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Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The history of the Hadith and the use of "Art" in sexuality is discussed, including the importance of the number of parts in sexuality and the use of " fit" in relation to "fit." The speakers also touch on the use of " assays" in relation to "fit," and the potential political involvement of Muslims in the West. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of copies of blood and the use of "copy" as a form of medication, and the importance of performing baths for sexual activities.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah, Allah, Muhammad Mohammed Wilder AlLahi wa sahbihi ijma in the brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome to lessons in

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today inshallah, we will begin to study the chapter that deals with hostel and those who are regarded as sexually impure.

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The first Hadeeth has a number of 94. And just as a reminder, brother Mustafa, can you please tell me what is the name of the book we're studying?

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chapter of horses. Well, this is the chapter. But what about the book, such as the book regarding sexual impurity? Again, what's the title of the book?

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Below the motto? No cheating, please. Islam forbids cheating. And if you cheat, while acquiring the knowledge, then you have a big problem. And the prophets Allah Selim stated that clearly, whoever cheats us over cheats, cheats is not among us. So you don't play with this stuff. Okay, this is a friendly classroom is a friendly lesson. But cheating is unacceptable. And it's intolerable. You we cannot tolerate this, because this is our lives. This is our community. If we cheat in acquiring the knowledge that deals with the Quran and Sunnah, then I think we would cheat when we study engineering or medicine. And we would cheat when we take a post a position and we would accept

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bribes and we would do this and why would cheat on my wife and she would cheat on me, and cheating would destroy the community, though it's a simple question. But, again, let the brother put the effort in trying to find the answer himself. The book is called

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muhammara Fadi who compiled the book and half

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and half even hajer Alas, Kalani. So again, the Hadith has the number of 94 and a whole read it. Brother Mohammed, go ahead please. Narrated by Abu Saeed and huri Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the water of the worst is due to the water of sexual emission.

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Okay that the wording of the Arabic text is very nice it says water from water.

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And water could mean fluid it can mean * can mean the water that we drink me in the water that we wash from. So it can be understood in in different ways. And we have another Hadith that follows it Hadith number 95. And Brother Mohammed already please

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read by Abu hurayrah May Allah peace was him. Another messenger sallallahu Sallam said, if one of you sits between the four parts of a woman and has sexual * with with her, was above his obligatory Muslim added, even if he does not *, okay? Now again, the state that a person

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is in after a sexual * is called Geneva, Geneva and the word Geneva is derived from Juniper. And it means to be far to mean it means to be far from and why do we call a person that had this status of sexual impurity journal because he stays away from certain rituals and forms of worship such as salaat such as in some to some scholars holding the Holy Quran, such as entering the mosque and this is the consensus of scholars you may not enter the mosque while you are in the state.

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Sexual impurity, unless you are passing through, yes.

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Right? I said this, I said, my wife, you may not make a wife perform tawaf unless you are sexually pure. But with the sexual impurity, you cannot, you may not enter the mosque with the state of Juniper, it's forbidden and it's completely acceptable unless you It's the only way for you to pass by from one area to the other, otherwise, it's not a permissible. Now, the first Hadith

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tells us that water is from water or as

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read by the brother, the water of water is due to the water of sexual emission. Now, what does that mean? It simply means that if a person has an * with his spouse, her or his spouse, then there is no reversal, there is no obligatory bath

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obligated on them, unless he ejaculates. So, once he ejaculates, once the * is out, then he should perform or take a total bath obligatory ocean.

