Abu Bakr Zoud – Guidance Of The First 10 Aayaat Of Surat Al-Kahf

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where a woman named Da) is found in a cave and she refuses to come back. She refuses to go back to the town and is told that she needs to beg Allah for a special mercy. She refuses to come back and is told that she needs to beg for flexibility and great joy.
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When villain Levina cornuta have Allahu Allah that Allah is wanting his punishment against those who say that Allah has a son.

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Imagine then you said at the jail is a Lord, if there is intensity warning for those who said Allah has a son, imagine them the greater punishment for the one who sits at the shell is the Lord. Therefore, when you read that part of the AI gives you that protection, and that awareness that no way I'll ever fall into this fitna of seeing that at the shell is about and if people said that, if just answer is the son of Allah, look at the condemnation they had and the punishment they had.

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keeps you away. Allah azza wa jal will speak in this ad, about the young boys of the cave, you see the story of Hubble calf, that is the most similar incident, like what will happen when the gel comes out? Exactly similar. What happened to the boys of the kief is an environment and a situation that will be exactly the same when the shell comes out. How did they survive and do the same? How did they survive? They ran away, right? What is their desire to move home? Remember that running away from the fitna and they went all the way to a cave. And when they got into the cave, what did they do? They didn't sit down and say, Hey, brothers, what are we going to eat tonight? While I'm

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going and what what are we going to do here? When are we going to go back to the town? What's What's the story?

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of Ben attina Mila donco Hamilton, where he Atlanta I'm in a marina Russia, and certainty and Alon good faith in Allah and they began with Da our Lord grant us a special mercy from you. Look at that. Tina mill Doom Kawamata. You know why? Because when the digital comes, the normal mercy is not enough. You need to beg Allah for a special mercy attina Mila Dukkha This is Allah's Mercy is one thing, but this Milla Dukkha is a different mercy altogether, which is how Allah azza wa jal would cause them to sleep in the cave for 300 plus years and looked after a man over at in the middle of dukkha when he learned I mean Andrina are shudder and give us flexibility in our situation and give

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us great guidance or show them even this is the guidance that we're taking from the first 10 Eight

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