Ramadan 2017 – Reminders 16

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Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee titled Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

2017-06-10 – Night 16

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In a profit call us to be careful our staff we have been doing it and harmed in

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the profit called us to be careful when you follow the Imam you must have extra patient we have been doing it and handling that

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is anathema.

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To see the improvement in us is really a blessing.

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It's not easy to discipline ourselves. But we have been trying our best and that is a good sign. Because we are moving forward, we are changing

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and we hope inshallah the other discipline will follow

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this pain of our shoes that were sleepers will follow.

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So the order sleeper and shoes also have their own staff.

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it's important when you have this good discipline brothers and sister because wherever you go people will look at us by looking at

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what we are doing. The way we organize thing is enough. They say actions speak louder than words. We all are aware about this beautiful saying

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words of wisdom.

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So May Allah help us

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a lot from is as in Milan as Sabine. Allah is always very close with those who have patient we have a lot of patient following the Imam

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tonight we are going to make a door especially for Amir Hamza luckily Hamid, the uncle of our brother condom

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who took over my position to make announcement before the cam and hamdulillah

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but before that brothers and sisters

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I like to share with you one important saying of a lot of land I mean,

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as a reminder to all of us, I believe all of us do have these feeling in earth already. But we need to check from time to time whether this feeling is growing or is fading away.

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And oh by that at the summit the rhodiola who call

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summit to Rasulo last summer loves Amelia key, or be azzawajal yaku

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mahabad batty Li Mota have Li Mota

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pain, fear wahaca Maha Abadi lil motor zelena fi hub

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fear wahaca Maha Abadi Li matassa V in FY

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one motor hub boo enough Illa Allah mana para mi Nori field Zilla yo mala zillah zillah

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raha had this idea?

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The companion of our beloved Prophet Mohammed Salah salam o badda Ebner summit,

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radi Allahu anhu say I heard a lot of messengers and most of them quoting his Lord, who said, This is what Hardee's could see coming now.

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The Prophet is quoting the word of Allah.

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know anything he does because he is not in the Quran.

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This is the saying of Allah, but it's not in the Quran. And that's why you don't say, and you say, these are

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my love. Now Allah is telling all of us My love is established for those who love one another for my sake.

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Now Allah is telling us about the power of love for the right cause the right reason.

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Allah is telling us that His love is established.

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When a lot that he has at His love is established, that means you're doing the worry about love, love to us anymore.

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money but he reminds us for those who love one another for my sake.

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We must develop that love

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for each other for the sake of Allah.

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I think we all love each other in a way. We do love our family. We love our children. We love our sibling. We love our neighbor. We love our lovers.

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I love, love, love, the power of love. Remember the song

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by is not from the Middle East, the song came from somewhere else.

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They also acknowledge the power of love.

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And my love is established again for those who spend money for my sake, Allahu Akbar.

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We know that we live in this world we have to spend

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and Allah is telling us I was stabbed established my love again for those who spend for the sake of Allah.

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You can spend on your family for the sake of a loved

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one that the best of the car is a sidecar to your family to

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and for the men to give sadaqa to the wife is so simple.

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If you are stingy you do want to give money to your wife.

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So your wife prepare for you just fit her.

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fit her.

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They are spoon fed spoonful of soup,

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rice, anything

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and feed your wife is

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your mother used to feed your mother

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Allahu Akbar.

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And unlock continue by saying My love is established is established for those who visit one another for my sake. By visiting each other for the sake of a law purely for there's a lot left us alone. You see how merciful Allah is

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keep on guiding us showing us ways how to attain the love of Allah so it's not difficult. Just love each other for the right reason. Allah will have

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you spend for the sake of Allah, Allah Allah feel good. You will visit one another's for the sake of Allah. Allah we live a mama.

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In fact, those who love one another for the sixth alone would it be at puppets of like in the shape of a law

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then the shape of Allah will come in place

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that they have Jasmine.

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Yo ma la Zilla, Illa Zillow, remember that day there's no other * that you can get except from a loss chain.

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And these other Hades the pravasi

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rajala and the Hubba thila. He is Thema la he was a Puerto Rican la

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that Hadith the Prophet is saying that the same thing about the love

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when to Muslim

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love for the sake of a low Indian meat

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and they are going to depart like here tonight every night we are here for the sake of Allah. We smile at each other we pray for each other.

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We help each other. We remind each other because we love each other. And then we are going to depart after this maybe about five minutes Bye bye. And I want to go on when it comes Olam colors

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all the chi is going to leave

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mark calcium

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but you are doing for the sake of Allah.

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You have to depart because you have your own home. Your own family to go.

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No problem. So the prophecy

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radula and the Hubba filet is demand and water for rockin LA and you depart for the sake of Allah. Because you are going to come back again tomorrow night. I will come back tomorrow night show. You see you depart for one and you'll come back again. Alhamdulillah

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So Allah is telling us that there will be a shade of a lost throne on the day when there is no shade but a lot of shade alone. And this shade is for those who love for the sake of Allah span for the sake of Allah visit one another for the sake of Allah

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Alhambra brother and sister we believe that all of us do have this inshallah. Lastly, before we get into the Dawa, for the dough Arawa

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is very interesting.

