Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 15

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Episode Notes

Keep Making Du’a Everyday

Daily Reminder Day 15 – Keep Making Du’a Everyday. Trials, tribulations and constant challenges are part of every person’s life. However, to counter that, Allah has provided us a very powerful tool – and that is the tool of Dua or asking Allah swt for help and his mercy when we need it. And trust me we need it all the time.


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The host of a show introduces a series of guest speakers who will help viewers practice their mental preparation for the upcoming night of the power data. They encourage viewers to practice using the name of Islam and Mooji in their daily life to avoid dealing with negative consequences. The guests also mention a series of guest speakers who will help viewers practice their mental preparation for the upcoming night of the power data.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum, wa barakato This is zazzy we're coming in to another episode of rOq Ramadan 2017 day 15 already so Pamela half of Ramadan has gone. And also now is the other half, I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless you, and until except from you, you have a bath and you fart. Again, you know, this is again the month of the show. And I don't know, have you been, you know, again, making the especially before you know, breaking your fast, and especially making the habit of must hand over data to help you witness data to cover, you don't wait until the laser to cut off or we don't know until you wait until the less than that I'm about to start making

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the decision to help you witness the night of the power data to kind of, you know, make the everyday normal everyday asking a lot. And you've been

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asking a lot to help you witness to stand the night of the power Villa to cut this hour from now on, keep making that drop in shuttle level to highlight from now on keep you know doing pmla no training yourself. So you know, especially again, in the less than nights of Ramadan, which are kept coming very soon, you know, to train yourself getting ready as a preparation spiritual preparation for the night of the power. You don't want to wait some people they will enter the night of the 27 thinking it's a little caught up, you know, now try and use this name of Mooji How can I live with the name of Allah? How can I implement this beautiful name of Allah and Mooji in my life, you know, again, a

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weekly calendar, you know, a weekly calendar, starting from Monday, and then maybe Monday, I will do the Hatton istikhara, you know,

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car, you know you have to ice the harbor and drop in the esteana you know, istikhara asked him for anything before you do something before you make a decision, you know, make that up that's asking us if you're consulting with maybe Tuesday, I will, I will look into you know, I will do some analysis in things that may have may be the cause of preventing my dad from being accepted. You know, making sure I don't deal with anything that is haram or whatnot, you know, so try and shut level data please fetish you know, look into your you know, the things that you consume, you know, things, your dealings, your actions, you know, making sure that you're not dealing with anything that may prevent

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you from being accepted.

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Wednesday, commonly, you know, do the mega piano live and then ask allows you to have a lot of social and an asking him with his beautiful name, the name of Allah and Mooji may be Thursday, I wouldn't give up Thursday with the Nia for Allah Xhosa to accept my

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Friday, I will make lots of syrup on Prophet Mohammed and his blood was Sudan. And again, making that to her was in the name of Allah and Mooji. And, and and with the intention now be you know, be

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make me witness to be accept my fasting or be you know, help cure the diseases of my loved ones or whatever to hide that you have made it with that intention in Sharla. But then start with the salt and nonprofit and finish with the platform Prophet Mohammed also said maybe Saturday help someone with the intention to Allah subhana wa Taala with Sal to have, you know, things that you could do Saturday, whatever in shallow data, make your own plan, make your own calendar and live with this beautiful name implemented in your heart in your life. I asked him lots of hands out to help us to practice and to convey another episode of rock Ramadan 2017

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I say salam O Allah, Allah wa capital and stay in touch with me through my social media and ask me questions and

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I will try to respond to them against