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Nouman Ali Khan acquaints us with some of the important lessons with reference to Surah An Nur.

“Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth; a likeness of His light is as a niche in which is a lamp, the lamp is in a glass, (and) the glass is as it were a brightly shining star, lit from a blessed olive-tree, neither eastern nor western, the oil whereof almost gives light though fire touch it not – light upon light – Allah guides to His Light whom He pleases, and Allah sets forth parables for men, and Allah is Cognizant of all things.”

– Surah An Nur, verse 35

Light is a symbol of knowledge, enlightenment, and reflection while darkness is a symbol of ignorance. Allah is the light or the reflection of the skies and the earth which implies that everything in the Universe bears the signature of the Creator and Allah’s design is seen in everything in the Universe. The believers are able to perceive this light in the niche. For them, this light and wisdom is the example of a lamp which is a source of light. The fuel of this light-bearing lamp is their faith, which is the example of a blessed olive tree. They see the light through the parable of bright glass, though not directly exposed to it. The faith leads to the light of Wisdom. Allah increases the light of Wisdom for those who strive to see this light and keeps on increasing it for their guidance. 

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Al hamdu. lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam, O Allah seydel MBR evil mousseline while the early he was a he or minister in the vicinity he elomi Deen Allah Medina Min homina Latina Amano Amina Sati hot water wasabi hottie happy whatever so this may not have been either mean Am I bad for the villa him in the shade wonderful Jean

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Allahu nuro sumati will

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masala norihiko Muscat infy Hi Miss Ba, Miss bajo de su ga, ga and a haka punto de union codomain shahzada timu Baraka tienes una la sharqiya tumor La Via accardo z to how you Leo Alam sus hoonah neuron Allah new Yeti la julio de Manya, Sha, la la, la la la nurse, a la hub equally in Arlene.

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Rubbish at least, when a silly empty rock looked at me lasagna, Coco de la masa Bittner in del monte de la ilaha illa Allah.

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Today I have a very difficult task, I am going to try to simplify some of the lessons captured in one of the most beautiful Ayat of the Quran. Famously, according to the people that study the Quran and teach us the corundum of a saloon, they call it Iota nor the ayah of light. The ayah is particularly profound because Allah azza wa jal describes himself on his own as light Allahu nudell sumati will, Allah is the light of the skies in the earth. And when you study the Quran carefully you have to one of the themes of the Quran one of the images that refers that is referred to repeatedly is light. So Allah has called himself light. But Eliza wizard has also described the

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Quran as light for Aminullah he was really he when noodle De Anza Allah and you Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is also a light. And actually a famous Hadith he says, Our Luna Haleakala who newly The first thing Allah created was my light. So light refers to and we all know angels are also creatures of light. So the revelation is light, the angels are light, those who love so Solomon's being described as a light and a law above all else describes himself as the light of everything noodle sumati will have. So what I want to start with today, before we get into this parable, is an important concept when a law is always hidden, gives examples in the Quran. And some

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things we have to understand. There are two realities. And let me start with the most basic for ourselves. There's two realities, I have a body, a physical body that a doctor can check. But I also have something inside me that's not physical that will not show up on any skin. My emotion is on the inside of my heart, right let's let's talk about the heart. In my heart, my faith in Allah goes up and down. Some days, I have more fear of Allah, some days have less fear of Allah, some days, I feel so overwhelmed, and it makes me cry. And those tears actually the origin of those tears. They come out of here, but they started in the heart, you understand. So that's going on in the heart. But

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when you do a scan of the heart, when a cardiologist looks at your heart, and the heart is beating regularly, your heartbeat and someone who has no emotion and Allah, their heartbeat is the same. So there are two different kinds of hearts. There's the physical heart that you and I can see with our eyes and touch and feel and a doctor can check. And there's a spiritual heart, which is another reality. That's the reality of the unseen. That's the reality of the unseen. So, in this world, there are always two realities, the seen reality and the unseen reality. When Allah azza wa jal helps us understand things in the Quran. Sometimes he talks about things we can see. So he'll talk

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about the bird. He'll talk about the tree, he'll talk about the mountain, he'll talk about things that we can see, but he uses them to help us understand things that we cannot see. You understand? So he'll use the visual the things we can experience, and they'll help us better understand things we cannot see because they belong in the unseen you see my rule that Allah put inside of me when I was inside the belly of my mother and you were inside the belly of yours. That rule has in the unseen nobody can see it leave the body that belongs to the unseen so unless there's just under a new roof boiler room in the lobby the roof they asked you about it Tell them it's from the command

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of my master. There's no way you can check for it. There's no way well not at Terminal a mila kalila you have been given very little of knowledge, except very, very little meaning you can see you know, Yamuna, Valhalla, middle, hayati, dunya. People can know what is obvious in the world. But what's hidden? What's behind the scenes what's the unseen we cannot see. Right now there are angels on our right and our left Yes or no? We can't see them. We don't know what they're dark how they're documenting. You know, you're on the moon Amata alone. Quran says they know everything you're doing. And Quran says that Kira and Kathy being a very noble and they're constantly writing and recording.

