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The upcoming " handy time" for individuals to be presented with the book of their deeds will be the time when their whole body will receive the light of Islam. Socializing and promoting Islam will be rewarded with actions, and the agenda will be a recitation of sy arr. A reality check will also be discussed, and the importance of respecting others'dlthood will be emphasized.

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decided sort of haha. Su haka is a very, very powerful student of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He starts off by taking an oath and half of malhar.

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Right? A lot of others taking an oath by something that is very severe, very serious, the thing that will shake you the thing that will pull you into your senses, it is in reality. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, After that, but look at the nations that came before you don't be gullible and think that you are the first people to tread the face of this earth. There are people that came before you, they were stronger than you. They were wealthier than you. They were kings of their times, but because they stood up against Allah, Allah says, one by one, we knocked him off the face of the earth, that Allah subhanho wa Taala said, just as we wipe them from the face of the earth, a

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time will come where this entire earth will perish, and the mountains will perish, and the earth will perish, and the sky will break down one shot this summer, the art the sky will rip open. And when that day comes, ultimately every person will be made to stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as I had mentioned earlier, when we stand in front of Allah, that will be the real moment that will be the moment of reality, everything other than that moment will have no value. And it will mean nothing at all these days, what's happened before what's going to happen tomorrow, whether you go to our swimming class, or whether we go for you know, our exercise or whether we go for our

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cooking class, these things will not mean anything will matter that day is what we have prepared ourselves to put up to present ourselves in front of Allah subhanaw taala what we have prepared ourselves to be presented in front of Allah Subhana Allah subhanho wa Taala says that every person will be called forward. And then there will be two groups of people, there will be those people who will be given their book of deeds in their right hand. And that will be me. And imagine that moment that you're standing in front of Allah in your whole life is being summarized. And everything that happened before is being told to you things that you didn't even remember you did. Allah subhana wa

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tada is bringing that in front of you, because we have to remember, there is not a single thing we do or say that is slipped by Allah subhanho wa Taala everything is noted down. Now you have a veto, like a veto than in law. So what would you do?

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One, everything will be presented about things that our parents will know about us. Things that our spouse don't even know about esteem that our kids don't know about us, everything will be there. And that they will be standing in front of a lot. And then ultimately Allah socata home without a whoever he showers His mercy on and only through the mercy of Allah, Allah will say to that servant, pull your right hand forward. And you know, when that person pulls his right hand forward, you cannot imagine the joy that will be gushing through that person's body. The smile that will come that day will be irremovable because that person will know that whatever happened in the past, I'm

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set no allies happy with that's all that matters. And when his book of bees is given in his right hand, and the next is I don't know, he describes how that person will react. Because getting your book of bees in the right hand actually means that you have to have made a sacrifice in the world. You know, today when we practice our religion, especially being in a non Muslim country, predominantly, we look at people look at us as if we're weirdos when you face the law, and like you know, maybe in a public area, people look at you and say, What is this person doing? Right when you tell people that I can't drink? What are your friends say? What's wrong with this guy? I can't speak

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to someone from the opposite gender your friends see? What are you some kind of weirdo? Why can't you do this? So every time you try to stand for the Sunnah, people will frown upon you. But all of those frowns will add up and add up and add up and then ultimately on the day of judgment when Allah gives the book of deeds in the right hand, a lot of times that gives a very beautiful explanation that person he will say for your food omocha ottavia Did you guys see the World Cup this year? You need to go see the World Cup. You know when when they score a goal in the World Cup, what do they do?

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They go crazy, right? They run around the stadium with their hands in the air and they run around as if they've conquered the entire world and they've done something that makes them proud. Allah subhanaw taala says when that person's book of deeds will be given in his right hand. He will take a book a beat and he will run around on the agenda for everyone. And he will say how

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my dear friends come and read my book of deeds. I told you that you found on me the road and you made fun of me because I wore my a double because I don't Islamic Garmin you made fun of me. I was happy with all those times you found me and you made my life difficult for me. He choked me every time I went into practice so Nuff said today's look at all paid off. Have a look at Okita that person will run around and put it in people's faces and say look, Ally's happy with me now what? Allah is happy with me. Allah subhana wa tada says, and that person will say in me about me When do you know when the world when times are hard? I knew one day I had to meet a lot. And that's what

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kept me going. That's what motivated me to live the next day.

