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Hussain Kamani
AI: Summary © The Battle of Krow was held with a variety of Muslims praying with the Prophet sallali wa sallam, with some holding long- offline prayer groups. The prayer was supposed to be long offline, but organizers eventually split it into two groups, with a promise of money and audio. The importance of remembering the physical positions of human beings and the need for everyone to be present during the prayer is emphasized, along with the use of "has been" in the statement of remembering the prayer. The speaker also discusses the importance of keeping the eye on the clock and the sun being set at a certain time.
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or later,

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there is there's an aeration from Jaga lo han.

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He says one day we read the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And we were about to start our lower Salah. And right when we started our lower Salaam, we noticed that in front of us in the direction of the tiller, the enemy were standing there.

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And then you were waiting, and they were looking at us kind of like in shock. But what are these guys doing?

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And one of them said to the other, that this is something they love more than their own family members and their own kids. This is the perfect time to attack them while they're in prayer. And while this conversation was happening, the Muslims meanwhile wrapped up their song. after they finish off their lower prayer, they engaged in war, and they were fighting one another. What also saw time came, the enemy once pulled back and they said, Now it's time for them to pray. And when they start their prayer, as soon as they put their weapons down, and they start their prayer, we're going to attack them. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he ordered the companions to mine

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up. And it was also a lot of time and right when they were about to start their prayer, to be naughty saddam came to the pub.

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And he said, Our messenger of Allah, don't pray like this. Because we are praying like this, you're giving an opening to your enemy, your enemy is going to come and attack you. So the problem is that a lot of it was some of the nasty read it So how should we pray that we still have to pay our slot

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officer a lot while he was sitting, there is now a special method of prayer while in the battlefield called salado close, generally about one and another narration himself says that prior to this revelation, for six years, we had fought with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And every time we prayed in the battlefield, we were always at risk. But it was in the seventh year when this revelation came down during the Battle of recall, where Allah subhana wa, tada gave the companions, a very unique instruction on how to pray in the battlefield with the pockets of a lot of money. So how would this happen? The problem is that a lot of money was spent on will start the prayer, the

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Sahaba would break into two groups, one of them would fight the enemy, the other group would pray with the prophets of Allah while he was sitting, they would pray one record with the promise of a lot of audio, after the second says, the group that was praying with a Prophet would go and fight the enemy, and those people would come and join. And then they would create one record with the purpose of live audio. So after their first record was over, now, they would swap again, that group would go there and fight this group would come here and pray. And like this, till the end of the prayer, each group has prayed how many gods to group as pray to group ESP. And after praying with

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the prophets of Allah, while he was in that group, he would come and finish off the remaining to God. And then he would come to finish off the remaining to a very interesting model of philosophy.

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Scholars have taken different perspectives on it. He used to refer to it he was very famous for having the opinion that this particular method of prayer is only with the promise of a lot while it was not accurate. In today's day and age, if there was a war and it was time for prayer, you would make two separate judgments, you will split the pair up you'll have Jamaat a with an Imam, while those guys are defending, and then these guys would go over into about to be would come and pray. He won't necessarily need to share what the reason why this prayer was prescribed according to the moment we used to refer to it. He says the reason was because both groups were eager to pray with

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the promise that

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no one is willing to sacrifice the prayer with the promise of a lot he was. So because of that loss of power that I said, Okay, let's make a deal. Let's split it up, you pay one or you pay one or you play one more card. And then you guys can make up the remaining two cards on your own.

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This is a very beautiful story and a very beautiful incident and the is real for lots of panels on reveals I couldn't see him

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a while.

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And throughout the prayer, lots of discussion in the companions while you're praying, don't put your weapons down, hold on to your weapons in prayer as well. Don't put them on the ground, be on guard because the enemy even though there's one party defending the enemy could still come and attack you. With your loved one. There's another narration recorded from him. He says during one battle, the prophet said a lot of it was sent him after that there was a battle and after the battle has settled down, the both both sides had parted It was as if the Muslims were more or less victorious in the battlefield. The problem is that a lot of it was that he kind of went to the side to relieve

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himself. And as he went to a place that was secluded, there was a little hill that came between him and the Muslims, the Muslims on the other side, the army was there. The Prophet was searching for a secluded place. I've come to the other side of a hill, there was a person by the name of keeping the hottest animal hobby. He had seen the progress of a lot of Hollywood cinemas alone, and he was an enemy. So he snuck up on the park.

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For a long while he was sitting, and he took his knife and pointed it right at the opposite of the audience and the property was down. And he was on top of it. He was pointing a knife at the pump.

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And then he made a very interesting statement. He said many I'm not many who will save you from me today.

