Ali Hammuda – A Ramadan of change #04 – An apology like none other

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a video featuring a man named Danna DiNardo who is looking for a woman named Hope. The speaker describes Danna's struggles with finding the right person to represent himself and talks about the importance of showing excellence and reliance on oneself in order to achieve success. The video ends with a message to send signs and a reference to a book by Jesus.
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Oh Rama,

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Merci, merci.

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Welcome Rama,

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This month. Everything about you has changed. Your eating has changed. Your sleeping has changed. Your social habits have been flipped upside down. All for what? For Him for allah, Danna DiNardo. You want him to be happy with you. You want him to love you.

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And so considering all what you're doing this month, and the sacrifices you are making you have every right to ask, Does he love me back?

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The answer to this question, agitated you. So you flick through the pages of the Quran, searching for an answer. And then you stumbled across a beautiful idea, or Allah subhanaw taala said in Allah how you have been Matatini Allah Almighty loves the people of Taqwa cautiousness of Allah, but you thought to yourself, I'm hardly this person. My Taqwa it's still really in the meeting. So you kept searching a sign that Allah Almighty loves me back, you came across another area, and your heart left with the happiness where Allah Almighty said in Allah you have been mercy Nene. Allah loves those people of excellence, but you thought yourself me personally as an excellence, major working

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progress, man. So you kept searching. You came across a third area. Could this be me? In Allah? Hi, your humble moto Killeen. Allah loves those who rely upon him. Again you side and you said my reliance upon Allah Almighty is lacking. I don't think this is me.

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At this point, you are on the verge of giving up. When you finally came across the answer that you have been looking for the entire time you came across the IOER Allah subhanaw taala said in Allah how you have been Allah Almighty loves those who keep turning to him in repentance. Yes, you said yes, that's me. I can do this.

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So make your slogan this Ramadan make it a stealth futile ma I repent to Allah repeat it so you from all your heart and our to appear practically on your life on your every decision so your stuff will Allah allow it to translate into action? And let Allah Almighty know that you are now a completely different person?

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You know, Allah, you know Allah, Ya Allah you have said, You have said in your book that you love those who repent, we have repented to you once and for all. And now our expectation is that you now love is back. Send us those signs. Oh ALLAH that will put our hearts to rest. Oh Rama

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Merci, merci. Welcome Rama

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