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The speaker discusses the importance of wealth and being prepared for unexpected events, including the use of subhanho wa Taala to convince people to buy a salon. They also touch on the emotional impact of Islam's teachings on people's lives, including the loss of family members due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The speaker emphasizes the importance of staying on the Islam taught to avoid becoming satisfied and being content with the state Allah has given to one.

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100 law a common law couples

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in the early last year was having an affair.

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Today into the solid we will recite a very beautiful story. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us regarding the story of say that

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you bought a slum was one of the profits of bunnies Rajeev

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according to him a political

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narration in which it states that you barley Salaam actually was a roomie he lived in the Roman Empire. And

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he quotes two very interesting narrations, which kind of give us a timeline of when uvalde salaam came to the world. According to one narration image at the top it says that humanity salaams life was the daughter of jacobellis enough and he quotes that her name was later. And then the second narration the image at the top of the quotes he says that you buddy Sam's wife was the granddaughter of Yusuf Ali Salaam, and her name was Russia. So in either case, you see that you bought a salon came somewhat after the time of jacoba. Lisa, according to one narration a little earlier, according to the other direction a little later. Now the unique thing about the story of a body saddam is that

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he was a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala sent to a people and anybody salon give them Tao, like all prophets did wholeheartedly. And out of the congregation out of his community, only three people believed in him, only three people bought him out of him. And everybody said I'm continued to work with him. However, Allah subhana wa tada had blessed you with everything. He was a very wealthy man had a very big family. He was very healthy, very handsome, and he had everything that a person could imagine. But even though he had everything that everything of his never distracted him from Allah, he always knew that everything was nothing if he didn't have a loss of how to live without it. So he

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was always connected to Allah. So one day, sit down, saw this and he said, Yeah, Allah, you only worships you because he's wealthy. If he didn't have wealth, he wouldn't worship you. Now, if you think about the statement for a second, it sounds very foolish, because usually, it's the people who have wealth who get distracted from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Not always not. I said, usually, there were certain people who came in Islamic history who are wealthy and they were very grateful to Allah Subhana, WA Tada. And all for their loved one thought of their loved one. And there are many kinds of this. However, generally it was the poor people who follow the prophets. First, this was the

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theme when the prophets came with their talks about this right when the Prophet came with our to their communities. It was generally the poor people because the poor people, they have very simple lives. They're not sophisticated people, they're always in need. And they're always looking for the Lord Allah subhana wa Tada. So when someone brings a reality to them, because they're not so occupied, they can easily connect. So many times what happens is well brings pride inside a person. And when a person has pride, he believes that he has to understand everything in order for it to make sense. So at that time, he begins to challenge wealth a lot, his wealth becomes a means of

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challenging revelation. Now, anyway, Shivam says, Yeah, love, you was only worshiping you because he has wealth.

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Allah subhana wa tada says, to shape love, I give you permission to test a body, but you cannot touch his body, do whatever you want, but you can't touch his body. So then shavon had a fire lit inside your body, Sam's lens, and all of his business was destroyed in one day. I think about this for a second. If you did not have insurance on your business, there was no insurance policy that okay, you don't have insurance on your business and your entire business your empire was to collapse in one day, what would happen to you and I know a person loses their job, they go through depression, they can't sleep anymore. Just one job. They lose all their sleep, they're worried will

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I get hired again or not? How will that provide for my family? You know, in Chicago a few years back there was a situation where there was a kind of like a scam that happened and a part of the scam many Muslims lost large amounts of money. And and you come to Chicago during those days and come to that part of the town and met those people. You ever thought Chicago was a zombie town? Literally people were going through depression and rightfully they have lost their life earnings. It was gone just like this. So you've already some, not just one or $2 he loses everything. And at this point, he is old according one narration. You've already said I was close to seven years old, how many 70

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years old. He wasn't 40 that he can build Empire again. Now he's seven years old. All of his businesses were gone. Anybody straight on came to see how are you balancing how he retaliated for this? Anybody said on said when he lied, all praises for last

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shavon. He then plays a second card and what he does was when a new body salon slipped out of his home. His family was at home when they were eating and shaitan shook the foundation of the house and the entire house collapsed and everyone died.