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They have books in their hands. And so all of that's happening but we don't see it. So now. Let's start Allah says he is the light of the skies.

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The Earth Oh, there is light that you and I experienced their lights on in this room right now. This is the this is the scene light. But Allah is talking not just about the scene light, he's talking about the light of the unseen, the light of the unseen. But we're first going to contemplate on scene light. You see, this light that Allah has created like the sun. Let's compare the sun to this light inside human beings when the when, when a large lamp goes away, which is the sun, the sun, and human beings have to turn their own lights on, don't they? And no matter how many lights human beings turned on, they cannot compare to the light Allah brings when he brings his son out of the

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sky. So when a law lights, the skies and the earth, nobody can compare to how Allah lights the skies in the earth, you can spend all the money in the world to get the biggest bulbs to get the biggest light fixtures to create as much light as possible. And at the end of the day, the sky will still be black, it will not turn blue, it will not turn brilliant, you still won't be able to see the ocean that way you're able to see it when a law brings his light. So the first thing is, you know, we can never compare with the light that allows or whatever brings allows light can never when a law lights something up and we light something up. There's no comparison, what I'm describes the sun as a as a

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lamp. And comparing us turning a lamp on and allows lamp You see, there's no comparison. But here's another thing about light, there's two things we need to be able to see, to be able to see, first of all the lights have to be on. If all the lights were off, you and I cannot see even if you have eyes, there's no point because there's the absence of what light. But there's another light that you need. That's the light of your eyes, meaning the Arabs in the old times they used to use the word light, not just for the fire, or the lamp or the torch, they used to use the word light also for the eyes. So what if all the lights are on and you're blind, you still can't see, there's two kinds of

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light, there's a light inside you you already have it, and there's the light outside and only when both of them are there, then you can truly see isn't that the case, the same exact way. When it comes to the unseen world. Allah put light inside every human being before they were even born.

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They already have a light, they already have a light, that's something Allah gave them. This is the newer of the fitrah This is the light of the nature fit with Allah and that the photon NASA Ania that every baby is born with. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that every newborn baby is born in the way Allah wants them to be meaning and pure for pure natural state in worship of Allah xojo. That's how there's the and then parents turn them into Jews or Christians or something else, you know. So that's one light that we have inside. But once you know, like the light of the outside, that's the light of revelation Quran. Before that thought and Gene, those are the light of

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Revelation and a human being can have light inside and say, I don't know if I want to worship idols. I don't know if life is just about eating, sleeping, having children making some money and dying, there must be something more. There's a question human beings ask themselves around the world, that doesn't matter in the world they live, if they have light inside them, they ask themselves this hard question. They say life can't just be about living day to day, there must be something more than this. And they start looking for answers. That light inside of them is looking for answers. And they cannot seem to find that answer until Allah brings his light. And that's the light of Revelation.

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These are the two different kinds of light. And only then can we see now some important things. What Why do we need light. Without lights on this earth life couldn't exist. We couldn't sustain plants can't grow without light, which means animals can eat which means we can survive. So first of all, light is necessary for life itself. If somebody doesn't have if this earth did not have light, that means the Earth would not have what? Life the same way. If a human being does not have the light of Allah's guidance, if they don't have the light of who Allah is, and they're not introduced to Allah, they cannot see who Allah is, then they are as good as what their body may be alive. Their body may

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be alive but spiritually, they're walking dead. That's all they are. This is why Allah says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, Leon de la Mancha Haiyan. You are here to only give warning to people that are actually alive. Meaning some of these people are already as good as what they're dead.

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Their hearts have become hard. There's no life inside of them. Now, that's the first reason we need light is because it's life itself. Another reason we need light is to find your way. You see they're human beings need. If it's daytime, you know where to go. If it's nighttime, you're lost. You don't know where to go. And even if you're driving at night, you have to turn on the lights.

