What does Allah say about Laylatul Qadr?

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Regarding little corporate law, as we just said, are limited I'm gonna

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lay let's call the the high you don't mean any official, the night of power or later to recover is better than 1000 months, then as

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you get to one rule has never been meaningful could mean. Many angels including debate, Alison Armstrong, through the permission of Allah will descend on this night from the heavens to the earth, coming with the very decree and with a very fate that Allah has written for us to happen over the following year. My brothers my sisters tonight after murdered could be one of the possible nicer ladies will cover and a very simple deed is to give sadaqa on the side. Now we've made it easy for you follow the link and you can automate your donations to go out every one of these nights so you don't miss out just by getting 10 pounds. You're getting the reward of 21 point something million

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pounds of Hamlet. Don't delay do it right now.