Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2018 #28

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the aftermath of a tragic attack on the Sahaba during the Battle of Ashford, which led to the deaths of 40 Muslims and a group of their children. The attack caused a loss of victory for the whole group, and the segment suggests that the attack was a result of a lack of communication and understanding of the situation. The segment also mentions a new segment on the aftermath of a tragic attack on the Sahaba.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The others, as I say, we're coming into another episode of Ramadan 2018 day 28, the eve of the 29th, which would be or could be later for

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the Battle of Ashford.

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Remember when you know in the last episode, we talked about those archers,

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but there were 50 of them. And the Prophet gave them clear instructions not to move not to move from their positions to stay put.

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As soon as police started retreating,

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they dropped behind them, you know, these what we call spoils of war.

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The Sahaba were happy. And 40 of those archers, they came down, they said the battle is over, we need to go and get,

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you know, these spoils of war

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side, nobody told them that remember, we had clear instructions from the Prophet Mohammed It was said

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that we should not

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not move from our positions that we should stay put. But they said the color of the bat is over now it's over, you know. So they did not listen to the commands and then they came down happened while he was watching from behind. And in fact, he tried and made several attempts. And all those attempts that he tried to make, he was you know, he was protected or he was prevented by these archers every time he tried to move. And no he, they were you know, they started sort of like shooting at him so he could not attack the Muslims. But as soon as those 40 people came down, only tough left 10 one were left in the bat in the month of the archers. So had had been worried he made that move, there

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were only 10 he managed to you know, to kill them.

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And then he called luban. You know, this is Ruben was there.

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The big idol,

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the Abu Sofia, he heard that call.

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And then he came back the Muslims they found themselves sandwiched between the army of hardened worried and the army of Abu sufian. They were small pockets of you know, battles hidden there. The Muslims got exposed, you know, some were getting killed from this side and some were getting from the other side. And some did not even know one another because they were all wearing these armors and gears and whatnot. So some of them you know, Muslims were sort of like fighting each other not knowing that they were, you know, from the same camps.

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The Prophet Mohammed also some got exposed, they sought to sit up, there was this man by the name of our beloved no Kamiya he was just going and aiming to kill the Prophet Mohammed diaries of Sudan, but who was with him, some of those send them protecting him, you know, other than set aside maybe what cause there was this woman that the Prophet says everywhere I look she was behind me, you know, or front of me protecting me. nusseibeh Omar Omar

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she was there protecting the Prophet Mohammed It is so it was when I beloved No, I mean, he came you know and she tried to predict the Prophet as I said, he hit her so hard with his sword on her shoulder, you know that her sword job and then he tried to stab her but the

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game his her children, they were there as well as you've told them go leave me and go and protect Prophet Mohammed Salah law you said the Muslims got exposed.

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The men with the feather get also exposed Who's the man with the feather hands up about the lever and walked by he was known to have a feather. You know, so he was known as the met with the feather.

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Where she was there. He got hired by hint.

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Hint She was also she was not a Muslim at the time. So she hired this man just to come and kill himself. His name is watching in the rest of sports long story when he says that, you know, when he got exposed and I aimed at him with my spare and I came in I hit him but EMS I didn't die. You know? Yes, the K the spare came in from his belly and came out but he didn't die. And he looked at me he said and he was coming towards me. I saw death why she said but then as he approached that he just fell on his knees and he died

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was killed the man who had the limb and he stole the profit yellow so law I want to enter Jenna with my limp. Allah subhanho wa Taala change these names with you know legs in general

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and this will not smell Jenna asuma

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bid gather

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and it's been of many hobbies have said more than 70 hobbies got killed in the Battle of oil all buried in the oil itself if you were to go and visit you will have you will see this is mokuba that has the

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all these martyrs being buried there

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are the lower and

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the Muslims they had to retreat

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and climbed the mount of boyhood

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and came on while he was there with the Prophet Mohammed and Abu Bakar Sophia and a Abu Sofia and was you know scan there and he said this for that, you know we you guys, you know like one brother and then we defeated you in

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almost said the Prophet told him say no, it's not the same place also our Atlanta future no catastrophe not our debt will be in gender, but you will be in hellfire.

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And if you think about it, only a few people who did not listen against the command of the Prophet Mohammed also said

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the whole thing changed victory changed into a loss that

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they were winning the battle. Only 40 people remember 40 people did not listen to the command of the Prophet panelists. Now. Let's change that picture into a loss many lessons to learn from here. A lot of social talks about this incident, Mr. mahina would have been the one to win alone. The Sahaba were heartbroken. They felt really sad. But Allah revealed. Tell them not to feel sad.

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You are still the superior and to move on to

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something else what happened after

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we'll talk more about this and shallow data in the next few episodes.

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