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The places you get lost the most is where there's no lights. And back in the day, when human beings used to travel during the day, they can tell which ways East in which ways West because of the Sun allows light. But when that light goes away, they don't know where to go. So what do they depend on, they depend on the stars, which is also light from Allah. If Allah did not put some light in the sky, in the day, and then in the night, we would never be able to find our way, ships would never be able to go where they're going. As a matter of fact, even planes wouldn't be able to navigate, as I mentioned before, so without light, and x specifically, without a lot of light, human beings would

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never be able to find their way, they will never be able to get to their destination. The same way in the spiritual world. If a loss light of revelation isn't there, we will never be able to find our way, we'll actually never be able to know where we're headed, or where we need to go will will think we're running towards success, but it wasn't success at all. until Allah sheds light on what real success is. Another reason you and I lead light is because without light, nothing is beautiful. Without light, nothing is beautiful. You can be in the most beautiful place. I mean, Cape Town, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. But if you go in the same those

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beautiful places where the sun is gleaming on the ocean, and you can see the shadows of the of the clouds on top of the mountains, and you see this spectacular view. But if you came there in the middle of the night, what would you see? Nothing. And if if you did see something you would only be because the moon is shining. Because the stars are there unless a love what sunlight beauty is dead. There's nothing good left. There's nothing beautiful left. There's only hopelessness and darkness and ugliness and fear without light the same exact way without the light of a loss revelation. Just like he brings that light from the sky like the sun in the moon. He brings crown from the sky, he

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brings his dishonor from the sky. He brings his guidance from the sky. That's also like when he brings that light, things become beautiful things and without it they're not beautiful. You know, one of the most powerful places in the Quran is when jacoba his salon was told for the first time that his son Yusuf has been killed even though that was wrong. That wasn't the case. But now he's being told a wolf ate him. Yeah, a wolf ate him. This is not good news. But he has light inside him, doesn't he? So you know what he says? He says for supper, anybody else would have said sobor I all I can do a southern now he says Southern Jamil beautiful suburb, even in that he can find something

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beautiful. Because when you have the light of your man, you'll see beauty in everything. Even in the most impossible things, you'll find a way to be optimistic and be beautiful and see beauty. This is the the value of light. And then another very obvious observation about light. If you have absolutely no light, you know what you can't see. You can't even see yourself. If you're standing in front of a mirror, and the lights are all off. What do you see? Nothing. You can't even recognize yourself without light. Forget You don't know who someone else is. You don't even know who you are or where you are. You don't know what's dirty on you. You don't know what's clean on you. You don't

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know if there's an insect over here. You don't know if you're in any kind of danger. You know nothing even about yourself. Imagine if someone's kept in the dark for a long time. And after a long time they're elected like to see themselves. They won't even recognize themselves. That's me. That's what I look like. Because Allah azza wa jal describes to us. You know whether Taku Kala de la sala De Anza hohman fossa who don't be like people who forgot Allah, meaning they don't have the light of Allah inside them, then Allah made them forget their own selves. We don't even know our own selves without Allah without his light. What a powerful image, just Allah saying he's the light of the

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skies in the earth. This isn't just about recognizing Allah, it's even about recognizing ourselves. Then if you go even further and think

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without light, you don't know reality. You know what kids do when they go to sleep? Sometimes kids, when you put them to sleep in the room, you finally think they're asleep. And it's dark. So the blanket starts looking like a bear.

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And then you turn the light on, it's just a blanket. Oh, but when it's dark, you don't know what that really is. In the dark things aren't as they seem. You cannot tell what's real and what's fake. You cannot tell if there's something good in front of you or something bad in front of you. You cannot tell if you're about to trip on something. You cannot tell what you should avoid and what you should you should not avoid. If the lights were on, you would not step in it. But if the lights are off, you will step right in it. Isn't that the case? without a lot of light. We don't even know what we're getting involved in. We don't know how dangerous it is, or if it's good for us or it's bad for

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us. Because without light we're acting completely blind. And imagine someone running in the blind running in the dark. You know how

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self destructive it is to run in the dark wouldn't you have to carefully tread and figure out where to go, but on describes people without light, and he says good Lama Allahumma Shafi, when lightning strikes, they can take a few steps. And then when the lightning stops, they're standing because they don't know if they're falling off the edge of a cliff. They can't run or anything without light, we're helpless. We don't know even the reality around ourselves. So I've said a few things. Now, you can't see beauty without light, you can't see reality without light. You can't find your way without light. You can't even know yourself without light. And then if the last piece of this is in

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literature around the world, in languages around the world, light is associated with hope. Light is associated with hope. And darkness is associated with sadness. When you see someone who's in a good mood, you say there's a lot of light on your face. When somebody is going through a hard time, they say many languages, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

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You know, the Arab poet in old times used to say, labuda lady and young jelly, the night will eventually go, you know, the darkness will break the sun will come the morning will rise again. And so the idea of mourning and light and you know, illumination, these are things that are filled with hope. In other words, without light human beings cannot have interestingly, by the way, the places in the world, some places in the world, they have 23 hour days, or 23 hour nights, 23 hour nights, and some places six hours of night and six or six months of nights, six months of day. And in those places you find when they're in the night for six months have the highest rates of depression,

