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Follow him

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from the logic

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today in the recitation inshallah, there's a very beautiful verse that will be recited. Allah subhanho wa Taala who reminds us of the story of Musa

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Musa Islam was one of the great prophets of Allah Subhana

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he brought Mousavi Salaam so close to Allah subhanaw taala elevated the rank of Masada Salaam to such a degree that Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke to him. That's why masala is sometimes referred to as the Karim Allah, the One who spoke to Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, the scholars have a difference of opinion amongst themselves. How many times did massart Islam speak to Allah subhana wa tada that's a discussion. Some scholars hold opinion that it was only once which Allah subhanaw taala mentions a different places in the Koran mentioned the 16th look around the 19th just look around in the 20th three different accounts of the same incident accounts are the

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same but Allah subhanaw taala mentioned a few times in the Quran and other places as well. Now musala salaam being this great prophet,

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he made a very beautiful law. And this is one of the most beautiful devices every time I read this blog or this blog beside it, it really makes me think I think how great of a family man was massage.

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That massage is and I wasn't only happy with himself being a prophet musante salon made a special Guatemala and this is the best dollar any brother ever made for another brother. He said yeah Allah He made me a prophet What about my brother

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and he begged Allah subhanho wa Taala to give his brother harder knowledge from the Buddha as well. And Allah subhanho wa Taala said Musab because you've asked will give an award to your brother as well. And through the law of his brother, through the glove, how do not listen up brother, how do not a saddam is granted profited. Now this is something very beautiful, and it shows how much concern and how much cure one brothers should have for another and what kind of relationship these two brothers had musante Saddam was very intellectual, very firm, very strong. But the one thing was lacking was the ability to speak. This was a challenge, because the narration mentioned that when he

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was young, he was wandering around his palace as recited today. And it almost worried because he had seen a dream that a child would grow from bunnies trying to kill him. And when he saw this talent, and this child was picked out of the young, the ocean, he was worried that what if this is the child, so he decided to put this small baby through a test, a tray was bought, one had gold in it, what had fire in it. And he wanted to see which which way the child had went. If the child had went to the gold, that means this child was intellectual and he was gifted from Allah, that means that this person would be the Prophet that would kill him, and he would slay this child. But if the child

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had went to the fire, then he had no threat from this child. I mean, it's a very silly test to put a baby through. But it wasn't intellectual anyway. So if you don't put a small little baby through this test, and as Maasai Salaam is extending his hand towards the gold, the narration mentioned to beat it, Sam came and he pushed masani Sam's head and pick up the hot object there and he put it in his mouth, which caused him to have a list in his tongue. A Lisp in his tongue. He couldn't speak properly. He used to stutter a lot was that he said, he said stutter that's why there is an iron in the in the 16th that we recited that sadly, Sam said, y'all love you're sending me to fit Allen. No,

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this is great oppressor one of the greatest oppressive histories I've seen history I've seen the man who runs such a big kingdom. He's a king himself. How am I going to debate with him and discuss with him when I can't even speak? My tongue stutters so then Allah subhana wa Tada. He gives two solutions to Masada Islam. The first thing Allah subhanho wa Taala, taught Messiah, the Son of a dua that read this to Allah open your tongue. The second thing Allah subhanaw taala said, where you can't speak your brother has the ability to speak, take your brother with you as well. So when you say Salaam he says to Allah, Allah, I have a stutter with my tongue, give my brother the prophethood

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and he will be my backup he'll be my sidekick. And as I give the message, my brother will speak and that's how it will convey the message. Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted his law. Now the law that Allah subhanaw taala taught Messiah is to read to clear his tongue is a very important one. This is the law that we should make all of our children read and we should read ourselves. When we were in mothers

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and doulas sit down to read the Quran. When we would sit down to learn our lesson. All of our teachers had told us to read this law. And you can ask any child who has been to a traditional Mother Teresa, they will tell you their teacher also told them to read this law. And the scholars say if you read this blog before sitting down to read the Quran, Allah will take the verses that you read and he'll settle it into your heart. What is the block anyone know?

