Fiqh of Worship #30 – Chapter on Imamate

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This theory is you must have done over the snatch point of

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discussion. So we will not go into much detail here. But there are many reasons supporting the position of the company. But all the hobbies are not definitive. Therefore, the other modality have rebuttals for each one of the they have their own, like basically answer, each one of those are hobbies or hobbies that are particularly strong, or the profits of someone said, I was about to command someone to raise the hand then

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command someone to lead the prior and then go and this

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is very strong

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in this transmission, and then go to the people who are staying behind that home and burn into their homes. That's true.

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So it means had it not been for the people who have excuses, basically the women who are not required to Compton's around

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the children, elderly, the sick, every buddy who has an execuse had it not been for the people in Mexico with excuses. Burlington Holmes has a story.

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And then, so the scholar is in

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the field with them. So for Belize, they say, well, we told you, it's obligatory Otherwise, the locker rooms, but the service

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provider will come back and say,

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but even you are not saying that it is obligatory in the master, you

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say that Japan, countries and prayers are obligatory, but even you authorized

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is that you could pray at home. So you're not required to come to the mountain, this is about people who fail to come to the masjid. So, it seems that all foreigners are not taking this trip.

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Because all of the foreigners that have while recognizing that because the companies are not saying that you must come to the mustard companies are saying that you must pray to them. So, if you if you are if you have your wife at home, or your mother or your

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like a grown up child or somebody at home and you pray to bounce them, kids will count for you and

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you're not required to actually come to the authorized

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demand, the saying of demand is not obligatory to begin with. So, we have this hubbies is why it is important for us to understand that those are how these have been already processed by the scholars by the scammers in the first

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several generations, you know, the earlier is tellers, they have gone through low salaries already have they have

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put them with contextualize them, then they will not all of the scholars that they return to this study, you know, and but they said that we you know, this was probably to show the importance of the demand threatened the people who are not comfortable with around particularly the tomorrow the profits,

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because this is the time where the lien is being related, you know, from the profit to mankind. These are first torchbearers, the companions of the Prophet SAW, the lien was received by the prophet from to be now needs to be disseminated, the teachings of this the need to be disseminated to the first community, the first community, the Sahaba, for the purposes of When is that going to happen if the Sahaba not sure, to the mela

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to learn from the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So this was basically to encourage the in sort of very assertive language, very impressive language to encourage them to come to the prayer have to say at the same time may be also possible that really someone who does not want

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someone who does not have interests

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behind the processor can you imagine like if you're in Vienna, for instance, and you just don't have the interest and motivation in order to progress and someone is leaving the prayer, leading the prayer. So you're not coming to find the high safe

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You're trying to pray behind the process. Also, if you don't have that interest, then

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that's really a sign of democracy. If you really like this interesting thing behind the process of Solomon, then after that,

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he turns around and he faces you and you're looking,

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and then you learn from them and so on. If you don't really have that interest, so then certainly this makes sense within that context, like you're really just like you're out of your mind.

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But then the scholars from the foreigners, are they hungry, stoked to have east and not mean, that the prophet SAW someone was actually about to burn the house. It is basically, like, sort of assertive

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demand, come out to the prayer, you know, I am related to whatever I received from debris fresh from debris to you. If you're not really interested in that, then what would you be interested in? If you have any faith?

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Okay, so having said that, it seems that the various emphasize the abuse of power needs to be frequented the needs

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those who are frequently

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established, vigorous executive prayer in the house of Allah are only the believers who believe in Allah.

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So it should really make the most of us are invited to be a guest in his houses. And, you know,

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we really emphasize this. And unless you have an excuse like

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this or that, that you shouldn't be coming out.

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But it seems that the majority are not saying that congregation prayer in the master dissolving. It's really exciting say that synthesizes like recommended zippers. But it is not obligatory either.

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Or say that congregation prayer is obligatory, but you may do it at home, or at the market, as long as you're praying with someone else, because that congregational prayer is established by two peoples, the requirement is just two people, what do you

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say to them,

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one of you will be around and the other one will lead you in prayer.

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So it may be helpful as well. Those who are having difficulties with their kids, for instance, not pray, it may be helpful if you have

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five times a day know, certainly when it comes to the master.

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But it may be helpful that whenever you're not coming to the master, if your kids are having difficulties with their prayer, even if

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you have to do, I mean, if you're praying at home, according to law companies, you must grab someone else and pray with them because trauma is obligatory, but even if you're not ready, or if you don't think that this is correct for that particular position, it may be helpful. Giving you gets used to the fact that he prays instead of like, you know, preaching to them and arguing

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every time they are there, and then maybe karma and wait for them to come. And if they don't come you just sell for them to come. And if they don't come then you go upstairs or downstairs or going to one of the rooms and just grab the mouse

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gently without any violence,

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domestic violence

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directly to the living room where we should be praying, that may be helpful, and they may become accustomed to praying this way. Just it becomes second nature. You know, every time there is it's time for prayer, there is a verb and there is a common and they know that if they don't show up, you're coming to

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a guidance.

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Okay, so

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the first thing that you have to start with is basically the order who should lead the prayer, who should lead the prayer. And today we'll just talk about the order because we will not talk about you know

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are actually discussed in minutes.