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That's what motivated me to stay away from St. And that's what motivated me to stand during the nights of Ramadan. And thanks a lot for his mercy. Allah subhanho wa Taala says the summary of that person's life is

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that he will never ever be sad again. alone makes a promise. What is the law say? He will never be sad again. For whoever Felicia to rob you know, he said the smile will be irreplaceable. irremovable

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every aspect of his life after that moment will be perfect. How will it be perfect Allah says feagin nothing idea. Allah subhanho wa Taala will send them to the highest paradise that I like is an example. How will the high Paradise is so beautiful, just an example.

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What that means is a person will walk around in Paradise, and as he's walking in paradise raschi walking in Paradise, you will look at a tree and you'll see a mango up there and you'll say man, that mango looks delicious. Before you even desire to eat it go to

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the branch will lower than mainland Helen and it will say it will be an honor for you to have a bite out of me. Allah subhana wa tada says boo, boo honey and Viva Kalia all my servants today eat and drink all you want because we know you had a very tough life. We met a young Kalia. There were certain sacrifices you had to make yesterday, but today will pay you back for every bit of it. The Prophet said a lot while he was sitting he tells us in a narration that the last person to enter into the fire of health, the last last person to exit the fire of health. What Allah subhanho wa Taala will call him forward. He will be brought up and everyone else is going to paradise the last

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person, right? He will come in front of Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala will say to that person, is there anything that you want? He will say Allah, I'm thirsty. I've been in the firewall for a very long time. So most of the angels give him some water so when he drinks the water, I'll ask him anything else you want? He'll say Allah you want everything in the world. I read something about gender, Can I see it? solo, we'll see. Okay, go film gender. He will say Can I smell it? They will allow him to smell them. And when he smells gender, he's inside his soul will become so clean and pure. And he will say Allah, can I enter them notice lots of titles that I will say, well let you

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enter an agenda, not like this, wash him up and change his garments, and he will be bathed in after being bathed, he will wear a beautiful garment. And when he enters into agenda, the Hardys mentioned that he will walk in and there will be rivers of milk rivers of wide rivers of honey rivers of clean water. And as this person scrolls through resume, you will be amazed that a lot of prepared all this just for me and I forgot about this. How did I make a mistake of buying a $3 million house when all of that could have been this? This Can I have the smallest agenda not this person is the last person by the way. Okay, he's mentioned he will continue walking and as you'll be walking you will have an

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entourage of angels following him. And then all of a sudden he will see a light and he will fall into such that the angels will ask him why are you insist on my dear friend so he'll say I saw the light of my robe I saw the noodle. So the angels will say that wasn't the moon of Europe that was a note of the gatekeeper standing at your palisander

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This person will stand up and and when he enters into his palace he will see Be seated on a beautiful throne and a beautiful buffet of food to be bought in front of him 70 dishes How many? And not like you know our bond or I shouldn't say divine right are our typical wherever in the world. Right? There's Jackson Heights in New York as well. There's rostering Toronto as well. So everybody's guilty of this, okay, not those restaurants where you go there and they have 20 bucks 20 dish buffet but on the ones where they're eating, not that kind of buffet. Every single dish will be worthy of eating and that person will taste in everybody's mentioned with every bite, he will taste

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a taste that he had never tasted before. He will taste a taste that he had never ever tasted before. Allah subhana wa tada says, Guru Why should Oh honey mdms nothing to

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eat and drink and enjoy and all the days you missed out on Fridays, Allah subhanho wa Taala will gather the creation together. And He will say to his family that I am going for the gathering of a lot of she will say to her servants that I'm going for the gathering of Allah and each person will come to that gathering and they will take a seat they will take their seats and the seats will be like in a stadium format. Every person will get to see a loss upon him without her directly and a loss of power without it when he will sit on his throne allows them as as suitable for him to sit on the throne. Allah subhana wa tada will say to his servants, what do you wish today? They will say