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Everybody knows that. He saw that. He was silly Emily was

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aka melissani Yahoo calling rubbish. Ola open my breaths. Well, yes, silly Emily and make matters easy. Watch me listen and open the knot from my tongue. Right? Yes only so that they can understand my speech so they can understand what I'm saying. And then after that he continued on that's where we read until but then when Sally slams Dalton and stuff that he continued on, he said Haruna he was due to be sad. Why should he Koofi Emily? Oh my Oh my Lord and my brother huddling? Well, should it be sad? Let him be the one who makes my back firm. Let him be the one who's got my back? Well, I should have Koofi, I'm really enjoying him in my matter, this I'm a profit make him a profit. Make

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him a profit to gain who said be hyper cathedra when that's good, aka cathedra so that we may join together and glorify you so we may join together and remember you now this law of Musa Islam for his brother and how do not is that I'm being granted the Prophet at Prophethood and Musa and harmony Salaam, being, you know, watched over by Musashi said I'm sorry, sir, I'm walking him through the different steps of how to get down and how to how to take care of people. There are so many lessons in this. But there was one person on the sideline that was watching all of this who was burning in jealousy. And that person was a man by the name of God one thought one was the cousin of Maasai

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sera. According to some scholars, he was the maternal cousin. Some say he was a paternal cousin, but he was a first cousin of the prophet of musasa. Some scholars say he was a son of a cousin of masahisa, but he was the same age. Now when he was seeing all this from the sideline he was seeing that musala salaam was a prophet. And he thought I am more worthy of others than Moosa. Because he sit down to read all the time used to read so many books, so many books, they say he had a lot of knowledge. He had read books that the average person hadn't even know of the unknown of their existence. So he thought, I have more knowledge than Moosa, I should be the Prophet, not him. This

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was a jealousy first in his heart. But he somehow control that the part that pushed him over the edge was when he saw how nice and unprofitable that's where he felt that he didn't deserve profited before me, and he definitely doesn't. So at this point, how am qarun became, he became one who had rebelled against Musashi. So now, he wouldn't listen to Mozart is very, very arrogant, very arrogant, you know, the narrations mentioned that Harun had learned the knowledge he had acquired the had acquired perfection in the science of alchemy, you guys will alchemy is it's like the science that supposedly exists that you can take you know, non non gold and turn it into gold and

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Arabic we call it leukemia, right to take non gold and turn it into gold, non non silver and turn it into silver. So some scholars say our own had actually perfected this and he had the ability to turn non gold into gold and non silver into silver. That's why Allah subhana wa tada refers to his treasures as being so great that even a large group of men couldn't carry the keys that belonged to autoruns treasures. Now, he realized that if he couldn't beat Musashi Salaam in knowledge, he felt that he would make himself feel better by beating musante salaam and wealth. Now masari said I'm really really wasn't a wealthy person. And the prophets of Allah are usually very humble people who

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saw this and I was a very humble person, but he started developing his empire and the scholars have bought as far as saying that the foundation to his house right and you can find this in the books of the seat. The foundation to his house was actually made of silver was underneath the ground, the foundation and today's silver has no value in those days the value of silver and gold was it was neck to neck it was similar, okay, so imagine a foundation of your house being made of gold, not even the top part. This is the bottom part. And he has such great wealth and Allah subhanahu wa tada says, Let

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Yahoo let her know

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that his keys just the keys, they couldn't be carried by a large group of men, the scholars, they discuss what is Ozma Some say Ozma is a number of men that either from 15 to 70 something close by as a group of men, that is 40 something oh spy as a group of 70 which means a large group of people just couldn't carry his keys, let alone the treasure. Now what happened was that Musashi Salaam, he was instructed by Allah to collect the cards from people you know how we as Muslims also give her a cup, the month of Ramadan is a very beautiful time to give her a cup for those of us who haven't make an intention inshallah everyone will take a look at that inshallah.

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So your Maasai Salaam comes to our own. And he says to him, cousin, here's a god. Now this was a very tough moment for cotton because cotton was full of jealousy towards Mousavi, salah and his brother. And now Moosa is telling him submit yourself to me. I'm the Prophet of Allah give me as a god. So Tarun became so angry. He said, you get out of here. I'm not giving you a single penny. Allah didn't give me this wealth. I earned this wealth for my own doing.

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Now when he said this was it Sam came back to the motion, and moosari salaams addressing the people, I don't became so angry with Mousavi Sarah that he decided to mess up Musashi salaams image. He went to the market he found a lady she was a prostitute.

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He came to her and said to her that I will pay you a very large sum of money. If you go to the mosque and while Moosa is giving his lecture, you stand up and claim Xena that he committed adultery with you. The lady said, the money is right, I'll do it. So she came to the machine. And Roosevelt was the person so he was going to give the right price obviously, right?

