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Episode 11 – Divorce Pt. 1 – Night Kalam

When a marriage does not go as planned, Islam allows separation between spouses. However, can a woman ask for divorce? Let’s hear the Islamic perspective.


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The segment discusses the challenges of marriage in Islam, including the need for good engagement and peace among both parties. The importance of divorce is emphasized, with men and women showing a need for good engagement and peace, while women must prove to authority that she wants a divorce and give back what she has received from the other woman. The segment also touches on the topic of divorce and the importance of having a good end.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Alhamdulillah lillahi, Rabbil alameen. The hamato, who was studying who took a funeral when I was with lemon surely and fusina was at the Medina mania hinda. Further Medina, one minute, further headed, Chateau de la sharika. What I should do, man up to who? What? So, we'll see what Yeah.

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Godfather, my

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dear brother and sister. Welcome to like cannon.

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Now in reality again, we know that live, there's a lot of challenges after getting married, we believe that the marriage cannot start without good feeling without

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kindness, without love without passion because of this feeling that Allah has given us, we end up with marriage, but in the same time, there are challenges because normally, we are so used to live by ourselves, do things by ourselves, decide everything by ourselves, our own time and everything. When you get married, then you are like a company. You have responsibilities you have ride

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with each other now. So then the lifestyle is going to change. Sometime I handle LBD seem to have the wisdom, the knowledge, the understanding, so the religion become more harmony and become better. And Alhamdulillah there's a lot of peace and happiness in the marriage. But in the same time we do accept the fact that their time once they get together. Something happened between the both party that they just cannot get alone anymore. There's no more press back understanding given take. There's a lot of tension, albumen, hatred, anger. And that's why Islam is a religion that

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have the fitrah. The fitrah means is something that Allah acknowledge that that is a relative of life. If we fail, meaning Islam Allah tala tala means divorce.

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Now, when you talk about the walls, it really mean that you have to end the marriage, but normally is easier for the men to divorce. The wife, the husband, divorcing the wife is easier normally

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in a normal condition, because if the husband who decide so it moved faster,

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but in the same time, we know that our profits and loss Alam also remind us that thing that is allowed in Islam, but Allah hit most is the wars.

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Because we do not want to start a family with the intention to end with hatred, anger, and become enemies between one another. Now, practice and sister. When you talk about divorce can a woman asked for the wars?

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Go back to the teaching of Islam because we are Muslim. We are not here to torture, or to make anybody suffer or to oppress anyone. Islam do recognize that every one of us have rights. The husband have right to divorce the wife, the wife also have the right to free herself.

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The only thing that Islam is telling us that when a woman asked for a divorce, there are a few types. One you call kulu kulu means the woman is asking for her freedom by paying back

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anything that she had received from the husband is like no as she is buying her freedom back from the husband.

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Now the reason in doing that is because there is no way for them to have

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a good relationship, understanding happiness and harmony. So if there is the situation, a lot of alignment allow us to feel

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ourselves, but we've conditioned not to have a bad ending, become enemy, hate each other, abusing each other know that how we begin to have a good relationship before we got married. The same goes to Islam. Even the Quran in salted Bukhara chapter two, verses two to nine, Allah remind us that if there is no more harmony, understanding and peace among both party, so either you stay on, you try to settle your problem in a good men, if we have tried to reconcile this cause to find a good way to solve any kind of misunderstanding, then our humble If not, then a marble element remind both party The first one is the husband, that you should release her

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with kindness be excellent. Now this is a very important command from a lot of people. And I mean, a lot to not just release the release, son.

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axon means is more than being judged to hurt or be just to you. Because if there's no understanding and peace among husband and wife, if you carry on, there will be a lot of oppression, zoom, sometimes the zoom can come from you something there'll be a zoom to the other parties. So it's important for us to have the right understanding. Now the first one is the woman who will feed herself by keeping back whatever she has received from the husband. In a cause of maybe example, the Mahara the dowry, whatever the husband given her, whatever give, then she can give him back and free herself. Now when this thing happened, being a good man and a good Muslim, and a good husband. We

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should not we should not oppress her and try to punish her abuser and torture her. To the extent we say no,

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I'm not going to divorce you.