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sadness, most people are overwhelmed with grief. Only because there's one outside darkness places in the world that are sunnier, you find people have better mental health, places in the world that have a lot of clouds all the time, and there's not enough light. People are depressed. People are sad. It's incredible that a lie even naturally made us happier, hopeful, optimistic, when we have light and when it's not there, our happiness goes away, our hope goes away. So when Allah says about himself, that Allah is the light of the skies and the earth, then when you and I recognize that we have a line our hearts, we have faith in a line our hearts, then we find our way, then we know

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reality, then we know ourselves, then we know beauty for what it is. Then we can measure things as they really are. Allahumma areni Houthi cattle, a Shia iqama here, yo Allah show me the reality of things as they are. I mean, I'll have

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nativa who show us the truth as the truth. Show us what's real as reality. Don't Don't let us be deceived by what is fake. That's the that's the power of light. Now Allah is that which Allah wants to describe in this beautiful Ayah How can you appreciate a less light? How do you understand that Allah is the light of the skies in the earth, and that's Allah describing the skies in the earth. But what about me, he says Missouri, he commish cotton, this is a very complicated example. But I'm going to try to simplify it as much as I can for you. It's very powerful and very beautiful. He says the example of his life for you, is like a neat a niche, a niche in the old times, they used to have

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the wall and inside the wall, they would make a little bit of a cave. And the cave is arched like this, you know, like in Islamic architecture, they kind of do this, this Madoff type shape, right? This is a large, actually, this is the shape of a musket. So it's a good visual. But these are, these used to be very small, and they used to have a little shelf in there so you can put a lamp in it. The reason they made it like that is because when even if you put a candle in there, the light hits the back. And because it's at an angle like that it's curved, the light spreads all over the room. So the design was so that you have one little light but it can spread all over the room. And

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it's shaped like this. Now that's amazing because that's also the shape of the human ribcage. You see that? That our body is also shaped like this and he says in the middle of that niche, he says, you know, you know massage only he can be scot free have Misbah in it. There's a lamp. inside it. There's a lamp so inside this thing, there's a lamp. What's that lamp? That's the heart of the believer. That's the heart. And he says I'll miss bajo. Fie Sujata. Now, by the way, this is the when the lead is describing a lamp. He's definitely talking about nighttime. Definitely, he's talking about what nighttime because when it's daytime, you don't need a lamp. So this is an image

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of something, take a scene that you have to imagine in the night. In the ancient times, there are no streetlights outside. There is no highway lights. There is no no two lights, nothing else. There's just this fish got this little indent and in that indent there's a lamp and that lamp is inside of a glass as the judge and Miss McAfee Zoo Georgia. As to Georgia Kanako cub, now it's dark at night. And he says this lamp inside of a glass By the way, glass is something that stays clean on

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It's only after cleaning constantly.

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Hmm, you can leave it alone and it stays clean. No, you have to keep scrubbing it, our heart. Our heart is around it inside of our chest, and our chest will constantly be attacked by shaytan, dirtying it, Allah says Allah usv Sufi. So dorina Soto is our glass, and he'll keep making it dirty. And we constantly have to what? clean, clean, clean, good. And the moment you stop cleaning, guess what's happening. It started getting dirtier and dirtier. And if you let it go for a long time, it gets so dirty, you won't even know it's a glass. And you don't even know it's a lamp inside. And even if the lamp is on, guess what happens when the glass is too dirty. The light doesn't come out

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the lightest trapped inside. If it gets too dirty, it's not even a lamp anymore, you understand? So you're suffocating it. So there's a light inside and this lamp hasn't been lit up yet, by the way in my understanding without without them. When he was describing this analogy, the lamp hasn't yet been lit up. It's dark at night. And there's this lamp and there's this clean glass as Sujata Jacaranda Coco Bhandari, this glass is so clean, it's like a star twinkling in the sky, like a pearly star in the sky, Coco was actually used for Jupiter. And Jupiter is very commonly, even though it's a planet its use or the North Star, even the star that's used for navigation most in the sky, the one that's

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sparkles the most. The thing is, this glass, on its own doesn't have any light. And the at nighttime, the only light maybe some light in the sky like the moon or star. And even that little bit of light from the star is hitting this lamp, this light, this glass, and the glass is twinkling. Now what does that mean for you and me? Well, this every piece of this analogy allows describing a physical image. But using that physical image, he's telling us something about the unseen world, right? That's what I keep referring back to. So what is he telling us about the unseen world, you and I have been given this heart, and this heart has been preserved by something pure that Allah

