Jannah Gems #26 – Immerse Yourself in a Spiritual Environment

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the importance of surrounding oneself with a spiritual environment, even in a remote area like Japan. They emphasize the need to stay away from Facebook and Instagram, as it will lead to shattering emotions. The speaker also mentions the importance of remembering to stay in a spiritual environment even when things are small.

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Keep yourself surrounded, surrounded or immerse yourself

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on your daily basis in spiritual environment. The environment is extremely important. The peer pressure is not only for teenagers, or for children or young people, peer pressure is for everybody. And Allah subhanaw taala said the Turo, Swati usato center. So to recap, we read it every Friday, when I took my cell phone now Alba, one the cleaner with trabaho what kind of football do not follow, do not obey

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my elbow, don't be with those who their hearts are hideous from the remembrance of Allah and then their matters are shattered. I need from now tell myself I need to surround myself with a spiritual company. Whether physical, whether hamdulillah these days is all online. Which means the Remove any of the factors that will remove you away or from Allah or they will immerse you in the disobedience of Allah.

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This is extremely important this is how we get weaker and weaker. Because the more we stay away from Allah we then when we The more we push ourselves away from Allah that we come we are shaitan will drop us for this obey Allah, and it's gonna continue.

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So look around you. Even if you live alone, even if you live in a remote place. Alhamdulillah there is always this the Nirmal of the internet. Make sure you listen at least daily, daily 510 20 longer better, something to remind your philosophy pantalla in knowledge, extremely important, extremely important. Don't stop the relationship with the Quran after Ramadan. Don't stop the relationship of learning after Ramadan, every single day, make a schedule as you're driving to work as you're walking to work.

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Something that will remind me of a law. I will give you also a hadith of roswaal a sort of setup and you will know what's the influence of the environment, not people I'm talking about environment are sweating so to sit on top of that the most beloved places to Allah and massagin the

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mosques and the most disliked by places to Allah pantalla swag markets. That's the environment. Why? Well I have to go and buy things I need to go and get some grocery I need to go and get things I need. But why did he say this? So call it what is the most What do we do in mosques in Japan? Why do I go to the masjid? To remember Allah to pray that people aren't going to meet people where the mountain remind me of Allah, spiritual environment. When do we go with to the market What do we do is not because that's our intention, but the environment we will be heedless coffee, we will not be remembering Allah. We will be looking at this and looking at that and immersed in things push me

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away, if not even make me disobeyed last pantile to immerse yourself immerse yourself with the spiritual environment.