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This is not what Islam

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teaches Islam. One is where we have a good beginning, we also have a good ending,

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we can try to solve the problem. But after we tried, after we have sick advice from the elders and still fear, maybe Allah know best life goes on. So if you want to end the relationship of husband, wife in Islam, Islam to allow it, but it's not one you to have a good ending. And the ending should be kindness.

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This is important. We hope that all of us understand this. Now there is another way of divorce. If the wife is asking for her freedom, and the man is trying to make things difficult for her, then the woman has the right to go to the authority.

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And she must prove to the authority that she has a solid reason why she want a divorce, a separation.

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Now we know that in a time of the Prophet samosa now we have evidence to prove that when the Prophet married designer, been the judge to his adopted son, they inherited

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them just after some time, saying that don't feel to be functioning as a way to the hospital. She just can't, she was trying, but she just cut.

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So she came back to the prophet and asked the Prophet, the permission to free herself.

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So the prophets was going to get checked out and whether the husband abused her or do something wrong on her or pet to her. She has no complaint about the husband, they because say is a good Muslim. The only thing that she don't have any feeling and she cannot function.

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So then the profits are not salon check website later on. The profit. So awesome. allow her to free herself by giving back to the ones that had given to her when they got married.

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So you see sometimes it's not just you must have very strong solid reason is up to how both parties feel for each other.

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And then the profits of Muslim do allow that a woman if they can do it by themselves, they will have to give the authority to the Imam, or the one who have authority to act on behalf. But in the same time, when you do that the FAFSA, that is called FAFSA, the FAFSA, the may want to ask the wife to give a reason,

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what is the purpose that you want to ask for a divorce, because normally, in the community, the one who's asking is the one who is going to lose more than the one who, who gave you the deal was because the one who gave you the was they can stick they must carry out their responsibility towards you, until they did that, and whatever they have given to you, they cannot aspect from you. But when you ask for your freedom, you have to give back what you have received from them.

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And then you can ask for any maintenance, because you want your freedom is more important than just dollars and cents. It worked well for those who are ready for not to move on in their life. But what is important to know about Fast Track Fast Track Normally, the authority will want to know you must give them a very strong reason because num do not encourage you to just separate and then devoirs without a good reason is not healthy.

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So everything there must be some reason. Now one of the reason or there are many reasons, but few of the reasons that they were asked is whether to the husband, function as a husband to you, if you have the proof to say the husband is not functioning at all, as a husband, then you have the right

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to ask for divorce and free yourself because husband and wife if they must function number two, if the husband is

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been confirmed that he was lying to the wife, that he had been a lot of very serious sickness, or disease, but he did not inform the other party, then when she came up, or she come up to know about the disease that he is having is very dangerous is may cause very dangerous side effect to the to the partner to the wife, she also had the right

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to free herself. Because in marriage, you must know what you want. You must be clear about who you want to get married, what kind of condition you are in. And that's why in certain country, like in Malaysia example, those couple who want to get married, they want you to have an medical examination to make sure that nobody is aware of the condition of the both party. Now, it's not that you cannot get mad at example, if one is been confirmed positive for some kind of disease,

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AIDS and so on, then, if they still want to move on, they can, but they cannot use that as a reason for divorce anymore. But if they say everything is okay, then suddenly they came out that he or she is having that problem, of course, then, easily they can ask for a divorce known as Pesach. There are other types of the wosu in Islam, but we just focus on these two first about whether the woman have the right yes, the woman have the right, sometimes without any reason just because the woman cannot function as a boy.

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And she also have to write, but when you want to free herself, she has to give back what she had received from the husband. So May Allah, Allah mean,

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help us to have this understanding. So that if anything is going to happen to any one of us, we hope that we will have the right spirit and we have a good ending. You must remember brother and sister your in laws is your in laws. And no, you may end with your as husband and wife that the relationship of the Lord is still there. So me I'm horrible and I mean, give us a lot of wisdom, understanding patient to handle whatever issue that we encounter in our daily life as husband and wife. We are God blesses me Allah Titus, whatever problem we encounter, don't forget to go back to the guidance of Allah and the teaching of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to find the best

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solution Subhana Allah Mohammed the shadow Allah, Allah, Allah and that stuck out to me

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.