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gave us. And that's actually our rule. Our rule, that rule is light. And Allah gave it from the skies, the angel delivered it into your mother, when she was still expecting you. And you still have it inside you. But that roof needs to constantly be one preserved. You can suffocate it, you can make it dirty, and it itself is pure. The glass is pure, but you can cover it with dirt. And you can cover it with sins, and you can cover it with forgetfulness. You can cover it with all those things he says on its own. It's perfectly pure even at night. You can see the sparkle in it. You can see that it's not even from this world, got under her cocoplum Dory, he says You called him in shadow

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rotten. zaytuna Timo Baraka marketing, they do not Russia will occur via this lamp is fueled by an oil that comes from an olive tree. Let's talk about this olive tree for a second. Allah says this olive tree is blessed. And it's not Eastern, not Western. What does that mean? That means it's an olive tree in the middle of the desert, one tree by itself. When the sun rises, it falls on the tree. Yes. And when the sun falls, it still falls on the tree. If the tree was in the middle of a forest, it only gets light from the top. If the tree was on one side of the forest, it gets light when the sun rises, but he gets no light when the sun falls. But if the sun if the trees just by

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itself. As soon as the sun comes up, it's constantly getting exposure from what from Allah has lights from Allah as light. Allah is telling us There's something inside us the fuel that we have inside us, is actually forever connected to Alice light is forever connected to Alice light. It's not on the eastern tip. It's not on the western tip. It's connected to something higher than that soprano wattana. There's something pure inside every single human being. It's so powerful that even a killer like Finn our own. Allah said to Moosa, go talk to him, that Allahu Jaco and yaksha maybe he will benefit from the reminder, maybe the light inside of him is still there, and you can remove

00:24:06--> 00:24:47

some of the mountains of dirt he's put on it, but the light is still there. So don't give up on him. When a law describes that Allah is telling us something amazing about each and every human being, every human being that Allah has ever created as good. Every single one of them is good. Every single one of them has something pure, that can only come from Allah inside of them. They only come from Allah, that rule that was so powerful that Allah gave to Adam or that he said, we have been given from that rule, all of our ROI. And that is coming from the command of a large religion. By the way, what he put inside of is called what rule it's called what rule and one of the names of the

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Quran in the Koran is ru Hanneman andrena the Quran is also called

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the Quran is that pure, the purity of the Quran is now compared to the purity of what is given inside of the human being

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What Allah has put inside each and every human being, every human soul is sacred is pure. Nobody gets to say about themselves. I'm a tear, I'm a dirty human being. I'm a filthy human being No, you may have done filthy things to dirty yourself. But inside of you, there is something pure, and it can still come back, though so long as you're breathing, so long as you're still alive, there is a chance that you can restore your light. If there was no good left in you alone would not keep you alive anymore.

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He would not keep you alive anymore. This is a lesson, a lesson that is he keeps people alive so long as they have the opportunity to get away to come back. So no one no human being is beyond hope. We think people are beyond hope. When you don't like somebody you say that's a lost cause.

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You and I like to write people off and people like to write us off. A lot doesn't do that. A lot describes us with having light inside of us. So he says you got to say to how you lead. This is now where where things get intense. He says, Now this is nighttime, there's this lamp, it's shiny glass. And he says it's oil almost wants to catch fire. When o' lanterns are sooner, even though light hasn't been fire hasn't even been brought to it a candle wasn't brought to it to light it up. But it still wants to catch fire. If you see pure gasoline or petroleum. If you light a fire, it's almost as though it runs to catch the fire. You see that? Allah says if you clean yourself as if you keep

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yourself pure as a human being, you'll notice something when people don't cover their life with fake things. When people actually take a step back and think about what it means to have purpose in life. It doesn't even matter if they're Muslim or not. So long as they're a decent human being, they are going to start seeking something. They're trying to catch light. They're trying to find something I've walked I've talked to hundreds, if not 1000s of people that have accepted Islam over the years 1000s of people that I've met that took Shahada, and you know, one of the most common things they say, I felt like something was missing. And I kept on looking. I just couldn't find something in me

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was telling me there's more, there's more, there's more. And when I found Islam, when I heard a little bit of the Quran, it was like I could breathe. It was like there was something lit inside my chest, a non Muslim friend of mine, where I took him to the masjid one time. And he's not Muslim. And he went with me to Juma and he sat there and he prayed, or he just made the motions with us. Right and he just say, and he after that, you know what he said? He said, I feel a lot lighter inside his own words, I feel light inside. And he meant it in both ways, like a burden was lifted, and he felt some kind of like the presence of light inside of him. Allah says it almost wants to

