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There are a few of you, a few of you who may be worried. You know, if you fall in this category, I want to remind you, and I want to tell you, they you can do

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that as a busy person, as a person who may have made his mistakes or her mistakes. You have the ability to make the most of Ramadan, just like Islam is for everyone. Islam is diverse, it for people of all color, people of all occupations, all roles. So with Ramadan, it's full of opportunities for all types of people. That's why they say, you know, Ramadan, it's mobile, it's mobile, why the mobile, the more you give to Rama, the whatever you give to Ramadan, it gives you more back. You, you don't eat for the sake of Allah. You don't engage in relations for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala will increase you in Itakura. Allah subhanaw taala will

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increase you in guidance, Allah subhanaw taala will cure you, Allah subhanaw taala He will heal your broken hearts and Subhanallah you can be a busy mother. You can have one children like myself, you can have two children and ancestors that have five children, and you can still reap the reward of Ramadan, you can still gain everything from it. You can be a student who is in exam period, you know you there and you could still make the most out of Ramadan, you can be working 95 And you can still have every single sin forgiven. It begins with the belief that you have been given every single resource to live in Ramadan to its fullest. You have everything. Allah subhanaw taala has given you

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the toolbox. You will always given the toolbox. It's up to you whether you look into your toolbox, it's up to you whether you actually open it up and you realize I have so much more than I believed I did. I have so much more. So much more. And that's it. You believe in yourself. And even if you have little whether it's time if you give sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala he will transform your time he will transform your money and ultimately your sincerity into a mountain. There is no comparison. Give little with the best of intentions. And Allah subhanaw taala he is most appreciative