Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #15 – Being Merciful and Compassionate To Others

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Of the characteristics of the believer is that he is kind and merciful to all those around him, even animals and plants! The sīrah of the Prophet ﷺ shows this reality throughout – the default is to be full of compassion for all the creation.

The Prophet ﷺ once shortened the prayer by reciting the two smallest Surahs, and then explained, “I heard a baby crying, and I felt that his mother would be grieved [if I prolonged], hence I recited those two Sūrahs].

Can you imagine the level of consciousness to take into consideration, over and above the hundreds of people prayer, the sentiments of just one mother, and because of her shorten the prayer? In fact, he chastised the owner of a camel for treating it too harshly, and even hugged the tree that cried when he stood on a new pulpit and left it.

The heart of the believer is full of compassion for the creation – that is the default, and exceptions to the rule remain exceptions. It is truly mind-boggling that some have turned this reality upside down and consider it an insult to label another Muslim ‘compassionate’.

Our Lord is al-Raḥmān; He revealed to us a religion of mercy, and He sent us a prophet who is a Mercy to all of mankind. Whoever finds this problematic has completely misunderstood the basics of Islam.

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of the characteristics of the believer is a characteristic that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has praised in our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah says in the Quran Fatima Rama to Mina Allah He lint Allah whom it is Allah's Rama to you ya rasool Allah, that you are compassionate and caring and soft for them. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as described in the Quran, Allah says in the Quran, dakoda kumara su lumen and footsy come, a prophet has come from amongst you, as he is on either he managed to your pain and suffering is difficult for him to bear. He is conscious of your pain, he is aware of difficulties that you are facing. So of the characteristic of

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the believer is to be compassionate and caring have the characteristic of the movement is to have a soft heart and to be aware of the people around who is in pain, who is suffering, who is in hardship, and to have an actual connection with those people. In fact, one of the most famous a hadith that is famous amongst the scholars of Hadith, because it is the first Hadith that is usually said when you start studying a hadith is a Rahim Munna your Hama Hama Rahman era hammelmann. Filardi, your humble comment, or Rahim moon, those that have compassion, those that are compassionate to one another, your humble homearama Rahman, Allah will be merciful to them. If you

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are merciful to others, Allah will be merciful to you, it hammelmann Phil Lord, have mercy have compassion for those on earth. The one in the heavens will have mercy on you. This is a famous Hadith reported in Abu Dawood in a different version reported by another slap Sahabi our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lie your hammer Allah Humala, your humbleness, whoever is not compassionate to others will find no compassion from Allah. Whoever is not merciful to other people will find no mercy from Allah subhanho wa taala. So of the lack of the movement, the movements heart is aware of the difficulties and pains and sufferings of other people. And the entirety of the

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Sierra gives us examples, so many different types of examples can be given of them. There's an entire genre where our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is concerned about how difficult the religion might be. So he wants to make it easy for us, the famous incident of his own mirage. He would go back to Allah and say, Yara, my alma cannot pray 50 times break it down to 45. My alma cannot do 45 Make it 4035 3025 20 He kept on going back to Allah because he knew that it will be difficult for us so to make it easy for us in the other Hadith, he said, if it were not for the fact my OMA would find it very difficult. I would have commanded them to do the miswak before every

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single Salah he wanted to but he also wanted to make the Shetty out easy. So his compassion for the Ummah that the religious should not be made more difficult of them the famous Hadith in this site he said were it not for the fact that my own mother would find it difficult. I would have obligated a fresh will do for every Salah it's not obligatory to do for every sada if you have to do from your time for us to do you have a person, our Prophet system wanted to make it obligatory, but he said, You know what, my ummah will find it difficult, so to make it easy for them. In fact, this prayer that we are praying Tarawa, I gave you the story of it right before Ramadan. Our Prophet system

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began to pray. People began to come. Then he stopped praying and he said, I was worried that people might think it is obligatory, so I stopped doing the Jamar just out of Chautauqua. We saved a mercy compassion. He did not want to make the religion difficult. So he kept on lowering the bar as much as possible for the OMA and this isn't just in religion. This is

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In your one on one affairs as well, in the entire Sierra, there are so many examples of the care and concern for even people that are doing things that shouldn't be done. The Bedouin who urinated in the masjid, right? He came into the Masjid. He didn't know the o'clock of civilization. He lifted his job in the corner, and he started urinating in the masjid. Everybody gathered around him yelling and screaming. And our Prophet system said, let him be let him finish any he's begun. What are you going to do now? After it's over? He called him and the Bedouin himself narrated the Hadith. And he said, follow Allah He, neither was he harsh, nor was he strict, nor did he make me feel bad. Rather,

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he said, these massages are places of worship, you don't do these types of things. And he was so compassionate for me. The Bedouin then said, I made dua to Allah that Allah Allah have mercy on me and on Muhammad, Hassan and not on any of these people around me. So the point is that mercy that he had, that the Bedouin saw the young man that came and said, O Messenger of Allah, I asked permission from you. I want to do Zina the process and didn't get angry, he gently explained in such a manner that by the time the young man left nothing was more hated to him than doing Zina the compassion that he had for people around him. It was palpable it was everybody knew this. And it wasn't just

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for Muslims, by the way, even for non Muslims, the famous incident of the Jewish boy that was dying a neighbor of the Prophet system, and he was sick for so many days. The Prophet system said, Let us go visit him, and he sat with him. And he gave him Dawa, and the boy embraced Islam. And the Prophet system was so happy, you could see the smile on his face. And he said that Hamdulillah that saved this boy Alhamdulillah even he embraced Islam, and he passed away as a Muslim, that compassion he felt for somebody, not from our civilization, wanting to give him that our and even if they don't embrace Islam, they're still human beings. And the famous idea as a Muslim, that our Prophet Salah

