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Hussain Kamani
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of learning to balance one's behavior and protecting others from negative consequences. They also touch on recent incidents where women wereopposed and punished by a judge. The importance of forgiveness and opening up one's heart is emphasized, particularly in forgiving for the wrongdoers and honesty. Open heart and community building are also emphasized.
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today in sort of shoot over beside it's a very beautiful vs. also kind of hot out while describing his beloved servants he says when the teenage son he went to Cuba you know if more either for the room your room while it does the job would be him

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from Morocco,

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well Edina either of Salva who will bother you too soon and is in continue on. I want to start from the last part of what I just recited and will continue for a while. So kind of what Allah He mentioned that one of the signs of my beloved servants is that when levena is a slob, a woman, you young assume that whenever anyone transgresses them, they equally match that person in transgression. And then the next verse is Allah subhana wa tada says, that's one level of my servants. For example, if someone does something wrong to you, someone does something that says something bad to you. If someone hurts you in a particular way, you have the legal right to not take

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revenge from that person equivalent to what that person has done to you. For example, if a person was to say that well for stealing the users word they say, if a person wants to come to you and say to you, Zack Allah, which means May Allah disgrace you. Now legally, it is permissible for you to say to that person sokola, that may you also be disgraced. And in one narration, it states that if a person says something when a person initiates, you know, something evil and other person responds, the person who initiated is responsible for both of the sins of the people, until the second person surpasses the first, when the second person surpasses the first now he will be held accountable by

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Allah subhanho wa and Donna, there was a great oppressor in Islamic history by the name of hijab and use some of you may have heard of his name. Someone asked one of the scholars of the time that is it permissible for us to make the law against hijab when he says that he will he be destroyed? Can we curse? And can you make law against it? So the scholar mentioned that it is permissible for you to make the law against her judgment. However, bear in mind, make sure you know your limits, and you don't pass him. Because if you pass him and making law against him, it is possible that Allah subhana wa, tada will hold you accountable on the Day of Judgment. So you have to learn to balance

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it, is it permissible for a person to take revenge off of someone? Yes, it is. And at times, it actually becomes unnecessary, it becomes necessary for a person not to forgive, there are times when you forgive. And then there are times where you tell yourself I won't forgive because if I continue to forgive, this issue will only continue on. I'll give you an example. There was a great scholar from the subcontinent by the name of magenta Italian. Chef Ahmed said Hindi gentleman said Hindi he said something very beautiful. He said, to do the cupboard in front of him with a cup of soda.

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You guys don't have to do the cupboard in front of him with a cup. What that means is, if there's someone who is very boasting really full of himself, you know, someone who's really proud of himself really full of pride, he said, to show pride to that person is a form of sabotage. Because a person is full of pride. If you try to be humble in front of him, you only feeding his ego only feeding his ego, you're feeding the fire even more. So at that time, you shouldn't be humbled. And that's where you need to stand firm and say, No, no, no, this is not how it's going to be, you know, if you did wrong, I'm going to tell you straight to your face. If there's a bully in the community, someone

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that's oppressing other people with his tongue with their hand with their wealth, then for you to be humble, it's not the right thing for you to stand up and raise your voice that what you're doing is wrong. And you should know that what you're doing is wrong. And there are many examples of this many, many examples. Someone once came to me and said to me, Chef, I went for lunch, and I paid a premium dollar for my hedge package. I paid a lot of money paid $10,000 for the hedge package How much? You know, there was a time where recent 200 for $4,000 I don't remember those days.

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You don't remember them. They don't exist anymore. $10,000 hedge package. Okay.

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He said, But when I went there, the person oppressing he did not give me the service that he promised me. And the room that I was told I was going to get I didn't get that the food I was promised. I didn't get that the buses I was promised. I didn't get that the flights I were promised. Our promise I didn't get those either. Is it everything that I was promised the person went against his promise. And then when I held him accountable on the bottom, and Mark, I called the mother I said, You've oppressed me. He said to me, brother, it's hard to do solid.

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Rather, it's hard to do some people love using the religion as their shield, right? So he asked me shift, is it permissible for me to sue that guy? Because he took my money and I want my money back at least equivalent to what he oppressed me for. Now someone would say to him, brother, you know what, forgive him. Someone would say go ahead and do it. What I did was I asked that brother, look, have other people in the same group to the other people in the same group have the same complaint is that most of the people in the group had the same complaint that I said, maybe it's best for you to take this to an arbitrary and actually sit down and see who was involved.

