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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the success of certain phrases and the challenges of long term investments, as well as the importance of the Holy Spirit. They stress the need for a legal framework to avoid wasting one's time and the pursuit of wealth, which is not just a means to make money, but also to build wealth and profit margins. The pursuit of wealth is a long process, but is also a means to build wealth and profit margins. The speakers stress the importance of avoiding risk and not allowing people to make money from the slowness of provisions, and emphasize the need to avoid giving up on provisions and avoid wasting one's time.
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So, the equation in my data

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model or the equation can be summarized in two words from the profits of certain two phrases from the profits of the laws. He said as most of the portion is Muslim to American Alaska the annual near him Nima and mal Sonic. The module is fun

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still phrases?

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How excellent is good money malas Sonic Sonic means retro sweet means here good money How am I would earn money now ml metal solid how excellent is good man that Roger is solid for a good man.

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So that that that's it because good money means that it was earned from Hello.

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And a good man means that he will spend it in Canada.

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So Aaron, Aaron it from Holland, it's good money. And the good man the righteous man Raja Salah, will spend that money in Hana Sona ml melanocytic.

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How excellent is good money for courageous men.

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So basically, you work for wealth, you work for wealth.

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Given that it does not take you away from your obligations, you do a lot with a lot of fun.

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At the same time, the prophets Allah Himself

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Muslims as well. He said in Allah Allah bucola Otto ninja Levin was tech villain sokoban film as well. Imagine how difficult delaila element

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in La la la bucola ninja woven was stuck there. A lot is not like the fat and overbearing person who's loud in the market. He's fat here does not necessarily it's not about you know, you're you're okay. You're

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fat means you know, he's overbearing with his size. Like he's sort of like trying to

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control the people with his big size.

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And he is proud. And he is

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the one who's suffering for us work and he's loud in the market. Everybody. whenever he's around, everybody hears that he's around

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because he is the most loud he tries out loud everybody else so far been Phil as well. Hey, Martin been the heart defect and be like, like a donkey during the day. And it did be submitted night. So basically, he works so hard for the dounia but when the night comes when the rights of Allah subhanaw taala

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you know, call for him. He is like a good piece of me.

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It's time it's time for Isaiah, it is time for you know, Stefan worth it. It's time for a little bit of reciters.

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Even It's time for family, no, there is nothing. So because he worked so hard for you throughout the day, he comes home and he is like a piece of meat

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defect delay. I live in the Amazonian gentleman there he is well known. He was well aware of the affairs of the linear and completely oblivious completely ignorant of the affairs of the NFL. Because All he cares about is the dunya so he's fat over very loud in the markets work so hard, like Ivanka during the day goes home and he's like a good piece of meat. And he is well aware of the lunia completely ignorant of the efforts of the FM. Now the pursuit of wealth could make you that person. Don't be that person. Don't be that person.

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Most of the pursuit of wealth could make you too hasty, like you know in too much of a hurry to rush to make to make wealth. So instead of taking it taking the long route, the longest route and it is still amazing. Well it is so amazing because you'll find that our Muslim countries, we are the least people interested in long term investment. Everybody wants to make like a turnover that is so quick so that they can make like a large margin and like profit margin off of anything and they don't care about customer satisfaction. They don't care about you know, getting the customer back. So like in Egypt in the in the 40s and 50s. And this is a problem that has been around for quite some time. You

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know the Jewish merchants. They

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where Jews were expelled from Egypt from 1956. But prior to that, there were Jews in Egypt. So the Jewish merchants, they want to make money, they were wealthier than the Muslim merchants, but at least they would, they were not in too much of a hurry the they knew that if you're in too much of a hurry, eventually you're not going to make money, you're gonna lose your reputation. So they would have like a smaller profit margin so that he would earn the confidence, customers and so on, so that he would go back to them. But we as Muslims have lost this concept of, you know, taking it easy, like, you know, investing long term, we don't have long term investments, we don't have long term.

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You know, we don't have like any industry or business in our countries, unless it is government sponsored for the need of, you know, governments, but the people themselves do not really invest in anything long term.

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Sometimes there are studies here that could take 25 years, if you if you're part of the study at the beginning, you may be too old to see the final results, but you're just sort of contributing to the cause of knowledge or contributing to the cause of your field, the cause of your specialty. That's, that's good long term investment. So that is what the prophet SAW Selim teaches us and this hadith. This was a report that by Evelyn Iman his book at headier, and it is a report from Viola Haley who is with her husband Tina variation like a sound generation the proper sound themselves in a row Humphries kidnappers that the robbery and will enter Mutallab soon after the second year as

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Fane and I'm the Lucha Libre.

