Hatem al-Haj – The Essence of Good and Pure Dua

Hatem al-Haj
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was the mother Caravaggio, and then the professor Salah mentioned a man for the case of a man

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as you suffer, he journeyed for long as

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the several of them dusty.

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he raised his hands up to the heavens, you're cool, yada, yada. Go, my lord. Oh my Lord.

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Why mama Haram, and his food is from families drinks from provenance clothing is from Allah and he was nursed By Allah, how could he be answered? How can he be answered? So the preference owner has given us the example of a man that would have been otherwise definitely answered.

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Because that was after this obligation of the traveler. He isn't a traveler, and he traveled for long, so he's deserving of an answer. He's disabled and our bar, you know, dusty, so he is in a miserable condition. He's distressed, doesn't say, a menu de Butera Eva, oh, who else would answer the distressed when he calls upon him, unmanageable. Motorola is about this is my phone, this is the stress, this is in bad shape, he has already forgotten, he's so bad. And then he shows humidity before I was monotonic in every in every way. So your mood, whether he'll, he's raising his hands up to the heavens. And this is a show of humility, that's what the prophets are sort of used to do. And

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the utmost form of humility is when the profits or losses are used to even flip his hands. So that so that the palms will be facing down. And that's unsolvable is the star. So the Prophet was seen raising his hands up to high into the sight of whiteness of his armpit. And he had the palms of his hands facing down in a show of extreme humidity. And when he switched his cloak around, so the right is to the left and to the right,

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to show Allah, how distressed they are, how in need of itself we are. So that man fulfills all the criteria. He is all the above. He's been traveling for one years, the several of them dusty, he is the stress. And then he has recently shown humility to a lot and when he goes a lot by era ner rub is the right way to address a lot when you meet God is the right way, the right way to address a lot when you meet is yada, yada.

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things are one

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of the criticisms. Right?

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He said to him that, you know, a man would like to make the art and safe to say easy to qualify the word or the name.

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Yes, add the title. Yes. And then he said, Why doesn't he make to outline the rest of the profits? wherever you find the draw in the Quran, it is a benefit for learners and when I was laughing, Benedictine, Afghani has a lot better than me as well as you know.

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When he when he they were in when he said, so it is called an Allah by a Ruby. Because what is a Ruby? What is the rub?

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The rub is the creator in the Sustainer. And the Disposer of affairs is the caretaker. It means the caretaker, you know, the caretaker.

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So, you're, you're saying to Allah subhanaw taala with this show of humility. You are my caretaker, I have no one to turn to by you. You are my sustainer You are my caretaker. You are my protector. You are rugby era era. But because his earnings are far, and he's dressed in her arm, and he's nourished by her arm and everything is around. The prophet SAW someone said to me, how could he be answered? And that is that is really so beautiful, so powerful, and you know, a parable. So the preface has always given us the example of someone who has all the photos, all the criteria to get his answer accepted. And that's why some of the righteous predecessors used to say some very nice a

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lot of

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wicked men out there who been massive.

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So don't don't think that is the response is no when you already prevented the response, by your mercy by your sins. So how

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Do you block the response by your sins? And then say, why is the response not coming?

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And the answer to this is to do what is, is the return to align humidity and make Toba and show in case our brokenness before Allah because that brokenness before a lot is what will get you the answer. It was reported that a man

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righteous man is

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like a worshipper, from the nations before us.

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have a need. So He fasted and he was like from the 70s, right? So He fasted 70 Saturdays, every Saturday, he would eat only 11 days, and then he would pass the rest of the day. And then he would pray the whole night. And then he would present the his request to a lot, how hard they work for the request to be accepted for their plea to be accepted.

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And then he did not get like a response in the popular response. So when he returned to himself, and he said, min t OT, I were, I was afflicted because of you. He said to himself, I was afflicted because we it's because of your sins. So he did not think about of his Lord, he thought that of himself. And he returned to himself and he said, I have not been answered, because you are not deserving. And once he said this, once he said this, he got his response.

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He got his response.

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And then an angel came down to him. And he said to him, that your brokenness before Allah is better in His sight, then your worship for 70 weeks.

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It is to show Allah that you truly need them, and to show your humbleness or humility, because what's the essence of a better?

