Mohamad Baajour – 5 Words DUAA will Revive The Emaan in Your Heart!

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the factors that contribute to the increase and decrease of the Eman, including challenges and hardships, surrounding people, and the influence of others. They also mention a lecture and a video about the importance of giving charity and helping others. The conversation ends with a discussion about a draft for tonight and a potential award.
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We all know as a sunnah will Jamar

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that Eman increases and decreases

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and Eman

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consists of three things and it has to be all three together for me and you to be a movement. It has to be said with the tongue believed in the heart and prove in in action.

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I cannot just say La Ilaha illa Allah and I believe that Allah Allah Allah but I do not pray I do not fast I don't do anything. I cannot pray and fast I believe. And I did not say the Shahada. This is what happened with Abu Talib. Right. And so the point is all three together consists Eman and the difference between the people. If you look at the hadith of Muslim men wasn't the difference between the Muslim and the Mothman and the Matson is their level of Eman that made them get elevated to that next level. Similarly in Jana the macabre Boon the difference from this herbally I mean different from us hobby Shimelle because of the level of the Eman because of their level of iman.

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one of the primary reasons why

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Eman increases and decreases is challenges and hardships that we go through in our daily life. They affect our iman a lot

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how can we rejuvenate revive our iman, when it goes down? I would do that or the Allah on said something profound. He said Min Suk Hill McMunn from the wisdom of a believer to notice that his Eman is low or high. So when I know and I noticed and many times people come to me so check, my email is very weak. So how can we revive that image and that will lead us to the drought of today. Number one, one of the best ways to increase and rejuvenate the Eman is to re establish the connection with the Quran.

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Yeah when the Quran is the word of Allah azza wa jal the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala like our scholar said, if you want Allah to talk to you read the Quran, if you want to talk to Allah make dua

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so ALLAH is talking to me, yay Johan leadin Manu yes, yeah Allah order me.

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orders in the Quran for every single person there's, there's a Kitab for the kuffaar for the moon Africa in for the believers for the mankind for everybody. So you open the Quran and you see where do you fit.

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When we increase the relationship with the Quran, definitely with the help of Allah that Eman will increase. Second,

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giving in charity,

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giving in charity increases Amen. And especially listen carefully, especially if it is given hand in hand. Allah He the the feeling when you give somebody a charity, and you see the smile on their face, and you see the hand rising and making that for you. It's completely different than going online and pressing a button. When we give it live, you immediately feel something in your heart that Subhan Allah, your Eman increases. Third, surrounding ourselves with righteous people definitely will increase our iman, when you are surrounded by brothers. Let's go for a shot. Let's go for vision. There is a lecture here there's a talk there Subhan Allah naturally, naturally your

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email will increase. Just like we said before you bring a bottle of water, it's liquid, you put it in the freezer, it freezes why because everything around it is cold, the environment has a major effect on the environment has a major effect on us and on our children. Fourth, which will lead us to the to the DUA

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I repeat it I mentioned this the statement before and I repeat it again. There's no one who has a hardship

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and he or she wants that hardship to be resolved. And they do not perform tahajjud that means they are not serious about solving their problem.

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I am going through so much hardship and I heard my Habibie Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that Allah descends to the first heaven at the last third of the night and Allah the agony the one who can do anything is asking at that time, what do you want so I can give you and I'm going through so much and I'm snoring? How serious could be be

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How serious Could you be?

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It's impossible. Allah is asking if we say that there is a very rich, influential man at 4am Coming to the masjid and any problem you have, he will solve it. We will be here from now maybe the car did not start in the morning. Let me stay from now.

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But when we say Allah has descending in a way that befits His Majesty and asking what do you want so I can give you what do you want Helman? Sir Elon thought here, anyone is making asking anything so I can give him and I'm sleeping. How serious Could you be? So when we get up, and we are going through that crisis of ihnen and this is where it comes to drought Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Eman layer a lot fee JioFi I had econ camera Yeah, lucky soap.

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Amen. wears out

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in your heart, just like your clothes wear out.

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Federal law hat and usually the EMA and phycological. So ask ALLAH and he has reservoir to revive the Eman in your heart. So what is the draft for tonight? Forward draft Subhanallah Allahumma jet diddle Iman fear Colby

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Allah Hoonah jet did al Eman feet five words feet Calbee

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yeah Allah just did from God new revive, renew the rejuvenate the Eman in my heart. This is what Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told me that the Eman failed Amen fades so in order for me so our beloved prophesy Salim said that it's phase so that means it does fade and we all went through this. So we are so Allah What should I do? He said ask ALLAH ask Allah to revive it Subhanallah when the die is very easy Allah Hoonah jet diddle Iman vehicle, let's do it all together inshallah. Allah Hoonah jet did al Eman fie Kuldeep hamdulillah

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in melon Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want to know meaning I will not mean it will quantity now look on it the more slaw the been our slaw the bond the wasabi add now a Slavia rod Do you want to for sharing you know

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what unforeseen I want to call she is the one downside BP now one downside the party was all me now was all in

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wouldn't have you Lena photo gentleman won half the award the was that good enough? Guess

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what's going on? I don't know who

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what and gentlemen Eileen.

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