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Allah, we wish to hear your praise. So according to one narration, Allah subhana wa tada he will call the angels and say, Praise me and the angels will praise Allah and Allah will tell the food praise me and they will praise Allah, that Allah will the prophets praise me and they will praise Allah, that Allah will tell that without he said, Have you had a very beautiful voice in the world, even the verges to sing along with you? Why don't you praise me and the entire stadium? All the money will be there and now that Islam will begin to praise the Lord with his humble voice that allows saint Mohammed Why don't you praise me now? And the progress that allamani was sort of

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appraisal line after that a lot some kind of without all say, let me praise myself today. And the recording to one narration, Allah will recite souta

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According to another nutritional oversights today are seen, according to a third narration that I told you guys earlier a lower site.

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And the gathering, the narration mentioned when that gathering will come to an end each person when they return back home, their servings and their family members will say, you look so much more beautiful than yesterday. And they will say that's the effect of being in the company of the pious and being in the gathering of Allah subhanho wa Tada, Allah Subhana, WA tada and sort of how God then continues on, these are the people who will somehow get their book of deeds in their right hand. But then the sad reality is that there will be many people who will say to them, being here left hand board, and when a person's left hand will be called forward to the end of the line. It

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says that a person will be in so much pain, he will be in so much pain and agony, he will have so much remorse, because you'll know that everything he did today has collapsed on it.

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And for the layout says that the one thing that will bring that person into tears and bring him to his knees and make them cry will be the reality that he knows for sure that now a lot is angry with him. And he will say Yahoo yell at them.

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Only if my book of deeds wasn't even presented to me. And that person will say I know who they are later.

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Welcome everybody. sabia only if I didn't know my

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idea, only if death was the end of it. Mount Vernon Nemanja, what happened to all that wealth and all that money that I gather today nothing can help me how that got me sukanya the kingdom that I built on the road today is my destruction. But alyssum kind of without I will say to this person who will take him in and trim into the fire uphill. And then Philemon IOD says when that person will be told to go to the firehouse, he will fall to his knees and beg Allah Allah Please let me go back to the dunya one more time. And I will say no, tie him in chains and drag him to his destiny, take them to a boat. Right. And you know, I always like looking at it. I give this example earlier to like a

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mother who's departing on a journey and the child is there, you know, fair willing the mother. And when the mother says to the child, I'll be back, I'll be back and the child doesn't want to let go of the mother's hand. But slowly and surely the child will have to let go. And that pain the child feels right. That pain of separation. That's the pain that people will feel knowing that Allah is angry with him today. And that Allah subhanaw taala says they will be sent to the fire of hell. Why will they be sent to the fire of Hello Are their main crimes in the who can allow you to be live or leave whatever are your

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miskeen two things Allah says two things are their main crimes that Allah does not like, what is the first thing they didn't believe in a lot. their belief wasn't? Well, their belief was in faith. their belief was in people their belief was in other things. They said they believe in Allah with their tongue possibly according to one narration. They say that there was a

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there was a legal fine, you know, they didn't believe in a lot at all. But regardless, they said they believe no, you know, when you say that, you know the law. It's more than this. I believe in a law there's a there's a reality behind La La La La La Ilaha is a negation there is no God, no role model, no Idle No and I'm a worship in my mind and my heart was my body, other than a lot of the light except for a loss of hugging without, you know, alumnus abandonment.

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He says something very beautiful. He said, when I say I am a Muslim, my body begins to tremble and shake.

