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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the practice of dressing during Islam practice, including the use of garments to cover one's body and act as a source of beauty. They emphasize the importance of protecting one's identity and reputation, particularly in a society where everyone wear a white or blue shirt. The use of shavon to protect one's identity and ensure safety is also discussed. The importance of dressing to act as a source of beauty and the importance of being strong for others is emphasized.
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today recited a verse of the Quran, which the last one kind of went out and says you have any other matanza now it can leave us in UID so article mauritia while he was qualico Hey daddy come in it law

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and in the verse after that allows a widow says you have any Adam? If Dylan No, come on, come on away communal agenda tn zero and D bus of Houma illyria Houma, so ottima in the who Yakumo COVID woman hydrolat Aurora home in nirjala Shelton, Olia Latina, you know, these verses make reference to a practice that was taking place before the arrival of the Prophet said a lot of money was sent to

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the people who had come to the Kaaba to perform the love. They had this idea that they would send in their clothes. In the day while they were sitting, they would wear their normal clothes, and every pair of garment that they possessed had been one that they had sent in. So they felt that it was impure for them to perform the offer on the house of a lot in those very same clothes. So what they would do is when they would come for the HELOC, they would take all of their clothes off, and they would walk around the Kaaba completely enclosed. According to one narration, this was a common practice of all of them which should have been minus flourish. According to another narration. This

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was a practice of a group of people that were specially from Yemen. Now during the day the men from the off during the night the women were performed would perform there a lot because of this habit of theirs. Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses Allah subhana wa tada he says, Oh children Adam, we revealed your garments to you as a source of beauty but under the law they can live a cure. So article one Isha. Two reasons why we give you garments. The two reasons why Allah subhanaw taala gives us garments First of all, is to cover our private area. And the second of all, is that we can be beautiful. The first and most important principle of wearing a garment in Islam is to cover cover

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your private area. If you think that by uncovering yourself, you are getting rid of the garments that you send in but what about the rest of your body? Are you going to chop off each limb of each of yours? What about the limbs that you send to Allah subhanaw taala with you can't get rid of them all one by one. Remember that you make Toba to Allah Allah subhanaw taala forgive you for your sins then it has nothing to do with your garment or your body anymore. Now if you look at this verse from a wider scope, what you learn is that we dress everyday. Everyday everyone is dressing not only are we dressing, we are heavy buyers. You know Groupon is destroying us right? We're going online and

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we're shopping and shopping online shopping is is destroying people, their credit cards are being flooded with debts because we are a people that are addicted to buying. If you're an open up our closets, we have rooms full of garments that are only worn maybe once or twice a year. One of my buddies in Chicago he was showing me his collection of shoes, I kid you not it was a full room, you know, a nice decent bedroom size, all the walls were covered in shoes. You know we have so much that we possess of shoes and garments of this and that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that don't be excessive in your buying them so what not to study for.

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Even for Indeed Allah subhanaw taala does not like those who are excessive. Now, the main point here is to remember that when you buy a garment or when you wear a garment, your intention needs to be clear. What is your intention, the reason why I'm wearing this garment for most is to cover myself, you know, in America, the idea is at least in the West, the idea is to dress to impress. So you can show off to other people you dress something it's not for your own contentment for the contentment of your lower for the contentment of your spouse. It's for the eye of other people the first model the second model when it comes to dressing is that we dress not to cover right when we dress we're

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trying to release our body trying to reveal our body when as Muslims we don't dress to reveal we dress to conceal to cover our body. Now a lot somehow without a right before these verses. he narrates the story of Adam it setup we've all heard the story in our Sunday schools, the mighty Salaam and his wife, however, in Paradise, she athon He fooled him into eating from the tree that Allah subhanaw taala had forbidden them. Now we know the story up there. But my question is, do any of us know what happened immediately after the monies that are made from that tree?

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What happened was that their Southern or their private area was exposed and they started covering themselves. Well you learn from this is that the first attack shape on ever made on insaan was what?

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He took our monastery from us. Eating from that tree became a result of either Mollison and being uncovered and his wife How are being uncovered. Now they were husband and wife. But even then they realized that now they were uncovered and there was a need to cover themselves. What the fifth is the final release

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I mean what if the agenda they immediately begin to reach for the leaves of Paradise and cover their private area with those leaves? So the first attack sheet on made on mankind on human beings on our father either Madison, that's what a line this ayah he's not saying yeah, you will in son. The Ayah starts off by saying Yeah, bunny Adam Oh Children of Adam. Don't you see this is how she thought he played your father. This is what he did to woody what he did. He uncovered him. And the moment you become uncovered, that's where now you are open to the rest of the traps of shaitaan. That's why in the next verse, Allah Subhana, WA tada says, Yeah, but he had them. Life didn't negotiate on a