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If anyone wasn't fault, then they should compensate on behalf of their fault. You shouldn't use religion to hold it as you shouldn't hold religion as a shield and hide behind it when you're oppressing other people, if as a person, you met someone a promise, you owe them that promise. And if a person has a track record of making promises to people and not fulfilling it, then it becomes the responsibility of someone to stand up and say, brother, this is not how you do it. However, when you do correct someone, you know, you need to know how to do it. You don't go public with it and disgrace them and humiliate them, you have to know how to work with it mildly. And if it doesn't

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work, then you bring it to the people who can now be influential in that situation and resolve the situation. Now there is a there was an incident during

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the podcast, you guys know, they'd be at the famous treaty that took place between the Muslims and the people that walk among karma. So during the Treaty of Abia, one of the people one of the spokesman from the, from the side of the machine, a mocha mocha, he stood to the Prophet said a lot of money was spent on space and he said something very foul to the Prophet. He said, you know, Muhammad, I'm just telling you right now that you know, all these guys around you, one day, they're all going to run away from you. And when everyone abandons you, and they're going to be all alone, we're going to come and grab you that now when he said this, that this haba would leave the pockets

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that a lot while he was set up. You guys don't understand what this means. But for the Sahaba that was the biggest swear you could have ever given them. That was the biggest the filthiest swear you could upset on this hobby was that one day you're gonna abandon from the prophet and you're gonna run away from him. And then we're gonna crush him. Say that I will because to deal with your loved one was standing there and a lot of this person saying this, imagine the emotions that are going through his mind that I went through thick and thin. I never abandoned the province that allamani was set up. I stood by him during his era. I was there when he was being beaten up in Canada and I

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was being beaten up in mocha mocha, I was with him in the Battle of others.

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And here you're saying that I'm going to leave him on me. abubaker Cinco de la one, what does he do? You remain silent? Does he stay humble and quiet? No, he raised his voice. And he said something to me. He said also whether or not now I can translate the statement because there are young kids in this gathering. But for those of you who can read between the lines, it was one of the one of the most harsh statements a man like season abubaker Siddiqa do about one could have said, and the scholars actually discussed this or the Prophet columns to be truthful in the tongue. I mean, the man was a very he had a very pure tone. But how can he say such a swear? It's such a foul statement,

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he said. So the scholars they say even that harsh statement coming out of his tongue at that time, was a sign of his truthfulness. Because that's how they offended him. And that's how he came right back at them. He didn't hide something inside of he immediately said to that person the way it was. So at times, you need to know that there is a responsibility upon us to stand up and raise our voice. When our pressure is taking place when the community is being oppressed when another person is oppressed, being oppressed. The purpose of allowing audio setup said only sort of Harker volume and oh by the lumen that helps you brother if he is an oppressor, or help you brother if he's

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oppressed. So now the second part of that makes sense. If someone's oppressed, help them, how do you help him stop the oppressor, push him away, go take their pants, give them a home, give him some clothing, the first part of the Hadeeth? What does that mean? Help your brother if he is an oppressor? Does that mean he beat the other guy with him? No, the profits is helping what is helping me, help him stop his oppression. Help him Stop it. You tell him many people, they're so used to hearing their praise that no one's ever gone to them and told them that this is what the reality is, you're just a very arrogant sick person. And people are getting fed up with you. I'm just telling it

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to you. You know, don't, don't say like that, because that'll cause a lot of problems. But at times, you need to know how to say you need to know when to say no. And you also need to know who you're talking to. Now, if you said what I said right now, to maybe a co worker, you might get away with it. If you said it to a friend and you might get away with it. Try saying that to your wife.

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Right? You have to know how to say it. You have to know when to say it. And you have to always ask yourself that is my statement actually a sign of my disease or in reality is that person the way I'm saying it's a very tricky place to be when you're correcting other people and when you have to call them the people up. Now. However, the normal attitude of a Muslim should not be to always want revenge. This whole idea of always wondering revenge is also a spiritual disease. Sometimes demanding revenge, like I said earlier, when it's justifiable when it's needed. It's necessary. But majority of the times if someone does something wrong to you what should be your first response?

