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The speaker discusses the history and importance of the Shahada movement, including its use of the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam to signal acceptance of the idea of eating the property of others. They also touch on peer pressure on Muslims and the consequences of their actions, including the difficulty of proving oneself and showing their identity. The importance of remembering the Prophet sallama and the need for everyone to have a spiritual high, as well as the history and importance of the Prophet sallama.

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Hardiman in the early this year was having an affair I'm about

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100 out today the recitation we decided sort on for fun and soon forgotten. There's a very powerful verse. Allah subhanho wa Taala he he says, when we ask the body mind are you think you're cool? You're a study tomorrow so the subpoena And on that day referring to the Day of Judgment, the oppressor will be biting his hands his fingers. Well, you only have a body malatya day and while biting his hands and fingers out of nervousness and out of regret, he will say, Yahoo will yell at me tomorrow. So the Sabina only if I chose the messenger as my friend as my pathway. Yeah.

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Yeah, we later Later Nila metafit funan Halina only if I didn't choose so in such person as my friend,

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Danny I'm addicted body the journey because my friend took me away from guidance after I was already guidance, what kind of shape already inside a Buddha and Shiva is very deceptive with people. So this is a very powerful verse. It shows us about how it teaches us as an ayah how to place our trust and loyalty with the right people. And if you place your loyalty with the wrong people, if you choose to have the wrong people surrounded with you, what will end up happening is that you may lose guidance even after having and this ayah was actually revealed after a very interesting incident took place during the life of the Prophet said a lot while instead of him saying he narrates that,

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during the time with the promise of a lot while he was still on there was a man whose name was Uncle Bob and

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he was emotionally he was a polytheist. However, he had a habit that every time he would go for business and if his business was successful, he would return back to Mocambo karma and he will hold a big party you know, we have someone gets a raise at the work, they come back and throw their friends a party. So if he had

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a profitable business trip, he would come back and give a big party and

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now he has a person was one that was actually very listening to the person along it was so nice to sit down and listen to what the prophet said a lot of it was said himself. He was very kind to the Prophet said a lot a lot he was even though he didn't believe in the Prophet, but he was very respectful and very kind. So on one particular occasion, when he returned back, he gave a dinner invitation to everyone. And on that occasion, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also came. Now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had been monitoring of it every month for a while. And he realized that his heart was getting very soft. Every time you heard the verses, there was like some

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kind of effect on him. And the Prophet father, this is the time that I'm going to, I'm going to not approach Him and ask Him to read the Shahada acts ask them to accept this love. So now when they started serving food,

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he came to serve the purpose that although it was sort of the prophets that a lot of it was said and refuse to eat, he said, I won't eat. He said, You're my guests you must eat and the man had honor he was a host. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I will not eat until you read the Shahada. Now, I'm going to pause right now and I want to make something clear, you don't go around telling people I'm not going to eat your food unless you read the Shahada.

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The reason why the opposite allamani was done was making the statement I already clarified it earlier, but I'm gonna say it again. So don't misunderstand what I'm saying. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had been monitoring them for a while. And the Prophet realized that his heart was soft and the Prophet million. So he knew this was the perfect chance Arabs had this honor this dignity. And he knew that this would put them in a tough situation either Shahada or the Prophet doesn't eat and he is humiliated in front of people. So at this time, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he throws the beta up Shahada, I eat otherwise, I'm not eating. So he said, You know

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what, I've been listening for a while and I have been affected. Why not? Let's do it. I said, why not?

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Under Muhammad,

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a business party now turns into a Shahada party, and everyone's enjoying themselves. They're partying, having a good time. night comes over the next day, and every morning is just walking around and mocha mocha, he bumps into one of his friends, obey even harder and obey him and says to him, that the word on the street is that you become Muslim. You become a savvy, savvy man, someone who has a religious meaning. That's what they used to call the Muslims, you become a Muslim. So he said, Well, last night, this is what happened. The Prophet came, he proposed the deen to me and I have been listening for a while and I thought it was nice. So I accepted. So we've been caught up

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said now that you're a Muslim, you can't be one of us. You can't sit with us. You can talk with us. You can come to our parties. We are socially boycotting you. And this is very real peer pressure in society. And it affects everyone, the young ones in the middle age and even the elders in our community. How do we retaliate to peer pressure? How do we deal with cultural pressure? How do we do when our friends abandon us because we've chosen a pathway in our life. You know, somebody decides to grow a beard out and the friends will begin to say Ah,

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look at this man.

