going on, they were having a civil war. between them. There were some disagreements, some arguments to parties came around, there was a lot of misunderstandings fighting back and forth. And the people of Spain were kind of fed up with a lot of oppression that was taking place within their country. So one of the two parties reached out to the Muslim leader Mousavi, new site. And he said to him, that we see that you guys just south of us, just south of us in 10 years,

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you guys have such a beautiful country in such a beautiful community setup. Such a beautiful environment you guys have placed within your society, that we are so amazed, we would like for you guys to come and help us as well. Now, they weren't actually saying for the Muslims to come and rule them, but they wanted some help from the Muslims. So most happy to say that he wrote a letter to Walid bin Abdul Malik. And when he didn't have the medic, he gave permission to Musab in the same thing I gave him permission. Do as you wish. So most of you said he had one slave of his who was now who had been freed some time back some time ago must have been said have freed the slave of his and

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placed him as a governor in Tangiers. And this slave of his freed slave now he wasn't a slave any longer. This individual his name was thought have been Ziad. Okay. And this individual thought it means yard. The last panel that I fill his grave with mercy was such an instrumental individual in the conquest of Spain, and for Islam to grow its wings all the way to, you know, under list as well for hundreds of years to come. Now, the site admins, yeah, what he did was, he realized that Muslims had never gone north of Africa. Europe was outside their boundary, they had never gone there before. The weather was different. The land was different. The people were different, everything was

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different. So 91 years after Hitler, he sent a group of people in the month of Ramadan, he sent a group of people to go out to Spain and scout the area, go and check it out. So this group of people they came in, and they searched everywhere, they looked around, they were just observing and making sure they understood how the landscape was, where the mountains were, where the valleys were, where the water was, where the towns were, where the farms were, where the where the where the forests were, they scouted the entire area. They came back and they gave the entire report to Tasmania. Now, since that, Ziad now finally has an understanding of the landscape of Spain. What he did was, he

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took permission from his leader musashino said, and he took with him an army.

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And this army, they boarded their ships, and they sailed in the direction of Spain. And he very strategically chose a mountain to place his army on.

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And that mountain were thought of Benzion brought his soldiers to and where they camped and where he was very famous speech. Today is known as anyone know,

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your voucher, right, or an army we call it general thought, the mountain of thought has been Zia. Now, one thought it means he came in he only had 6000 soldiers, how many

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6000 soldiers which was a very, very small number. However, the honeypot at the time, he sent reinforcements after that, and he sent another 6000 soldiers So altogether thought had been

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Vietnam had how many soldiers 12,000 soldiers. And when he arrived on this mountain, and I want to assert when his soldiers arrived in, in position, ready for their conquests and starting their journey, it was the month of Ramadan 92 years after migration, and it was the day of Friday. And thought has been given a very beautiful historical speech. Now it said many people they claim a story at this point. They say that thought when Ziad, what he did was he burned the ships on which he came. You guys heard that story before. And the reason why he burned the ships was so that people would know that there was nowhere to run anymore. his soldiers would know that now they either had

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to go on the battlefield and fight or they were going to die, so they have no choice anymore. This is something that's been disputed by the scholars himself. Many scholars, they say, and this is a very large group of scholars, they say that there was no such incident of talisman Ziad ever burning those ships. Because there are two narrations who those ships belong to. We all know they didn't belong to Tasmania, there are two narrations of who they belong to one narration is that it belongs to the Christian Spaniards who called them in those who invited them for help you belong to them, he did not have the right to burn their ship if it didn't belong to them. The second opinion is that it

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belonged to the worried, worried bit of demonic and if they belong to lead to lead without demonic also that he did not have permission to burn the property that belong to that khilafah. When you read the Muslim sources that talk about this history, this part of history, Islam in Spain, they do not mention the incident of any ships being burnt while allowing them it's very possible. But the history shows the sources show this, that this incident does not have much reality to it. Well, I'm slow. Now audit when Ziad he very carefully places his army into position. And this was very important that plays he chose for the battlefield, because he had 12,000 soldiers, but how many

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people were in front of him? How many people came from the opposition? Anyone?

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Take a guess.

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Exactly 100,000. The ratio was more or less one to 10. One to 10 was a ratio. And this was something that was very big because they were thinking how are we going to take these people on ratios one to 10. So Todd has been Ziad, what he did was he played a very smart move. He used the valley and he placed his army inside that valley. And sometimes when people refer to this, this battle, they refer to this battle by the name of that valley, so far has been Ziad, he lowered his men into the valley another purpose of lowering his manner to the valley was to control how many people come and leave the valley. If you have 100,000 people can 100,000 people enter into a valley?

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No, right? There's no space there. So now there are limited people who can come inside, maybe 6000 at a time, maybe 5000 at a time. So he was controlling how many people were that were going to come inside the valley. Once you control this. Now the rest of it was in their hands. Because these were Berber African soldiers. These men, they knew how to fight and they were fierce. You know, fearless individuals are fierce fighters, and they were fearless people. Allah subhana wa tada once again, in the month of Ramadan. He proved to the people he proved to mankind that Allah subhanho wa Taala when he decides to help a group of people, the number maybe 12,000, the opposition maybe 100,000. But

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when Allah subhanho wa Taala is lucilla when Allah subhana wa tada is helping people is with people that have been Ziad became victorious in that battle. And that was the first of many battles that were to follow in this battle took place, as I mentioned, and 92nd year history in the month of Ramadan, on a Friday after this battle was over when the Muslims were victorious.

