Ramadan Reflections – Day 13

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Opportunity For Change

2017-06-10 – Ramadan 2017

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Allahu Akbar, Samana embody Coronavirus, Papa

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did a study with Houghton Mifflin BIA a lot early last year was having a lot about

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if you ever watch your horse race,

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a common seen is that a horse will start the race very fast, it's a lot of energy.

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But because the writer is inexperienced, even though they may feel that they're winning the race at the beginning,

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the horse runs out of energy. And before it makes it to the end line it loses. Its because it starts with a lot of energy, but then loses its energy towards the end. That's an example of some type of people, a group of people who do feel good earlier on in their life. Their past is beautiful. They have so much to talk about. They remember their childhood days that when we were young, we used to go to the machine. And when we were young, we used to read the Quran with it stop every day. When we were young, we were punctual with ourselves. When we were young, our father wouldn't let us stand up from the masala until we read artisphere until we made the auto law some kind of data when we were

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young our parents is to make us to make law before if thought when we were young, our parents would tell us to give up, they're always talking about the past, when we were young when we were young, then you have the second type of people, the horse starts off the race slow, it actually doesn't start off with as much as energy. But towards the end, it takes the reserved energy that it has, and flies right through the rest of the race. And it's victorious. There are some people, when they look at their past, they don't have much to say. So in comparison to the next guy, one person might say when I was young, my parents used to make us read so much. But on every day, this person doesn't

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have the same thing to share. They don't have those stories of our parents telling us to read so much going on when I was young. Or maybe their parents weren't necessarily pious, or they didn't guide them. Maybe in their community, they didn't have a Masjid, or they could wasn't something that was promoted in the community. They didn't have an opportunity for Islamic education. Quite the opposite. Some people actually spend the early part of their life disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when they recall their earlier days, they remember murder. They remember drugs, they remember when they remember oppressing other people, these are things that they remember, but a lot

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of how to deal with it makes it such that at some point in their life, the energy that they saved, have good all that positive energy that was unused in them, they use it for something good. And then Allah subhana wa tada gives them victory in the race of life. And you look amongst the Sahaba cuando, La La mcmillian, you'll find a lot of number two, they spent the early part of their life doing things, they weren't happy of things that environment, just push them gently push them to do. But then they found the moment. And when they found that moment, they maximized and they really squeeze every last drop of juice out of it. And before they left the world, they titled themselves

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as a loss of title without a gave them the title or the law on whom, what one, finding the moment is actually the most important thing in life. Finding your moment. I remember when I was young, in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, the small town we lived in, there was no halaal store there. So if Muslims wanted to eat meat, we would send one person from the community every month with a huge truck. I mean, there were 2530 families, but he would take this big truck, go to Ohio, slaughter a few animals there, load the meat, drive it back come to the machine and all those families would come and take their portion that they had ordered.

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So one time it was the mom's turn. And I remember this like it was yesterday. I had come back from mother's stuff for holiday. It was around Milan time. And it was the mom's turn to go and get the meat. He said to me, I'm saying you're not doing much anyway, why don't you come with me? I was sitting at home I wasn't doing much. It was a holiday. So I said okay, I'll come with you. So back in the days we used to have these TDK 60 minute 90 minute cassettes for those of you who remember these 60 minute 90 minute cassettes that you'd have. So I just came from mother to son I used to enjoy listening to poetry a lot even till today I enjoy poetry. So I pulled a cassette from my bag

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and I took it with me in case it gets boring on the drive. I'll just pop it in. So we drove and drove and drove and for those of you driven through Kentucky, it's a very beautiful state. So we were driving through the beautiful trees and the beautiful roads. Finally, the car just went quiet. He had nothing to say I had nothing to say. So I pulled out the cassette from my pocket, and I popped it in the cassette player.

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And the poetry was an otaku and the one reading the poetry was reading it in a beautiful tone with a beautiful Keun rice voice. As he was reading it, the chef next to me started laughing. And he turned the off button and pulled a cassette out. He said, put it in your pocket.