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Salem saw a large procession of people going to the funeral, and it's clear that their non Muslims are dressed in the non Muslim garb, the Jewish garb, the prophets have some stood up, and they said, Yeah, rasool Allah, it's the funeral of a non Muslim or Jewish person. The Prophet system said, wasn't he a human? Wasn't he a human being? Okay? There's it basic compassion. Now he's gone. What's wrong with just you know, expressing cultural condolences? Of course, in our days, we don't stand up. But suppose you're on the highway. And there's, you know, the procession going of the funeral. If we pull aside and we let the people go, this is a part of our compassion. He even showed

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compassion to enemies of the city at times because he knew that Allah would guide them to Islam. We're all aware of the incident of thought if there would be no city of thought if if our Prophet system had not shown compassion, there would be no city of thought if not be there be a civilization and thought if when Gibreel came and said Ya Muhammad Rasul Allah has brought the angel of the mountain with me. And if you want at your command, the city will be abolished, and the Prophet has some showed compassion. And the other incident is narrated in Sahih Muslim as he was wounded and the blood is coming from his face, he wiped the blood from his face, and he said, Ya Rob, Ill Fiddler

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called me while the bleed is blood is coming. And while his face is bleeding, he wipes it away. And he says, Dr. Rob, forgive my people, for they don't know what they're doing. Forgive my people. They don't know what they are doing that compassion that was universal. You feel the pain of other people, you want them to be guided, you want to help them out, not just human beings, even animals in the famous incident. So hey, Bahauddin has this hadith, the prophet has visited one of the one of the cultivation plants, the forms of the onslaught, and when he entered the garden, a camel came rushing to him and started speaking in camel talk. We don't know what he was saying. And the Camel

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began crying, and the camel lowered his head and the Profit System patted the camel and then said, Where is the owner of this camel, a man said, This is me, Otto sort Allah, He said, The camel has complained that you are beating it and you are not feeding it properly. And you're overworking it. Fear Allah with regards to these animals that are not able to communicate back to you. He had a compassion even for an animal on an expedition going in one of the battles that some of the Sahaba they found a nest and they took the little Chiclets of the nest just to play with them. And when they took it away, the mother became agitated. The mother is flying the process him sees the bird.

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And he says, Who has agitated this mother from its children give the children back to the mother that compassion he had even for animals forget even animals, inanimate objects, subhanAllah humans, animals, even inanimate objects. We all know this is the most famous incident of the one of the most famous miracles that the Prophet system used to give hold about, as we know, on a stump of wood in the old days, they didn't have you know, the fancy masjid and whatnot. There was a stump of wood that had not been taken out. He would use that. Then when wealth came in one of the unsavoury ladies she had a very skin

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Old she had a very skilled architect or a very skilled

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what's the term? My mind is going blank carpenter see what happens when you sometimes speaking you know speak to the word she had a carpenter and she said the auto suit Allah what if we were to make you a custom built member my carpet you will build you a custom built member. He said okay if you want to do that, so she built he built for him a three tiered member beautiful mashallah very excellent. We're all aware of the story, the first day that the Prophet system stood on that new constructed member, all of a sudden the Sahaba began hearing, they said the crying that sounded like the crying of a baby camel, but we couldn't see where there was nothing crying there. And then we

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saw the noises coming from the stump is coming from the stump. So the prophecy was interrupted the hutzpah. This is in front of the entire Sahaba he came down from the new member, and he hugged the tree. And he patted the tree. And he made draw for the tree. And then the tree was taken out and put underneath the actual member. And he said, The tree was sad that I left it to go to this new place. So I put it under so that it is still there to this day where the hottie views the hood, but deep down inside, that tree is still buried Hassanal basally said, even the trunk of a tree was crying when the Prophet system left it, how about us should we not cry even more, even the trunk of the

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tree was crying that the process of left me that trunk of a tree and the Profit System came and literally hugged it and patted it to show some compassion even to an inanimate object. This is the reality of our shady, we take into account the feelings of others. We are aware of the sensitivities of others, and we want to allay their suffering to make sure they're not feeling any type of pain or suffering much less for us to cause that pain and suffering. So brothers and sisters of the characteristics of the believer is Rama and Shafique. Our hearts are full of compassion. Our hearts are full of tenderness and mercy. And I find it really strange and our times that some people flip

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this around, and they actually say that it is not good to be compassionate or it's not good to be merciful or we're supposed to be strict. No, the strictness is shown to a small group of people that are actual enemies and even then sometimes if there's help or mercy we may even make dua for them as a prophet of Islam shown otherwise the default the hearts of the believer is a soft heart and the heart of the believer is a compassionate heart. And I conclude with a beautiful verse in the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala describes our Prophet sallallahu ala he was setting them as being warmer outside NACA Illa Raha lil Alameen Allah is Rahman and Rahim and he revealed the religion of mercy

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and a book of mercy. And he sent us a prophet that is characterized by mercy. Our religion is mercy Our Lord is merciful. And our Prophet system is characterized by Rama, how then can we not be the ummah of Rama? How can we not also be characterized by the characteristic of Rama May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah make our hearts full of compassion and mercy for all those around us and inshallah we'll continue tomorrow with salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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