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Ramadan 2015 – Day 26 – Finding Unity In The Ummah

Jul 14, 2015

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You're listening to the polymer Institute Podcast Series Ramadan reflections by Mufti Hussein Kimani?

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on our human hamdu Lillah

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Allahu akbar wa salam, ala Dina stafa Susana, Rosario hartville ambia. On a scale Have you heard about

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yesterday we discuss that from the beauties of the month of Ramadan is that Allah subhanho wa Taala has ordered us all to fast in this month.

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And the order wasn't as simple as fast 30 days were ordered fast in January, February, March, April because if we would all fast in different months, one of the most beautiful things of the month of Ramadan would go missing. One of the most beautiful aspects of fasting 30 days in this month, had we all been ordered to fast different ones just past 30 days in the year whichever ones you choose, but just make sure you fast 30 days had Allah subhana wa tada ordered is that one of the most beautiful things we would miss which is the unity that the month of Ramadan brings, how the Muslims gathered together and how we pray together and how we started together and how we make dua together and how

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we cry together, how are we really put on together, that unity, which is so beautiful would go missing.

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So one of the most beautiful things that we can learn from the month of Ramadan is the importance of unity within the home of the prophets. That alone is

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the province that allamani was sent and referred to this nation, the entire oma like that of a body. And he said that if the eye pains, the entire body pains, and if the head pains, the entire body, the entire body pains. That's just the nature of the oma that if one part is hurting, the other part automatically will also feel the pain directly or indirectly. But it won't be easy for the rest of the body to function. If the head has a headache there if there's an ache in the head, the rest of the body will also suffer from the headache. Now, we as a nation need to understand the importance of unity within the oma. When we look at the time of the Sahaba we find that the Sahaba were a

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United Nation. There were times where the Sahaba differ, but their differences never caused this unity. You guys understand that? Having differences amongst us does not mean we are disunited. At times we may be united even though we differ, you may pass a law according to one tradition of the pockets that allow someone else may pass a law according to another tradition to the province that allowed them but the fact that both people can pray according to do different traditions, which are both authentic, it still be brothers in Islam, it still be united is one of the most beautiful things about Islam. That's one of the most beautiful things. I remember, I think I mentioned this to

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you guys before, but I'll mention it again. I meant to meet Dr. Akram nadwi, who was a great scholar in an Oxford and when I went to meet him, I said to him, Chef, give me advice. And the chef said that I'll give you some advice. He said never disunite your community. Then he said something very beautiful. He said the companions of the Prophet said a lot while he was sort of different on where their hands should be tied, sometimes underneath the navel, some on top, some a little above that some headed here, some headed there, they had a difference of opinion on where the hand should be taught from the Sahaba style. But the Sahaba knew whether you differed on where the hand should be

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tied or not. There was one thing that united on that once you tied your hands there, wherever it was going to be. You were supposed to cry in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. Today, we as a nation have forgot to cry in front of Allah. But we still keep talking, and still keep arguing about where our hands should be tied. And that's become the source of disunity now in the world, because one follows one fifth and another person follows another fifth, I can't talk with you, I can sit with you. How about we have a debate together against each other? Or how about we read books against each other? That'll be that'll be utilizing our time in a better way. When we live at a time where the entire

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world seems as if right alausa which is mentioned in the Quran, that the time will come You know, what I mentioned is that you know that the people will gather against you, and where the world may be gathering against the Muslims, the Muslims need to ask themselves, is this the right time for us to actually dis unite and break up? Or should we actually unite together? Should we stand underneath the banner of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, this is a very important thing that we have to understand. One father, he was passing away and he wanted to teach his sons the lesson of unity. So he said to his sons, that I want you guys to gather a bunch of small tweaks. So they got 2030

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tweaks, he's a tie them together, they tie them together. He said to his son, now break the bundle. It's and try to break the bundle, but he couldn't because there were 20 of them. He then said to his son, now open up this tire on it. He opens up the rope around it and now he has 2030 small little tweaks in front of him. He says break them. And one by one, he snaps them now in a few seconds. His father said to his son, this is the power of unity, that when you're together, nothing can break.