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I said, What happened? He said, This is a song from the 70s

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What did he say?

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Right? I still remember the line of the poetry was Jada may also be a sub Medina colega. hombre, and he goes you ever got a deal? karma awesome. A hammer Parker kitahara. Gay. Right. He remembered the words and I remember what he said then I haven't heard the songs. FYI. I didn't listen to things from the 70s still don't.

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So I I was shocked. And I said the one thing that was very obvious that many of you guys are probably thinking, I said to him, sure. If it's a song, how do you know what the song you're a chef?

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If it's a song, okay, then how do you know it's a song. So then he said something to me, my life preservers life and given Baraka, he's in a mountain, California, he said something so powerful to me allow up but it stuck with me till today. What he said to me next was a changing moment in my life. He said pristine. Everyone has a path. Only the smart and intelligent people know when it's time to move forward.

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When he said that, to me, it kind of just felt very interesting the thought that he proposed, which was that people aren't born with a turban on their head. People aren't born with the hair on their wrist. No one is born wearing leather socks and miswak behind their ear. People that are born like people, they enter into the world. They grew up in this society and the environment that they grew up in. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala gives every single person and opportunity. that opportunity comes in your life. Sometimes it comes in the form of marriage. For some people that opportunity of changes marriage. For some people, the opportunity of change is the helecloud they heard in the

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masjid, for another person, the opportunity of changes a month of Ramadan. For someone that's a hospital for another person. It's just an experience of their journey, maybe to hide, maybe to Madina, munawwara everyone is given an opportunity. There are those of us who become lazy when we're given opportunities and we just treat them like another day. We become arrogant and egoistic. And we think to ourselves that Allah gave me an opportunity yesterday yesterday, he gave me an opportunity today. So what fear that what fear should I have that Allah subhanho wa Taala won't give it to me tomorrow again, but you have to remember Allah subhanahu wa tada will give and give and give. And if

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you don't take then Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, well ah Honey, you are unfamiliar Pokhara we're into one low. yesterday.

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A lot of chanukkah wa Taala is independent, you are dependent of Allah subhanho wa Taala you need a lot. You need to come and ask a lot a lot from Panama but it doesn't need to come and ask you your starches that does not increase Allah subhanho wa Taala in his greatness at all, Allah subhanho wa Taala is azzawajal Subhanahu wa Tada This is what we stay after every time we say the great name of Allah subhanho wa Taala a lot of hot water does not need any of us. We are in need of Allah subhanho wa Taala by doing such that in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala we've honored ourselves when we say supine a lot have done a lot of stuff to the law. We've honored our own soul, we've purified our own

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soul. And but if we keep the attitude if we continue the attitude of we don't need Allah subhanahu wa tada I'm independent of my Creator, I don't need him. My life is perfect. I have a I have a credit card and a credit line of 20,000 $30,000 I can work my way through life. I don't need no God, no creator. Allah says waiting for hello and if you turn away from this reality that you always need a lot if you turn away from that reality. Yes, stuff will come and later Allah will remove you and bring another nation and that nation that follows will have other in love for their Allah subhanho wa Taala not every person is given opportunities like you and I have but a lot of hot on what Allah

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has given us opportunities. And it's our responsibility that we make something of these opportunities. One of the things that happened at the Basilica mahalo that I used to say, he used to say there are five signs of a person's heart becoming a rock, meaning your heart the spiritual state of it is gone almost not completely hopeless, but they're reaching a place where you're getting darker and darker into a hole. He says there are five signs of a person's heart becoming a rock, the first thing

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that you have hope in Allah subhanho wa Taala is forgiveness and based on that hope you continue to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala you say a lot of food a lot of him like I shut up and you drink some more. A lot. A lot of him kill someone. A lot of food a lot, a lot of human just oppressing people, because you keep thinking what a lot of food.

