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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of living life as if everything is happening to the person in the hereafter, rather than just focusing on past experiences. They encourage people to be patient while they tell them about their deeds and ask them to be patient. The speaker also mentions the need for people to be patient while they tell them about their deeds.
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Understand this My dear brothers and sisters, Elsa and crochet

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what I say to him Buchi Whoa, whoa

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whoa La Jolla

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to LA moon. Allah says perhaps you love something but it's bad for you, you don't know. And perhaps you dislike something but it's good for you you don't know you complaining about this job and you wish you had another job but you don't know this job is good for you. You don't know what that job is going to do to the person in the hereafter. Allah says And Allah knows.

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And you know not

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understand this, my dear brothers and sisters, you know, you know what our problem is, before we end today.

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We say we believe in the hereafter. But we live our lives as if we don't believe in the hereafter.

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When you ask someone, what are the pillars of a man? I mean to be lie II, II, II,

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II, II mean

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right? Well by the battle mode, in some

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explanations, so he can read it out to you, I believe in Allah and His messengers and his books and his angels and the last day and in Divine Will and pre destination good and bad fate is from Allah, for him. So you believe in the last day? You believe in the last day you said, I believe in the last day? Why do you live life as if you don't believe in the last day, I tried to fix you. And you go into depression as if your agenda is this word, and you've lost it, you forgot that this is nothing but a place of acts of examination, a place that you and I are upon, to build our here after not burn out here after.

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We act as if we forgotten that we believe in the life of the grave. We've forgotten that we have a standing in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. On the day of the AMA, we say we believe but we practice something else. Nobody is talking the walk.

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nobody's doing that. That's our problem. That's when we start blaming Allah with any other beloved Allah forgive us. That's when we start. You know, I'm asking, I'm asking ALLAH is that giving Now hold on.

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That's not what you should say. Allah. Allah is lopi If Allah is gentle with us, it's for you to find out how it's for you to find out how having not having knowledge about something does not mean that that something does not exist. Is that clear.

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Not having knowledge about it does not mean that it does not exist. If you don't have knowledge of the goodness that Allah has placed in your difficulty. It does not mean that goodness does not exist. It is for you to be patient while we told you Be patient, be patient until Allah switches on the light and you see the wisdom, you might stand in front of Allah on the day of the AMA, and say Allah, Allah for those of Allah, the greatest gentlemen how I wasn't worthy of this, I didn't do these deeds. Allah will say you know how much I took away from you.

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You see, Subhan Allah if I only knew I wish you to call everything

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your lawmakers, patient people