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Break. But when your individual and when you're broken into pieces, then the reality is that nothing that nothing can stop you from being broken. You know, the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were united. Sometimes the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would become upset with them. But that would not be a reason for them, going against the profit or loss values, and we all know the carbon molecule, carbon molecule Elon won, the Battle of the book was taking place. He was supposed to join the province of the law to sit him every day he said, the battle the Muslims already left, and he was supposed to catch up. He thought I have a nice horse. I'll catch up

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tomorrow. Let me just leave in one day. The next day came he thought, let me step in today to I'll catch up tomorrow. I have a good horse. I'll catch up with him. A few days passed by and the army was gone so far behind and he just was just delaying it, delaying it, that he didn't end up leaving altogether. now in the process of the law while he was sent and returned from the Battle of the book, all the hypocrites one by one came and started presenting their excuses. That Oh, I didn't come to this reason I didn't come for that reason. The province that allowed it was sort of new, these were all they were hypocrites, so he didn't bother with them. When carbon money came the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Tim God, what was your reason? He was a true Sahabi. So what was your reason? So he said, a messenger of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given me the gift of a gob. These are his words, Allah has given me the gift of the God. If I want I can put alive before you that will be so convincing that even you won't know what the truth is or what a lie is. I can fully right now, but if I do a lot of still watching me, so rather than lying, I'm going to say the simple truth. It was my fault. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him and give to other companions, that Allah will decide regarding you. And the Sahaba boycotted them. No

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one in Medina mana what I was talking to them, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wasn't talking to them. And imagine how hard that was the person they loved the most. Imagine how angry they became. Today, if you know the father stops talking to his son, the son will say to his father, I don't need you either. Yes, no. That's exactly what I don't need you either. I'm not gonna talk to you to forget you. But here the purpose of allowing it was sentiments and talking to God and no one's talking to him. He's like a ghost. Does it gliding through the streets of Medina Manawa. That's it.

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And he's so worried he's so worried. And this news reaches one of the Roman kings. And the Roman King finds this an opportunity. He writes a letter to carbon medic and he says to carbon medic, that the news has reached us that your companion meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has turned away from you come to us. Allah subhana wa tada did not make this earth as a constriction and it is comfort for you. Come to us and we will give you comfort we will give you honor. This was his letter. He wrote to carbon money that forget the Prophet come join us. And what carbon monitor the alarm won't reply back. There are many different iterations, the most simplest of them the most

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conservative in words, if you wish to Satan and aggression, as a carbon molecule, viola Juan's reply he says, By Allah, this is another test from Allah. This is just he wrote he replied back by saying you are a test from Allah subhana wa tada and what's happening to me is a test of Allah and one narration Goblin Malik replied back by saying oh dog of Rome do not come between us and Medina Madonna don't get between us this is just an internal matter. So even though the partners that allow it was sent him was upset with him, that wasn't you know, a ship I'm kind of use that as a perfect opportunity to turn Goblin medic against him. But they understood that this uniting does not bring

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people together. being disobedient does not bring people together. uniting as a nation is what will bring us together. And remember, once we can stand up for each other and care for each other and love for each other, we should love the way we should love for each other. That's when Allah subhanahu wa tada will truly give us victory. You know, we've all heard of we all know that. Mashallah. 100 Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed

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India with Islam, and before Islam came there, predominantly Hinduism. But do any of us even know how Islam came to India? How many of us even know that? Right? It was the time of Raja died. He was the king of India very briefly, just so that you understand. And there was a port, which is today some scholars say it was a port of Karachi, some It was a port of Bombay, Allahu Allah knows best. It was a part of India and the Muslim. The Muslim businessmen were returning back and when they were passing by this port, there was a lady standing there and she screamed out saying that tell the Holy Father How dare he sleep and comfort while and Muslim lady is being abused in a foreign land, convey

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this message to him. They went to the halifa and said that this is the lady said we just wanted to convey the message to you. He said okay, if that's the case, go and tell my governor how Jasmine used to send an army that way. Hi, Jasmine used to funny heard this. He said Oh, they're doing this to a lady. He wrote a letter. He said, Oh King, you have two options. Either you release the lady or we will send men to you. The who swords will shine up your palaces, the swords of theirs. They will shout out your policies. Raja Davina, when he heard this he became very angry. He said, Do whatever you want to not release anger. So then, when he stood up after fighter salon, he made an

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announcement he said who will go to rescue assemble

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Who's on a goal, and everyone was sitting down. The reason why they were sitting down is because the soldiers were already in the battlefield. They were already at the forefront already, you know, already fighting in the in the cause of Allah subhanaw taala. And whoever was there, they were either very young people or elderly people. They weren't actually the soldier profile people. So Jasmine uses when he saw no one standing up, he pointed towards his son in law, his daughter's husband, he said, You stand up.