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catch fire, even if fire hasn't even touched it. Then he says neuron Allah, no neuron. And what does that mean? The light that Allah put inside you, since you were born, now gets to meet the light that Allah sent from the highest heavens, the light of the Quran, those two lights meet with each other. And now you can see, you remember how I started if you have the light of your eyes, but you have no light outside, you can't really see if you have the light of the outside, but you have no light in your eyes, you can't see. So if the Quran is there, but your heart isn't clean, you can't see even if you're listening to the Quran. And if you have a clean heart and you still haven't been given a

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chance of that your vision is still limited. You don't you have some light here and there. But it's not a large light. It's like you have a lamp in the middle of the night. But it's not like the sun came out and everything is lit. When you get exposed to a lot of light and everything changes. Your reality completely changes. Everything is redefined. It's like you're in a different world altogether. Your worldview has completely been shaped. By the way. Here's the remarkable thing about light. When when light is a certain color, everything looks like it's that color.

00:28:56--> 00:29:34

If you've seen sometimes you have these red back in the day, these staff these red studio rooms where they develop photos, and they have red light inside. When you're inside what color do you look? You look red, the pictures look red, everything looks red. Why? Because it's red. When you have the light of Allah, then everything you see is lit from a laws color. And that's called Simple hautala in the Quran, the color that allowance everything you see is painted with the reality though alone wants to see you in or wants you to see. So your point of view is different from everybody else's point of view. Let me give you an example of that. Everybody sees a tree outside. The non

00:29:34--> 00:30:00

Muslim sees a tree. The Muslim sees a tree. The child sees a tree the adult sees a tree it's the same tree. But when a believer sees a tree who has the light of a lion him then the believer sees that its roots are very deep, and its branches go into the sky. Just like the faith of a believer a law says is like the deep roots of a tree. My La ilaha illAllah are like the roots inside me and the good that I do is like the fruit that it keeps on

00:30:00--> 00:30:41

Producing that benefits birds that benefits insects that give shade to human beings that produces fruit, and will all continue to produce fruit. So all the good that I do will continue to multiply and multiply and multiply and multiply and multiply. And I'm being reminded to continue to do good deeds, just because I looked at a tree. Just because I saw a tree. That was enough for me to get a football because I have the light. I have the light of Allah in my in my through my eyes, this is neuron Allah new neuron, I don't know. But let's start where we started. How did Allah describe himself himself? Allahu nudo. Somehow it without all of this life that we're living, we're running

00:30:41--> 00:31:24

after something or another. Now we, this is going to take about seven, eight minutes. Bear with me. And this is an important lesson and probably the most important lesson for today. Human beings, I mentioned this to you before we're running after something. But you know, before we came on this earth, every one of us, we were in the Presence of Allah, all of us, we met Allah ourselves. And Allah spoke to us directly. And we spoke to Allah directly. This is mentioned in the seven suit of the Quran. You and I have already had a direct conversation with Allah. Allah asked us a question, Am I not your master? And so we have become, and we turn to Allah. And we said Bara, why wouldn't

00:31:24--> 00:32:04

you be shahina we are witness You are our master. In other words, we were directly exposed to allies white light, we were directly exposed to allies light, and we were directly exposed to allies beauty, we were directly exposed to a loss perfection, weren't we. And then it's been a long time since then, we were in some kind of fridge in the unseen, where the soul eventually was taken by the angel when the time came, maybe millions, maybe trillions of years later, and your mother was pregnant, and you came down here. So the last conversation you had was with olara xojo. And now you're inside the womb of your mother and you forgotten about that conversation? Where and but that

00:32:04--> 00:32:43

light is still inside you why Where did that light come from? That light came from the fact that you were in the presence of who Allah and that light put made, you turn into light, you became lit. And now that light is inside you. And now you're growing up and you forget that there was a light inside you. And then Allah sends another one of his lights to you, which is what the Quran and something inside you says, this sounds too familiar to me. Why is my inside agreeing with this? It's agreeing with this, because this is a law speaking to you. But you somewhere in your subconscious, millions of years ago have already spoken to a law, just like when you talk to someone, and you've spoken to

00:32:43--> 00:33:12

them before. And it's been a long time and you hear that voice in you. I've heard this somewhere. I know this, this sounds familiar. Why is this sounding familiar to me? That's what Quran does. It reminds us of that conversation that is buried deep, deep deep inside of us, and has to be an obstacle. Why do you think the Quran dickins al hamdu? lillahi Rabbil alameen Oh, rub the same rock we said of course, he's, he's talking to us again. And that conversation illuminates you. And so you say,

