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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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In the humbly learner muda who understand you know who it is that Pharaoh wants to build I mean surely an fusina woman say at the Medina, Mia de la fella Medina?

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Well, my youth lil fella hodja Chateau La la la la, la la sharika Why should you under Muhammad Abdul who wore a suit? Oh, dear brother and sister. Welcome back to my column. This will be our last episode for this season. Insha Allah.

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Now coming back to the topic of the wars again.

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First we have discussed about Pollak known as a divorce and then we have the coloque we have the fossa. There are few more than I'd like to share with all of you that is Shinnecock. Shinnecock means the husband and wife have been having a lot of misunderstanding, quarreling day and night, there's no more peace. No, there is no way to solve their problem anymore. No, obviously has tension, all these disagreements, minor thing become big issues. But they cannot decide. They just don't know what is best for them. Sometimes they are very confused when a young couple sometime. So now they refer this method to their parents, they will let the parent make a decision for them.

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This is called ship cars. And then they refer this direct to the parent, the parent will try to reconcile them and make thing happen Alhamdulillah if the parent feel that that is the best for both party, the parent will make the decision on behalf of the both party that's called Shinnecock,

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then you have another one called a lag in that means a husband make a promise or his swear that I'm not going to have any intimacy with my wife.

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No intimacy, relationship, just husband, wife's name, husband and wife. But I'm not going to be with her and went to sleep with her. So the physical, right of the wife is not being given.

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Now history that I'm not going to have any intimacy with you,

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the thing that you are allowed to do this not more than four months.

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If after four months, the wife makes a report, then the judge will have to call the husband. And if the husband one to come back, he has to pay a fine because he makes an oath, he made a promise his way With the name of Allah, I'm not going to have any intimacy with you. So he have to pay some kind of penalty before he can come back to the wife, as a punishment to him, husband have no right to use that kind of hard word on the word that I'm not going to read the name of God with the name of a law that are not going to have any intimacy with you, you have no right to do that is a humiliation. You know. So this is called inap. That if

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the court or the judge called him in, and he said, Yeah, I still do not want to have any intimacy with her, then the court will have the right to free the woman to see if there is a case you have to divorce because her right is not going on anymore. As a way.

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This is called Illa. Then you have the next one is Leon Leon is a man accusing

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the wife have his own naked thing. Do fornication with other people, without any witnesses.

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You have the right if you want to know but if without any witnesses, then the judge will call the wife to appear and ask the West swear With the name of Allah for time, the husband also can do that. I swear by the name of Allah, she had done this so 1234 410 and the last thing is, if I lie me the curse of Allah be upon me and my family.

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The same goal, how can the wife defend her honor, the way we have to defend your honor by coming up with witnesses if they have but when there's no witnesses

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She can also be someone to use the same approach where with the name of Omar for time, that she did not commit the kind of scene. It is a fitna from the husband, the husband just wanted to create this issue to belittle her, and so on, then she prefers to protect herself by spreading the name almost four times. And the fifth time, if I lie, then May Allah punish me, including all my family members is a is a heavy kind of thing, you know, for anybody to do the acute, especially husband to accuse the why.

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This is a few

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reason that Islam allow for us to have an ending here between husband and wife, these kind of issues do occur. So me a lot of other men kind of make sure that we

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do not just

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use Word without thinking. And we don't play around with words to something. Because if you make it

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if you make it or you use it wrongly, there is a penalty for all this. So I pray me a lot of other men give us the patient and the wisdom to be very careful what we want to say to each other. We hope that this make it clear to all our brother and sister who's pulling this program. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the sabar. Whenever you want to say something, check the word that you want to use, and don't humiliate anybody. Don't accuse anybody. Just try your level best to discuss method and then find the best way to solve whatever problem you encounter in your family life in sha Allah. May Allah forgive us, Nia locate us. May Allah give us the Hikmah inshallah will be letto 50

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will agree that one hour hamdulillah Berlin Suhana glaucoma behind the shed was stuck Furukawa assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

Episode 12 – Divorce Pt. 2 – Night Kalam

Sheikh Hussain Yee talks about other matters related to divorce.
This is the final episode for this season’s Night Kalam.

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