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Nowadays, the father in law doesn't have that type of rub over his son in law. But hey, Jasmine Yusuf used to okay. His son in law, Mohammed bin Qasim stood up. And he said to him, grassmere friends together, put an armor together and marched towards India. And then you should read the dust. And after that the story after that, which is another time maybe Allah subhanaw taala wills. But the point that I'm making is that just one lady calling out, an entire Muslim army rushes in that direction. And today, we have a nation that is crying and begging for help. Well, I love him. For those of us who don't feel any pain for those who are suffering in Syria right now. We really

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have to ask ourselves, do we even know what's happening out there? If we knew what was happening in Syria right now, what young kids are going through a lot in our team, our hearts would shake and tears would jump out of our eyes, they would fall out of our eyes. But the thing is that we're not concerned why aren't we concerned? Because this crowd is predominantly non Syrian? Why would we care about goals of war in Syria? What does that have to do with me? That doesn't have anything to do with me, when in reality, it has everything to do with us. The competitors of the province that allamani was sent them didn't like color or race, or language does unite them. They're united, they

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fell for each other, no matter whatever the race was, in one measure. Do you have a lot of your loved one who was from

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Habesha, you had some might have your loved one who was from

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Persia, you had a bit of your loved one was from Rome, and the Persian the Romans hated each other you don't find any narration that one day so haven who will walk into so haven Samana walking together and so he trips on over to take that event you ever heard a narration like that? No, doesn't exist, because no matter whether they were from opposite, you know, empires, they still love each other because it was the Battle of Islam that button together. There are so many verses in the parameters are so many traditions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. In this regard, we need to understand the power of our unity. I'm telling you, if the Muslims united together, there is no

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power in the world that can bring them down. Allah azza wa jal says this, that you will always be a float as long as you believe in Allah, you have to be true believers in our unity is what brings us together, we shouldn't let these small things disunited colored and think about this. If you want to find out how much you're actually contributing towards uniting the oma ask yourself this. That is our, our friends circle that's around us. How many people in our friend circle are actually not from our race? Ask yourself this question. Last time I had a third party at my house, ask yourself this question. Then how many people were sitting there who weren't from my race and we're still Muslim,

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or even non Muslim. That's another thing, whatever. How many people were there?

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What happens to most of us is that we only invite people from our friends, our family, our social class to, you know, people who are as rich as us who are wealthier than us. That's how it works. The province of Ontario seven said may Allah have mercy on a wedding in which the poor people are invited?

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Yes, no. Yes, that's true. That's true. So we should be a United Nation shuffled him. On the Hudson Rahim Allah tala tomasa. He was a great scholar. And he was given the title of shift one hint that shifted him means the shift of India. And it's a very interesting story. Because when he was given that title, another scholar when he heard this, he got angry. He said, who's this guy who's calling himself shift lens? Where did he come on? How about the rest of us? What are we doing? So he caught a train came all the way to Dillman, which is a city in India. He got off the train. He asked the people who's, where's this guy called? Who is the chef on him guy gone? This guy was calling himself

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the scholar of India. I want to meet this guy. Let's see what he is. He was a little skeptic. So he came to the chef's house. They said his house is there. He went to the chef's house he not

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guy who opened the door. He said, Where's the shepherd hidden I want to meet him. He said, Where have you come from? He said, I've come from far of contribution when he said Okay, come inside. So you brought him inside. He hadn't seen inside, seated in the guest room. And then he went inside bought him a cup of water. He said, Look, brother, I have another train to catch. I don't have time for this. Hold that shift Linda. He said he's coming very soon inshallah But meanwhile, why don't you just relax a little he brings him some food bring them some food begins to restart the guy shoulders. The guy is getting frustrated. He's like, Bro, I don't need the massage. I don't need the

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food. Don't need the water. Go call that shift with him. So then this man says to him, yeah, showed him the cornea that had been the economy.

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There's no single hint who lives here. My name is Mohammed Hassan. And he was the shepherd him himself. And then after he said to this guy, that if you are the person will shift on him that's serving me. Then I say that you are worthy of this title. And this chef will him he was one of the great scholars who fought the war against communism. No sorry, not communism, sorry. against the British.

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colonialism. Thank you. Sorry, my bad. He fought a great war against colonialism. And he was arrested in this and he was sent to Malta, which is kind of like the one of the what's it called in California.

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California is kind of like the Indian Alcatraz, they have their kind of Malta, okay. And he was there and he was there for a very long time. And when he was released, they say regarding him that he was whipped inside the prison every day. And they used to try to incite him to cause disunity within the people, because there's a large group of people that were following him. And he was standing up very firm, and they whipped him and whipped him. And finally, when he came out of the prison, he gave a very beautiful speech. It was a historical speech he gave, there were 1000s of people there. And he said that when I was in the prison when I was being lifted when I was sitting

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there in solitary when I was sitting there in confinement, I asked myself, the Why is the oma where it is today? And I asked myself this question, day and night, day and night. And he said, Then Allah subhanaw taala gave me the answer, that there are two reasons why the oma is where it is today. The reason why we are degraded in the eyes of the disbelievers. He said, why the first thing we no longer have an attachment on.

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He said the second thing because we are disunited, we are a divided nation. We aren't united any longer if we can become united again. Allah subhana wa, tada will lift us up. Now the question is, what do we do to become united? Is that a good question? Yes or no? It is. Okay.

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There's a very beautiful book written by Imam Al ghazali Rahmatullah yada, yada, Moody, very beautiful, the revival of the sciences of religion.