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And the problem is that a lot of it was sort of you can just imagine what kind of monster responded. He doesn't have to fight back with kung fu or Tai Chi. The problem is that a lot of audios that responded by saying a law. As soon as that person hired me, he begins to shake his sword drops, he falls down the proper piece of the storage piece of the sword stands on his neck and says, medium No, come in. Now who will save you from

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and he looks at the progress of a lot of audio 70 says Your mercy will save you and the purpose of a lot of audio. So say, I will forgive you if you read the Shahada. He said no, I won't read the shot. So the purpose of the law while he was sitting in says, okay, you can go now for those people who say Islam was forced, the prophet said a lot while he was in him gave him an opportunity because he saw the power of a lot before his eyes, his sword fell, and everything is flipped over. But the problem is that a lot of it was so didn't execute. And he said, Oh, he didn't go, he then stood up and said, O Messenger of Allah, I won't believe it. But I will go back and tell every person I know

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of how you dealt with me, and what happened here today. And he went back and told us people and now foster their loved one at the end of that narration says many of his friends actually ended up accepting Islam. So from this marriage in which we learn again, from a battle standpoint, you should never let your guard down, never let your weapon down, always be on the defense, in case the enemy attack you. And this is what this is talking about. Now as I have continues on and the next verse, verse number one or two, and world three, Allah subhanaw taala then says plenty logical data once you have finished your prayer. Now, this is an important point here to notice. The Muslims are being

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instructed to play solo while they're in the battlefield, a lady that is giving birth until she delivers she is still instructed to praise Allah. So what about people like you and I? What can our excuse me that our alarm didn't go off? Well, this excuse work with Allah subhana wa Tada. Well, there are people that are fighting in the battlefield, and even they are not excused from prayer. A lady is giving birth even she is not excused for prayer. So what little excuse Can we put in front of a law saying that we've missed our prayers, Salah is something one must be punctual with, there are certain things that we cannot sacrifice certain things, we may wobble a little early. But when

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it comes to our prayer, this is one of the most important things Allah subhanaw taala then says in the next verse,

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Allah when you have finished off your prayer, now what do you do? First, put a lot of VMO furuta Wallah, you become now engaged in their environments of Allah. So after you finish after saw,

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when we finish off with prayer, and we're heading back home, you shouldn't think I'm now absolved of remembering the live

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thing. No. Once you finish off your prayer, that somehow was a greater form of remembering the love now engaged in the remembering of a lot in the smaller form Subhan Allah

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and Allah, remember a long while you're standing while you're sitting while you're lying down. Think about this for a second. What are the three physical positions a human being can be

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one or the

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other, you're standing, either you're sitting or you're lying down a ladder, all three foot gorilla pm and remember a lot while you're standing.

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And while you're sitting.

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And even after that Allah says even when you're lying down.

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That's why I shouted the alarm on that says, and she says that the promise of allamani was so dumb was always in there. Remember, he had to go home for everything. When he sat down to eat he had when he was eating something sweet. He had a lot when you drink water he had a lot when he drank milk he had a lot of a lot of it was a lot for the middle of the meal for the end of the meal, Washington. every single aspect of the Prophet's life. There was a large tag attached to it. He was always engaging the reverence of Allah. But Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't finish off the verse there. He says, after you've established prayer, remember Allah while standing while sitting while lying down

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for you but

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then after you you're content with remembering Allah. Allah says then get up at Bristol login for your momentum to get up and go pray I get that a lot says after that in the salon.

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that indeed prayer has been established in a fixed time. Every salon must be praised in its fixed time you can't move the salon was fixed time. You know, the purpose of the law while he was some of the ideas above the narration in this regard regarding the prayer time, is that a lot of audio with some says Giovanni salon came to me he said to the companions Listen, I'm came to me and he led me into prayers. Sorry, he led me in two days, two full cycles of prayer. He led me in front Ursula, and in a lot of the time starts from the break of dawn until the rise of the sun. Then he says London led me in Florence a lot after the sun passed. It's a lot after passed the zenith

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Till the until each each each object shade becomes equivalent. And then after also after laurisilva he didn't lead me an answer saw and then also saw time after that he led me to the sun was setting and then we shut off and then when that light in the horizon disappeared, he then led me in a short prayer. That was one day, the second day. I did everything the same minus answer prayer. When it came to answer prayer the second day, God salam, he led the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in prayer when the

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when the shadow of each object was double, hence the height of the position we delay the author for 45 minutes by the champion position they used to pay 45 minutes earlier. It's important for us to know how to pace the law without being dependent on a timetable to be able to look into the sky and see okay, now it's time to start it. The sun is rising, Madrid is ended, the sun has moved from a Zenith I'm standing here I have no shade, which means the sun is directly above me. If the sun moves from Venus, I have a shadow. Now, over time to start. I'm standing here right now I'm six foot tall, my shadow is six foot, according to the chef, he just started right now, my I'm six foot my shadow

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was about 12 foot according to the Hanafi is also time to start it right now sun setting mothering started right now after the sun sets there's a redness that spreads on the horizon after the redness disappears now according to majority of the scholars have started right now according to some of the scholars

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after the redness, a whiteness comes into sight, and that also disappears, that's when our time starts. So now you know it's just time that started and then extra time last all the way to pleasures. So now you can open the window while you're sitting in the plate and figured out what time it is simply by eye and that's a skill that you must all have because Salah is described in it six times or less. That allows us all to be punctual with our prayer.

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