Are Mental Disorder’s Influenced by Shaytaan?

Hatem al-Haj


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The speaker discusses the impact of mental health on people, including people who have mental health issues and people who want to be preached to. They suggest that mental health should be addressed through regular counseling and medical help, but also acknowledge that medicine is not helping anymore. The speaker also suggests reciting a Bible for help with a loss of control on mental health.

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One question from the questions that have been tax and mental disorders and major depression influenced by shape.

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There are two people for sure. And you know that a lot of the stuff and a lot of the stuff he wants to be preached to the believers, but

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when when there is an

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idea here is Could it be related to the time? Yes, maybe. But how do you approach to mental illness, when first when some become mentally ill, wherever you take, certainly, there is

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plenty of spiritual power, that should be recruited to find that mental illness to be simulated should be brought to the surface to find that mental illness, to sit down and talk to see it would be a great idea. If he is learned and wise, he may have very great advice for you to fight off that mentality.

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That does not mean that you will go to

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you know, like, psychic, or that you will go to fortune teller or you're going to

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someone with some super superstitious beliefs, to take care of your maintenance, you will go to a psychologist, you go to a psychiatrist, you will seek help through the regular channels along with this, you are trying to prove to procure to bring out that search to power that you have internally and perhaps someone helps you bring it out

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is is advisable. But you are at the same time seeking medical help because these issues are medical conditions.

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Now, medicine is not helping anymore. And you just you have been seeking medical help. There has not been any progress and you want to basically get rid of the possible position.

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That also should not be taken superstitiously there is a lot that you can do yourself to get rid of the influences like I say fine Bible recitation of the target surah if you could see surah pulled out of the corrupted fella and fella could have been a nice recitation on before and helping someone

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asking someone of your brothers and sisters very excited for you. You want to ask the know the masterpiece I feel for you. That is also fine. He is also your brother. Let him recite for you and seek help from a loss of control phyla to get the bad influences of the shape far away from