Sins are Means to Get Closer to Allah

Haifaa Younis


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Speaker 1 discusses how they are sinners and not angels, but rather the " sweat of their bodies" as a means to get closer to Allah. They also mention Panama as a destination for them.

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We all are sinners, we are not angels. Angels are the one who does not. But that doesn't mean when I am created prone to sinning that it's okay. No. Sin is one of the means for me to get closer to Allah. How was that by repentance? So yes, we will we all will sin, but the sign open invitation, it is Hapa enough to be in a la Humberto de Allah burning of those who repent. So when I sin I need to shadow or on a rush that the whole nother router was a rush to compete or one to be there. So how was Panama