00:33:13--> 00:33:40

you know, again, now five more minutes, so bear with me. I'm keeping track. I'm keeping track. So now that that conversation has happened, and you're refreshed, now you know who Allah you're reminded of who lives you know, the Quran doesn't prove that God exists. It doesn't argue Let me prove to you that atheists are wrong. You know, what the Quran argues? It wants us to remember. He says in what Allah the current, it is nothing but a reminder. Reminder is something you already

00:33:42--> 00:34:17

know. It's not new information. It's something you already know human beings, before they even came out of their mother already knew. They already knew this is just a matter of them being reminded. But what they don't want, even though they don't remember that conversation with Allah, they remember one thing a lot. So agenda is the most beautiful, allows always and is the most perfect. You know, in the law. jameelah in your humble Jamaat, Allah is beautiful. He loves beauty. So you know what humanity did when human beings came into this earth. We are not like monkeys. We're not like camels. We're not like, you know, giraffes, or lions or anybody else. You know what we do? When

00:34:17--> 00:34:52

we make food, we wanted to taste beautiful. We wanted to look beautiful. We wanted to present it in a beautiful way. When we dress ourselves. We want to dress in beautiful ways. When we speak, we want to speak in beautiful ways. Human beings want to make poetry. They want to make novels. When human beings build a building. They don't just want to build four walls and a roof. They want to make it beautiful. Human beings, unlike every other creation on Earth are obsessed with what beauty in everything. Notice that they want. And whenever they make something beautiful, they say to themselves, oh, this is perfect. I don't need to improve it. No, they say, this can't be enough.

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

There must be something better and better and better and better. And no other species on Earth does this does it birds don't say

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

I made a nest but it's missing some color. You know, but people get an apartment and they get a sofa and they say these these curtains, don't go with this sofa, let's go get better. Now it looks a little nicer. And then six months later, like, we gotta change it again. You know, it's not beautiful enough anymore. Human beings are constantly looking for more beautiful and more beautiful and more beautiful and more beautiful. Where do you think that came from? That came from the fact that we were in the presence of the perfect beauty Allah Himself. And that key that that inside the human being, they're looking for more beautiful and more beautiful and more beautiful. And then they

00:35:35--> 00:36:13

did, they don't realize that when you keep when you search for something more beautiful, and then more beautiful, and then more beautiful, eventually where should it lead you? It should lead you to the most beautiful, which is who Allah has origin. So now we were in the Presence of Allah, we're back here again. And Allah says, I give you that I brought that light from a long distance and I let you have that light again. So we're like, but I want that original conversation back. I want to be close to a lie again. I want to be in the presence of the perfect beauty again, look at how this ayah ends. Allah says yeah, the Allahu Li Masha, Allah will guide whoever he wants all the way back

00:36:13--> 00:36:52

to his own light. Allah will guide whoever he wants, all the way back to his own light where this story started, where humanity started in the presence of the light of Allah, human beings want to make it back all the way. And when human beings make it back all the way before Allah, and they're back in that light again. Now they know there's no higher beauty to seek, they found it. There's no better light to seek. They found it when they find that then Allah xojo says Erie in our obihiro dia de Maria, come back to your master. Now you're finally content. You're finally at peace. Why are you Why is the human being at peace then? Because that's what they were looking for. They didn't even

00:36:52--> 00:37:31

realize it. They did not even realize it. So he says yeah, de la julio de Manisha. And at the end of this, this is all one ayah. And at the end of this ayah he says, will you believe will love lamb salad in the house will love you coalition or even he says, Allah gives examples so people can benefit. Allah doesn't need examples to understand something who needs examples to understand something, you this reality is so powerful, it's so profound, it's so heavy, you wouldn't be able to understand unless I simplified it for you unless as by way of a lamp by way of the lamp inside you. This is for you. Not for me, because I already know everything. Well, law will be conditionally

00:37:32--> 00:38:15

Allah already knows everything. So the example is for you and me. This is the journey of making our way back to the light of Allah. You know, I remind myself and I remind all of you that Allah has given us this light, this revelation, and it's supposed to be something that is felt inside of our hearts are honest to be recited. Yes, Quran is to be memorized. Yes, Koran is to be studied, yes. But until Quran is felt inside of our hearts, until it's felt inside of our hearts. Allah says lm yet needed Latina amanu and Tasha aku boom de la he Manasa laminal Huck isn't a time for believers yet that their hearts should tremble with with the all of Allah and they their hearts should be

00:38:15--> 00:38:52

filled with all because of what came down from the truth. Oran should affect what the heart the Quran should be affecting the heart and when it starts affecting the heart, then every time it affects your heart, you know what's happening. neuron, Allah know what is happening. Every time the Quran affects your heart, every time you hear an ayah and you shed a tear, every time you're moved. Every time your heart trembles when you hear the word of Allah. Those are the moments where light has touched light. Maybe all of us myself, you we have dirt on our on our glass, all of us. And Ramadan, some of that dirt starts coming off. And we're standing in taraweeh night after night after

00:38:52--> 00:38:54

night. And we're listening, listening.