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All of us, all of us kids and children, they all died at once. Now a person can't imagine losing one child, he lost his entire family. And his son, I was watching again and he comes back home, he sees all of them have passed away. She has won comes to see does anybody Salaam loses Amanda because this is what happened to many people. Many people, when they lose a family member that's very close to them, they begin to doubt the existence of a love. And she thought this would be the card that would take a lot away from him. And that will take them away from being that grateful servant of Allah. But he didn't realize that everybody's Salaam was a mountain of patience. And everybody's Salaam

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says what in life allows you to take my kids away, let it be. So then he says to a lot of old phones, this world love Allah. I've tested him in his wealth and his family. But I fear that the one thing that matters to him most is him, he has a person. So Allah says, I give you permission to test his body as well. But you cannot touch his heart is hardest for me. So then Showtime comes in, he blows on to you bodies that are many blows on to him, this disease, his illness begins to spread throughout your bodies around his body. And he has ulcers all over his entire body until the point comes where his body begins to leave a bad smell. And it was such a foul smell that the people in

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the community they requested that his body be removed from the city. And anybody said on his body was placed in the outskirts of the city near to the dump area. And the only person that accompanied him through this tough time of his life was his wife. And his wife was the one that was biocide. And she cooked for him, she cleaned for him, she took care of him, she clothed them, she washed him she would take them for the washroom and clean up after him. And when she realized that their wealth was running out whatever little they had left, now she had to go work, she would work a full time job, bring the money and then look after everybody. So she did this for seven years, how many years?

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Seven. This is what you call a marriage, you know, where she lost everything that her husband, if she had married him for his wealth, all of that was gone. All the family has gone. And not only that he's lost his health and he's lost his beauty. He's lying there as a sick person, and literally a vegetative state. But this was a wife who wasn't going to give up on her husband. And how old was he at this point? 70 What what many of us say if we had someone like this, who had lost everything, and it was it was in this kind of state at 70 we'd say you know, maybe it's best to take him off life support, let the guy die. No, you know, seven years old, he's lived his life, let him go from the

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dunya. But here his wife is next to him. And she's by his side and she's looking after looking out for him. One day, however, she comes home. And she's sitting there and it's been seven years now. Seven years of her life taking a complete change to a completely unique turn different turn. And she says her husband one night you bought a salon and she says to him, you Why don't you just ask a lot to curious.

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Are you buddy Salaam said Allah gave me good health, wealth and family for 70 years. And until I'm not sick for 70 years, I don't have the right to complain to Allah subhana wa Tada. And he remained there like that. And at that point, according to one nourishing he said to his wife, that if Allah subhanaw taala ever restores me to my health, he because he felt that his wife wanted to leave him. And he felt that his wife was, you know, she, he felt that she thought it was coming to him through his wife and trying to break him because that's what she was trying to do all this time trying to break him. And when his wife said, you know, why don't you just accept that you've lost in this

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matter? You know, just tell the teacher you he felt that she thought it was coming through his wife and trying to attack him and breaking down. So he said to his wife that if a library cures me, there will be a very unique punishment, I will put you through. So just keep that in your mind. Okay, we'll come back to it. Now. Are you biting Sam, he's lying there. He says y'all love You know, I'm tested by everyone. My wealth has gone, my family has gone until the point where my own wife has now it seems like she's also getting tired of you know what everyone's thought of everyone's kind of tired of you. And even those that are closest to you. You can you can add if you don't know this

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feeling if you don't know what it feels like, I'll give you an explanation what this feels like. You know there are parents look after their kids their entire life. They take care of the kids, their kids, when they're babies, they actually sleep with the parents. When the kids grow with a wake up in the middle of the night they come sleep next to the parents, the kids can urinate in the bed and the parents bad they can they can throw up in the kid parents bad the parents will still love them. The parents will teach the kids how to eat, we'll teach them how to walk, we'll teach them how to change their clothes will teach them to go to school will stand by the side and watch their sports

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games. The parents will be there to choose their their spouse will be that the birth of their sibling, the parents will be there for them all their entire life. But then imagine that parent what they feel like when that parent reaches the age of 60. And the child is sitting there packing his parents clothes, clothes, the suitcase, loads it inside the car and is driving his parents to an old people's home. You know when you leave your parents there will not protect any parent in this gathering any human beings ever go through this. And when they leave those parents there and when they close the door and walk away you know before they close the door they ask their parents mom and

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dad are you okay? And mom and dad are looking around this room and they're thinking What happened here? And as soon as they say to the child Yes, I'm okay in that little

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Just some confidence I'm okay. And when that child leaves the room, you know, their world shatters in front of them in a million pieces. Because they feel like now everyone's left them. And that's when most people will actually say, yeah, Allah, it's time for me to leave the world. No, there is no harbor left on the road. Maybe there's a mobile hub for me in here after. So have you been going through this very unique emotional moment, where his wife is also saying, why don't you make the law so that he continues to be patient, and with his time he kept saying what 100 elements of how to live from the law, he kept praising Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now what happened was some people from

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the slide were passing by, and they said, This man has been cursed by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now as soon as they said this