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And I want to encourage you to go attend the seminar seminar, and

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I think it'll be of great benefit. I heard them yesterday, I thought we were just like English

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is very impressive. So I think that you will benefit from the topic topic also is about spiritual and intellectual growth.

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So remember,

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I said problem concerning the order, you're looking after respect where it comes

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from this only thing to cover today.

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He started, he just basically voted to leave.

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And then he did not really say anything else. Because he figured this is what we are doing. But this is not what the companies are doing necessarily in this order. I'll tell you, he said auditability and

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likeability Villa

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narrated that the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said, the one who should lead the people in the prayer is the best reciting of the book of a walk among them, from Nikita, just reciting of the book of Allah, among them, they can have

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their equal reservation, when no one was knowledgeable in this

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encounter, sooner or later, then the value they are equal in their relatively simpler than the one who is migration was earlier, the one who migrated first. So Yvonne is messenger,

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in Canada, at the Center for the Oman center. And if they're equal, if not two, then the eldest should leave them. When I

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went to Rwanda, he baited A man should not leave another man at his home, what have you so funny, or out of place under his authority, what I asked is out of the community in the evening, and you should not sit at his favorite seat, except with His permission. So if you go to people, excited benefits, if you go

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to someone who visits someone at their home, before you sit down, ask them, where should I sit? When should I sit? Because maybe they want you to basically face the kitchen. They want you to sit in this particular scene for the privacy of the household, for whatever reason, they may have you sit down, you know, yes, they're like two couches and a couple of chairs, you do not pick yourself is said to them, where shall I say?

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And then what is

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the purpose of summer except for medical requirements, and

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when it's time for the salon that one of you to COVID and let the older of you lead the prayer in the pain.

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What kind of caliber there

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they were close in their mastery of recitation of the recitation. So this actually was reported from the narratives also. So they were close into mastery of the recitation and that is why he said the old the older one, should the once back on Barry's set the order, please keep in mind, all of them give precedence, the resignation of knowledge overpayments, it would come But later, you know, Hendra also could mean pirates.

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some scholars said it's his orbital policy, it is basically abandoned mental Macias syndrome or to leave the mouse he is your own form of hidden so but financing will come later. It before piety

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comes knowledge and reservation before it comes on according to all of the scholars, because what what is intended here is the perfect for the prayer and to basically reside in a way that will be that will touch people's hearts. That is what is intended of the man. His piety is for himself. His reservation is for the congregation. And the benefit of the congregation is more important, because that can well it's always the collective and the individual. The benefit of the collective the benefit of the community is more important than the benefit of our

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The individual, so your priority is for yourself, your resignation is for us. So if you have a good voice that touches people's hearts, then we will make you pray. However, this era, when it comes to the resignation of knowledge, once once in conference, presentation or knowledge

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it depends on which might have your site in here. So, if you're if you're Safra you and say knowledge, because they say that you know, the person who has more knowledge should be the person who is leading the community, he leads the community in judging, he leaves the community in counseling, basically, conflict resolution, the second unity in teaching preaching in all regards, is the person. So first of all is leading the community in some regards, should also be

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you know, given the for the leadership of the salon, because he is the actual leader of the community. And he, they also say,

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was not the vestry cipher, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam appointed him

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before he says, but the honeyberries will come back and say that this appointment was to hint to his next role. You know, otherwise the province of Milan would have appointed some of the best recyclers like obey, or one of the scientists with from the Sahaba.

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This Huggies, they're from Belize, Belize are the only ones who said that the best resizer should be Americana is melodies of Japanese descent, the more knowledgeable should be

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the best recycler should be given all of us are talking about someone who knows that cameras are the ruins of the brain. You know, in cases of error is a confusion, you'll know how to

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you will know how to improvise, you will know how to act properly, you know if there was like error and confusion, so someone who knows what the hell's going on, the man

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still is more knowledgeable would be very sad. This hubbies is on our side, you're

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the one who should be the people who

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are on Sorry, no one should be the people who pray is the best

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way to have bellies who are trying to interpret what

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they're meant to mean what the best memorizer or the best performer, recite them. This, you know, that

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the harmony said

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also your memorization, you are not going to basically recite all of the book of a line in the summer. So your memorization is for yourself. But your cell your recitation your need is perfect people. Therefore, they give precedence to

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the beauty of the camera over the memorization. And then after the beauty so from Belize, the beauty of the camera or the or the perfection of not just the the beauty but also someone who's making profit that we say like pronouncing every letter properly and so on. So the perfection of the Quran confirms memorization comes second knowledge of faith and so on comes third. And then the honeyberries will put in just for us not not to put age because it's easily measurable, easily easily measurable.

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And then after that you don't worry because likely you will be able to determine who should be. So, if you want to work on value way

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which is the basically the

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age before

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but if you want to go anywhere, it is the best presentation the best

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memorization second set certain age forms and that would be the proper order.

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It is 10 o'clock. So, practice up here. Next time we will talk about the people who may not be the prayer of the world and

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we will talk about this error and confusion in salon

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around immigration.