Hussain Yee – Divorce 01

Episode 11 – Divorce Pt. 1 – Night Kalam When a marriage does not go as planned, Islam allows separation between spouses. However, can a woman ask for divorce? Let’s hear the Islamic perspective.

Hussain Yee – Waiting For A Sign

Episode 10 – Waiting for A Sign – Night Kalam Another common excuse that one uses to avoid changing for the better is: “I am waiting for a sign from Allah!”. Hear what Sheikh Hussain Yee and Dr. Bilal Philips say to this.

Hussain Yee – Born This Way

Episode 9 – Born This Way – Night Kalam This episode discusses about the one excuse that people always give to avoid positive changes in their lives – ‘I am born this way!’ with special guest Dr. Bilal Philips. December 16, 2016.

Hussain Yee – Marital Issues

Episode 8 – Marital Issues – Night Kalam Every marriage is not free from problems. Islam teaches us how to deal with marital issues by referring back to the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Watch this episode where Sheikh Hussain Yee shares some tips on handling disagreements between spouses. December 9, 2016.

Hussain Yee – Polygamy

Episode 7 – Polygamy! – Night Kalam The episode that will probably be the most controversial from our Night Kalam series, an episode on POLYGAMY. In this episode, Sheikh Hussain Yee and Sheikh Muhammad Al-Jibaly will be addressing the misconceptions men and women have regarding polygamy, the pros and cons of polygamy, the right way … Read more

Hussain Yee – The Big Day – Nikah

Episode 6 – The Big Day, Nikah – Night Kalam What are the rules of a nikah? What do you have to have, what can you do, what can’t you do? What are the common misconceptions and misguided rituals performed during Nikah? Listened to Sheikh Hussain answer these questions. November 25, 2016

Hussain Yee – The Dos And Donts Of The Engagement

Episode 5 – The Do’s And Don’ts Of The Engagement – Night Kalam There are tonnes of misconceptions regarding what an engagement really entails. There have been misunderstandings on is it recommended or not in Islam, or what changes before and after a couple get engaged. These questions will InshaaAllah be clarified by Sheikh in … Read more

Hussain Yee – Getting To Know Your Future Spouse

Episode 4 (Ta’aruf Time) The next step to take after identifying your future spouse, is to get to know them, or to have a ta’aruf session. It is where the potential husband and wife meet and discuss in an orderly and more impotantly shari’a compliant manner. But how is it done? What are you supposed … Read more

Hussain Yee – Finding Mr and Mrs Right

In this third episode of Night Kalam, the Sheikh will be guiding and giving tips on: Finding Mr. / Ms. Right 1. How to find them 2. Where to find them 3. How to know them