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There's a dialogue between the shaitan he believes with Allah

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and abass rhodiola

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And Homer,

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kala Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, kala Iblees

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Lisa Domine calaca Elijah Allah tala Horace Kar

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Wai ma e schatten. From risky

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law, if not best for the law and the whole mindset that allows messenger Prophet Mohammed Salah said

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it believes we know the Satan's say to a law.

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Change shaitan also talked to a lot that's why I say

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who don't believe in Allah everyone believed in even the number one enemy of Satan believe in Allah.

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My people don't understand people say I'm talking nonsense. How can we say try and believe in

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this what he is doing? He is talking to Allah He is asking.

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If he doesn't believe in Allah, He don't have to mention the word of Allah anymore. The only thing that Allah curse him because he had that little camera

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arigon and a Herman who always he always did the he was better he was better. That's all.

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Now he said to Allah yarrabah

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for every one of your creatures,

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everything that Allah created, you have arranged sustenance and means of livelihood.

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That means you give them recipe. Animal have reached the end have raised the fly have raised

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we also have our risk.

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Everybody have their is

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when you plan a mango tree, what do you want from the tree

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and what you want from the fruit.

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You want

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good fruit.

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You're doing all the mango tree they have rotten mangoes

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is a waste of time.

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But you want the mango to be good. Sweet, sometimes sour bit, sometimes bitter bit Alhamdulillah

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most of the time, we get some mango. You're also finding some alien inside the mango.

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Suddenly how these warm Enter We do not know.

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But there is the risk of the warm, the warm also have the risky, the bad have the risky and when they mango fall you don't pick it up the end will come there is the risk free.

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If the only the good mango is for I think we will keep it for ourselves. We are not going to share with others but Allah is so kindly he prepared some for you some for the other creation. So this a believes say to Allah

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How about my risky?

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You see?

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Ha you have prepared for all the other creatures? How about my I'm also your creation?

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shaitan the creation of Allah? Yes. Allah created him from the jinn.

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Look at what Allah said. mala Mia, Mamma Mia.

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That will be your risk.

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Allah say anything on wish a last name is not mentioned when we are eating and drinking that is yours.

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So don't underestimate the name of Allah just by saying Bismillah

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then you have no shame.

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But when you are so busy, so impatient,

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that you even forget Allah, when you eat and drink.

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You talking talking talking you eat, you forget to say Bismillah Actually, there is risk, not yours.

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So don't forget to say Bismillah when we eat, when we drink, remember the prophecy who ever make evolution without saying Bismillah his evolution is not been completed

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by saying Bismillah make a lot of difference. So remind your children remind your loved one not to forget to say Bismillah

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brothers and sister in the law of God not tonight. The mom also asked Allah for forgiveness for all

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Muslim male and female and all believing male and female and those who are alive and those who pass away tonight we have somebody who passed away

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yesterday I think Yeah.

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Today Yeah. So let us humbly because one other Surah Surah ruff recited by imaam in the TM

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vs 5556 Allah said adorable come in adorable tada tada ruin walk

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in the hula your head boo Dean

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allows it when you call upon me call we full of humbleness. You must Humble yourself

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and if not important, you don't have to raise up your voice like Allah is so far we could be more secretive with Allah.

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But when we want to make dough and to remind all of us who made the dough, we can get you the dough. I'm going to reset slowly and you can follow me to the side for zookeeper, zookeeper Lee humming in Sharla Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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A Muhammad Ali Allah Muhammad

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Ali Mohammed

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Come on so later Allah Ibrahim

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Ali Ibrahim in Naka Hamid on magic.

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Allahu Allahu

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wa hambo wa fee

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wa for and who

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are Karim noses zoulah who was

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Madonna who will conceal Who? Bill ma he was 31 barra de Wanda T. Mina la kataya karma yonaka thobe abbia Mina Denis Allahumma Abdullah Who? Da Ron hiren min daddy.

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Wa Helen kyron min Ali Allahumma at the kilo. Genetic ajuda who mean either Bill cabri was dinner

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among maka Finley hyena

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one meanie Tina washa Idina wa ebina masal Rena wakatobi Irina, whenever Karina when fana Amar Houma mn ie the Who? Mina

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E. ll Islam woman, Taha Fado Minh photographer who lol a man a more Houma la Rinna. A Dora whoa whoa la Padilla na ba da whoa Ravana Tina dunya Santa

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Clara de hacer una joaquina Azad narrow or some more who Allah Muhammad wanna? He was talking he might in what handler but only mean I mean, yeah, Allah Allah mean

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Subhana Allah who might be having a shadow Allah, Allah Allah and stuck Furukawa to boil a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.