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He sends her she comes to the budget musante cinemas giving his lecture, and this lady stands up from the back of the gathering and she says that man, they're coming to dinner with me. The whole crowd pindrop silence and he suddenly sit on himself is shocked. What does this lady say? So he says to her what she said you committed Zina with me, Mousavi said and he said to her, I make you take an oath by the Allah who revealed the Torah upon you that speak the truth now. Now moose on Islam, by the way, he had this intimidating side as well, by the way, for those of you who don't know, I mean, Sally salon was known for the one punch knockout. You remember that? Yes, the one punch knockout he

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killed the guy one punch, okay. So he gave her an idi. He said to her, I make you take an oath by the Lord who revealed to me did I come and sit with you? And she said, Ah, no, you didn't come into with me God and force me. He paid me the money's outside. So Mousavi said um, he fell into such them.

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And he began to cry. And the narration mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala said to Musa Why are you crying? He said, Yeah, Allah Barun was jealous of me. He refused to pay refuse to pay is that God to me? And today he's gone as far as saying I committed Zina.

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Is it Yeah, Allah, Allah can be here, now you take care of it. So now our own he, meanwhile, he's he sets up this beautiful parade in which he's exhibiting all of his wealth. And the Quran mentions.

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Both Harada told me he is in at our own exit his house on the other side, and he had all this wealth he was, you know, on an exposition showing everyone exhibiting as well. And as he exited, the Quran mentions that when the people saw his vault, there's jaws drop. And they said, Yeah, Ethan and Mr. Joker on only if we had as much as many as he has. And this is very interesting, because we make the same statement. In when we watch these TV shows where they're showing the houses of the stars and the showing their cars, what do we end up saying,

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only if I had as much as that person has, you know, many of us say, only if I had as much as well as that King had or that Prince sad, or that player has or that pop star has or that movie star has. We make the same claims a lot somehow. And then they said in the Hulu, Hobby Lobby, that he has a lot of money. But then Allah says, look, those were the foolish people. Those are the average low end people, they just look at money. And that's what world means to them. Those are people who don't really have a deep understanding of anything for quality novelty.

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However, the intellectual people, the guys who are the higher thinking a higher standard, they said that money is nothing. Only if that guy had enough good deeds to match his good wealth, then it would mean something What's all this money, it's nothing, you know, this money is not even going to reach to inside your grave. It's so sad, right? Your money won't even come to your grave. When your body's being lowered down about a single dollar, we're going to agree with you not a single dollar. All of it gets left behind. So here, the people are watching. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala he instructs earth that swell and the earth that's open bottle and and all of his wealth go inside the

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ground, and sealed shut. Then Allah subhanahu wa tada himself says, Now I asked you on? Is there anyone to come and help help you today? Can't you go sign a cheque and call someone to help you and pull you out of the ground now? What is all of your wealth going to do for you today? Today, your wealth doesn't mean anything to you. So in summary, what we learned from this beautiful and from these beautiful verses, my friends, is that, you know, learn to develop your era as you develop your dunya. And never ever be shy to spending the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala, especially when it comes to your obligations. If you think by not giving up on a CV that you have in your account for

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$200,000. A $300,000 is going to make you wealthier, it's not you're lying to yourself. That's deception. Because Allah The one who gave you the love has the ability to do you can take it just like that. Just like that it can all be swallowed and gone. So be fearful of a loss of data. And be very particular and punctual to take pictures of God, my dear brothers and sisters, this is the summary of what we learned from God one story, never be arrogant over your knowledge. Never be arrogant over your wealth. Never look at someone who has less wealth and frown on them or look at them and laugh at them. Because what you have was given to you by Allah. And just as Allah gave it

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to you, Allah will take it from you and allows eyes wealth does not determine your value. It doesn't matter how big of a house you live in. I've seen people who live in small houses when I see small houses. I mean, maybe their bedrooms are the size of your toilets. But these people by law are the most caring people on the face of the earth. These are people who maybe eat bread with water

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Read with two days old silent. But these are people who never missed the 100 sold off. The I seen some of my teachers you know this is a reality they're paid per month was under a 1000 pounds under 1000 pounds a month, no tax, no security, nothing. But these are people Subhanallah who went for Amara and Hodge every year. Then we have some people in our community, you know who are earning millions. But till today they haven't had the chance or the trophies to go for Hajj. So it's not all about you have my friends. It's about what you do with your wealth and how you ultimately build a connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala we pray that Allah subhana wa tada save us all from the evil

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the root of all evil jealousy stems from the root of all evil, the love of the dunya and Allah subhanaw taala fills in our hearts the love of the Asha and allows us all to spread our wealth in his cause.