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So in our help for those that never serve your world, the Holy Spirit that is debris, the Holy Spirit is debris in the Holy Spirit, which is debris, but notice that you have breathed into my chest. And now who will enter Mutallab soon that no soul would die. No soul will die hard that is technically a dilemma. Until it lives for the term meant for it for designated for it. It lives for the lifespan or the term designated for this technology.

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What the story bar is, and up until it earns all the provisions risk. The stairway is from you know, collecting, you know so to survive until it arrives. All of the provisions meant for this event this time and until it earns all the provisions meant for so I lost the profits on the loss of them and this is telling us just as much as your lifespan is designated your wrist is designated as well it is written as prescribed by the stellar EVAP risk la de la halfwords middlefork Fatah colossal fear Allah what adds me to the corner edge middle here comes from what demands I mean, to me it is what beautiful

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mean it means what the power is in your in your pursuit, pursuit of money. So as middle of the beautiful in your pursuit of money. What does that mean? Secret beautifully. So make your earnings beautiful. In other words, you could talk for days about how you make your earnings beautiful, how your how you make your earning, socially responsible, wholesome, you know,

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how you make it without aggression, without transgression, without cheating, without river without all of that, to beautify your earnings to make them beautiful. We're at the middle of

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what I

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thought arrestee Allah

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do not never allow the slowness of coming of provisions, sometimes the provisions are slowly coming. Do not allow this Do not let this what I mean.

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Do not let this make you seek it from the mercy of Allah from you know, in a simple way, seek it in a sinful seek risk from seek money from her. If the risk is low and coming, don't be too hasty. And don't go out and seek it from her. Whatever I'm looking

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for in the man the law he elaborates for that which is with a law nine the law which is without law.

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can never be obtained except through his obedience through his obedience.

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Now, someone may say, but

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but this is really

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not happened. People could make purposely you know, like a lot of thieves have a lot of money, right?

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Isn't that true? thieves are alarming. That wicked, treacherous people have a lot of money, and we can make money through mercy. We could make money.

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And we can make money quick.

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So what's the problem?

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no, but but keep in mind, this is true. That is part of it.

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Yeah, but keep in mind, you know what we usually say that they will spend it on their sick kids. And they also, which is true sometimes. But sometimes they, they still have a lot of money. They spend it on this and that instead of money.

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Because we're equating risk of money.

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And risk it is not just money.

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So it is not the green papers.

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That is risk.

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But it is the money that will earn you what money is for?

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And what is money for

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forgetting? And what what does it mean? I mean,

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there's money mean wealth.

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And that's the beauty of this word, then he

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does mean wealthy. So we translated literally as wealthy, but it means

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self sufficient for content.

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So honey is the one who does not want more

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is not the one who has a lot is not ready is the one who does not need more fields satisfied. So self sufficient. Is that.

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So this, the people who make a lot of money, don't you hear? You know that the Wall Street book brokers that commit suicide because we lost $15 million? And then you look, you read further into the story. And then you find out that they actually have $60 million.

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Still the the last $15 million or or $20 million with instead of 5050 $60 million.

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But they committed suicide because they lost $15 million? And what does that tell you? Someone who has like $60 million dollars

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feel you know, impoverished the field, you know, the calamity of losing $15 million he could not handle and he could not handle it. So he killed himself.

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So is that honey is that person? Well, I believe it is that person.

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This person have good provisions, enough provisions, they are not doing anything for him. He feels quite impoverished. So that that is so really at risk is not just

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papers. Risk is what the green papers will do for you. The green papers are helpful.

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If you use them, right, if you earn them for product, and you use them in the lab, they are helpful to have.

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But when you have them the advice of discoveries is what to where did you put them? Where do you place them?

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Where did you put them, you put them in your hand or away from your heart.

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You put them in your hand away from your heart, so you will not be devastated when you lose it.

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So I had it. I used it when I have it. And then when I lost

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it not only I owned it, have it on me that I would have been devastated that they lost it but it didn't only it not possess my heart. You know, my heart is thin it

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it did not come out with wounds, you know, because if he put it inside your heart and you lose it, and departs with wounds and cracks and cuts, and gaps and lacerations throw onto your heart, but if you have it in your hand, your heart was supposed to continue to be intact and safe when you lose it.

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So that is that is what you need to do with wealth.