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So this what we understand from the first Hadeeth if we move on to the second tidy, we find it different, we find that the Prophet says is of some if a person has * with his spouse, whether he ejaculates or not, he must perform total awesome. So what do we do? In this case, scholars said that this hadith abrogated the first one

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obligated Danny nessa, the first one, which means that this hadith tells us if a person does not *, but the * took place, then the vessel is obligatory. Some say that well, how did you know that it obligated it, as long as it did not have any

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data in its how do we know that this is abrogating the first one without any dates? How would we know that this came before this one or this one came after this one? scholars? Yes. Is it because a b hurayrah. is like a later Sahabi. So he's likely that he had nine rated? Excellent This is one of the reasons that scholars usually say that depending on the companions date have reverted to Islam. So tamiment daddy for example, was one of the very late sahab is to convert to Islam. So they usually take his Hadith

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over others. But in this case, we cannot apply this, Mustafa simply because Abu hurayrah May Allah be pleased with him? Not every Hadith. He witnessed himself. Do. I mentioned this a while ago that Abu huraira reverted to Islam, on which fear? Does anybody know?

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Which was on the year on the seventh year, university Islam on the seventh year on the day of high bar

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was what Hiva but, again, when you listen to the hadiths that were narrated by Eben at bass, for example, who was very young, at the time of the prophet Elijah, Sam, and the hadith of Abu huraira, you would find that they are really relaying hadith of older companions to us. So not necessarily, when even our best may Allah be pleased with him say, says that the Prophet before migrating to Makkah, did this and that. Even advice was a five year old kid, he couldn't have witnessed it. So how can he report it simple, because he heard it from either abubaker or Omar. And instead of saying abubaker said, The Prophet did so and so he says it as if he has witnessed it himself, because all

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the companions of the Prophet that are are dual are trustworthy. So by not mentioning any of the companions names, you have no problem this hadith is still intact and authentic. But in this case, the scholars say that this hadith came to abrogate the first Hadith at the very beginning. Yes, if a person has *, and does not *, he should not perform

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Form hosel public cheer bath, but later on on a later stage, it was obligated and it became a must whether he ejaculates or not. Now,

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there is another way to explain this Hadith, Alma min and max that water should be

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the water of a vessel is due to the water of sexual emission. And this can be imagined without an *. How would that be? nor

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How would a person * without *?

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Yeah, the normal thing normal things how?

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For example, if I feel in my dream, yes, that's the easiest thing, because anything else would be a sin would be forbidden, you know, * is a sin in Islam. This is part of our form of aggression, as mentioned in the Quran, so the only way that one can *

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without being a sinful is whether he does that does it while sleeping or if he does it with his wife, this is permissible. Now, if a person sleeps and

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wets his bed with a *, this is the water that you should perform also because of though there is no *. So the first Heidi had it

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does not conflict with the second Heidi because this can be

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followed in the case of no *. And the second Hadith would be followed in the case of * whether he regulates or he does not *. Okay?

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We have the third Hadith. In this chapter heading number 96

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spinarak man Rahim narrated by almost Allah. May Allah be pleased with her almost lame.

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The wife of Abu Dhabi has said, O Allah's Messenger. Allah is not ashamed of the truth is a vessel meaning path, compulsory for women when she has a sexual dream? He sallallahu wasallam replied Yes. If she says sign off the liquid.

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That is the signal that is a sexual discharge discharge is so again, this is regarding a whistle. And I think that if we read the following Hadith that would be also appropriate Hadith number 97.

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Narrated by Anna's radi Allahu Allah messenger, sort of low on cillum concerning the myth of a woman experiencing * during sleep, like a man said she should take a goosal meaning bed

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and a Muslim edit. Asana said, This happened to a woman. He said alone, I seldom said yes. Otherwise, we'll just erase symbols of a child to his mother come from. Now we have to hide this. And just to read the Hadees again, we'll probably consume a lot of our time, which my cameraman says that we cannot have. So I will pause here we will have a short break and inshallah We'll be right back.

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Shall on the straight path we would like to discuss the niqab from an Islamic and social political perspective. So sometimes, some non Muslims they might not understand the full Islamic pictures. Anyone can say anything about it? Yes. So when can we who speaks what Islam?