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decompilers overnight, one sister decides to throw her hijab on, and another sister will come and see what you can make your hair today, people will make ridiculous remarks like this. And they'll they'll take jabs at you, I'm telling you, I was I was I was once on a plane, this is when I was younger, my beard wasn't so big. And one guy said to me what your shaver wasn't working today, but they're gonna make remarks like this. And now when you come under that pressure, where you know that and you know, living in America being a minority, we would probably face a lot more a lot more often. Not in terms of our dress in terms of our Hulu in terms of our PSA, do we praise the law or

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not what everyone's watching us, and they may frown because we praise Allah. So now here, what happens? Well, we even have access to him, either Islam or us, either we are with you, or you're with Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says in the Quran, when

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Messiah had the

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right the disbelievers that you who then sada will not will never be pleased with you until you become one of them. They'll take one thing by one thing, one thing at a time, they'll strip your identity away until you have no longer an identity and you've become one of them. You don't even know who you are anymore. So if you happen every morning is put in this tough situation. And he says to his buddy, we'll be able to help you and I have been buddies all of our life. Now, I want you to pause for a second again and think about this. Wait at this point is a

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is a Muslim, and he is a hobby. At that moment. He's his hobby. What is the profit? What is Allah say regarding the Sahaba? Or coolum? What are the loan? Every one of them is promised paradise. He already has one foot agenda. He's seen the Prophet, he's accepted Islam, but because of the pressure from his buddy. He says, You know what, you and I have been betting all of our lives. I'm with you.

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So he said, Okay, if you want to prove you're not a Muslim, it's not as simple as saying it. Now you have to prove yourself and go and spit on the face of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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So he said, You know what, I'll do it. As long as you guys keep me with you. As long as you let me sit with you. As long as I get to booze with you and dine with you guys and go eat and party with you guys come to your parties you come to mind, you know, I'll do it. So he comes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he spat on the face of the prophets of Allah.

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According to remember, when I came up with the law, he had his

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narration, the spit, it may impact with the face of the Prophet said a lot while he was on the pockets of the lodge. He wiped it and turned away and said to the people, this man just made a very big mistake. And according to him, I'm not going to lie about his narration that he caught. Remember, how can I put the light on he says that when he spent on the face of the Prophet said a lot of it was sudden, the spit get halted mid air and came back on his face. And it burned his lips and burn his cheeks like this. And he remained with those burn marks until he passed away. Now the prophets have a long way it was set up in such a loving way. You had Islam you had everything. Are

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you sure this is what you want? He said, I've made my decision. The prophets have a lot of audience that have said, then your death will come outside become karma. And he said who was the one who instigated you? He said, obey even the prophets that allow it was seldom said and I will be the one that will put him to the ground of my own hence

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the Battle of Baba occurred on the Battle of other machete Kenan will leave you Malcolm will continue to participate in the Battle of other they came to the house and I've been worried and they said join us we're going for battle. He said no I can't leave Makkah because that man told me I was going to die outside MK I'm gonna stay in Morocco for the rest of my life. They said no, no How could you stay behind? He said you know what take one of my slaves will fight on my please take two of my slaves didn't fight on my place. They said no, no, no. We're going to beat them. We have a large army. And when we celebrate we need to be more eat there. So he said, make some sense that

