Hatem al-Haj – Types of Doubts and Which to Choose

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of leaving alone and avoiding doubtful situations, as well as avoiding "slacky pitches" of business relationships. They stress the need for hardship above normal bar settings and an investigation into a novel. The speakers stress the importance of having a clear and substantiated opinion to avoid abandoning a position and fulfilling needs to avoid falls in hardship. Marketing techniques and evidence are emphasized as necessary tools to support a decision.
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What does it mean to leave alone or

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abandoned renounce

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language processing without without books doesn't talk it out? How could you think that

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there are two different types of doubt.

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Now concerning the routing should have a

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doubt about the routing itself

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you know, you know such and such

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and such

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you know such a subset.

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And it doesn't have to being on such and such, but it could be a contemporary issue. And I want to see if such and such as a parent.

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So, that is one type of adult are super, super happy

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to have concerning the Rudy Chewbacca handler have the shipment concerning the subject matter itself is when you have doubt concerning, you know, $2,000 Is this mine or not mine, you'll find $2,000 in your own

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this gear, or I just bought this phone, the previous owner have left it, you find it very

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loose Remember that?

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That's concerning the subject matter itself?

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Did this woman breastfeed? You know, that there that I am proposing to and breastfeed me as well. This is not about about the hook because

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the two touting that their reality itself with

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the subject matter of the hope itself? Did she breastfeed? Or did she not breastfeed and

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things of that nature, and oftentimes doubt has to do with the subject matter. You know, particularly in business relationships, now has to do with with, you know, the details you could bring to the redistribution, the work

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the reasons to sort it out for you between the power between you and your business partner. And we can't

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because it's so confusing. And he said I said that he did and we went and we brought and we agreed and then he keeps on hearing this back and forth. That's why we focus on certain things, but man provided a copy it

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so whenever I give someone

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I give someone some of the his brother's rights and giving him a hard pull from the Hellfire, I'm giving him a hot cold

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because you need to be careful, it is not just about to help me here. But it is not just about see for the party that will judge between us you need to leave some room that's called margin of safety cushion buffer zone between one and hot so these are two different types of doubt that we need to stay away from. So don't leave in America please stay away from bad pitches to be establishes suspicious, stay away from anything that gives you doubt because in my subconscious, my inner doubt and tranquility are five together, insert certainty and quality our fight together uncertainty which is doubt and discomfort, perfect together.

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So the fifth part of this is that you leave doubtful in dubious matters, but that does not mean that you need more concessions.

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We wouldn't have we would have failed to figure it out. It was only time when you try to figure it out and see if there is an absurdity as a concession people have a need for it and you know, so on then we would sit down and try to figure out

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which which made the scholars come up with certain criteria in this and other groups also need to come up with certain criteria for when it is okay to act upon the conditions or the easier opinion, easier opinions. Now,

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if the easier opinion, is the stronger opinion proof wise, then that's great. Everybody will not disagree with us. It's good.

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But that's not what we're talking about. When it when there is a time or even sometimes when the harder opinion may sound a little superior, evidence wise and little more, a little more

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Superior, not much more superior, not like the other opinion is is completely baseless. There are two different opinions one is easier. One is farther competing. The easier is here, the easier is stronger than the that all the scholars will tell you go for

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it supply. That is when you could exercise well.

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That's when you could exercise. praiseworthy work.

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If the easier opinion is beneath the stress, the harder

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that's what your morning first

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decide what your markers are as well, when the easier opinion is baseless. No one would think you think that user opinion basis is not supported by any proof, there is no substantiation

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not every disagreement is considerable is significant, except a disagreement that has some substantiation of some substantiation. So,

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when do you take the easier opinion,

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first, there has to be a need. And a need which is harder means what means that if you do not fulfill this need, you will fall in heret

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is what is hardship.

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But what you need to do is put water in the morning. That is

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so some people may say, but hard is part and parcel of meat

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in the sense of an easy part.

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Because sometimes you need to do like you have to wake up

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at four o'clock in the morning sometimes when

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people have warm water here, but in many cases people may not have

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very cold water to

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home. That's a different story.

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That is, you know, some sort of hardship.

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What's Congress say in the long days of Ramadan, particularly in the summer,

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this is the acceptable parts above this is the corner

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viral marketing technique.

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However, that is unusual. It's unusual in religious obligations,

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obligations. So

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So now, the issue here is, we need to have heart. And we know that the difference between parents that's acceptable in religious obligations on parenting that's above

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the normal bar, you cannot pretend you're making cold water. That's not acceptable in religious obligations.

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Above this hardship that is above this, were an investigation in the matter. Maybe you grew up knowing that this is

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and at one point, you really need to do

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we say if the 100 is beyond what is usual in technique,

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what is used what in religious obligations that would warrant an investigation of the novel.

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to look into the matter, that you don't look into it yourself.

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Because the how're your

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desires, your partiality or all of that will blind you from seeing the truth. But you would ask about it.

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Even for starters, if it is a matter of the person you want.

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Don't rely on yourself to give yourself the

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of all startups that

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reach out

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to their

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So that's one of them.

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Then the interesting is

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like criteria here of accepting the easier position, even if it is applied, like it was. The other position or slightly inferior but still substantiated is that it has to be substantiated has to be upheld by

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a recognizable emammal

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build a better

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and it has to be practiced by a group of

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substantiated we said not every there has to be a base, there has to be some evidence behind supported supported to this position.

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There has to be upheld by a recognizable scholar because the app is not

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free for all. It's the app has criteria,

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perspective criteria, so that

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recognizable by

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far the ones that we think

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it does not mean the 40 names only means all the great emails

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which are many, and sometimes also if the matter is a contemporary issue that we see, you know, the, the opinion of the Greek

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or Baraka

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and the other thing is that it should not be abandoned, because sometimes there will be an opinion that has some substantiation appeal by such a great email. You know,

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what our marriage versus your temporary marriage has some substance

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if not best, even though they're already forced into this position,

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but it is a position that has been completely abandoned in practice by

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indicating the weakness of this position because Allah subhanaw taala would not complete the all of them will not completely abandon our position, particularly if sleazier position, particularly second session, we would not agree on abandoning the position unless that position is extremely unless that position is extremely

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