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This is the biggest question. Who speaks for Islam? No, they are not singing. They are not singing but we are talking about now the general rule. They are not singing, but they are going against what has been established. It is his own. He had at a specific time people would see it as a threat. Exactly. How do we how do we explain to them it's not really a threat. It's actually good for the country as well. But if we don't participate, how would we ever reach to our rights? Can you clarify with us? What should be the level of political participation of the Muslims in the West

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back. Just before the break, we heard to Hades, Hades of selama and Hadith of ns, and they both revolve on women having wet dreams. So the first one by almost flame, the wife of a bottle her and she

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proceeded her question by saying that Allah is not ashamed of the truth. So is also his total bath compulsory for a woman when she has sexual dream. To the prophet SAW Selim said, yes, if she sees the discharge if she sees the liquid, which is the sexual discharge. Now, at this Hadith, again, that a woman asked the messengers of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that What does a woman do when she sees in her sleep? What a man's See? So the prophets of Salaam told them that she should perform a total bath, obligatory whistle or bath on Mashallah the wife of the Prophet alayhi wa sallam was astonished. She said, she said that, does this happen to a woman?

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Do women have wet dreams? So the prophet SAW Selim said, Yes, otherwise, where does the resemblance of a child to its mother come from?

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It's very nice how almost almost Elaine proceeded her question by by saying that allies are ashamed of the truth. Because if she bluntly said the question, those who are listening would say, look at this woman, look at the nerve she has. She doesn't feel ashamed of asking such questions to a male to a prophet sallallahu Sallam in the presence of others. Well, she is acquiring knowledge. And scholars say that

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there are two types that are not able to acquire knowledge knowledge, two types of people that are not able to acquire knowledge, those who are shy, and those who are arrogant.

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arrogance prevents you from acquiring knowledge. Why? Because I would see that if I say if I, if I see someone who has more knowledge than I do, my ad against prevents me from going to him and ask him, I would say, what does he know? I know more than he does. I shouldn't be talking to him or even reading his writings, I know more than he does. So this is arrogance, and shyness. You may be shy, and this prevents you from asking, if you are learning from a chef, or in a classroom, and you have a question, but then you start looking left and right to say, Well, if I asked this question, the other students will laugh at me. It's a silly question, but I don't I don't have the answer to it.

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So you don't ask the question, which means that you do not learn, almost lame, then by this, she couldn't follow this procedure says she said, I have to learn my religion. So prophet of Allah, so and so what's the answer? He says, Yes, if she sees the liquid, if she sees the sexual discharge, then she should perform abortion. Now,

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we come back to the previous issue, which is also obligatory bath is obligatory, once a person has *, whether he * or not. Or if a person * in his dream, without an *, now, most of us have a scenario.

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A person wakes up in the morning

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and finds traces in his underwear

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and it's traces of *, but he does not recall any dreams, must he perform a political revolution or not?

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He must perform of us he must perform obligatory evolution. So Mohammed, what if a person goes to bed and sees that he is having * and he ejaculates but when he wakes up in the morning

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He looks in his underwear and it's clean as a whistle. No, because he has to he does not, he does not have to. And evidence behind that is herbicides that portray that the water is from water, he should see the water. So it's not the dream that you depend on. It's the physical evidence. And if a person does not recall, dreaming, yet finds evidence of a *, then he has to perform obligatory bath. What happens in this is a frequently asked question. Some people see the traces of a *, in answer prayer.

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And they did not sleep except in the nighttime. So we tell them you have to perform water and you have to pray fudger vote and Asad again, you have to repeat the prayer because you did it while you were on the state of sexual impurity, though you did not see a dream and you do not remember seeing one. The following Hadith Hadith number 98.

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Narrated Ayesha may Allah be pleased with her Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to take a bath from for things of Genova, meaning after sexual * and drama on Fridays, and Jama after extracting blood from his body, and

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Muslim mite, meaning after washing a dead purse.

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This Hadith is not authentic. So we don't have to elaborate a lot about it, some parts of it is correct and the other is not correct. For example, when she says that the prophet SAW Selim used to take a bath, from after sexual *, this the consensus of scholars that it's a must, after sexual *, you have to have also have a Geneva you have to have an obligatory or total bath.