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friggin overlook that person. Let it be someone takes something of yours. Forget about it. Someone keeps your shoes one day by accident outside this hall rather than standing here and saying someone stole it and this happens all the time you go to any images, right and someone will always be sending up a suitcase after Jamal Salah say someone stole my shoes, forgive people overlook them. I remember one thing I heard a long time ago many years ago, there was a there was a there was a there was a shift he used to go for Juma prayer and when he used to go over to my prayer he would take a slippers off and put them inside that shoe rack. This is back home. So you know there are 1000s of

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people everyone put the shoes or people want to have a you know gravely distinguished shoes they're more or less the same slippers everyone's wearing. So he would take his shoes and put them inside his students realize that everyone's shoes a garment

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Every week his shoes and never go missing so because in Indian box son back home they also have this idea of god you guys what that means? people they go to big events big gatherings they wait for people to take their shoes off they steal them they didn't polish them and sell them in the market again. I kid you not I have bought my own slippers on the market once I kid you not I was in India, I was in a village there. I lost my pair of shoes. I went to the nearby store and I bought my same shoes again. Right? I'm a witness to this but anyway that happens people they take slippers they clean them wash them and then they sell them on the market again. So when someone has to shift that

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why is it that your slippers never get stolen? He said because every day every Friday when I take my slippers off but I put them in the rack I say yeah Allah This is allowed for any person. And a stealer will never take something out he only takes out on

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the default response of the Muslim should be to forgive everyone. If someone does something wrong to you. You're doing so if someone nudges you, should you glare that person down? Forgive them It's okay. You know you're walking and someone doesn't say Salaam to you forgive them. It's okay. Someone borrowed $2 from you, unless you're really gonna die without those $2 should even hold it in your heart. It's okay your mother in law says if you were to you know problem one day your child shows more affection to the Father than the mother. No problem. One day the child's for more affection to one of your friends than yourself. No problem. Learn to forgive people have an open heart. Forgive

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people as much as you can. You're driving, you're driving and then you're literally driving at five miles an hour and someone dings you from behind? Do you really need to cause a big commotion on the street? Forgive them It's okay. I'll have some how to walk out of there. What do you think we're gonna quote? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said on the Day of Judgment. Our caller will call out one of the angels will call on that. Is there anyone today? Who Allah owes reward to stand up?

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Is there anyone today who Allah owes reward to stand up? The Hadith mentions 1000s of people stand up 1000s of them and when they will stand up people will ask Who are these people? And then the I decided family will also have

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and whoever forgives other people and men's the relationship after forgiving alone will owe him a reward. And in the Hadith that he had mentioned that when these 1000s of people stand up a loss of title what data will allow them to enter an agenda does it sabotage anything at all and that's why they should always go into paradise the doors of Paradise are open for you. So in family amongst your friends, small things like this learn to have a big heart and forgive if your daughter in law has done something wrong if she didn't cook the food properly forgive her Think of it like your own daughter. You know we as mother in laws and father in law's we only hold our daughter in laws as our

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daughters and sons as far as it comes to responsibilities. But as soon as they feel the responsibility now they're no longer our daughter or son anymore. Right? Now they're no longer our daughter. So now we treat them like a prisoner. Now we treat them like slaves. So amongst each other with family members, if someone invites all the family over and didn't invite you, does that mean you should stop talking to that person forgive them from an alpha also today in the world I've realized the number of fights that are have occurred within our families and our communities because of food is disgusting, right? small little petty things small petty things. One lady, she actually

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she caught she reached out to me I'm not gonna send any more than that. One lady reached out to me and she said to me, Chef, I'm having a big problem with my in laws. I said, What is it? She said, my, my father in law when he comes to visit me every meal, he wants everything. What that means is he wants vegetable. He wants rice. He wants to be Diani. He wants Okay, no rice. He wants roti, then he wants chicken and he wants beef and he wants goat. She said I'm okay with six things. But the goat is too hard for me to cook because I don't like the smell. I tried to explain to him, he said, if you don't make it, maybe tomorrow.