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A lot of him. I kid you not I met a person in Harlem one year. I went famara in the month of Ramadan and when

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When I was there, I was roomed with a bunch of random people. I didn't know that people were just we were just together and a group of them came together from the same city from another part of the world. I asked them Mashallah, you guys come together like this every year they said, you have to become like this every year. I said, Mashallah, that's amazing. So one of the guys when he was with them, he said, ask them why they come every year. So I set them up hasakah Why do you come every year? They said the reason why we come every year is because that home back in our country, what we do is have no cookies, I mean kata

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or for Aston Martin mechanical items. And then what we do in our home country, what we do is that we, you serve people's properties. By oppression, we take control over their properties, we have thugs that go and steal people's properties. And at the end of it, just to make sure we don't die with the thin we come from Yvonne to get forgiveness. This is the first example of people that he's talking about here. That people they sin,

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with the hope in Allah subhanho wa Taala has mercy. Look, you shouldn't think of Allah's mercy before the sin. You think of Allah subhana wa tada as mercy

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after the sin, right hope is before Raja is after, before a sin you should have fear of a loss of Hanuman without hope. After the sin is one Raja comes in, when hope comes in, that a person thinks of the mercy of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. The second thing he says, the second sign of your heart becoming rock and solid is that you sit and listen and learn and learn and learn. You attend lectures again and again and you learn. But there is no practice that comes out of your knowledge. This is a sign that your heart has heart. And the third thing for a person to not have sincerity. Even though Allah is giving them the opportunity, the health, the moment in life to do a good deed.

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They do the good deed, but their heart is so hard that they lose out on the reward because they lose out on his loss and sincerity. The fourth thing he says is that a sign of your hard heart is that Allah gives you a reason. Not just a little a pantry full, not a pantry full of fridge full of freezer full, a deep freezer in the garage full. A lot of hypothetic gives you so much it is but at the end of it, there is no sugar of Allah subhana wa Tada. Right, there is no sugar from Moscow, Hannah hautala. And the fourth, the fifth thing that he says assigns the hearts becoming hard is that you bury people into the ground. you bury them in the graveyard. But you still don't learn your

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lesson. When a person dies, it's not about them dying. The actual reflection should be of me dying, how do I die? A person one day he was a person who was passing by and someone asked whose body is this? So the problem that a lot while he was still him said, it doesn't matter whose body is is it's your body. That person got offended that the Prophet said that he was a dead person. The Prophet said, if it's not your body, then it's my body. I mean, whose body it is, doesn't really matter. What matters is that everyone you and I one by one, we will all be carried to the graveyard. And if that's a reality, very hard for you to believe in, just ride past the graveyard again, walk through

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it, look at the headstones. And you will find names of young, handsome and beautiful men and women who inhabited that very same land that you and I live in. There were people before us. And there will definitely be people after us. The moment is what needs to be captured. Each and every one of us needs to realize and I'll also point out that I have favored with this month of Ramadan. And this is our moment, the first 10 days of Ramadan are

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gone. My kids keep asking me when we drive to Tel Aviv, they look out the window and they say when is the moon going to be full? So today I told them tomorrow because tomorrow's which night, the 14th night. So when we look out of our window tomorrow when we're driving tomorrow we are away from Tara we were going to see a full moon. And that full moon to us is what it's reminding us that you know just like our scholars, the machines that they say if you look at the moon, you learn the lesson of life and death from nothing It grows and then from everything that becomes

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nothing. That's the reality of our life. We pray that Allah subhanahu wa tada allows us to utilize the moments that are given to us. Allah subhanho wa Taala allows us to use these moments to make Toba and change our life. How many Hajaj have come back and has did nothing for them? How many people have fasted Ramadan and Ramadan did nothing for them. They stood in later the continent they asked Allah but later to Qatar didn't change them. Don't blame Hodge later to others in Ramadan and the Quran. blame yourself for not really benefiting from these moments. May Allah subhanaw taala purify our hearts, Allah subhanho wa Taala make them more know what an enlightened and make us in a

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group of people that are accepted in his presence or sort of Lahore tada Mohammed Somalia.