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another guy came and said to him, you have a red camel and red camels like a Ferrari and they will never be able to catch you up in your red camel. Even if you're in trouble it is run and their horses can never catch your enamel red, red camel. So he said yeah, those two points make sense. He came to the battlefield. And that was the big mistake that he made that Allahu Masha Allah subhanaw taala had Destin occurred. He was killed at the sort of audio the loved one in the Battle of Baba. And when everyone walked past him, they said this is what the prophets of the manual it was. Someone told us that this man would diopside mocha mocha as a baby. And when he came to the Battle of the

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Sahaba, they saw we will call upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if you see him, let me know. And they said a messenger of Allah, He is right there. If I wasn't alone, while he was some sort of this habit, Everyone stand by the side. And the prophet SAW some took his own sphere and he ran after him. And he shot the spear at this wave in color. And the historians say he was one of the only men who was killed at the hand of the puppet that allowed the only man in the profits of a lot of them ever killed in battle. Many times the Prophet would injure someone and tell someone else you come and kill him. Because he would say How bad is it for a person's life that he dies at a profits

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hands? So he wouldn't kill generally, in a battle? He would tell us how about you take it from the you take the lead, but he was one of the very few people and according to some The only person who died at the hands of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So coming back to the original verse. Now when we look at the verse, the verse does not name obey, but

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it's very general. And the reason why it's general the scholar says because the message is general to everyone. Sometimes you're guided. You have everything that you need in life, to be in general.

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But then you make the wrong associates, associates, you make a wrong decision in life, you decide to take one pathway over another, and then you end up losing everything.

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Right? You were in genda. And then you lost it. And I think about this all the time, this ayah really resonates with me when the month of Ramadan comes, because right now we're sitting here. Are we all on a spiritual high? Can you ever imagine on a random Thursday night, this group of people sitting here right now at 11:10pm?

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Know, right? I mean, we wouldn't be sitting here right now. 11:10pm. If it shows that I was at 11:10pm, we parent own bedrooms that jump in bed right away. There's so much Buttercup, so much spirituality, every person is on their own unique spiritual high, there's a little push and tears will begin to flow out of your eyes. So we have it. But the question is that, do we lose it or not? And if you ask yourself, what's the one thing that will cause you to lose your spirituality after long? It's your environment, that's your company. And what allows you to gain the spirituality in Amazon, it's your environment, it's your company. Be very careful of who you choose to be your

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companions. Allah subhanaw taala then continues on to the next verse. And he says, we'll call our soul era in

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judo, the messenger said, Oh my Lord, indeed my people have abandoned the Quran, because it didn't advance the Quran, they will always have good company and they will continue to improve themselves. You know, there's a verse The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that the person who has it put on

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and then he hangs up around or pleases put on a shelf and does not touch it. After that it doesn't look at it, just let the dust gather on it, that that put on will come along today wnbc had it the honey,

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how the honey Maduro, that indeed this person abandoned, it will testify against a loss of power without it. This is a very powerful need for all of us sitting here because we have so many parents sitting at home, but we'll be lucky if those neurons are even picked up in the month of Ramadan. Other than that, that after that Allah subhanaw taala says, Look at Arnica gel nikolina begin.

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In similarly for every prophet, there is a Ark enemy, right the arch enemy, the number one enemy, and for the purpose of the law to set him his number one enemy he was waving Hello for miners. The number one enemy of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was Abu Abu Jen right, Abu jihad. And Ambassador lawan said the number one enemy for the prophets of Allah while he was Saddam was Abu lahab. And he says that because he was the first person to openly reject the prophets of Allah while he was someone the prophet SAW some call people towards Islam. He said

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that you'd be cursed. This is why you gathered us together. So he said the number one enemy for the Prophet was unbelievable. And the number one enemy for Moosa was a rune and he says the reason is because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was related to a Buddha Gula that's what made him such a harsh of an enemy. He was his uncle, and aroon was the was the cousin of Mossad Islam. But it was his jealousy we're gonna come to that very soon inshallah we'll read the verses regarding cotton. We'll discuss that story and talk about how sometimes even within relations jealousy can lead a person so far, okay that Allah subhanaw taala was to benefit from these beautiful lessons. A

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loss of power allows us to save the company of the pious and righteous Allah gives his death with the pious as well.