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communal agenda tn zero on whom Alibaba, Huma Yahoo. So ottima, that all sort of item, don't be fooled. Like she thought he played the trip on other money sit down, because when he played that trick, their bodies became uncovered that Allah subhanaw taala says in the who Yahoo. Whoever can be lumen hyperaldosteronism. Shaytan is very smart. When he plans against you. He can see you and his people can see you from an angle in which you can even see them. I can see all of you here. If someone wants to stand up and try to attack me I wouldn't be immediately defend myself because I can see you. But from behind me. Let's say someone is standing right here right behind me. Can I see

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them? No. Can they see me? Yes. Now they can see me I can't see them. Imagine a hunter sitting in the forest and his prey can't see him. What are the chances the hunters won't if he's a skilled Hunter, he's going to miss the prey. He's not going to miss him so much. He said the very same thing with the LA era. He said that shavon can see you and his group of people can see you but you can't see them. So she thought has an advantage over you. So rather than waiting to be tested by she thought learn from the example that came before learning from the example of Satan out of the muddy set up here chiffon, he fools us but uncovering us, and then she thought he attacks us. So the first

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thing shaytaan takes away from a person is their modesty, even in waterfront mithila Yachty. He once said that the most important thing you as a human being need to protect is your modesty and your good character. Because your modesty and good character serves as a protection form your alaafin and you're not off to the surface service or protection from your signature. Your Signature serves as a protection from your father, and your father then becomes a protection for your email. So once your email is once your modesty is gone, now she has access to everything else. He can knock down your voluntary acts and sneak into your snacks and they're going to your five and then he sets inside

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your heart and your EMA and your faith is there at risk. That's why the purpose of alarm audio Some said modesty is a part of faith. You can't separate both the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, modesty every aspect of modesty is good, because that's what other monies Salaam and Hawa had an agenda before she unfolded before he tricked them. They had that and she found he took this away from them through making them commit that sin and that's why their private areas were exposed. Now. Now, the second thing that we learned and this is so for men and women, both alike, make sure you try your best to cover yourself. I understand that we live in the West in a society where wearing

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clothes that are tight and wearing clothes that reveal you are what's look up to what's looked up to especially for our younger guys and younger girls, those that are in their mid teens. You know you go to middle school, you go to high school, and if you're wearing something very concealing People will laugh at you. What are you wearing a garbage bag? You can't buy any clothes for yourself. People will make this kind of remarks and you need to realize that no, it's not about me wearing a garbage bag. I have an identity as a Muslim my loyalty lies with the last pot on without us. Allah subhanaw taala tells me to cover myself and that's exactly what I'm going to do because my loyalty

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is with a loss of widget. The second thing Allah says second purpose of wearing garments, what he shot, what he shot a algernon. The reason why Allah subhanaw taala wants us to cover ourselves so that we are beautiful. Your garment reflects you wearing a good garment there's nothing wrong with that at all. You should wear a good Garmin you should wear a garment that's beautiful to you. That reflects your personality that shows your beauty the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he his favorite color was the I mean most of the authentic narrations that are out there they show the purpose of a lot of audio someone's favorite color and clothing was white. That's what the purpose

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of a lot of it was that instead of wear white, and shroud your disease also waka fino Fie him otaku and also shroud your disease in white as well. It was his favorite color. scholars say the reason why the Prophet loved White is because it reflected his personality.

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What was the personality of the Prophet he was a very white and clean person internally as well. His soul was white and clean, his character was white and clean, his body was clean. That's why his garments were also clean, you know, in the making a general statement here but from my little observation, many of us were filthy from within. But externally we just cover ourselves with beautiful garments. So we have some contentment, so hollow from within. we're lacking in substance, no personality, no development, and we're lost for looking for attraction and for people to look at us. We then cover ourselves. So when you speak to people, you wonder, am I speaking to the garment

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or me? Am I speaking to the person? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a man who was developed from within and then along with that he beautified himself even further. Now I want to engage in a smaller

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discussion here.

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Someone asked a great scholar should I should put autonomy with the law Yachty? That is it permissible to wear a garment that is very expensive? So I'll give you an example. Can I go to the mall and pick up a shirt that could I buy when I go to the mall and buy a suit that's worth that's priced at $3,000? Yes or no?

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Some will say yes, some will say no. So she doesn't simply turn it off with the law, he gave a very beautiful answer. He said, Well, it's dependent on your intention. It all depends on your intention. Now, obviously, we're already understanding that this person is free of debts, and this person is paying there's a cup. If those two are not there, then it's not even an issue anymore. But let's, let's let's consider these two things are taken care of. He's paid his debts off, and this person is also paying his ticket. Now, he says that there are three possible intentions you can have. Either you're wearing it because it makes you look beautiful. Is there anything wrong with that? Not at

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all, because the promise of a lot while he was sitting one day saw a man come to the machine. And he was wearing clothes that were a little scruffy. The Prophet said a lot of money was sent him said to him, aren't you a businessman? Don't you have a lot of money? He said, a messenger. Well, I have this business and that business. And I have this that. And the Prophet said, If Allah is giving you so much money in the law, you should put a