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in there, he actually has a chapter. And in that chapter,

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he talks about the duties of brotherhood. The chapter is called on the duties of brotherhood. It's a very beautiful chapter. And it's actually been printed as a book. In reality, it's not a separate book. It's actually a chapter taken from the

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I advise you guys, I would like to go through it right now. But it's a long discussion. This will turn into an hour long lecture, so I don't have time to go through it all. However, what I will say is that I encourage you guys all to go find it online and read it on the duties of brotherhood written by a man pasado de la yadi. The summary is that a man was added to the law, he lists eight things, eight duties of each Muslim has towards another Muslim. And he says that if you can bring these eight duties into your life, that Allah subhanahu wa tada will reward you for being beautiful to your brother. There's another very beautiful tradition of the prophets of Allah audio center, in

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which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us and this hadith of a Muslim that a Muslim has six rights to another Muslim in one narration, it isn't a sixth it says how many five that one Muslim has five rights. One of them has six rights to another Muslim cryptominers. I'll cover the one with six. So that way, we have our extended version of the narration. The first write that one Muslim has another Muslim and when we look at these six things, it teaches us different aspects of unity. The first thing when he meets him, he gives him the greeting of a Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And you say this a ceremony, camera hotline ricotta to everyone you meet,

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anyone you meet, whether they are from your race or not, whether you know them or not, whether they are your friends or not, even if they're your enemies when you meet them. You should start off by saying, I said, Imani Kumar,

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we've all been coming for throbbing prayer to this budget now, for how many nights today is the 25th night 25 nights. It's 2926 926 nine today, we just finished the 25th test. And how many of us have actually can say confidently that I have six and on to everyone in this room? Very few of us, if any? Because we only say Salaam to those who we wish to say Salaam to who are our friends, the people who aren't our friends, the people who have another color someone's you know, a little lighter than us someone's skin tone is a little darker, that is meeting all that person's you know, probably smells, the Hollywood Aqua De La Villa, this is the way we think, when in reality that's

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not how we should think we should say to every person. The second thing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

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okay, when he invites you that you respond to His invitation, if your Muslim brother invites you over for food or for dinner, or for some sort of gathering, you shouldn't ignore him in response, you should actually accept his invitation. If you can accept an invitation that will make that person happy, and that will unite you. Therefore we should learn to invite one another to our houses, give gifts to one another for this also increases love. The next thing is that when he seeks advice from you, you should give him sincere advice. Someone comes to you and says I need advice from you. Don't think by default because he's coming to you. You're better than him. You're not

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better than him. Only a lot. Whether you're better or not. If someone comes to you for advice, be sincere and give that person advice back the promise of allamani wisdom says that when your brother sneezes, and if he says that 100 law when he faces a lot what should you say in return your hammock Allah This is their responsibility. Now. If he says 100 Lhasa honkala, because if you don't say Allah he will get he's gonna get offended. Why don't you give me the law when I praise Allah subhana wa Tada. Okay, the next in the progress that allamani was sent him said is that when he becomes ill, you go to you go to visit him. How many of us actually go to these nursing homes and visit most

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There, I'm telling you there are. So if you really feel like your heart has become hard and you're losing, you're losing grip with your mind, I'm being honest. If you really feel that, go to an old people's home, walk inside them. To see what's happening, see, stand in the corner of the passageway and his watch.

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I'm telling you, tears will roll out of your eyes. Because you'll realize that one day, you may end up coming there, we should go and visit the sick, if we go to visit the sick, allow or send someone to visit us when we become sick. And the last one that pops blossom says and go and when he dies, that you follow Him, you can't walk with his body, you carry his body all the way to the graveyard. This also right, this idea is narrated by Muslim, Muhammad Ali Ali from the last one. So from this narration, we learn certain rights that we have one on one another, and one of the most powerful things that we can do as a prophet. So awesome. So first thing is start by spreading Suriname

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abundantly. So you've heard that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the trophies and ability to be united. And that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows us to go out of our comfort zone for other Muslims. Okay, for other people, you might actually want to say one thing that even goes on, he says, then I'll end it. Remember this article, it says that there are three possible relationships that you can have with your Muslim brother, either you can treat him like a servant, which means that you give him your leftovers, or either you can treat him like an equal, which means you share with him what you have, or you can treat him better than you which means you give him more than you even give to

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yourself. Ask yourself which category do we fall in? I fear that we may end up saying that I don't fall in any category. Because I really don't give anything to my neighbor. You know, we've been living in this country for so long. But our neighbors haven't asked us about Islam yet. Really. There's a question Have we done? Have you fulfilled our responsibility as being good Muslim role models in this country, not less and part of that give us a gift to act upon what has been said? So Caroline antihistaminic, along with the show Allah Allah, Allah and Mr. Furukawa to break after the awana and candlelight ceremony, Kumar