Riad Ouarzazi – ROC Your Ramadan 2016 – Day 2

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various topics related to fasting, including the use of certain foods and categories, the use of heroin, and the importance of certain categories for one's health. The speakers also mention a video about setting up a minimum income for IRA users.
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So that's what I'm like. This is reality was as he was coming into another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2016 day to pay for Heroku mausoleum,

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opodo JVM modular and who either Santa's phonetic jaleo Masami caca Yama fabric for the Assam center Koba stock one attach it almost sama kaoma fabric I assume basato and mahana what we assume the Seneca and Mohamed we assume a central can Mohamed my brothers and sisters how's UCM doing so today is officially like day two of Ramadan I hope and I pray that was kind of what God

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makes you have an outstanding Ramadan Shabbat Abdullah used to say when you fast let's let's not be the day of your fasting, that it not be the same as the day off your you know when your break your fast like a regular day that your day to day of fasting be different than the day off? Not fasting, he says so when you fast, your hearing should fast your eyesight should fast your tongue should fast you cannot be fast in and then look it up Muhammad you cannot be fasting and he didn't have one at and listen to our format fasting and talking about how long you know you're fasting from things that are held and yet you eat the meat of people that Halla Yani by backbiting them. So, yesterday my

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brothers and sisters I mentioned the the three categories of fasting. The first category is the sium the column that better and worse.

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So, the first category is the general type of fasting or the generic type of people when they fast. These are the people who fast just for the fast and prohibit themselves from Allah Muhammad, also known as this. These are the people who just they they they break their fast on anything that that breaks their fast like the eating and drinking and intimacy. This is the generic type of fasting, what it can even actually almost salsa, so Yamaha saya, Samana animal pateras We also Mona Annie and Mohamed. The second type of fasting is the fasting of the specific type of people. These are the special type of people. So these are the people who focus not only on the things that break your

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fast, but the things that are met. They do not look at heroin, heroin that they do not look and talk about heroin, they do not listen to her. These are the very special type of you know of categories of people within the amongst the fasting people but there is a better group. There is a much better group than all those. It's called the third category and I will talk about them tomorrow and shout out to IRA for the for the high dose of mobile data do you want to come a samosa Can I set up a minimum income Villa tomorrow Sharma Tada. We shall see you again for another episode of rockin Ramadan was to them it was like the IRA

June 7, 2016

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