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This is where some scholars they write, that the European historians were shocked. How did the Spaniards lose that battle? They were 100,000 they had 12,000. So what they say is that the reason why they lost was because thought admins er took away from them all hope of life by burning their ships. So you know, this whole idea of burning the ships, this is actually narrated in European, what do you call this history? You won't find this a lot in Islamic history. Right. So this is how they explain it. But we explained by saying that whether the incident is true or not, that had somewhat of a motivational effect if it was true, but ultimately how they were victorious was not

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through their strength. It was through the bark of the month of Ramadan. It was through their Eman it was through their trust in Allah subhana wa tada and Allah subhanho wa Taala had written victory for them and a nation that Allah has written victory for no one can ever defeat those people that had been Ziad then went on. Now one point to mention here is that Mousavian to say give very clear instructions to thought has been Ziad not to move forward. He said after you're victorious in that battle, what should you do?

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Stay put, don't move from there. The reason was because his army was how many people 12,000 if he kept moving forward, what was

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Left Behind would be very,

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very weak. You guys understand that. Because if you're going to leave police behind to monitor the glands that you control, that means your arm is going to be small. And if you take all of them with you, then there's no one to guard the lands that you've that you've conquered from behind. But that has been Ziad after he was victorious in the battle. He saw the pathway in front of them open. He saw there were other cities that were open and he said, we just crushed 100,000 these people are terrified of us. Let's keep going. So he said this may not be soldiers. And he took his he uses philosophy, he uses thought and he kept going forward. He conquered a few more cities, again lose

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happiness. He said stop right now. But that just means the app saw the pathway was

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it was open. So he kept going now Musab in the state. When he saw that he wasn't stopping. He bought an army and came to undress himself. And Mousavi Mousavi Hussein was conquering from one side thought it wins the others kung fu from the other side. And just in a matter of a few years, the entire under this entered into the folds of Islam. And Allah subhana wa tada gave them a victory, which lasted for over a hundreds and hundreds of years, close to a millennium Allah subhana wa that allowed them to rule that land and great men came out of there, great scholars came out of there. Not only did good scholars come out of there many contributions to humanity were made from others.

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You know, today, when we do

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our will, will close our very our blue areas are very simple, right? There's a tap there, there's a seat there, that's the end of it. The Muslims in Spain were so advanced and their technology that till today, you will find in their books that were written over hundreds of years ago, they had created a special machine for which

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there was a special machine they had made for

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you know, the European historians, they see that if a person stopped sat on top of the mountains, in Spain and alone, Muslim Spain, if you sat on top of the mountain and you just observe from there, you would see that they had streetlights and

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this was something that was unheard of, you know how we have streetlights. This was unheard of the entire Europe was in darkness at nighttime when it was night it was dark, but the Muslims have put streetlights everywhere. And they describe it by saying that it was so beautiful it looked like someone was wearing it looked like the streets had a long necklace of pearls on that's how they described it. They described the streetlights like a necklace of pearls and it was so beautiful. And it was all the light all the streets were on lightning. Allah subhana wa tada give them victory through the through the will of Allah subhana wa Tada. And literally, you know how I said that it

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means yard came in 92nd year after this victory of Ananda. This took place in two and a half years. How many years a symbol two and a half years. Now after this was over the halifa of the time when he saw they had crossed Spain basically they were about to hit France right now. The honey of the times it stopped now. He said I as a halifa give you the order to stop right now. Don't go any further because we don't have the army there and you guys don't have the support there. If you keep going forward. If anyone ambushes you from behind you're going to be in trouble so he ordered them to stop. He then to make sure they wouldn't go on your Ford. He pulled back by Desmond's yacht and must

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have been to say he pulled them both back and after pulling them both back the halifa of the time he ordered must have been to say to come to hydrate him and during the Hajj that's when the halifa told him from now on we aren't going to push any forward on Europe we're going to stop right there that's where we're going to stop and the Mousavian you say to me then made watch allows me to do sir Ola. If it is written for me Shahada then give it to me. Otherwise give me death in the city of Your Beloved Habib Salaam on a Muslim and the mustafina said he passed away in the city of Madina munawwara now the big question is What happened to

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that has been Ziad? This historians when they talk about thought admins, yeah, did they talk about him that he was like a mystery man? No one knows of anything before him before he became governor of Egypt. Was he even a slave of must have been debated? Where was he from? He was a Berber. Which clan? Was he from wars forefathers. Where did he come from? Where did he educate? What was his background? Many scholars, many historians have no idea what his background was. All they know for sure is that he was asleep. And once the halifa pulled him back from the front line of Spain. After how many years was he at the front line maybe three years at tops. At the end of the three years on

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the halifa pulled him back. What happened to him after that? Again, the historians say we have no idea. Where did he go? Did he pass away in Spain? Did he pass away in dimension did he pass away in ages? What happened to him after that? Was he a rich person? Was he a poor person? history has no idea what happened thought has been Ziad before and after. It was as if Allah subhanho wa Taala sent him just to conquer Spain. And then after that Allah subhana wa tada took him back until today the scholars debate on where his grievous so we pray that Allah subhana wa tada showers the grave of thought admins yet must have been the same all the soldiers who were in those armies with great

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reward. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the trophies and the ability to learn from their example of the strength of their Iman and that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us strength of a man like that as well. And then Allah

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Always grants us victory wherever we are in this last month of Ramadan. So part of the use of Hanukkah along with the shadow ally land itself we're going to do Bulli Africa Alana

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Ramallah Kuma Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

Ramadan 2015 – Day 19 – The Conquest Of Spain

Jul 7, 2015

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