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bow on it. If you have so much money, then why don't you show people that Allah has blessed me, Allah subhana wa see his fever on you. So the first thing is you're wearing it because you're looking beautiful. He said, it's absolutely permissible. This is what he calls the advice. The second is what he calls. The third when he called no much means that you're wearing it because it's comfortable. You're wearing a particular garment, you're driving a particular car, you live in a very expensive house, because it's comfortable, it suits you. There's nothing wrong with that either. The third is where it's hard and not permissible, where now you're wearing a garment to show

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off to the people. You're not wearing it for yourself anymore. You know that if you don't, if you were in the same garment twice, people are gonna frown at you. So now you go and buy a second garment just to show off to the people that look how wealthy I am. I don't wear one garment twice. This is something very, very dangerous. Why is it dangerous, especially in the West, many of us would probably feel at this moment, that pride through garments is not my thing. I wouldn't show off because of my clothes. I'm a very simple person. I'll give you an example. Imagine you went to the message. And while you were taking you're actually let's say you're sitting in the machine during

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the lecture, and you're wearing a very nice shirt. Okay, like a product shirt or something. Right. And the person next to you is wearing a Walgreen brand shirt. What do you look at that person? What would you do?

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Let's be honest, what would you do?

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Oh my God, look at that guy. What a cheaper other kid. If he's going to my house afterwards, I'll give you some psychotic go buy a better shirt. That's how I will speak. That's how many of us internally will think we won't say it. But as soon as we see a Walmart brand tag, or a Walgreens tag or a Kmart brand tag. We are judging that person right away. You're driving on the highway. You see one of your Muslim brothers from Brookfield community drive out and take off the seven mile exit you guys send him out off 94 right. And he said, Oh my God, what a cheapo I knew that guy was going to the garage sale. I know he was going to the Sunday market the boot sale that guy couldn't afford a

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real shirt like that. So number of judging people. This is a disease from within Allah subhanaw taala is telling us ultimately when you do when you do adorn yourself when you do put a garment on your body. Leave us taqwa. Make sure your garment is one of piety. Make sure your garment is one that leads you to piety. It's covering its concealing its modest, you know, make it more than anything else. That was some scholars they say liberalism takuna Yokoyama that we're garments that will allow you to stand with people who are God fearing on the Day of Judgment, which means now when we're looking at the word Libous, we're not looking at it in a physical garment. perspective, we're

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looking at it from a more metaphorical perspective, where where you're adorning your body, with a garment, or doing your soul with good character as well. Give yourself with character, focus on your internal along with their external. I just want to quickly touch on one more versatile end. And the last verse about ruku Allah subhanaw taala then says, Yeah, bunny Adam, hello, Xena. tokuma in the Quran image. Oh, son of Adam. In particular, when you go to the masjid, make sure you beautify yourself even more. There's one How do you put see it's a divine Hadith? Allah subhanaw taala says, You have an Adam Oh son of Adam. Come that is again in

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2007. No other How much time do you spend beautifying yourself for your parties, your thoughts, your weddings, your limos, your cars, your birthday showers and all the other Mandy's and all the millions of parties that we have. How much time do you spend beautifying yourself portals for health as a entity? Have you ever considered beautifying yourself for your allies? Well, what about that moment? I'm going to the masjid Why don't I beautify myself and be in the most suitable way? You know, my mother got malaria when he would teach Hadid. He would wear the most beautiful garment that he possessed the most beautiful garment that he would possess. Why? Because he would say to people

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my garment shows how much honor I have for the IT department.

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My teacher ship went out one day he came to class to teach how do you think

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was wearing a sherwani. For those of you that are from the Pakistani Indian subcontinent culture, you know, that we only ever show on these in weddings. You don't wear them to a heat class, you're overdressed. So I asked him, I said, has it schaghticoke yada, yada, yada. Oh, are you going to a wedding? Are you coming back from a wedding? He said, No, neither. I wore this garment specially for the gathering. Because this is a special gathering. You know, this is a gathering that I want to honor by me giving my attention to it by addressing properties. So when it comes to the Muslim law says you have any of them Hello, Xena tocom and the Kali machine working over shabu, and eat and

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drink as well. Well, not to sleep well. However, to not exceed your limits don't become extravagant when it comes to your clothes, your eating or your drink. You know, over the last one one day came to visit a son. And he saw that his son was eating meat. For those of us who have meat today and if not listen to this.

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One came to his son's house. I'd love it. When he saw his son as eating meat. He said to his son mahana What is this? He's one of my father. today. I felt like eating meat is just a tool. I had a little desire for eating meat. So I cooked the meat. So his father said to you So from now on, you're going to follow every desire that you have in that community most of the feet, you are from those that are excessive. And then he said a man who follows every desire that he has today I feel like ice cream he goes he's ice cream. Today I feel like waffles I'm gonna have waffles. He tells his wife I am sad man you honey j

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you know I was sitting honey in the morning. He I went through church I want this. So every time he wants something he demands it. The Lord wants us to that person is that person is from the Muslim feed that person is from those that are extravagant or their loss of power allows us all to maintain modesty and to balance people allows will allow us to balance in every aspect of our life.