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A better is the total love and adoration mixed with total humidity and subjugation, humidity to show humidity to your Lord, to show your need for your Lord, to throw your brokenness before your Lord. That is the essence of a bad isn't that why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said at the heart of

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it, Black is a bad dog means that is the essence of a battle. That is the essence of worship. Why? Because whenever you raise your hands up to the heavens like this, whenever you raise your hands up to the heavens like this, you're saying, You're saying, I do recognize your presence, I do recognize your greatness, I do recognize that you can hear me I do recognize that you see me I do recognize your power to respond to me and I do recognize your compassion to want to respond to me. So all of this recognition of the heart has to precede the making of DOD so that is why

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is that is of a better yet we need to make sure that we raise our guard with our good deeds lasr will kill him killing him while hamatos solid color fell to him right Is this the good speech and good actions raise it raise the good speech including the good actions raised the good speech but without action is like someone throwing without an RS the act without God with action it will

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be a lower handleset

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Youngstown Mina de la Mr. Mohammed

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yet female Dr. Rahman chemist in Murphy, my mouth

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so that with good actions that are that you need, is the drive that you need is like the soul added to food. So what what is food is your actions

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and you need very little.

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And that will be the that will be responded to Oh, you need this little guy and the bottle of beers. You know, when you make dinner for dinner.

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You see how comprehensive is that is why Allah to death,

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which is transgression and drive is to sit and make, you know, about 200 million things and that's what we do usually an hour late and people actually compete for this. And you're not a good email until you make the lengthiest thought and you keep on repeating things and keep on like modifying the words and playing with the rhymes and so on. That is added a

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little bit of salt

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added to the food is what you need.

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If you truly have good actions, the good actions will raise your level to Allah subhanaw taala. So,

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but we have you know, in, in our times we just keep on repeating. So the detail, the detail repeating right is important.

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A lot of data lakes this, but transgression graph is when you're too detailed and you use too many rhymes and too many modifications and it becomes a variable phenomenon, not a play of the heart play by the heart, it becomes a verbal chanting phenomenon, and that is after that fear. But truly all the people need is like that, like the salt in food,

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if they have the right actions, to support their application, you have to have supportive documents with your application. Your actions will be supporting documents, your remembrance of Allah can be in your time of ease, is going to be your supportive documents in the ends of saying when the receiver that has very important that when someone makes when, when a righteous person remembers a lot the prophet SAW sort of step

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out of your life

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during the time of ease that he may know you during the time of hardship and distress, you know Allah remember the order of love, during the time of Easter that he remembers you during the time of hardship and distress. So when the door is raised by someone who used to make God in the past, the angels will say, so tomorrow inhabiting marital affairs,

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it is a recognizable voice of a recognizable servant of Allah and then the angels will intercede for him for a lot, this is your your servant, so and so, he has always served you he has always remembered you you have always prayed eagles, this, this and that. So the intercede for him. And if it is otherwise, they will say something hieromartyr often

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they will ignore that leave the engines will not intercede for him.

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the last word, when the problem comes in families the job well How could he be answered?

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There is a subtlety that the scholars use from this. These are the profits or loss some of them did not say he will never be answered.

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He said it is removed. How can he be ins it's amazing how good so he said that it is unlikely it is but he said he did not say he will never be answered. Because a lot could answer him. If a love desire wants, if Allah wishes, then a lot Good answer. Which means what? Regardless of your status, regardless of your station, if you really feel like calling upon your Lord,

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or with your Lord and make dua and supplicate to him and and then work on your status with him afterwards. But whenever you need to raise your hands up to the Lord, do not ever say, I will not be responded to, I will not be responded to because Allah would respond to you if you show the sufficient, you know, sufficient humility and repentance. Why you're asking Allah subhanaw taala

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show him that you

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have repented like this man from

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the story of the Israel like man who repented to

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you know, this story that we mentioned the story of like a few days earlier, when he was with the ministry, and they were asking for rain, and the rain did not come until this man comes out. And then when he repented in the rain fail, Moses says

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no one came out. And so what how come the rain fell, a new one came out and I lost.

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It is because of the very one that I was held the rain from you. I have given you rain, because of that very one. For what for whom I'm with him the rain from you from you. I gave you rain, because once he repented, he became that close to a loss of power. So repent, make dua and make the intention to purify your earnings.

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