The Foolish Do This.So Don’t Do It #Shorts

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The prophets of Allah, Allah who is Salah, even with all these blessings that are here in the dunya, he said, My example is the example of a traveler. And some of you are traveling here. And you just look at your lifestyle, the prophets of Allah, the cinemas, like just a traveler, take some shade under a tree during the hot hour and then moves on. And we've been saying that again and again during our seminar here, just move on.

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Don't feel like this is the end of the road. If you were here at the hotel who buys furniture. If you said you know what, I came late for class, I was at IKEA. I was buying some furniture. Why? Because I like to, you know, sit in this type of chair while I'm here. You would say You're so foolish.

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Because you only have this short time. You've got to make it count and you've got to focus on the most important things because you're going to be moving on