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entire state changed. He said, Allah, all this time, I was at the belief that this was from shavon. And I know this is from shaitaan. But these people are saying that Yeah, a lot you are punishing me because of something I did. So yeah, Allah, if you are punishing me, I repent to you and I asked you to remove this from me. So there are lots of how to one without a when anybody Salaam mixes law, he has been inspired, but this wasn't from a loss of kind of whatnot. But then along with that, I'm continuing to do it since I've been Nima Sonny ever wanted me oh my lord difficulty has called upon me and you are the Most Merciful, Allah subhana wa tada sister you might need some time to change up

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now. He sends you very go and pick up a new body Sir, give me that Islam comes in, he picks up anybody's around he drags him to the special leg he puts him there allows a wizard reveals that you've already set up or could be rigidly kick the ground with your heel. Or you might in some cases, he kicks the ground water begins to get shot, a lot of guys may not water as soon as anybody begins to put the water over his body, all of his beauty begins to return and all of his health begins to return as soon as he takes that bath. You know that after that Allah says now drink from it as well. And that is that um, he drinks a cup from there. And when he drinks from there, he

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returns back to his complete health and a loss of handle without it says that right after that we restored him with what we have given him before many more votes. And this was all due to his patience and how he was content with whatever state Allah subhanho wa Taala put him in. Now before I move forward, I just want to mention one thing. You know, you want Islam kick the ground and he drank from the water for Shiva. This concept exists even till today. The Prophet said a lot of it was something he told us that alert was

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that the water of Zamzam will be for whatever you intend for it to be. If you intend the water of Zamzam to be a source of cure and you drink it, Allah subhanho wa Taala will definitely give you Shiva. And I've dealt with this case so many times I can tell you so many stories from Chicago, where a lady she came to me she said to me, my son has some sort of illness and the doctors are saying that he won't last for too long. I said, if you have the chance, take him for a moment and bathe him in zum zum with sincerity, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give Shiva and somehow a lot cheaper compared to those kids many times not once or twice, many, many times. So we should drink

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some some as well and give it to those that are sick that promise this is authentic narration By the way, and that was awesome. Lima she developed whatever intention you make while drinking some some Allah subhanho wa Taala grant you that what we learned from the story about you, buddy. So now my dear brothers and sisters, is that sometimes in life, you might have everything. But then a blink of an eye all of that may become into nothing, everything may turn into nothing. Whether you have everything or whether you have nothing, you must remember that what matters most is that you are content with the state Allah subhanho wa Taala has even today you and I begin to complain because we

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can't afford Starbucks coffee, or because we can't afford to live in a better neighborhood or because we can't afford to drive a better car or because maybe instead of earning 7000 or 15,000 a month now we're earning 4000 a month. Learn to be content with what Allah subhana wa tada has given you. Because if you are not content with what Allah has given you, then you will remain a beggar in personality for as long as you live, even 100,000 even a million dollar salary will never be able to satisfy you. So learn to have learned to have contentment to be happy with what Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you. And if Allah subhana wa tada takes it away when he did it, because at the end

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of the day, everything we own belongs to a lot. And to a level of return. I want to end with one story. Our ship wants to share the story with us regarding ship of the cloud. Did you not enough with the law? Yeah, it was a great, very good scholar. He had a business and his business was important export, he actually had a ship and he would rent that ship out to other companies and they were traveling back and forth. So on one of his business trips he he sent his Son Son was taking a ship full of goods to that to the import city. So while that ship was on the way, there was a storm that hit that route and the ship was destroyed and everyone died. So a person came into a ship of

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the Father devaluation of the father was in the masjid he was with the students. And a person came and told him that you know, ship your ship was on its way. It crashed because of the storm and everyone died including your son. So the ship closed his eyes.

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He opened his eyes and he said 100 lie He smiled. Now, a little while later, a few months, maybe a few weeks later, a month later, a person came in to shift. Your ship was going,

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and the storm hit the ship. Everything was destroyed, but somehow you're sunlit. So the shift once again, closed, his eyes turn to his heart, he opened his eyes smiled instead of 100. So a student was very sad. When you heard your son died, you smiled instead of 100. What do you start when you heard your son was alive? He smiled and said, 100. Again, it sounds like this contradiction there. Why do you smile and say, 100 times. So he said, I didn't smile and see 100 law, at the death, rather living with my son. When I heard my son died, I turned to my heart and I asked my heart a very important question that has the death of my son, cause any change in my relationship with

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Allah. And I realized that there was no change. So I smiled, and I said,

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that when I found out my son was alive, I once again turned to my heart and asked my heart a very important question that has the life of your son cause any change between you and Allah, and I realized that there was no change at all. So I smiled, and I said, 100 none. So if you're the last title that allows us all to remain content for as long as for as long as we live with whatever we have, whichever whatever state Allah subhana wa tada puts us in the loss of tarantella make someone to check in and the savini