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My body begins to tremble and shake every time I say I'm a Muslim, because I realized what kind of responsibility is now on my shoulders. I have to follow through with my word law in the law right till the end. And Allah subhanaw taala says they did not believe in the law. And the second thing, they didn't encourage other people to feed the porn. Every person this gathering should always be talking about the importance of feeding the needy importance of feeding the feeding the poor. Not only that, not only the Saudis, not only those who are working with the relief organizations, everyone should

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be in the scheme. Allah says because you abandon people in the real funny setup with Yamaha when I mean, today, there is no one to be your friend either. Imagine how lonely that person will be no friends,

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you didn't feed people in the world went out on a limb and was asleep. Now you could do today you are given a food that is painful, that will burn your insides and only the sinners will eat it. Now this is such a powerful pseudo when you look at the translation of what lies seeing. It's absolutely a reality check. It's a wake up call on hapa. Like Allah says, My God, this is a wake up call. It's something that you shake you it's a reality, what a loss of power that is telling us about Allah and His Muslim decodes a very interesting narration. He says I'm going to be a loved one. The night before he accepted Islam. He came to the Kaaba. And when Allah Juan came to the Kaaba, he wasn't a

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Muslim at this point. This is the night before he comes to the Gaza when he comes there. He sees the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is in prayer.

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And thought to himself that all these years I have had animosity with the province that allamani was set up. I've never taken the time to listen to what he's saying. Let me listen to what he's reading the province that alone while he was sitting was reading and guess which today he was reading

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Have an omen of your loved one standing there and he's hearing this, ah, the moods going on, then the day of judgment and bukovina the right hand and left hand and a lot of anger. When he hears all of this I'm gonna do a lot of one says, it really affected my heart. And it affected me so much that I begin to think to myself, what's the justification for his words has an effect on me. So that I thought to myself that he is a sharp, he is a he's a poet. So Souter hakala continues on in Nevada.

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This is no poetry, some of your loved ones and oh my god, I was just thinking that he's a point and now he reads the poetry. Maybe he's a fortune teller. The next is why not because

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this is not fortune telling. So I'm gonna do a lot one is shocked. He said, What is this, and the next is 10 00. This is revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he couldn't have made this up what

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mean, if the Prophet had fabricated this, we wouldn't hold them accountable.

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And we will punish them for that if the Prophet had fabricated, it's that Allah subhanaw taala says from I mean, come on who

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no one can prevent the reality that we just told you about. No one can stop the Day of Judgment. No one can stop the reality of you and I standing in front of a lot. And either that smile or that frown No one can stop it, it's gonna happen that Allah says

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we only tell you this as a reminder for those who are conscious of Allah subhana wa tada wavenet anonymizing them in kumoko db. But we do know that some of you have to hear this sooner, you're going to reject it. But Allah says those who reject it waiting the whole hustle of coffee, then it's your loss. You lose out if you walk away from this gathering after hearing sort of hot thought, and it doesn't affect you and you haven't made your loved one love that a lot and for some middle econavi now your responsibility is to glorify a lot with his great name. The scholars they say this last I have sort of half God is the reason why in Roku we say so Harmon opn Avi, which is because

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Allah says there are some Bismillah r v. And it says that we read, so how to be an ally because of which I said the history of beacon Allah. Allah says, glorify your high Lord, right? So be his motto because Allah says in the prophets, Allah says, I used to read, so how would I be in Allah and because of the if I submit this mirror because of him in the room, the professor.

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So you've heard that a lot of scholars, they take this here they say, the prophet added it into the salon, meaning it became part of our salon. So as if Allah is saying at the end, what you need to do for as long as you live is continue to read your sub palatability meaning engage in Salam for the rest of your life, be connected with Allah, and you'll be connected with a lot of your after prayer that Allah subhanaw taala makes us from the group of people who will seek salvation, and that Allah subhanaw taala gives us all the long life and health and human and faith and Allah subhanaw taala makes the last part of our life The best part of our life. A lot of those it gives us all death with

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Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah subhanaw taala honors this by allowing us all to be buried in the graveyard of the Beloved.

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Now we are resurrected with the prophets of Allah while he was sort of Allah subhanaw taala weaves all of our judgment and honor this all by allowing us to drink for the blessing and beloved hands in the pockets of allamani.

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We raised our hands in front of you in the night of Ramadan, and we asked you to allow us all to enter the agenda with the promise of Aloha. And just as we're gathered here today, y'all lobby witness and allow us all to gather together in this very same manner intended for those