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I'm not gonna come to your house even though Look at this. Look out senseless people are types. We all need to learn to open our hearts a little bit. Okay, everyone needs to open their hearts. If so, if every moment you and I keep getting angry at each other, then it will will allow some have nothing to do with us. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says money not your home now you're the one who doesn't show mercy. He will not be shown mercy by Allah subhana wa Tada. You know, and he doesn't only see to forgive the ayah doesn't only see to forgive, it doesn't only see it from an author. It doesn't stop there. It doesn't say from an alpha law. It says from an alpha

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half. Allah whoever forgives and also he men's as well. He connects as well. He joins as well. So I'll give you an example of this. Someone slaps you on the face you smile back at him and say give me your hand. Let me kiss your hand and honor you. Someone pushes you a little bit. You ask the brother Are you okay? someone's looking for shoes. You say Brother, you take my shoes. You guys understand someone takes his shoes by accident, rather than only forgiving them. Raise your hand and say Allah allow those shoes to serve that person until the day of judgment. You don't make glove for people open your heart and not only forgive, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a

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beautiful example of this. He's leaving five they've repressed him. He doesn't only forgive them, but he also makes

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a lot. If not then then from their children. Someone will accept Islam on the day of the conference and welcome

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Karma. They're all lined up all the criminals, all the people that had oppress the Muslims for all those years. And the Prophet not only does it forgive them, he also honors them as well. Right? He says, Whoever enters into the house of Abu Sufyan, we give him a man I was offended, accepted Islam at that time. But anyway, the prophet said, it was sort of he honored them. We have so many examples like this from the corporate slide, the lady who tried the Jewish lady who poisoned the Prophet sallallahu audio instead of the prophets of awesome didn't have her children returned the Papa system, he forgave her. And even during the prophets death, he said, I can still taste the poison

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from that lady in my mouth. And that's what's causing it right now. The promise of a lot of Sodom pardon. There are so many examples like this, not only to pardon, but to also go ahead and send that person to give someone swears that you while you're driving, because you're not you're driving too slow. Or maybe you're driving too fast. Someone swears that you correct yourself and then make an offer that person you're giving me that? Yeah, I'll give her that. Yeah, Allah give me he died. You know, I'm going to end for

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, you know, we always read about the importance of joining ties, joining relations being kind to one another as relatives. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, joining ties does not mean to shake someone's hand shaking your head,

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not being equal. This is what happens in our community. You give someone a gift, they give you a gift. You know, when Indian Pakistani community when someone gets married, the mother in law, the guy's mother, the groom's mother will always tell her that her son and the daughter in law that keeps all the gifts you have aside and no matter how much each person gave you

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why I'm being besotted with meeting. So we can match them to their gifts when they get married. Some you know if they get $100 check when someone gets married, and they're from their family. Now we have to get how much we will do 100 for this, you will do 101 right. And a lot.

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A lot. It's odd and odd numbers. It's actually a basis for that, by the way, but anyway, you know, so we match them it's all about you do good for me, I do good for you scratch my back, I'll scratch your back. You don't scratch mine. I don't care about you anymore. And I've seen this happen a lot. You know, people respect the moms in the community who are eloquent and well known, but the mom who didn't who can't speak your language, he has a mountain of knowledge on his shoulders, but no one will ever look at that person. You know, we all have our vested interest in who we go after and who we sit with. That's another discussion. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that Lisa wants

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to build McAfee, the one who joined Tai join the one who joins ties is not the one who shakes the hand of the person who extends his hand forward when our kingdom Walsall, Allah de la booty otra Hema, who was the one who joins ties is the one that when someone comes and slaps you on the face, you go and you go and join that person. You go and join. I want to close with one narration. You know, the mom suited up with the Lucha Lena subsidy quotes that Musa alayhis salaam asked Allah Allah, Who is the most honorable of all of the servants in your eyes. So Allah subhana wa tada said, the one who has the ability to take revenge, he has the ability to take revenge, yet he forgives

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that person repair that allows the panel that allows us all to have beautiful hearts like the heart of the prophets of Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala allowed us all to be like this hobby who forgive everyone every night before he went to sleep. And Allah subhanaw taala that allowed us all to be like the prophets that a lot of it was sentiments companions, who were way open hearted and not only did they forgive people, but they also made to offer them sort of love without and I see them come along and he was happy.

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