00:38:57--> 00:39:05

But then one of those nights, the dirt is off enough that sunlight makes its way through and your eyes starts getting wet.

00:39:06--> 00:39:30

When the eye starts getting wet, you know what that is? Right? That's light made inside. And then you bag your bag Allah yada can we keep this feeling forever? Can every prayer like be like this one? Nobody else and the person next to you, they're still cleaning their dirt. So they're all they're still, you know, but you're crying. And sometimes you're the one with dirt and the person next to you is rolling with tears in your logo.

00:39:33--> 00:39:38

And some people feel bad. This guy is crying. This guy's crying. Now this is making me cry.

00:39:40--> 00:39:42

I'm crying because I don't know why I'm crying.

00:39:46--> 00:39:48

I'm fairly nasty. We'll

00:39:49--> 00:40:00

just I you know, this is the this is my last night of giving you guys loose. I have a program in the day with families. But I wanted to say a few words before I left. First and foremost. I am so on.

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

Honored, and so grateful that I had the opportunity to come here to serve in the last house to share a reminder from the word of Allah, every one of you that came in and sat into the loose and listened. I'm grateful to you. I'm here as someone who's trying to do something for my own self, actually, I'm not here technically for you. I'm here for myself. And so each one of you that maybe I pray that Allah overlooks my mistakes, and whatever good that I had to say anything that benefited somebody that you know, I can't increase your Iman and you cannot increase my Eman. That light can only come from who? Allah azza wa jal, my teacher once told me that you can talk to people for hours

00:40:38--> 00:41:15

and hours and hours and hours and hours, and nothing can change. But somebody can come and say one word, and when that word leaves their mouth and goes to somebody's ear, along with that word, Allah sends a con, Allah sends a B, and because of that one word, somebody's life can change. That's not because of you. That's because Allah said going, right? And what lies so merciful, alive, so kind, that even though you had nothing to do with it, that they changed because of Allah, Allah gives you credit anyway, on judgment day, a lot of rewards you anyway, so I'm eternally serving, you know, you know, grateful to all of you that listened, and inshallah Allah benefited in some way and maybe put

00:41:15--> 00:41:47

some light inside of you. And I pray that Allah puts light inside of myself, just because someone is speaking and someone is speaking, teaching you doesn't mean they have it actually means they need it as much as you do, if not more, so we're not in I'm not in any better position than you are. It's very possible that somebody who nobody has ever heard them speak when judgment day comes their light, everybody's jealous of their light that happens before Allah azza wa jal, because that's from the unseen and the seen world, people are famous, and people are not famous. People are knowledgeable, and people are not knowledgeable. But in the unseen world, it's a completely

00:41:47--> 00:42:22

different reality. You know, so you, you know, I pray that each of us are witness in our favor on judgment day, and that each of us are actually a means in this life to help each other further nourish each other's light. You know, when you when you see someone missing some light, you don't kick their glass, and you don't spit on them, you figured out a way to gently clean and when you by the way, when you clean glass, you can't be rough Can you write you have to be gentle, because if you're rough, what are you going to do? You're going to break it. So if you see somebody else has a problem, the way to fix that is in a very gentle way. Because if you're rough with them, then you're

00:42:22--> 00:42:58

breaking somebody else's heart and that's a crime. That's a crime. So I'm just so honored and so grateful that I was given this opportunity and I'm so so just overwhelmed with sugar to realize that within that this was you know that Allah opened this this the people's hearts that I was able to have the the permission and the opportunity to share some words of Allah azza wa jal with you I genuinely asked all of you to forgive my mistakes. I know I make ridiculous jokes sometimes when people say what kind of what kind of Islamic thing is this? I need to repeat my prayer or something. I don't know what. But uh, so my apologies for any shortcomings. I know some of you wanted to speak

00:42:58--> 00:43:20

with me and didn't get a chance to speak with you. I'll try to stay behind as much as I possibly can to address as many of you as possible. I pray that Allah azza wa jal gives me the opportunity to come back here again. And, you know, to share some moments with you again, and I also pray that if I don't get that opportunity that we meet in a much more illuminated place barakallahu li walakum and Hakeem when a fan er COVID IoT will take you back to Santa Monica to live