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Fridays, this is a disputed issue among scholars, we will get to inshallah, after one or two or three, who's counting Hades

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after extracting blood, we gave you the word. What do we call extracting blood copy, it's called copying. Copying is sucking or getting extracting the blood from the back of the neck or the shoulders are in certain areas of the body and it is a form of medication. It's a very successful one. The Prophet did it on a saucer lab. And he instructed instructed us to do it and to those who have migraine. It is it's called migraine, right?

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It is a very useful medication to that illness at hamdulillah. And finally, after washing a dead person and we said that this was abrogated, this was

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changed and it's not obligatory anymore, it is preferable. Hadith number 99 narrated by Abraham lawyer. May Allah be pleased with him regarding the story of samama thermometer FL thermometer Blofeld when he embraced Islam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam ordered him to take a bath. This Hadith is the shorter version of a longer one. And the story of the mammoth valleys is really astonishing one to Mama was a leader of his tribe, in the center of the Arabian Peninsula. And once he was horseriding, and the soldiers of Allah the companions of the Prophet SSM captured him. So they took him to the to the mosque to the masjid and they tied him in one of the pillars of the

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masjid which means that it is okay to enter a non Muslim to the masjid.

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And he was tied there waiting. The Prophet came to him the first day. So he said to mama, what's going on? What have you got? So Samantha said,

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Mohamed, if you kill me, you kill a person with blood, which means that people will come after my blood. My tribe will come after my blood. And if you pardon me, you will find me grateful.

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And if you want money as a ransom, ask whatever you want, I'll give it to you. So the Prophet did not answer him and he went the following

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The day the Prophet came to him. Sala Solomon said to mama, what have you got? So again, he said, If you kill me, you kill a person with blood. And if you pardon me, you will find me grateful. And if you want money, ask whatever you want. And the problem, the Prophet did not look at him again. And the third day, the Prophet came to him and said to mama, what have you got? And he repeated the same exact words. So the Prophet looked at him and said, to his companions, on time, so they untied him.

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And he immediately went out of the mosque,

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performed also in one version, and another version that as soon as they untied him, he embraced Islam.

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And he was 100% transformed from a non Muslim, to a Muslim by his actions and by his commitment from hating the prophet SAW Allah to loving him, from hating Medina, to loving it from hating the companions to loving them. And he said that period of the prophets of Solomon said, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Masha, Allah Ida witness, that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is His Messenger,

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Muhammad prophet of Allah, your face was the worst thing on earth for me, before I reverted to Islam, now, it's the most beloved face on Earth, to my soul, and your city is likewise and your companions are likewise. And just to show you how much Muslim I am, I promised you that not even one single grain will come to the people of Makkah through my area without your permission. And this was the first economical boycott. And it went on for a number of months, the people of Mecca said the conversion of profit, seeking His mercy and telling him listen, we have relatives among us, you are our relative and there is blood between us you cannot let this go by, please ask the mama to allow

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our food to come in. And so he did. Now this hadith tells us that it is obligatory to perform Mosul because the Prophet told samama go and take on the obligatory apostle. And it's an issue that has dispute amongst scholars, Mr. Malik, mm, I might say that's obligatory for any reverse person reverted to Islam to perform most of the other scholars say no, it is preferable. There is a hadith by Facebook awesome, that the prophet SAW Selim ordered him to perform worship, which strengthens the choice of Malik, and an Imam, Ahmed. And to be on the safe side, this is the best thing to do, because those who revert to Islam definitely had sexual *. And they don't believe in also.

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So they are still in their sexual impurity. And even if they had the hosel previously, this last one is symbolic to do

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to give us a sign that they have been transformed from a non Islamic State to a Muslim state. And this transformation is marked by La ilaha illAllah testimony, this is mental and physically by washing or having the total bath. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. So until we meet next time, fear Manila was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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